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class action lawsuit

I have a rca d52w20 big screen tv and have the same problem everyone else has had with it power lite flashe...

green light on... but no picture

We bought a RCA L32HD31 in October 2008...Yesterday we turned the TV off and later that evening go to turn...

it froze and then cut off and never turnt on even when on the charger

Let me start off by saying All Rca products are a bunch of bull crap and a sorry excuse for a bussiness. Last...

not worth repairing

Less than a year ago I purchased this T.V for one thousand dollars.3-15 09 the tv blew and I found out that this model has had several complaints for the same problem. RCA only gives 90 days on this product, Now we know why! They know this tv is a pile of junk yet they still dump this model on consumers. When I called RCA they said that if the 90 days were up then just grin and bare it! They offer an exchange on this model because they are aware that this t.v is worthless as long as you are in the warranty time frame.

I also talked to tv repair shops that said they dont carry the parts because this model is junk, and is not worth the repair bill you would get from them. Rca has stolen a thousand dollars from me and my family, they stole it knowing it was theft because they knew this tv was a piece of crap!! NEVER BUY RCA PRODUCTS THEY ARE INFERIOR PRODUCTS. ITS LIKE HAVING A THROW AWAY CAMERA, USE IT FOR 90 DAYS THEN TOSS IT IN THE TRASH!!!

no picture

The picture went out in our RCA television when it was just 10 months old. RCA sent a tech out he didn't have the part said he'd be back on Monday - it's been 6 weeks now and RCA won't send another person out and won't replace the TV. We were finally told last week that the tv would be replaced within two days - guess what NOTHING! They won't let you talk to a supervisor - they won't give you a corporate number - they won't HELP AT ALL! Our tv is now nearing it's one year mark - when it will no longer be covered under warranty. BAD ServiCE - BAD help dept - BAD BAD BAD.
What is our next step? WE have no idea where to turn now - no TV - no HELP - where can we go to make them fix their product?

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faulty equipment/ fraud warranty

I purchased an RCA HDVT 5o inch in 1995. At first I noticed a noise coming from it, so the next day I called RCA, they stated it was normal. I called again a couple months later they stated it was still normal. One year and 1 dy it went out I was unable to cut the set on it made a noise and then the screen flashed and went dead. I called RCA, they stated it is not covered under the warranty it just expired. I stated this was unbelievable, I paid $1200 for it, I felt like this had to be a fraud. I kept calling them and they refused to fix it. Stating it may still have a 5 year warranty but it will cost me to have someone look at it. I didn't have the money at the time to call a repair tech, so finally I did a year ago. He stated several customers who purchased the same model had the same problem and he stated it is not worth fixing, for it may break again due to faulty equipment from the manufacturer RCA. He stated it would cost $600 half the price I paid for it. Wow I said and called RCA they denied any manufacture faults and refused to fix it once more. I got fed filed a report with the B BB they should be calling me soon. As for now, I am thinking I will never bye a RCA ever again after this. What a waste of money when I could have bought 3 flat screens with it now a days. Wow, RCA is a fraud and they know of the faulty equipment, several consumers has called them and I want to know if anyone has recalled it or filling a lawsuit, for I would love to be apart of this. So much frustrations after dealing with this and the happiness went away after seeing it broken down after a year and a day of using it. Maybe 3 times a week.

  • Si
    simplicity89 Dec 05, 2009

    There was no such thing as an HDTV in 1995, just large rear-projection analog sets. Also, how is the warranty a fraud? It died shortly after the warranty ended, sorry - it's your problem now. Also, they are not going to do a recall or even worry about a set that was made in 1995 - just buy a new TV. Avoid RCA - every since the early 90's and maybe before that RCA, GE, and many other electronics brands began being made by Thompson Consumer Electronics, with mainly shoddy parts from China. Really the only good brands left are SONY, Samsung, Sanyo, and Panasonic. Don't buy a Vizio television either, they are garbage as well.

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  • Hk
    hkk6kkt Jan 14, 2010

    you have it 15 years and expect it to be covered by a lifetime forever warranty... trmind me never to sell you anything

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fraudulant price quote

I locked myself out of my home. I called RCA Locksmith to get an estimate. The person on the phone told me that the technician could be at my home in 20 minutes. I was told that there was a $35 service fee for the person to come to my house and a $29 technician fee (if the job was easy).

