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Complaints & Reviews

Resolved stay away!

RCA 42" LCD HDTV Model: L42WD22 Purchased on 06/10/2007 at Wal-Mart One-year carry-in...

Resolved don't buy an rca television

We bought this TV from target in Jan 07. By Nov. 07 it quit working. We called RCA and were told someone would get back with us in 24-48 hours. It never happened. I called them instead. I was told it was going to take 8 weeks to replace the part needed. I said this was unacceptable, the TV is less than a year old. After much yelling and spending time on hold they finally ended up replacing the TV in Jan 08. Yes 2 1/2 months later. It is now March 08 and the replacement TV is now not working. I called once again only to be told I would be contacted in 24-48 hours, was I? NOPE. I once again jumped on the phone. This time I was told my TV was no longer under warranty. I had to yell at them to get them to understand that this TV was just replaced 8 weeks ago. They finally understood that it was still under warranty and the lamp (after 8 weeks) needed replaced. I was then told they don’t replace those after 90 days. ITS ONLY MARCH, IT HASNT BEEN 90 DAYS YET. After 40 more minutes on hold I was told to ship the lamp back and they would ship me a new one upon receiving the defective one. I am supposed to pay for S&H to ship a defective lamp back to RCA... Absolutely not. So I was then told we will ship you a prepaid shipping label that you can use to send it to us. 11 days later... no shipping label. Another call to RCA. Oh, the shipping label hasn’t been shipped yet. I will arrange for FedEx to pick up the defective lamp on Friday. Once we receive the defective lamp we will send you a new one in 7-10 days. So I get to wait to see if a new one even shows up after sending them the old one? After no one will return my phone calls? It is a good thing we got the Target extended warranty as well. Do NOT BUY RCA ... You will regret it. We are still without a TV. A manager is supposed to be getting back with me. I will believe it when I see it.

poor quality, poor customer service

I purchased this RCA (24V511T) television not quite a year and a half ago and I am already having issues with...

don't count on rca!

RCA 32"TV bought at Walmart, Denham Springs, Louisiana

Bought the TV for my father, who is legally blind and has Alzheimer's. He mainly listens to the news on TV. Sound went out after 6 months. RCA/Thompson will not do anything because my BLIND father - with Alzheimer's - cannot produce the receipt. He misplaced it. RCA looked up the TV by the serial #, and verified it was sold in Dec 06, thereby making it still under warranty. But they won't authorize the service dealer to do anything because of the lost receipt. Mind you, DEC 2006 is stamped on the back on the TV with the serial number! Walmart will not take the TV back -- guess why? Because of the lost receipt.


  • Ja
    Jared Hillhouse Jul 11, 2007
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    We bought an RCA 32" Television 3/29/06. August 06' it went out, stopped working. Full warranty is only 3 months. They wanted us to drive for 6 hrs to a repair center. After numerous, pestering, phone calls they finally agreed to send us a new one. And sent us a shipping label to send back the old one. We received the new one 12/22/06.

    7/7/07 New replacement TV goes out. Same thing as first one. RCA is a piece of Junk. Got off of the phone today asking for a refund this time. They won't refund money, the wanted to release me from my warranty and have me drive the 6 hrs to have it repaired at my expense. I explained that this was not an option and this was not my problem that they make inferior products. They agreed to send me another one. What kind of company can stay in business with products that last only several months. Especially high ticket items. Imagine if they made cars.

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  • Mi
    Michael Mobley Dec 19, 2007
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    RCA and Wal Mart -- what a pair. Absolutely the worst customer service I have ever experienced. RCA admitted that these TV's were no good. They told me that they were not reapirable. Yet they continue to give me grief about replacing a TV that lasted 99 days. Thier customer service reps are a joke. I have been dealing with these people for almost 9 weeks. I still don't have my replacement TV. In fact I probably will never see it. I have furnished them with everything they have requested more than once. They can't cordinate anything.. They loose or at least say they never received anything you send them. I even sent copys of everything they requested UPS overnight and they signed for the package. Guess what, they say they never received it. Wal Mart is no better. I have spoken with the local store manager and I also contacted the corporate customer service rep in Bentonville. They were very attentive and seemed very sincere at helping with my problem. So concerned in fact, that they never bothered to return my call as promised. They could do thier customers a favor and refuse to sell any products made by RCA or Thompson Inc.

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defective tv, poor after sales service!

I purchased a RCA TV 32 inch screen for over $600. dollars. I purchased this TV in 2002. It broke last year...

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terrible customer service!

I purchased an MP3 player for my son for Christmas 2006. It was a model H100. Before New Years Day it had...

customer service at rca is crap!

I purchased a RCA Scenium, model: hd 50lpw175 on 12/03/05.

On September 22nd, 2006 (9 months later) the screen went blank.

I called for service from Best Buy since I purchased warranty from them for 4 years of in-home service.

Best buy suggested I call RCA instead since it’s under a year it’s still under the manufacturer’s warranty.

I called RCA and was given A.I.D Audio and T.V (closest location to me) number to call for servicing.

I called A.I.D and they gave me the earliest appointment they had which would be 1 ½ weeks later on October 3rd.

Well October 3rd, no one showed up or called so I called them and there was no answer. They were obviously closed due to the Jewish Holiday of Yom Kippur.

