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The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

rca.com / Technicolor - rca 52 hdtv d52w14 power button

Along with the rest of you I am just as disappointed. Hearing that HD was coming I was proactive and over paid for a RCA HDTV model 52W14 Projection Monitor. The HDTV was purchase in 2005 and like...

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The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

rca.com / Technicolor - model l32wd22

The power supply card in the Television is faulty which means there is no picture or sound. (this is according to the repair shop)
The TV is under warranty, but is an exchange only repair.
I called RCA, set up a file and waited and waited. Their answer is to put a charge for $686.40 on my credit card plus $160.00 for shipping.

Only at that time will they send out a new TV. When I return the broken television they will credit my account for the $686.40.
I fail to put any credence in that statement. I had to pay the repair shop $75.00 just to diagnose the problem. I might just as well buy a new television, definitely not an RCA and just forget the whole warranty. Warranties from the producer of the products are just not a viable option.

The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

rca.com / Technicolor - wont stay on

the picture keeps going in and out, and when the picture goes out the light on the power button flashes

I had the same problem, turned out to be a bulb went out, something like a light bulb cost me a bunch of bucks to fix it! Will never buy and RCA TV EVER AGAIN! A rip-off for sure...think I'll get me a foreign one next time like Sony or some other brand.

Jan 31, 2009
The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

rca.com / Technicolor - terrible company

Bought an RCA 42' HDTV (model L42WD22) from Wal-Mart for $998 on March 15, 2008. Has a one-year warranty. It was used lightly, typically less than one hour/day. Screen started going dark in October. Electronics started to burn/smell in early November. Called RCA. They recommended a local (RCA certified) shop. TV could not be repaired - needed new display and electronics. RCA Thomson said they would replace.

RCA sent a refurbished unit in January 2009. Refurbished unit (installed by their certified shop) would not work. Local shop technicians could not repair the refurbished unit even with two weeks of RCA Thomson technical support. (Imagine a quality control process so flawed that they don't even turn the refurbished unit on before sending it out to the consumer!)

After many (ten or more phone calls to RCA with a promise from them each time to call me back in 3-5 days but which they never did). Now RCA wants to send a 2nd refurbished unit. They will not send a new unit and will not refund my money. The 2nd refurbished unit will be warrantied for 90 days - even though I have been without their TV now for over two months. Asked to speak to some level of management. They refused. Said I could write corporate at P.O. Box 671988m Marietta, GA.

This RCA Model apparently has either a serious design or manufacturing flaw. Fully expect 2nd refurbished unit to either not work or to fail quickly. But RCA Thomson simply wants to get past March 15 2009 when original warranty expires. Appears to be no reasonable/fair solution for the consumer for a flawed/faulty product with a $1000 price tag!

Apr 08, 2011

It's me Justus looking for Justice. Here is more about the drc8335 dvd/vhs player/recorder. Shortly after the representative Jackie hung up on me after I requested a supervisor to discuss some sort of recovery for the defective drc8335, on March 23rd a supervisor did call and said that I requested a return call, which I did not have the opportunity to since Jackie hung up on me before I could. However, the sup Claudia said on the recording that she could not offer me anything if the unit was not under warranty. To my way of thinking, the unit was never under warranty. Warranty implies an agreement. I give you money, you give me a unit that works properly. That is a warranty agreement. I agree, you agree that we have a mutual exchange. A warranty agreement is not so you can assembly line defective products to see how many unknowing consumers (dupes)you can get rich from. I want to be compensated for this drc8335 piece of junk that never worked and I don't intend to stop writing, posting and communicating this injustice to all that will listen until i get justice which would be some kind of recovery...