The technician came to my home, in fewer than four minutes he was able to open my door by inflating a rubber bladder between my door and the door jam. When he finished, I was charged $159.

I have called the company no fewer than seven times. I have explained my case. Each time, I have been told that a supervisor, a manager, or the owner would return my call. I have never had a call returned, and the case is left unresolved.

  • Ds
    D. S. Gruntled Jan 01, 2011

    My wife had RCA Locksmith in Tacoma/Lakewood WA replace a dead bolt on the front door while I was deployed. They charged $35 for the service call and then $125 for the dead bolt and $65 to install. What a rip off. Don't recommend to anyone~

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  • Ko
    kobrien7 Feb 04, 2011

    I called RCA locksmith when I locked my keys in the car. I was quoted $64 and told they would be at my house in 1/2 hour. 10 minutes later they called back and said they would be there in about 35 minutes. I was anxious about being late for work, but what could I say? They said again it would be around $64. About 1/2 hour to 45 minutes they called back and said it would be about 15 minutes and they told me the service fee of $29.
    From the time I called to the time they got there was 2 hours. The guy got out of the car and said very little. He walked around my car writing information down ..like license # and model of car. Then he had me write down my name and address on his paper. Then in a matter of 30 seconds...he unlocked my 2005 Ford Taurus. He then wrote some more down and I gave him my debit card. He did all his stuff and then handed me the receipt ...Which he charged me $168.00! I was floored! I talked to several locksmiths and they all believe this was a scam! We tried to call them..and they hung up the first time. The other times...they were sooooo rude!

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do not honor warranty

I bought a 52" RCA television & the extended warranty from Wallmart last year. Within that same year the TV broke. I called walmart to let them know that my TV broke, to be told that my TV was under a year old that it was RCA's problem, to contact RCA. After contacting RCA, they directed me to a local provider to get the TV fix. Lakes Electronics came to my house on 1/31/08 and picked up the TV. We are in June 2008 and still no TV. When I contacted RCA in May, they said Lakes Electronics was told that the Light engine could be rebuild. When I call Lakes electronics, they have a different story. RCA send them the part but something is missing. Now I am back to square one. The original price of the TV was $1000.00.

fraud and scam

We bought a RCA 50 inch HDTV. It broke. It is under warranty. We called RCA and they give you the repair service to use. The repair service came out and said they needed to order parts. That was over a month ago. Every time we call RCA they say they ordered the parts and will take seven to ten business days. Each time we call we get a different person and they say they will order the parts. Guess what the repair service still doesn't have them. When we ask to speak to a supervisor the RCA people will not connect you to one. They are doing this to a lot of consumers.

resolution of complaint

My son had purchased a microwave and grilling oven for me at Christmas. Since using it has thrown a spark twice while boiling water to make a cup of tea. The cup was plain white with no design. I contacted the store (Walmart) who said that there was nothing they could do as it was a promotional item they got only at Christmas. I contacted the phone number on the back of the microwave and spoke with someone there. They told me to do a factory reset on the oven and then use it to see if it sparked. If it did I could bring it to Walmart with the receipt (which I explained already that I did not have as it was a gift) and they would send it away for seven dollars. Without the receipt it would be 42.00 plus I would have to ship it myself. By the time I would be said and done paying shipping, I could buy a new one! I feel it is very unprofessional for a company to ask you to use a product that is a potental fire hazard.

nothing but trouble

I purchased an RCA 32" television on 3-24-06, It worked fine for 10 months but went out the latter part of January 2008. I called the consumer line to file a claim under the 1 year manufacture waranty. I was asked to power down the set and then turn it back on after 24 hours (to disipate all electricity) I called back after the 24 hour time frame and was again on the phone with the rep when I tried to turn the TV back on. It did not work! the rep told me it was because I used the remote control instead of the switch on the front. Repeat step 1 and call back again to use the switch instead of the remote. No luck! I was told by the young lady on the phone that they would send a repair person to my home to fix the set and gave me the phone number of the repair person they wanted me to use. I called him and he informed me she was wrong and he would not drive 47 miles to fix my TV. I called RCA back and was told by another person that I would have to take the set to the shop myself. I did (On 2-22-08). It was there for 2 weeks and was diagnosed with a power supply problem. I waited for another week for the news that the part was not aailable in the United States. RCA would have to replace the set. TROUBLE!!! The repair shop and I have met every demand made of us to expidite the exchange and have been put off at every turn! I am now sitting here having been without a product I purchased in good faith and cannot get anyone to tell me if and when they will replace the set. Its not the set it self as I (after 6 weeks bought another set by another manufacturer) I feel the only way they can be made to comply is if a media outlet helps me bring pressure to bear. I informed the last person I talked to at RCA (Jeff Darcy) that I intened to contact mylocal TV station to help me and was laughed at. So if you can help I would be grateful.

