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My boyfriend and I went to Red Lobster in Lynchburg VA. As a fellow server I have certain expectations, we sat for 30 minutes after ordering food and drinks from the bar... I approached the manager and stated that we haven't received anything and she agreed to comp our check, we were blatantly ignore by the server and everything took entirely too long including the bread, soup, boxes etc! Upon receiving the bill only one thing had been taken off which was our appetizer.. the taste of food was exceptional so we paid our 82$ check without complaint even though the manager had promised more compensation! We paid in cash asked for our change which then took an addition 20 minutes to get! I understand the restaraunt business very well and even on a busy Saturday night there are ways to make your guest feel comfortable and taken care of. A simple "I'm sorry I'm a little busy if you all don't mind baring with me I will get you everything you need" would have gone a long way! However, we got a server who walked past our table more than 10 times without saying a word! WE WILL NOT BE RETURNING!!


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    Dave manners Aug 19, 2018

    Wow Lynchburg, Im actually surprised they even took anything off the check. A long wait does not equate a free meal. That said I'm sorry you had a bad experience. What I usually do when I get ignored is get up and literally help myself to refills and if they approach me I just say "hey I thought it was self serve because we're not being helped" sure it's a bit passive aggressive but it works! Also when forced to wait I sometimes just change my mindset and tell my date "hey this is forcing us to spend more time together..let's just enjoy the atmosphere and relax and talk"

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