Sep 24, 2009

We bought a RCA Thomson 50" DLP HD last Feb.27, 2007. We had the TV for 10 months, then the lamp went out on 12/10/2007. I called RCA customer relations, was told I would have to send proof of purchase, which we faxed RCA that, then some one would get back in touch with us in 24 to 48 hours. We get that call and was told we would have to send them the bad lamp to them, then they would send us another lamp.Which could take up to 5 to 10 business days after they receive the bad lamp. Finally we got the new lamp on 12/27/2007. Put it in, it lasted for for a hour or so and it went out. Called RCA customer relations, was told to call consumer relations dept. They finally said they would approve the local Thomson repair co. I called them, when they called me back, the lady said it probably was the "ballast" I asked her, "shouldn't someone come out first and diagnosis what is actually wrong with the TV" "she told me she was actually saving us from having our TV taken from our home" she made the appointment for 01/10/2008 for them to come out to put the "ballast" in our TV. I asked if they could come out earlier since our TV has been out since 12/10/07. Was told "no" Thomson electronics came out to our house on 01/10/2008. Tried the ballast, "wasn't that" even tried another lamp"wasn't that" well Thomson ended up taking our TV to their shop on that day 01/10/08. Thomson told us they thought it was the lamp engine, RCA policy was to send the bad lamp engine to them, then RCA rebuilds that lamp engine! We finally got our TV back on "February 13th.2008" Our TV went out again this morning!

The same thing lamp! I called the RCA customer relation dept. I told them I wanted a refund. I did not want the TV fixed. "I was told it will take 6-8weeks to get our check, that they would have someone call to pick up the TV. I said I wanted to keep the TV until I received my check, because I read online that RCA/Thomson had many complaints on their TV's and refunds. Some people still have not received their refunds after the allowed time!

I was told if I did not let them pick-up the TV, then they would not send me the check. I need to know what I can do about this and who can help us.

Sep 23, 2008

Hello, this letter is to let you all about a recent encounter I have with a major corporation, RCA. As some of you know I recently purchased a digital television and I decided to choose RCA, thinking, as many of you probably have, this is a trusted name brand and company. This letter is to warn all of you that appearance are not what they seem.

I purchased the RCA SDTV, Model number: 20F524T in April 2008. In August, this television developed a problem. It started to turn itself on and off, all on its own. And I’m not talking occasionally, this television does this every nine seconds. This is no exaggeration, I counted it. It’s so bad I have to leave the set unplugged otherwise it would do this all day and night.

I decided to do some research on the internet to see if anyone else has encountered this problem and what they did to remedy it. I found out that many other RCA customers with this model, have had this problem or similar, meaning the television turns off.

No one seemed to have a solution so I looked up the RCA company on the internet, sent them an email, explaining my problem and they sent me a reply that I needed to call into their customer service department, they provided me with the times this service is available and the number to call.

I did so, it was awful. Their automated system was so confusing I had to listen to it several times. I finally choose the troubleshooting option and surprise, this is the wrong option. What you’ll hear is another automated response telling you to download the owners manual online. When I tried to go back, the auto response was that this was an inappropriate choice and hung up on me. I tried again, same result. So I sent them another email, the company replied with another email telling me to call into their call center and be careful of the choices I make.

So I did, this time choosing a different menu option and I spoke with a CSR. She asked me if I had checked to make sure the unit was plugged in all the way, if I had tried doing a hard restart, meaning unplug it while it was on, I wanted to say that it never stays on long enough to let me try, but I never got an opportunity. I was given a case number, told I would have to fax in a copy of the bill of sale and wait three days after the fax was sent for a retention specialist to call me.

I did all this, I spoke with the “specialist” three business days after the fax arrived and she told me that my warranty had expired, since it’s been more then 90 days. I was then told I would have to give them an additional $79, plus tax and they would send another one out. I pointed out that I’ve had this unit for less then six months, I asked why I would have to spend an additional $80 plus dollars on another RCA product? I just can’t believe they’d expect consumers to spend an additional $80 above retail. I asked that she speak to her supervisor about this and she told me it would not make a difference who she spoke to, or who I spoke with, they would not waive this fee. She reiterated that the company has a 90 day policy that they adhere to no matter what.

Does this make sense to anyone? It isn’t making sense to me. I just can’t believe RCA won’t stand behind their equipment and that they would attempt to collect additional money for them.