broken tv no customer service

Do Not buy a RCA /thomson product. you are right, they do stonewall and basically do not return phone calls. Based in the Phillipines with unintellible operators, strike one. Promised a follow up call in 48 hours, it was over ONE WEEK. strike 2. my RCA tv, which I paid $130 for went dead; the power won't stay on. It's only slightly over a year old. They wanted me to pay $100 plus shipping for a replacement; basically the cost of a new TV. Strike 3. Their products are Crap and they don't even pretend to stand behind their products.

shipping labels keep getting lost in the mail - yeah right!

My father, an elderly man, has purchased 2 RCA Televisions within the last year. Both products have failed. The first within weeks. It was returned to the store and a different model purchased. The second model failed after about 5 months. I am acting on my fathers behalf and I have been trying to get the faulty product replaced every since.

Model L26HD31
Serial # 1281E8347
Case # 3FG5T
Return Number [protected]

I called the RCA service line [protected] in May 2009, inquired about the procedure to have the TV exchanged. I had the required receipt faxed repeatedly to your RCA repair centre. I repeatedly had to call to see if the fax was received. The service department claimed it was not legible. I had it faxed to my office and it was clear and legible. I sent an electronic copy by email to the RCA repair centre.
Each time I call the RCA service centre I am put on hold while someone reviews my file. Calls average around 40 minutes in length. With the electronic version of the receipt received and accepted I was issued a return number and was told a prepaid shipping label would be sent out immediately and that I should expect it within 5 – 10 business days. No label has ever arrived.

I have spoken with a supervisor and a manager. It is always a waiting game. I call and they tell me the prepaid shipping labels will be sent and then I have to wait another 10 business days.

I requested my money back and was told that was not an option. The TV has been defective for months and I have wasted hours on the phone with them. No compensation was offered. No apology was offered, no explanation or assurance that my problem would be resolved. I must wait again for a shipping label to arrive. I am concerned the replacement product will also fail.

I called the RCA service centre, I believe it is run by DEX. I requested information to contact the head office and was told that no information on RCA could be given out for security purposes. What kind of joke is that?

I called again today and tried to get the agent to walk me through the process of sending the labels. He hung up on me. I called back and persisted on talking to a manager. The manager looked at my case file and finally admitted that no prepaid shipping labels have been sent.

  • Ca
    Carole Hull Oct 20, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I bought a RCA 42" from Walmart, it broke in less than a year, The store would not take it back or exchange it, I have phoned and faxed everything to the rca people, they said that it would take 4 to 6 week's to sent a repair man to my house, I phoned back to make sure they recieved my fax, talked to the same girl, on the same day and she couldn't remember anything about me, great eh"" now I have a 42" lemon sitting on my living room floor. I paid in good faith, good money and Walmart should rescept that, I bought my tv from them, they have my money, I am very upset about this, talk about beening taken!! if it was just me, but my son's rca 42" broke just after the year was up, again from Walmart, Canadian's wake up!!!

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tv malfunction

In 2004 we purchased a TV, RCA model D56W20, for over $3000.00. Almost a year ago the power supply quit...

6 months old-stopped working and has recall for catching fire

I have a Proscan Flat Screen T.V., purchased only 6 months ago, I heard there was a recall for they were catching fire! Also, it stopped working. In need of help and assistance, I have been trying to call them for a month now with absolutely no results.

  • Ja
    Jan Wagner Jul 31, 2011

    The power on my proscan stopped working. I wonder if this is related. ALSO cant get help.

