Red Lobstersue stinefast hires bad managers who steal money and cost good kitchen co workers their jobs

Re Oct 20, 2019 Review updated:

Sue Stinefast hires bad managers who criticize kitchen co-workers, She hired manager Steve Wegs until he got fired, Manager Rick Page until he quit, Manager Justin Matherne got fired for not taking care of business, Manager Melinda Vander Vieran got fired for stealing money and Karen T until Red Lobster closed down. Red Lobster Assistant Mangers Landa Carson picked Kevin Linden and gave him my work hours.Me and Kevin Linden never got along, I was about to quit Red Lobster until he got fired.I got my work hours back Assistant manager Landa Carson and Dining room manager Cathy Canteno left Red Lobster.Rick Page became the manager until he left and went to Rockford, Illinois. Justin Matherne became the restaurant manager until he got fired for not taking care of business. Dining Room Manager Elizabeth Behrens left Red Lobster, Assistant Manager Gerald Meredith left and went to Green Bay and Asisstant Manager Dave Camp got fired for harassing the waitresses. Melinda Vander Vieran got fired for stealing money, Costing me my job and the other kitchen co-workers their jobs at Red Lobster. Assistant Manager Jim Lubinski left Red Lobster and Dining Room Manager Dawn got transferred to Red Lobster in Greendale, Wisconsin. Karen became the new manager of Red Lobster until they closed down.If you work at other Red Lobsters in the United States the managers will do the same thing to a good co-worker like they me and the other good food service workers. Stay away from Red Lobster in the future, because they will screw you like they did me!!!

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  •   Oct 20, 2019

    Rennard, the decision to terminate your employment did not take much time. Posting this type of thing on the internet just provides more evidence that it was a good choice.

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