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Complaints & Reviews

Airline cancelled flight — But we cannot get refund?

Booking ID : [protected]

Airline cancelled the flight why we cannot get the refund? It's treating!

We booked via Bravofly from Manila to Seoul, total 6 tickets. The airline - Air Asia already confirmed all the flights will be cancelled due to the curfew in PH. Government announced no international flight is allowed until mid April. Now Bravofly said we cannot get the refund?? Are you treating us? No reply from them in their hotline nor Facebook made get!

But we cannot get refund?

About cancelation flight

I try to find way to contact with bravofly.
It is impossible, i was redirectin g to nonexisting pages, call to contact number playng record. If i can't find desicion of my problem i Will contact with EU comunity lawers to find my rights. I make Reservation [protected] Two way to Milano. Afraid to fly because of the Coronavirus, that's way want to cancel flight and refund money back.
Please contact me:[protected]

Bravofly / Bravonext SAunauthorized credit card charges

date of incident 2/08/2020
BRAVONEXTSA charged transaction to my credit card through paypal without my authorization. I show 4 transactions just like the one below. I am requesting a full refund for each transaction.

Feb 08 2020
BravoNext SA
Automatic Payment
Loading transaction details for
BravoNext SA
Automatic Payment
€95.00 EUR


  • Updated by Carolyn Gist · Feb 08, 2020

    transaction ID's

Bravofly / Bravonext SAholiday booking in uae booking ref [protected]

In Sept 2019 we booked a holiday to Anjam in the UAE travelling on 11th Feb for 11 nights. At that time we paid a £1, 124.80 deposit with the balance of £3, 374.38 due on 11th Jan 2020. On 3rd Jan 2020, just before the balance was due, the USA killed a senior Iranian military figure in Iraq and Iran retaliated by bombing US bases in Iraq. Within days, the Iranians threatened to hit the UAE and Israel if the US hit back.

As you can imagine, we were worried, no terrified, that something would happen whilst we were on holiday so we contacted customer service dept to discuss what the position was regarding cancelling our holiday. We spoke with an advisor called Clinton and he advised us that 1) The hotel element of the booking was 100% refundable and 2) that they (lastminute) had settled £1, 200 with Emirates for our flights. We told Clinton that we no longer felt it was safe to travel to the UAE and asked him to proceed with getting a Cancellation Quotation. Clinton said he would try to get a decent refund on the flights as he understood our position and would explain in detail why we wanted to cancel the booking.

The cancellation quotation arrived on 27th Jan (17 days later), despite being advised we should receive it within a week. We were staggered to be asked to settle an additional £1, 643.81 bringing the total cancellation cost to £2, 768.61. The email also said that this 'offer' was only available for 24 hours. We sent a response on 28th Jan asking Lastminute to give a breakdown and to explain why we were being changed when the hotel could be cancelled without charge. The reply we received on 29th Jan only advised that they didn't have a breakdown but that the figure was correct, they didn't reply at all regarding the hotel being refundable.

Again we sent another email on 30th Jan asking for an explanation as the cancellation fee equated to 61.5% of the original cost of the booking which we felt it was excessive and asking about the assurance by their agent Clinton that the hotel was totally refundable. We had hoped for a proper reply to our query/dispute.

This evening (31st Jan) I was gobsmacked to receive another email from Lastminute/Bravonext S.A. which was this time a final demand from their legal department. This stated that under the terms and conditions, they would retain the initial deposit of £1, 124.80 and now required an additional payment of £2, 924.46 within 10 days (total now of £4, 049.26) bringing the cancellation fee to 90% of the original booking cost. Failure to settle this amount would result in them taking court action against us to retrieve the balance.

To say I am furious is an understatement. We have asked and asked for an explanation but have been totally ignored. It of course is in their interest to ignore us as the 'clock' was continuing to tick down towards the departure date and the % penalty was continuing to go up. This in my opinion is a disgraceful way to treat a customer who is disputing their cancellation fee with what I feel is good grounds for cancellation. The UK Foreign Office advice on their website states that since the killing of General Qasem Soleimani, the area is very volatile and could erupt with little notice. In addition to this, the UAE also now has 4 confirmed cases of Coronavirus which in such a small geographic area is worrying.

