Logan's Roadhouse Complaints & Reviews

Logan's Roadhouse / food was burnt and not cooked properly

Sep 23, 2019

On Sunday Sept 22, 2019, my husband came in and ordered 2 set of grilled wings, one was bar b que & chipotle w/corn, baked potatoes and a garden salad. The wings was burnt and the corn was not cooked. I called the store on this evening for 15 minutes and they kept me on hold and never came...

Logan’s Roadhouse / the whole service

Sep 23, 2019

Upon arriving at this restaurant in Richmond Kentucky we were not greeted. No one had a smile on their face, waited to be seated, the table we were sat at was soaking wet. When we tried ordering our food everything I wanted they didn't have so I ordered something else. After I ordered 3...

Logan's Roadhouse / overall experience

Sep 22, 2019

We walked in just after 5 and were sat at a dirty table in bar area. We had to ask to have table wiped down. The waitress was very friendly and gave us the beer specials. We ordered a appetizer that came out at same time as the entree side salad AND all dinners. I had to ask 3 times for...

Logan's Roadhouse / products, customer service

Sep 19, 2019

On Thursday -Sept 19 we arrived at 6 pm for dinner to celebrate my husband birthday . There was maybe 6 - 7 tables with dinner guest . Our waiter took our drink order . While waiting, we tried the peanuts . They were old and stale . Waiter came and took our order . Country style steak...

Logan's Roadhouse / food and service

Sep 01, 2019

Logan's RoadhouseHello my name is Khristyn, I am complaining about the Logans Roadhouse service in Abilene, Texas. Attached there are three pictures that indicate rushed service. In my salad, there were no croutons there where pieces of wet bread in my salad, for two the salad looked extremely old and had...

Logan's Roadhouse / Meal

Aug 25, 2019

I was there with my son for lunch on Sunday 8/25/2019. We were seated and order was taken . our meal took over 30 minutes to get while a couple came before us and they got there meal fast. And here we set. Very unhappy not sure ifI will ever go back. I ordered a side of broccoli never...

Logan's Roadhouse / manager

Aug 19, 2019

The manager Mrs Ingrid talks to her employee like there not humans.She uses harsh word talk to them rough an she talks under there clothes one employee walked out two weeks ago An was crying because of how she talked to the guy it horrible how you all have her in that position the way she...

Logan's Roadhouse / wings

Jul 29, 2019

I was at ur location on Hwy 20 Madison, Al location and the grilled wings that I always get with the moonshine sauce. I didn't see it on the menu and I asked my server to check with the kitchen before ordering because I was going to order something else. She came back said they had it but...

Logan's Roadhouse / steak dinner for two

Jul 23, 2019

Me and my sister were going to order the steak dinner for two. We asked for it to be cooked well done. Our waitress said they would no cook it well done or medium well. They only cook it rare or medium rare. My sister asked if we had to eat it raw and the waitress said pretty much. It's a...

Logan's Roadhouse / the food

Jul 23, 2019

I Ordered the filet and shrimp. The shrimp was so over cooked it was petrified. Showed waitress, she agreed and promptly replaced it. Sadly, they were petrified too. My filet was not a real filet. No really. It was the same kind our butcher sells that is glued together pieces, only the...

Logan's Roadhouse / ordering/pickup area, food quality

Jul 23, 2019

I have been a loyal customer of Logans for 15 years, and never have I seen it this bad. I have been visiting this location for approximately 7 years now. The service was always prompt and the food prepared correctly. The mesquite grilled chicken salad is usually my go to item, but for the...

Logan's Roadhouse / food and service

Jul 20, 2019

Visited this evening, Party of 5, Our vuest from out of town joined us, he'd never been there before! I was so embarrassed, cold steaks, wrong dressing, no refills, diabetic child never got her meal until after everyone was almost done eating, she ate half my dinner, starving! Ridiculous!...

Logan's Roadhouse / everything

Jul 01, 2019

Logan's RoadhouseService wasn't too great no smiles no good customer service waited for food for an hour an half and food came out cold. And when I asked to speak to the manager he was too busy too come out and talk to us. I am a store manager in retail and I have never turned a customer away for any...

