Red Lobster Hospitalityservice with hostess

J Aug 13, 2018

I came into Red Lobster yesterday with my family of five and stood at the host stand for about five minutes until a young lady named Catalina approached us and asked "so how many of you are there" not sure if she caught what she was saying so we brushed it off. She told us it was going to be a fifteen minute wait and continued to seat parties of three and four before us. When I went up to ask her how much longer she told me to just wait and that she would come and get us when she was ready. At that point we were so angry at her attitude and facial expressions she was giving us. She eventually sat us thirty minutes later and my son tripped getting inside the booth and that young lady had the nerve to start laughing. I told her that it was not funny and she just gave us our silverware and walked away. No menus, no respect, and didn't even tell us who our server would be. We decided to leave and on our way out I asked if I could speak to a manager and she just responded saying he was too busy to help. We just left. I cannot believe how rude and disrespectful she was. We are regulars and love red lobster but we will not return if she's still there displaying the same disgusting attitude she gave us and others who were there.

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