This was the first time I have ever booked a holiday through and I have to say it will definitely be my last. They have left us totally disillusioned by their treatment. It's a wonder they still have a business given that many review websites online give them only a single star out of 5 stars (min being 1 Star). If I had known this before I booked, I never would have used

Bravofly / Bravonext SAthomas cook flights ref: cw14413612 - c pryde & j pryde

Good Evening

My name is Carol Pryde and I booked flights on 6/9/19 with from Glasgow to Lanzarote for 3rd October to 24th October 2019. I paid £363.09 to BravoNext, Invoice Number 19FGB-262311, Thomas Cook then collapsed and I was told by Lastminute that I would hear within 60 days, advising what will happen next. It is now December and I have heard nothing.

I would appreciate acknowledgment of my email as I am very concerned that I have not been refunded for the above flight.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Carol Pryde

thomas cook flights ref: cw14413612 - c pryde & j pryde

Bravofly / Bravonext SAthomas cook flight

I cancelled a holiday in july due to illness my insurance company said I had to claim off last over
The last 5 months my insurance paid up minus the flight charges I then sent my atol certificate to the caa
Who have responded with the reply that you are the persons responsible for my refund of these charges
My atol no is 11082
Ref no [protected]
Date of issue 24/01/2019
My invoice no for holiday

thomas cook flight

Bravofly / Bravonext SAairline ticket

Hello! We want to file a complaint request for Booking ID [protected].
We bought a ticket from Bravofly to travel from Moscow to El Salvador with a transfer in Havana (Cuba). Then we received a notification that one of the airlines cancelled its flight from Havana to El Salvador, we contacted this airline (Avianca) and rescheduled the cancelled flight, the only thing that had to be done was that your travel agency had to confirm it and issue the new ticket. We contacted your company and gave all the details about that flight, you promised to issue the ticket and you did not do it, so the airline cancelled the reservation. We did the same procedure several times with the airline and contacted your agency again and again for confirmation and issuing the ticket. Your company did nothing again. For two months before the flight your company did not do anything and said that our ticket will be fully refunded. However, we still did not get any news about refund confirmation. The service was not provided, we want to receive the full refund, as company did not do anything.

Bravofly / Bravonext SAcancellation of flights no confirmation till 3rd month

Kindly refund my money to my credi card.A booking was made on the 9 September 2019 but up to now there has been no confirmation or an invoice confirming payment?we are supposed to be flying on the 30th...with which airline?This is not acceptable at all.My email address was clearly stated when the booking was done...[protected]
but nothing came through. When we try calling you we are hardly understood?the amount is €1788.17.Please refund this money as soon as possible we need to make bookings with reliable people.

Bravofly / Bravonext SAI haven't received booking confirmation

On 23rd October I made a booking with the following details yet never received a booking confirmation. Please can you send as soon as possible? I have been charged for this flight so need to know flight times, booking reference etc

Miss Emma Rose Webster
24 glenshaw mansions, Brixton road, SW9 0DS

Thank you

Bravofly / Bravonext SAbooking flight

On Oct 27, 2019 I made a booking for a round trip, Manila to Singapore and vice versa.
Dates are from December 22, 2019 and return date is December 26, 2019.
Booking References are BCV9TP Cebu Pacific Airline, Mnl to Sin at 5:35am and TEV6JV Jetstar 6:15am, Sin to Mnl.
I was surprised when I received the confirmation email from Bravofly, because the return date is June 26, 2020, instead of December 26, 2019, since my family and I are going to a 4 day vacation only. How come the return date would be June 26, 2020??
I immediately tried to modify the return date on the "manage booking " field in the email, my email dated Oct 27, 2019 at 8:36 pm.
And you replied with a quotation for the change requested, modified date now is December 26, 2012!! Why is it 2012?? so I concluded there must be a system error on your part. Much more you are charging me of 1, 247.99 Euro. I did not confirm the quotation, instead I emailed Bravofly to make a complaint at 9:05pm same date Oct. 27, 2019.
I tried the second time, I modified the date again into the correct date of December 26, 2019, reply email dated Oct 29, 2019 at 11:37pm. Now the email quotation has the correct date, but sadly still charging me 939.34 euro.
I can forward all the exchanging of emails to support my claim, please send an email address to send to.
This is very disappointing and exhausting.
I cannot easily contact you because your number is an international number. I tried contacting Jetstar and they said I have to contact you since you were the one who booked my flights. They can change my return dates but with corresponding fees, which I already did to no avail.

