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I have a rca d52w20 big screen tv and have the same problem everyone else has had with it power lite flashes on at me but no picture or sound i bought this at wal - mart if anybody knows of a class action lawsuit about this tv please email me at [protected] thx patrick


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      Nov 29, 2010

    is there a class action suit, because i have the same problems. i tried to renew my warranty and they told me i could. where can i join the class action suit?

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  • S
      Mar 22, 2011

    I bought my tv also mine was a rent to own but came home un used. I also have a red blinking light and will not come on. Since I was a rent to own person I payed almost 4, 000 on a 42 inch class action lawsuit? [protected]

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      Aug 26, 2014

    Same problem. The company kept promising to let me know what the resolution was but never got back to me in a timely manner. Then acted like the were doing me a favor. TV has been broken for a month, now I have to wait at least another month for a refund.

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      Feb 26, 2015

    My husband purchased an RCA tablet at walmart on black Friday (20 November) to give to me at Christmas. I opened it on Christmas day and 5 days later it was not charging. The customer service desk at walmart told me they only give a 15 day return on electronics. (makes sense to me, that's my attempt at sarcasm)
    I've since then contacted 2 people at the "RCA" center who promise that my new tablet will arrive shortly. Its now been over a month and still no new tablet. My conclusion is that dog food and shampoo are okay to buy at walmart but not electronics. And as far as the RCA brand, never ever again.

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  • K
      Mar 25, 2015

    I purchased a 55" LED in July of 2014 and it quit working in February 2015. Same issue, power light but no picture or sound. I've been in contact with RCA customer service numerous with no resolution. First appointment for warranty work the technician never showed up and they rescheduled me for another month out. How can you get them to replace? Even though under warranty, I can't get anyone to service it. I purchased at Best Buy but they refuse too touch it since it will void the warranty.

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  • J
      May 06, 2015

    What a horrid company. I purchased a tablet for my son for Christmas. It lasted a few weeks before breaking. It wouldn't charge anymore. I read up about this problem and heard so many stories from dissatisfied customers about your replacement procedure. I thought I'd at least give it a try, and get my son's tablet replaced. I have e-mailed and called and held up my end of the procedure. I received an e-mail stating I'd get a new tablet within 9- 12 business days of shipping back the broken one. Now with every phone call I get a different story. Why does it take 4 weeks to ship me back a new table when it took 3 days for you to get the broken one??? I keep getting told they will re manufacture the broken tablet then they have to observe it for two weeks. Is the damn thing going to tap dance? What's to observe? Fix it, then test it and see if the tablet charges! How hard is that??? I can't understand any of the customer service reps. They're all foreign and I can't understand their accents, not to mention their mutilation of the English language. When I ask for a supervisor I am given a phone number to some person in Canada, which I'm not calling, as it's not part of my cell phone plan. This is ridiculous! Seriously, how hard is it to receive a broken product, and then ship back a new one?? If I shipped the broken one and you got it in 3 days, then I should receive a new one in 3 days. Uhg. I'll never buy another RCA product again. Oh, and I posted to their facebook page, and when RCA replied, I went to respond only to find I've apparently been banned from posting on their page. Never ever ever again will I buy or use an RCA product.

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      Jun 30, 2015

    I have the same issue my daughter got the tablet as a Christmas gift and it stopped working 2 months later, our local walmart said sorry not our problem or fault you need to call RCA and I have called many times with no help or answers just keep getting a run around I can say never ever again will we buy RCA or have I gone back into that Wal-Mart store.. does anyone if there is a law suit or how to start 1 because I would be interested in starting it myself.. tina valentine. [protected]

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