Ramada Worldwidefront desk employees, managers actions to resolve problems, theft, horrible customer service

I had purchased 2 nights stay at the Ramada in Fresno. After the first night I went to lunch and ran some errands. I came back and my room was being cleaned by house keeping. I went to the front desk and said "what's going on?" They replied "Sorry we made a mistake" I said "ok just get me in my room I paid for please". They said, "we have to run your card again and charge you another deposit" I said, "fine". Well here's my problem. They charged me $200 for a dirty room fee. A dirty room fee I should never had because they should have never cleaned my room and moved my stuff. They had an invasion of privacy, and breach of contract and then they think they can charge me?? No no noooo.. I don't care if you are Trump Towers or the Queen of England. I don't care about your policy. You stole my money and I want it back. They have not sent any emails or calls or text verifying the money has been returned. I have had a police officer go down there to see if they will return it. They said no. This

Sep 28, 2019

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