I am now appealing to you, please refund my first payment to you for the return date because it is clearly not my fault why the dates were erroneous. The fees of changing the flight dates are big and we are only on a budget for this Singapore trip.

I am hoping for your very kind and immediate action on this matter.

Thank you.

Jocelyn Concepcion

Bravofly / Bravonext SAcustomer service online flights

Helko, i made resavation for online flight booking number [protected].
I adreesed to change the spelling of the first name of one of the passenger a month ago. Since then i can't get any answers to my requests. Every time i call ( 4 times up until now) to check the status. I get an answer that is been taken care of with in the next 72 hours.
Pleasevupdate me with in the next 72 hours or cancel my resavation

Bravofly / Bravonext SAreservations error needs correction

Bravofly -
In checking the flight details for a trip to London, I see that there has been an error in my booking with Bravofly. I booked and paid for a roundtrip flight to London from Catania, Sicily. Paypal documentation verifies the amount paid for a roundtrip ticket. However, the KLM airline shows only a one-way reservation and payment documentation of only half the Paypal amount. This was a roundtrip flight! The returning flight was on British Airways/Air Malta on Sunday, Nov. 11, 2019 from Gatwick to Catania at 3:15 pm.

Attached is my KLM booking and my PayPal reciept.

I never received a booking confirmation. I'm not able to login to Bravofly because it doesn't recognize the only email account I have, and therefore have no Bravofly booking ID # to use for tracking.

How can we correct this asap?

Ann Holliman-Krueger


reservations error needs correction
reservations error needs correction
reservations error needs correction
reservations error needs correction

BravoNext SAflights from manchester uk to palma majorca on 21 and 27 october 2019

Only ref I have is from pay pal: invoice [protected]

I booked flights from manchester uk to palma majorca for 21 and 27 october. I have had no confirmation email.
I have rung many times since 11 october and can't either speak or leave a message on the last telephone number [protected] without a booking id which I don't have, due to no confirmation email. Also on the bravo telephone number [protected] which states there is no reference with this (my) telephone addition, I have sent on 11 october two emails to [protected] with no response. One requesting a confirmation email. The second requesting a cancelation, due to the lack of confirmation, I could not book accommodation, transfers or car parking. I can't therefore make any other arrangements for this holiday without flight confirmation. For a holiday in now 4 days time.
I am absolutely appalled with the lack of confirmation, customer service, expensive flight and the inadvertent way I was taken to your site. Resulting in me overpaying by twice what I could have got the flight for at a local airport. I paid by paypal so took these issues to dispute. The result today is that paypal has denied my claim based on you saying you have 'delivered' the goods. I stress I have had no confirmation email from you. I would appreciate a refund for the stress and upset this has caused me and the lateness of making the necessary remaining holiday arrangements.

Bravofly / Bravonext SAflight cancellation

My Name : Sures A/L Arumugam
E-Mail : [protected]

I wish to receive your kind attention over the flight cancellation.

Purpose : Request of Refund

Summary of the details
Booked On : 5 Oct 2018
Booking ID : [protected]
Paid amount : RM 12, 280.39
Travel Period : 8 May 2019 to 16 May 2019.
Total Passenger: 4 Persons.

Below is the Last E-Mail Response received.

From: Customer Service
Date: 19 Apr 2019 9:52 pm
Subject: Important information about your Booking ID [protected]
To: [protected]

Dear Sures,

We regret to inform you that Jet Airways suspended all flight operations.

Following this development, all future flights with this airline have been cancelled with immediate effect and your forthcoming flight, which you booked through us, will no longer be operating.

We are taking all the necessary steps to try and obtain a refund on your behalf.

As we await further information, we kindly ask for your patience and that you avoid calling our Customer Care Team at this moment in time. Please rest assured that as soon as we know more we will be in contact with you.

We are sorry for any inconvenience that this may cause.

Yours sincerely,
Customer Care Team

Please do not reply to this email. This mailbox is not monitored; any emails sent here cannot
be read or responded to.

Kind regards,
Customer Care Team

Please do not reply to this email. This mailbox is not monitored; any emails sent here will not be read or responded to.

If you have any questions regarding your trip, check out our Need Help area and to view your trip details, request assistance or change your booking, please log in to your account area, My Bravofly, via our website or app.

flight cancellation
flight cancellation

  • Updated by Suresh9109 · Oct 08, 2019

    Request For Refund.

