Raymour & FlaniganNo interest for 12 months - not so

We went to the store based on the one year
free financing advertisement. We then bought furniture for my
daughter's apartment. The sales person was very clear about the
purchase being 1 year interest free. We signed and initialized the
purchase agreement which does not contain a due date.

The Wells Fargo payments were made in 12 installments on time. At the
end of the 12 month period we received an additional statement saying
we owed another payment for interest as the total was not payed by the
due date. Turns out the due date for the entire amount was one month from the date of purchase.

I have paid Wells Fargo as I do not want to compromise my credit
rating. However I feel that the information provided at the time of
sale is intentionally ambiguous leading many other people to make the
same mistake we did. It is this kind of subtle sales strategy which
can lead consumers to pay more for a product than they intended.

I have file a complaint with the attorney general in NY hoping to have
this policy investigated.

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