After speaking with the specialist I sent the company another email outlining my frustration and disgust over this company’s policy and this was what I received back in reply:

Thomson Email Thank you for your inquiry concerning the design and quality of your product. Consumer satisfaction is very important to us and we continually strive to provide the best consumer electronics products available. We regret you are not pleased with your product. We invest substantial resources in market research to develop products that meet consumer needs and expectations. We are continually finding ways to improve reliability, designs, product quality, and professional service. Your comments are appreciated, and we thank you for taking your valuable time to contact us.

I think this automated form letter was a nice touch, proving that this company does not listen or care about the consumer. Please let this letter serve as a warning, do not buy any RCA product. The money you spend won’t be worth it. In the mean time I now have a two hundred plus paper weight.

rca.com / Technicolor - warranty

03/01/08 I purchased an RCA DVD recorder at Walmart#0861 + a 2 year service plan.
St# 0861 OP# [protected] TE# 94 TR# 02393
Model DRC8335 S/N:PA091H265A0121

10/5/08 it failed, I call PCP (Product Care Plans) they said their coverage began after RCA's warranty expired. On 10/5 Barbara (with RCA [protected] ) talked me through some reboot steps and determined the unit was defective and told me to take it to Eatrada Service to be repaired. I took it to Estrada on 10/6 and they only service TVs. I called RCA back, they said they would mail a return request for it in 1 to 2 weeks. I said that was not acceptable, they emailed one by 7:35 pm that day. I shipped the unit USPS on 10/7/08, RCA received the unit 1:12pm on 10/09/08. 10/10/08 RCA(Judy) could not provide the status of my unit. Judy's supervisor said I would receive my unit or a replacement in 14 to 21 days after they received my unit on 10/09/08. 21 days later I called and ask for my unit and supervisor Joe said although RCA received the unit on 10/09/08 they did not acknowledge the unit until 10/16/08. 22 days from 10/16/08; the 7th of Nov. I called for the status again. Joe once again made poor excuses about RCA's incompetence and said it would be another week. I called back one week later 11/14/08 and Joe said RCA was unable to fulfill any of the promises they made about replacing my unit and was passing the buck to RCA's Consumer Relations (CR) dept. (who only does business 8 to 5 Mon-Fri) to provide a refund check. I called RCA's CR dept. and even though RCA has had my unit for over a month they would refund nothing until they acknowledged receipt of my proof of purchase. On 11/20/08 they acknowledged receipt of my proof of purchase and promised a refund check in six to eight weeks. 1/27 more than nine weeks later, Joey with RCA said their incompetency continues, that they have been experiencing excessive returns on this DVD recorder and not to expect anything until Feb. 27th, another month. It has been 110 days since RCA received my unit. They know NOTHING about customer service. I want a full refund of my purchase plus shipping($193.07) and reimbursement for all of my time that they have wasted.

The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

rca.com / Technicolor - problem hd52w59 tv convergence

The RCA TV they quit carring after putting them on sale hd52 inch TV the problem is with all these TV's is the convergence is going out then the set will come and then turn off. The cost to fix them is half what they cost these TV's should have been recalled also it's funny the warranty is out when this happens even if you buy the extended warranty something should be done with Walmart and RCA as it looks as though they lowered the price to get rid of them tell me of any other 52 inch tv for less than $1000. 00 this confirms that it sounds to be to good it really is!

I see I'm one of hundreds that have had the same problem with their RCA 52" HDTV. Mine has been turning itself off and on now for a few months but I just kept using it because I knew it would be too expensive to get fixed. Well tonite it died! I was watching the news, it shut itself off and turned itself back on 7 times. Finally on the last time I heard a sizzling in the back right before it went off. I waited a few minutes, turned it back on and it started to sizzle again and just shut off. I unplugged it, got on this site and now see I am a member of a very large club! PLEASE EMAIL ME and let me know if there really is a class action lawsuit...I want to join! [email protected]

Nov 17, 2008

rca.com / Technicolor - unknowlegdgeable tech support &

I purchased a VCR/DVD (mdel DRC8355) combo less than a year ago and I have returned the model 3 times due to the other models did not function properly. Each replacement that I received was as messed...