Logan's Roadhouse / service

Jun 30, 2019

On the 29th of june i went to logans on county line rd me and a friend decided to have drinks we had 3 drinks a piece but we were only charged for one drink a piece the bartender name was william or will something of that sort i was going to tip reguardless he didnt have to lessen my bill...

Logan's Roadhouse / service/food

Jun 30, 2019

We went to Logans on Fridsy June 28th. My mother was craving a good steak like I had a few weeks prior fom here. We arrived and were seated by 630 and while looking at the menu we noticed Happy Hour items. We ordered a couple of drinks and appetizers. My mom gets her steak and as she keep...

Logan's Roadhouse / manager kevin guinn springfield mo logan's on battlefield

Jun 25, 2019

Today June 25, I was at the Logan's Restaurant on battlefield in Springfield, Mo. I was attending a noon AA meeting The Manager: Kevin Guinn, asked me to step out so he could talk to me. He told me I have been rude and that I said "screw you" to the waiter at the Thursday meeting...

Logan's Roadhouse / service

Jun 15, 2019

We were visiting gulf coast 4 of us went to logans.As soon as we sat down waitress came over with bad attitude we were so nice to her.I ordered prime rib I wanted it blackened but forgot to tell her. my sister ordered a drink and then my husband wanted a glass of wine she said now you want...

Logan's Roadhouse / service

Jun 07, 2019

Logan's is very rachet. they have roaches and ants and flies. managers have excuses about everything. I use to work there. the managers now there is jason he is the one who slept with a coworker name angel morris. very sickening. and willie the other manager very rude all he do i...

Logan's Roadhouse / entire experience was terrible

May 15, 2019

On Mother's Day 2019, My family went to Logan's as we had done many times before. We had 10 people in our party. We waited more than an hour to be seated. The hostess was stressed which came across as impolite, not warm and inviting. The waitress was also very busy and gave many excuse...

Logan's Roadhouse / terrible service

Apr 26, 2019

I went to Logan's three weeks ago and had terrible service. I was waited on by a tall black Gentlemen on a Friday between 6:30 pm and 7:00 pm. I sat at the bar and was going to have dinner . The black gentleman had stated that someone had walked off their shift and he was by himself. He...

Logan's Roadhouse / response to a lost or stolen item

Apr 15, 2019

On March 29th 2019, 3 of my friends and I celebrated my 21st birthday at the Logans in Tulsa, Oklahoma at the Olympia location. I mistakenly left my birthday card there which contained a gift card. I called back a few hours after I left and spoke with Emily who assured me that the card had...

Logan's Roadhouse / quality of food and lack of concern of manager tiffany

Apr 08, 2019

We decided to drive about 15 miles for a late dinner Sunday April 7, 2019. My family of 4 we all ordered the wood grill chicken and we waited patiently for our meal to be served. After a while our server (Candace) informed us that 3 of the baked sweet potatoes where not available and we...

Logan's Roadhouse / stealing waitress

Mar 29, 2019

My fiancé and I went to eat at Logan's Roadhouse and we paid 56 dollars and then when I looked in my account days later I found that the waitress took out $ 70.74 I have been trying since the beginning of February and it is now going on April for them to put the money back and they haven't!!...

Logan's Roadhouse / food and service

Mar 11, 2019

On Monday, March 4, 2019, I visited Logan's Roadhouse in Meridian, MS at approximately 1:00 PM for lunch. I was in a party of three, and we were seated at a table near the bar. I ordered a New York Strip steak cooked medium well and drank water with my meal. Our meals were served by...

Logan's Roadhouse / food and bill

Mar 06, 2019

My husband and I wear @ Logan's Roadhouse in West Monroe, LA around 3:00 pm on Tuesday, March 5, 2019. We were dotted quickly, very few customers @ the time. We always order the same @ any steak house we frequent, which is quite often. Upon starting our order to waitress, she stopped us to...

Logan's Roadhouse / not being served.

Feb 16, 2019

My party arrived at the Winchester location at 3 pm sat Feb 15th. We were a party of 17. We were told it would be a one hour wait. We waited for one and a half hours. When we asked the manager when we would be seated we were told rudely that " they didn't want to fool with 17 people". I...

Logan's Roadhouse / take out service and call in take out

Feb 04, 2019

Logan's RoadhouseTried to call in a order on 2/2/2019 called three times was told to hold on hail about 10 minutes each time I have tried to call the lamb was easy line was busy When our fianilly got through they took order hung up before I finished said it would be 25 minutes said if they didn't come out...