I called on the fourth and they were still closed so I called RCA who apologized and gave me the number for 3 more service centers……none of which come to my location. I called back RCA and was given another 2 numbers to call, One spoke no English and the other doesn’t come “out that far, honey”. Yes, you guessed it, I called back RCA and again they apologized and we decided to just order the lamp and replace it our selves…simple enough…right...wrong!.

I gave my CC info and the order was placed. Well 6 business days later I call up to see more or less when my order would arrive and guess what? The agent placed the order incorrectly and they do not want to re-order so I won’t be double-charged. Needless to say at this point I wanted it re-ordered and overnighted. However, it seems they are not able to over night items even at my expense, I’m willing to pay at this point.

But the “Supervisor” Neil, who had promised earlier to overnight it, backed down from his word and claimed he never said that.

Of course, after dealing with the incompetence of these Customer service reps, I wasn’t surprised to find that he (Supervisor) wasn’t a man of his word.

Customer Service at RCA is CRAP!!!!! Without CUSTOMER”S they wouldn’t have a company, and if this is the way they treat their customers (myself and others on this board) they won’t be a company sooner rather than later.

P.S I called their Consumer Dept to file a complaint and they are as bad if not worst than the customer service reps themselves.

As someone who works in the customer service field, I am APPALLED.

Thx for letting me vent.

It’s October 18, 2006 and I still have 6 more business days for the part to arrive IF it was entered correctly this time.

  • Ja
    Jaime Curry Apr 10, 2007
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    RCA sucks! My husband and I received a 32' tv as a wedding gift Sept. 23. Six months later we went to turn on the tv and nothing happened, it wouldn't turn on. I called RCA about our warranty. i was told everything would be covered and they referred me to a service center. The service center picked up the tv and two weeks later it was fixed, but the service center told me that RCA would only cover parts. So i called RCA they told me that parts were covered for 1 year and labor was 90 days. That would have been fine if I was told that to begin with. I was told everything would be covered. The people that bought the tv for us also purchased an extended warranty through Wal-Mart. RCA told me specifically not to use the Wal-Mart warranty because everything would be covered through them. WRONG! They argued with me over then finally agreed that everything would be taken care of all I had to do was call consumer relations. Keep in mind this was a two hour phone call. So i get the number for consumer relations and guess what they are closed. Customer Service is evidently a Monday through Friday 8-5 job! That's Crazy! It was Friday so I had to wait until Monday to call them. I call on Monday and they tell me they won't cover the labor after I was told that everything would be taken care. What made me mad was that if they had told me that everything wouldn't be covered in the first place I could have went through Wal-Mart and it would have been covered through the extended warranty. So after many hours on the phone once again they agreed to pay $80 on the labor. The labor was only $90 so i didn't understand why they couldn't pay another $10. This is a multi-million dollar company and you can't pay another $10 to settle a customer service issue. I myself have worked in Customer Service all my life and i could never imagine putting someone through some much crap and then give them attitude over the phone. I told them It's not my fault that your rep didn't know the parts were not covered and it's not my fault that RCA can't make a tv that will last longer than 6 months. So why should I have to pay a cent. That's why you buy warranties in the case of this, so much for that. Needless to say we still haven't got our tv back it's still in the shop and it's been a month now. I agreed to finally pay the $10 so I could get our tv back. Now I have to wait another week. We see how that goes heard that once already! Every rep I talked to was so rude and I got hung up on twice and had to wait on hold for 30 minutes just to get back through just to have a guy tell me I can take or leave and that he was going to hang up on me! What kind of customer service is that! I have never in my life had such an experience this bad!! I had ask to speak with a supervisor and was told they were unavailable to call back in an hour. so i call back in an hour and she was still unavailable. They would not let me speak to anyone, I asked for corporate office number and was told there wasn't one. Hello I'm not stupid, what business has all Indians and no chiefs!!! I want to scream at the whole world DO NOT BUY ANYTHING RCA THEY SUCK!!! I know I never will.

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rca in home stereo sucks!

My complaint is with RCA. I got a stereo for my birthday in April. The system is broken. The CD door won't open, my CD's are inside. I went on their website several times. I have never received a thing from them. I just wanted to know where I could take it in my area for service. Simple, but nothing from them. Time is running and I still have no stereo and no answer from them.

Thank you for your time,
Anaheim, Ca.

  • La
    LARRY GARCIA Dec 14, 2007
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer



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  • Al
    aletheacu2 Oct 28, 2009

    i will never buy from RCA again my stereo system is not working, my disc are stuck and they even have a recall on this product after all these camplaints wow, thats a way to stick to the consumers...

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  • An
    Anthony craft Aug 14, 2018

    Mounting hardware needed for wall installation

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  • Mo
    moe g Sep 10, 2018
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I bought the over the range microwave just a over a year ago. I still have the extended warranty. The appliance has no power and calling this company and sending them emails for a month has no reply back even though I have submitted everything. The worst customer service, and the worst company and the worst products. Please do not buy it.

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  • Wi
    wishinful Oct 21, 2018

    Defetive product my son tablet stop working 2 months later me and my Husband been emailing theses people bak to back they supposed to send email to send it bak to them they never email back RCA produts are very bad and will go out on you do not buy from this company bad coutermer service as well they will have you waiting on the phone for hours.

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  • Ne
    never ever buy RCA Feb 29, 2020
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Bought a tv which lasted 10.5 months & just stopped working. RCA gave me the runnaround with excuse after excuse until the 12 month warranty had expired and refuses to make good on the warranty. They never even offered to try to repair the TV much less replace it .

    David Lesnett
    Lakeland Fl 33805

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