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  • Bl
    blumberg69 Jun 23, 2012
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    DO NOT BUY PROSCAN (unless you have a lot of homeowners insurance) I had two proscan flat panels - first one ended up with the blue screen of death - costco made good on the warranty. the second tv they shipped - same model of the first one that died (32 inch with a dvd player built in) caught fire while my daughter was watching the tv. I called and found out that the tv was now out of warranty by a few months so A&E, the distributor (i guess) for proscan in the US said "so sad, to bad, bye bye" - they did not even seem to care that their product could have burned my house down. They offered to send a technician out to the house ($99.00) to check on the problem - I would then have to pay parts and labor - what a nice deal. I passed on this deal and told them I would never buy a proscan again - did not seem to phase them as i guess I am not the first person to tell them that.

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  • Ts
    T Surry Mar 21, 2014

    My 6 year old 42" Proscan LCD caught on fire wile walking away From it.called Sears told them of the problem they just took the report.could not reach proscan at all.what else can i do?

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  • Ne
    newfie girl Aug 07, 2014

    I bought a pro scan flat screen from Canadian tire 8 months ago and it works but no picture the screen is black, took it back today and got another one for an exchange warranty and plugged it in and getting it set up and plugged the cable into the t.v and sparks went flying everywhere, so i guess it's going back too.

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drc8335 dvd/vcr player

My husband bought from Walmart an RCA DVD/VCR Player/Recorder with the capability of bleeping out the bad language in movies and regular television in 2007 for me for Christmas. I was so excited that I would be able to take my old VHS movies and transfer them to a DVD with this unit. About 6 to 8 months after purchase, the VCR part of the unit suddenly stopped working and ate our VHS movie. It was stuck in there with no way of getting it out. We tried all the things that we were told to do to get the thing to work again and spit out our VHS but it wouldn't respond. I got on the internet and wrote a letter to RCA in the companie's web complaint section and never recieved a response to it! I went to Walmart to ask them what to do and they said they don't carry it anymore and did not send any of them for repair!! So after months of frustration and wondering what to do I went back to Walmart and ask another person and she gave me a phone number that they had for their store. I called it and it was a very, very, frustrating conversation, or maybe I should say one way conversation! The people didn't seem to understand me and no matter what I said they were determined to say " It is out of warranty, so we cannot do anything about it! I couldn't make them understand that it wasn't out of warranty when I first tried and continued to try to get someone to help me get it fixed or replaced. I ended up talking to supposedly three people, all having the same communication problem and saying the same thing! Also, the wait time between the three was terrible! I almost hung up twice but was determined to try to get someone to listen to me! The last one said there was no evidencde of me ever calling or going on the internet to contact them before today! Oh, My Gosh! What kind of company is this??? By the Grace and Help of God I will do my best to tell everyone I can to definitely, "DON'T BUY ANY RCA PRODUCTS !!! SAVE YOURSELF A TERRIBLE AMOUNT OF AGGRIVATION AND THE MONEY YOU PAY FOR THEIR PRODUCT!!!

bad customer service

I purchased an MP3 player for my son for Christmas 2006. It was a model H100. Before New Years Day it had froze up and we couldn't get it to work. I called their tech support at the number listed on the instruction manual in the box, which incidentally had been changed. I guess they're to busy addressing consumer complaints to rewrite their manual. They informed me that I would have to ship it to their exchange center at my own cost and once they received it they would mail a replacement out within 4-6 business days. It was January the 19th before we received the replacement. But wait, that's only the start. 12 days and 3 uses later of the new model H106- it froze up as well. The new and improved model had a great added feature though. When it freezes up it also hums and ticks like a homemade bomb from a Rambo movie. Now that's top of the line merchandise worth every penny of the $139.00 plus tax paid for it.
I contacted their tech support center again. Still the wrong number on the instruction manual. They tell me that if I ship this faulty equipment back again they'll send me another one. Well, I explained to them that I'm in the process of moving and don't really know where to have them ship it. They told me that if I give them a credit card number that they'll ship the new one right away and refund my card as soon as they receive the faulty unit. I told them that they were crazy. I've already paid for their less than PERFECT unit once and I won't pay again. They did offer to send me a shipping label so I wouldn't have to pay the postage but it would take 4-6 business days for me to receive the label. Guess their labels aren't any better than their MP3 players!! I expressed my thoughts and feelings on the way that they handle business and I plan to file a complaint with their customer service department as soon as I can get someone to actually answer the phone there. Guess they're busy rewriting their instruction manuals. Hope they can spell better than they can manufacture MP3 players. Gotta laugh!!!