Logan's Roadhouse / gift card

Dec 15, 2018

I purchased a $50.00 gift card under your program buy 50 get 20 free. Well I did receive the $50 card, but no $20. I have waited several days thinking perhaps it was coming under separate cover. But nothing. Since we have logans close to us and we enjoy it so much we were excited to receive such...

Logan's Roadhouse / failure to remove hate symbol from bathroom stall.

Dec 07, 2018

Logan's RoadhouseLocated in the stall in the Men's restroom. I suggest the stall wall be replaced. I will not be back here again. I just wanted to make you aware. There's no telling how long it's been there because I guess few people find it offensive. I'm done, I'm just talking because it because this say...

Logan's Roadhouse / bullying & harassment

Nov 11, 2018

It's such a toxic work environment. Charles the general manager he told me "where are you from" I said "family is from Afghanistan" he looked around & said "you're not gonna blow us up are you?" Since I've worked there I've been working with this girl named Diana.. she's been making my life a...

Logan's Roadhouse / bartendar berated server

Nov 06, 2018

We were at the Logans Roadhouse at 1540 Alliant Ave in Louisville, KY. It was a little past 4:30-5 when we witnessed the bartender-Kim berate a female server about her not being tipped enough the previous night. Told the server that they (the servers) HAVE to tip her and to tip her 10%...

Logan's Roadhouse / bartender

Oct 25, 2018

i am 75 years old we have been coming here sam ridley location smyrna tn for years came to eat for anniversary last night oct 24 2018 told at bar by new woman bartender had to show i dentification first it offended us but pulled out id dlicense old one with pic new one with no pic told me...

Logan's Roadhouse / overall bad experience

Oct 16, 2018

Waitress - - never cleared the dishes - Started meal with instructions on one check and at the end of the meal, asked again if there were multiple checks - Oldest lady went first to order, but was told she had to wait her turn ad they would only take the order clockwise - No sour cream...

Logan's Roadhouse / service

Oct 05, 2018

Worst service ever at a Logan's in Harlingen, TX. We ordered and Waited for our food for 1 1/2 hours and we never got it. We kept being told it would be another 5 minutes. We talked to manager Marina (Diaz) if that is her last name;and she was not very helpful and there was a cocky...

Logan's Roadhouse / food & service

Oct 04, 2018

I brought my family to your Mishawaka, Indiana location for our 31st anniversary on October 05, 2018 345pm. Your restaurant was slow & employees were standing around. After being placed at table with my husband & 3 grandchildren. We placed The waitress seem frustrated seemed frustrated...

Logan's Roadhouse / a meal on sunday 8/12/2018

Aug 15, 2018

We went to the Logans Roadhouse in Auburn Hills MI 48326 on Sunday 8/12/2018 at approx 6pm. There were 4 of us and we celebrating our son-in-laws birthday. We ordered 4 meals. First I asked the waitress, if they had a loaded baked potato. Her was response was, we can do that. Then as the meal...

Logan's Roadhouse / customer service

Jul 17, 2018

I was in your Roanoke Virginia place at Valley View Mall yesterday at Table 22 Server was Lamar. He was nice but poor as a server. I ordered an appetizer but did not get it til I got my meal. My salad came 1st. Went w/out drink refills for extended period of times. My entree was incorrect...

Logan's Roadhouse / wrong food order / food not good

Jul 13, 2018

Logan's Road House, Paducah, Ky. My order was wrong, granddaughter's bun was hard and cheeseburger was tough as leather, mom's mushrooms were not cooked. She got up in the middle of the night throwing up. Food way over priced for what we got. Used to eat there a lot. Last few times service ha...

Logan's Roadhouse / store

Jun 23, 2018

Logan's RoadhouseLogans on popular is a very dirty store. There are flying bugs and roaches. The flying bugs are everywhere and are around the drink stations. It is a very unhealthy environment to eat at also to work. There are stains all over the floor and looks as if the store never gets cleaned. The...

Logan's Roadhouse / food and server

Jun 01, 2018

The wait after we sat down was long to get our order in. The people who sat down after us came and left before us because they got their food first. When we got our food our meat was burnt. The server said it was just the grill. The waitress kept making comment like we not discriminating...