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The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

rca.com / Technicolor - broken 32 lcd rca tv

I purchased a RCA 32" Flat Panel TV from walmart on May 24, 2008. On Nov 8, 2008 I was watching the telvision when all of a sudden the tv just went completely blank. I tried powering the tv on with...

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Nov 07, 2008

rca.com / Technicolor - tv warranty

I bought a RCA TV for my mother who is 86 and needed a replacement set since her old one past one. After about 4 months it went dead with a big snap and pop and a blank screen. I have tried to work...

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Nov 02, 2008

rca.com / Technicolor - worked only 5 months

Bought RCA DTV converter in May, from wal-mart. two weeks age the off-on button of tv and volume stopped working, 2 days later the whole unit drop dead.
because it passed 90 days, wal-mart refuse make exchange, so I contact RCA, ewo weeks passed I did not get answer. Soooo, I went back to RCA went through the same procedure, few minutes ago, guess what, it flashed " error", after I click submitt. I submitt three times and did not go through.
the tv I am still watching for past 21 yrs. even though the converter only cost me $10.00, I expect it works as long as my tv works.
anyone out there do your home work and take my experience into consideration.

Bought converter box in November (day after Thanksgiving). Today, April 9th, the power button and volume button do not work anymore.

Mar 29, 2009


Sep 18, 2008

rca.com / Technicolor - the tv won't work and rca just wants more money

I purchased a television model # 20F524T, in April 2008. In August 2008 the television began turn on and off, all on its own, every 9 seconds. I emailed the company, who told me to call the customer service line and provided the number for me. I called.
I found their phone menu options to be quite confusing. I picked the option for repairs and troubleshooting. This is the wrong choice. All I heard was a recorded message telling me how to find a copy of the manual on the internet and then it disconnected me. I sent the company another email and I was told, once again, to call the 800 number but to be very careful about the selection I made. I tried again and I, for obvious reasons, did not choose the troubleshooting and repair, this time I picked the "questions about" option and got a live person. They told me nothing could be done about my complaint until I faxed in my bill of sale. Once I faxed that in I would have to wait three days for a resolution specialist to call me. I faxed it in and four days later I got a phone call from their resolution specialist. I was told that my warrenty had expired, it's only good for 90 days, and that I would have to pay them $79 plus tax and they would send out a replacement tv. Are they kidding me! I have only had this tv for four months and they want me to spend more money on another one of their products. I asked this "specialist" to speak with her manager about this fee, since I don't think they should be asking consumers who've had one of their products for four months to spend more money. She told me it didn't matter who she or I spoke with, the company adhere's to their warranty only. If I want this tv replaced it will have to send it to them, pay them another $80 plus dollars. I'm not spending any more money on a company who stands behind their products for 90 days only, who expect comsumers to spend more money on their product and who obviously have no concern for customers.

Sep 09, 2008

rca.com / Technicolor - will not reject cd

January 14, 2008 I purchased a rca drc279 from walmart in lawrenceville, ga. to protect the walmart return/exchange policy I kept the receipt for 90 days. I now find that the open/close button doe...

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Aug 16, 2008

rca.com / Technicolor - inferior product

I purchased the RCA DVD recorder and VHS combo from Walmart in Fort Wright, Kentucky as a family gift in December of 2006. We didn't use it much because it was hard to configure correctly and get it to perform the function you wanted. Once my son started using the dvd recorder function, it only worked about a month.
The RCA brand used to stand for quality, but this device has many complaints on the Internet. The warranty is up and I didn't save the receipt or the box since we had it over a year. However, I can't throw it away without letting someone know how disappointing it is to purchase something like that and feel like you're just putting more trash in a landfill. I think much less of Walmart as a company and will, of course, never purchase anything with the RCA name again. A brand that my family was satisfied with as a child, my children will think of as junk. While the Toshiba, Hitachi and Sony products will be the ones they trust.

Aug 12, 2008

rca.com / Technicolor - rca 1gb mp3 player with fm radio is not fuctning&pearl& stays stuck on the screen.