Thank you for letting me vent and tell the rest of the consumers out there what to watch out for. I run a hotel and we do whatever it takes to make any unhappy guests satisfied. It's a shame that everyone can't take their consumers needs as seriously.

  • Li
    linda p Jun 04, 2009

    I have been dealing with Thompson Inc. for almost a year about a dvd recorder player I bought that broke. They did replace the first one, finally, then it broke within about 3 or 4 months and I went through the whole mess, and believe me dealing with them is a mess, again. This time it has been six months of trying to get a refund check from them. You can only speak to people in the Phillipines who are constantly putting you on hold and giving you their "yes maam, we appreciate your concern" answers when you can understand what they are saying, and not accomplishing squat. I will never buy RCA or any other Thompson affiliated product again and will do my very best to be sure no one else I know gets screwed like this. Writing letters of complaint doesnt seem to help because I have had no reply to that either. I am now writing to RCA, every division I can find to complain.

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awful quality products

Less than a year ago I purchased this T.V for one thousand dollars.3-15 09 the tv blew and I found out that this model has had several complaints for the same problem. RCA only gives 90 days on this product, Now we know why! They know this tv is a pile of junk yet they still dump this model on consumers. When I called RCA they said that if the 90 days were up then just grin and bare it! They offer an exchange on this model because they are aware that this t.v is worthless as long as you are in the warranty time frame. I also talked to tv re[air shops that said they don't carry the parts because this model is junk, and is not worth the repair bill you would get from them. Rca has stolen a thousand dollars from me and my family, they stole it knowing it was theft because they knew this tv was a piece of crap!! NEVER BUY RCA PRODUCTS THEY ARE INFERIOR PRODUCTS. ITS LIKE HAVING A THROW AWAY CAMERA, USE IT FOR 90 DAYS THEN TOSS IT IN THE TRASH!!!

Resolved ripped off

Went to the brick this evening to buy a RCA 32'' LCD HD TV. Found what we thought was the perfect purchase. Paid for it and went home. When we got home we went to set it up and when we opened the box to set it up the screen had major scratches on it. We were only home 15 minutes when we discovered this. We called the saleman that sold it to us and he said bring it back and we will exchange it. Well this is when the fun began. When we get back we are told to go to customer service. We explained what happen and what we discovered. The so called manger said that we would have to contact RCA directly because it was not their problem. We stated that we were not leaving the store until we get an exchange. The lady behind the counter decides to call RCA. After an hour on the phone RCA said they would not honor the exchange and that we the customer would have to take to a repair depot and pay to get it fixed. This is good because at this point the tv was never even plugged in and now I have to pay because of damage done in shipping. The smart mouthed so called manager can to us a few times and indicated that he called the store manager and they may be able to override the system to give us an exchange. After about an hour (about 10 minutes he says) he comes back and tells us we need to take it to the depot and get it repaired. By now my wife and I are really upset that our friday night was wasted. We paid for this on our brick card and now we are having to pay more money. Being upset my wife asked for scissiors because she was never going to buy another thing at this place again. The so called manager went and got the scissors for her and the best thing was he cut up the card not my wife. We left the store and we left the tv sitting on the floor on my way out I told that so called manager he could keep it and eith use it for a paper weight or put it in his rec room. All he did was smirk as we left.
My wife and I have spent thousands of dollars at brick since last August to furnish the new home we moved into and then to be accused of the damage of the tv screen was our fault took the cake. Please be aware of this. Their Pledge is " our success is based on you satification" What a crock. We are out $653.00 but i was not taking that tv home I would rather pay the bill and let them know that we are not going to take this crap. And to top it off when i got home after this piece of work I decided to call RCA and guess what I speak to someone in ASIA. I wanted Thompsons Electronics in Mississauga and then whe I asked for the number they said they do not give out that number I would have to speak to them or USA> Man was not my night. What ever happened to our canadaian companies. BEWARE OF THE BRICK DO RESARCH BEFORE YOU BUY OR YOU WILL GET AND INSPECT TVS AND OTHER ELECTRONIC ITEMS BEFORE YOU LEAVE THE STOE.

Resolved tv repair

Had a convegience problem in my RCA TV, called them and they sent a technichian out the didn't know what...