Red Lobster Hospitalitythe food and service was very disappointing.

R Aug 06, 2018

My hubby and I went there to celebrate his birthday. We went after lunch but before dinner. The restaurant was not that busy. The server had an attitude the whole meal like we were interrupting her day. ..she got our beverages and liked slammed them down almost spilling my tea on me. Then said oops, it must have slipped. And then walked away. I had to flag her down to place an apptizer order that she didn't ask for. We ordered 1 doz oysters and the stuffed mushrooms. Guess the cook didn't know how to shuck them because there was pieces of shell throughout whole dozen...and had an odd taste...the mushrooms were fine. We told the server about the oysters and she said there was nothing that could be done that's the way they come. ..I'm guessing that she meant they come shucked we order dinner. I ordered from the crabfest choices. My crablegs was so overcooked they wouldn't come out of shells...and my crab Alfredo pasta had hardly any crab in it and noodles overcooked. My hubby order the was raw on parts of it and not hot but room temp...fair to say we was really unhappy and the server could care less. We spent almost 90.00 and was still hungry due to our food being disgusting . This had to be the worst experience we have ever had there as we get ready to pay and ask for a manager she tells us that there is no manager here right now. ..I never did see a manager out in floor the whole time we were dining. So I don't know for sure or she just didn't want to cooperate. ...she asked me, "if the food was so bad why did you stay"you did eat some of it...and smiled sacastically. ..I don't remember her name, she had light brown hair and small figure...we went on Aug. 3 and paid cash...this was the South county mo. Located on South lindergh.

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