My RCA Pearl 1GB MP3 Player with FM Radio is acting up i just bought it 2 months ago.When iturn it on all it says on the screen is "PEARL" and it stays stuck that way . i tryed changing battiers and that does'nt work. Im puzzled. Help. thank you

Aug 31, 2008

I had the same problem with my daughter's player, and after read a Q/A on RCA web page, I did a firmware upgrade, and after follow all the instructions, the MP3 player came back to work.
I tell everybody start from this, do a firmware upgrade, this can may fix your problem.

Aug 12, 2008

Also, mine done the same exact thing and after calling RCA they advised me to return it to the place of purchase. That was after speaking to the Senior Tech Advisor, so you know they didn't know what was wrong. The product is way to light and flemsy, it's simply a junk design. I traded it for the cheaper RCA sport MP3 player. Works great man!

Aug 12, 2008

I had a PEARL and it was hella junk man! I bought mine from Wal-Mart. If you got your from there you can't get a cash refund due to the return policy, however, I would put up a fight til they at least exchenge it or give you a Wal-Mart card! Works everytime for me.

Aug 08, 2008

rca.com / Technicolor - lack of customer care

I purchased an RCA model DRC8335 VCR/DVD unit at Wal-Mart on 12/21/2007 as a gift. It quit working in June of 2008 with both a cassette and a DVD stuck inside. We attempted the troubleshooting steps outlined in the user manual with no luck. This unit has a one year warranty, so the next step was to call the RCA/Thomson customer care number on 6/19/2008. I’m not sure what country I was talking to, but communication was a struggle. Everything needed to be repeated a number of times and often spelled-out before it was understood. After being put on hold several times, and overcoming the communication gap, I was given a service request number and instructed to mail the unit to El Paso Texas. A replacement unit would be shipped back within 7-10 days I was told. We shipped the unit out on 6/23/2008 and tracking confirmed arrival on 6/272008. Over three weeks later we still hadn’t seen or heard anything regarding our replacement, so I called RCA/Thomson customer care again. Of course we went through all of the communication and please-hold issues again, only this time I was told our case had been made inactive. No reason was known or given for this, they simply opened another case number and I was told a replacement unit would be shipped back within 7-10 days. Over two weeks later we still hadn’t seen or heard anything regarding our replacement, so I called RCA/Thomson customer care again on 8/7/2008. This time I was told they didn’t have any units in stock to ship and furthermore they had no idea when they would have a unit to ship. The customer care person told me to call back again in 10 days, maybe they would know something then. Incredible!
I have very little hope of ever seeing this unit again, and frankly, that would be just fine with me. I will never have another RCA/Thomson product in my home as long as I live. After this, that brand name just makes me cringe.
On the bright side, I have enjoyed many hours of re-telling the story of the rotten customer care provided by RCA/Thomson to friends and acquaintances. Priceless!

Aug 07, 2008

rca.com / Technicolor - poor quality, poor customer service

I purchased a RCA TV, Model 20F424T, on Feb, 2008 by July 2008 it just stopped working, the power won't come on. I called the toll free number @ RCA; I was told that they would replace the unit for an exchange fee of $74.00. This is half of the original purchase price of $149.96 plus tax. I did not get resolution via RCA/Thomson Inc. customer service center or email. They were of no help. I strongly advice everyone - don't ever, ever buy an RCA product. RCA is Terrible! They need to recall this product.

Same problem here. My girlfriends 20F424T just started acting up. She has had it for more than two years. Now It turns itself on and off, changes channels by itself and the volume shoots up to 100. I'm very disapointed in RCA. Other than this debilitating problem the picture quality is top notch.

I have had my RCA 20F424T TV for 2 yrs now and since day one it turns itself on and off. We called and they wated 90.00 to send it in. We bought a new one and now we need this one fixed to use in another room. Did anyone find out how to fix it?

I also purchased a TV from Wal-Mart #24V411T in July of 2007, after 10 mos, it began to go on and off by itself
and the volume began to get increasingly loud. I called RCA and they did replace it for another for $85.00 and it wouldn't even play, called RCA and they wantyed to charge me another $85.00 and I flat, so I won on that deal. I have had that replacement for 10 mos and it has started to go on and off all by itself. Called RCA and talked to Dave, who told me that his manager would not talk to me until I told him why I was calling and I asked for someone higher than his manager and he so informed me, that there was no one in the whole of RCA that was higher than her, she was at the very top over CEO's, Chairmans etc. And if I wanted this tv to be replaced it would cost me another $85.00, I told him I don't think so. I told him I didn't want the same model, but something comparable to it and he indirectly told me I would be getting the same model #24V411T. Now I have it figured out, if I take the deal and pay the $85.00 again for the same Tv, I will be paying RCA $85.00 every 10 months for the rest of my life, don't sound like fun to me. I wrote an email to five Executives, oh yeah I am sure I will hear from them. Thanks for listening to me, I didn't know there were so many people with the same complaint, don't feel any better, ut on't feel alone.

Carthage, TN

Had I know of this web page I most likely wouldn't have bought the RCA model 20F424T last week. I noticed when trying to work the auto channel set up there is no way to select the digital side. You can push the ANA/DIG button and it displays 1-11 but then there is no way to set the channels. I bought the unit in California for my ageing mom (96) so she could be ready for the so called digital switch, now I need to re-think this and maybe bring the unit back to Wal-Mart and get the $ 167.00 dollars back.

San Antonio, TX

Nov 13, 2008

As in the first complaint, the same has happened to me. I refuse to pay $74.00 for a TV that has worked for less than 6 months. I bought mine at Wal-Mart for $150.00 in February, the first week of July the TV kept going on and off. Neither Wal-Mart or RCA company would help me. I did some research and found out there are many message boards detailing the same problem with this model as well well as more pricier models. Many of the complaints are over 2 years old. I went to Wal-Mart yesterday morning November 12, 08 and they STILL carry the same model. I sincerely believe that RCA and Wal-Mart are knowingly selling these DEFECTIVE televisions on purpose. Think of the thousands of dollars they are making by by cheating hard working people and those of retirees on fixed incomes that can not afford to buy a NEW TV every 6 months. I myself can not afford an attorney to fight this deliberate crime against the consumers.

Sep 30, 2008

We bought the same tv for our sons at Christmas as well. Now the tv turns off and on by itself. I have not called customer service yet, but as it sounds I do not need to waste my time.

Aug 26, 2008

We also bought this for our son for Christmas and it has stopped working. The TV will sometimes turn on, but when it does the channels constantly change, the menu settings change, and there is no way to stop it other than to turn it off (if it will) or unplug it. Has anyone else had this problem or been able to resolve it with RCA? I have not attempted to call them yet. I am just now researching the situation.

Aug 21, 2008

Power goes on-and-off on it's own. Found several similar problems with this RCA product online. If they won't fix their defective product, I won't buy RCA in the future.

Aug 14, 2008

I have the same problem as the comment above. I'm trying to decide if I should fork over $74 to get a replacement, or just chalk it up to experience and not by another RCA product. Has anyone actually gone through this process to get a replacement TV and did it ever happen? Customer service says 10-14 business days after they receive my broken TV and my check they will send a new one. Sounds fishy to me...

Jul 23, 2008
The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

rca.com / Technicolor - bad experience

Rca/Thompson is ripping people off that bought the Model #DRC8335. We bought it and it didn't work and they sent another one (Which we paid shipping for) and it didn't work. Now they say their system is down and they can't send another one for a while. They can't even say when they will send one. And my warranty will go out soon. We are out the money because they won't give us our money back. I will not buy another thing from RCA or Thompson. Their customer service is terrible. The man I talked to was trying to find something I did wrong. Trying to put me on the defensive. I didn't go for that. I hope they were taping him.


I had purchased a rca 8g mp3 player in Dec 2007, had for a short while. purchased a protective cover to avoid damage. The screen cracked & also no other functions were able to be done. Sent proof of purchase, protective case back for repair. Recieved back mp3 player, protective case & explaination that it was not under warranty. I work in the retail business where these are sold & was told that there was a 1 year warranty with proof of purchase. I sent all merchandise back with description of problems well within time line. I am thoroughly disgusted with large companies not effectively satisfying their loyal customers. I WILL NEVER EVER PURCHASE ANOTHER RCA PRODUCT & WILL DO MY BEST TO DISCOURAGE ANY FUTURE PURCHASES FROM OTHER CUSTOMERS.

Jul 16, 2008

rca.com / Technicolor - customer service

I had purchased a LCD HDTV..after 4 or 5 months, it would no longer complete the channel search. First e-mail..no response. 2nd...said call customer service. Eventually get tv to someone to fix it. They requested rca contact them. When I told rca this, they asked for the phone # (which they had previously given me)...so at this point they might have called... I didn't have it available...then they then said that they could not call out...only accept calls...if that was true...whay ask for phone #? Now I have to get the business repiring the tv to call them. I will Never purchase anything RCA again...and also will not purchase anything from a businnes that owns rca, or is owend by them. They have no conecept of the word SERVICE. THey should learn an important peice of info...a disatisfied custmer tells 10 times as many people of the experience than a satisified customer.

Sep 24, 2009

I am very upset that RCA has a product, that, with very little hour use has burned two lamps out in 6 to 7 months, I have tried to get help from RCA and the company where I purchased it. I feel that I have a defective product. Consumers beware of the HD TV. After warranty the service is poor from the manufacturer, and the expense is great. The TV is not inexpensive either for a large screen like I have.

Their customer service is not helpful at all. They do not even want to hear you out.



Sep 29, 2008

February of 2017, I went to Walmart in Chesapeake Va and purchased 2 RCA 20 inch tru-flat, one that is a dvd/tv combo & the other a regular tv . 6 months after my purchase my remote stopped working . I got the product code and what I thought was the customer service for RCA ( turns out their parts and customer service is handled by a company called Thompson ) any was told they we out of stock and suggested that I try a website called remotes.com . I went to the website, put in the serial numbers and the picture of the that comes up is not the a picture of the remote I have in my hand ! Long story short, after about 4 or 5 universal remotes, none worked . Well about 3 months ago, we had a bad thunderstorm . Apower surge hit and knocked my t.v out . I took it to a repair shop, and to my surprise, the repairman tells me that my t.v on the outside says RCA and in the inside is an Apex t.v! He gave me a universal remote, programmed it and no problem since . I am contacting RCA !

Jul 07, 2008
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rca.com / Technicolor - no repair

I purchased the RCA Audio System RS2058 from newegg.com on 6/24/007, It arrived July 1, 2007. The unit would only play a few seconds of a cd before it jumped to then next cd. In single play mode, it would only play a few seconds before ending. In "random" mode it would play on a few seconds before jumping to another track. I emailed RCA support about its mal-functioning on 7/5/2007. RCA returned the email and had me call an 800 number and also per page 29 of the manual explaining the warranty, I took it to a authorized repair center in Houston, TX, where it sat till Jan 2, 2008 unrepaired. RCA changed the warranty after the fact to mail in repairs only, so I paid to mail it to Venture Electronics, their case #US002404w. In February 2008 they sent me a single cd player as a replacement (value $60) for my 5 cd changer (value $178). This was unacceptable and on Feb 29, they sent me a UPS label to return the single player unit(1ZR188379072309533). Venturer called March 30 and asked me to call them. I returned their phone on March 31 and was sent to voice mail. I called twice weekly till April 3 when I attempted to contact AudioVox (who has taken over RCA/Thomson Electronics), and they referred me back to Venturer Electronics. I have been promised multiple times my unit will "ship the next Friday" but so far it has not.

I literally had this unit for 1 week and have now spent more than one year trying to get it repaired.

Jun 25, 2008

rca.com / Technicolor - so much to complain about

The new RCA Opal model 4204 friggin sucks! Where do I start? First, let's talk about the FM radio. On my past mp3 players, I could receive at least partial signal of all the stations from...

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