  • Updated by Suresh9109 · Dec 19, 2019

    Why there was no response on the complain?

Bravofly / Bravonext SApayment charges after declined my cards and make me to book another ticket from another account

I tried to book a flight from London to Osaka Japan, on 7/10/2019 the payment was decline, the amount is£513.12, and i thought my bank account no money on it, and went to try book another flight from my saving account and after that, I spook to the bank to check what happen to my money where goes they said the money go through and if you want to the payment i speak to the company bravonext sa check the company to cancel it

Bravofly / Bravonext SAcancelled flight and customer service

I booked a flight through Bravofly and then was notified the airline canceled the flight. I emailed Bravofly asking for a refund of the $2, 100 we spent on the flights, which they said they will request for me and I'll hear from them soon. I have been chasing Bravofly for months with absolutely no progress being made on my refund! My emails would take a week to be replied too, and all replies were generic robotic emails saying they have requested it. I got over waiting, so I started calling them (this is after 2 months of lies in emails from them). Every staff member I spoke to said the same thing, they have requested my refund, I finally found out from the 5th time of calling, that they hadn't actually requested my refund and they are doing so now. 2 months wasted! The airline responded and said that Bravofly has contracted the wrong department and they need to contact this other department. So now Bravofly are supposedly contacting this other department. I decided to speak with the supervisor at Bravofly and he promised me he will get it sorted and contact the airline and fast track my refund for me, this is the supervisor! He then promised me he would email me and update of his progress that same day with what he had done. Well I never got an email or heard from him again! The other 5 staff members I spoke to over the previous weeks all said they would email me an update as well, and guess what, nothing! No emails, no phone calls, nothing! They have even stopped replying to my emails! I am beyond furious! I have my honeymoon in 6 weeks and they have stolen $2, 100 from me! Don't not book with them, they lie through their teeth and don't ever call or email you back! I am seeking legal advice to go after them!

Bravofly / Bravonext SAover charge and want refund

I booked the flight and they overcharged. (Booking ID:[protected])
Found out later that booked directly with airline it better and cheaper.
The flight was changed but no any information update to the customer. I called to cancel the flight with airline in advance they allowed to cancel with refund full amount but just need me to contact Bravofly, I called Bravofly, email them many time it said only on processing to talk with airline but when the flight was pass they said they cannot control it anymore. How come?

Bravofly / Bravonext SAprize of the tickets is not the same amount as I paid

Tickets for two people, both ways from TRP to LON. Says cost 772Nok when I ordered. I got charges 860Nok. I did not buy anything of extra charge.
This is what makes a web site fall in popularity.
I expect fast response, asking about my order information so that the extra paid cash gets paid back ASAP.
Or I will use my time the next couple of days to write bad(correct) reviews about your website.

-Ottar Hope

Bravofly / Bravonext SApassenger name spelt wrong on the e ticket

ID [protected] E ticket No [protected] melaine greenup I have been trying to get this error amended since I booked these flights late July to Miami from Newcastle this is not a name change it is a spelling mistake I have been in touch with virgin and they have said if the travel agent gets in touch with them they will amend the error each time lastminute have come back to me with the airline will not change it this is not the case Virgin states there is no notes on my booking and they hope I get this resolved I rang lastminute customer services on the 6/9/19 they told me this had been escelated to a manager and I would hear within 24 hours I am still waiting could you please help with this issue I just want lastminute to ring virgin and they will correct the mistake my daughter cannot travel alone due to her mental health.
Susan Cruddis

Bravofly / Bravonext SAitinerary

I have not received my itinerary for my flights and payment is gone through. Im worried about turning up for the flights with no information. Can you help please. Flights were from Dublin to Sweden for the 4th to the 6th of December, for me and 2 of my friends. On a separate booking i booked one more friend and receive his itinerary. This has made me uneasy about the whole thing as i want to go on holidays with ease. Thank you.

Bravofly / Bravonext SACharged more amount on debit card than mentioned while booking.


Book flight for Hyderabad - London with Saudia on IST (5/Sep/19) with Booking ID: [protected] . Total amount while booking and in the email sent by Bravofly is INR 94, 244.43/-, where as I get a message from Bank as I am being charged INR 97, 873.72/-.

I have used MasterDebit card which does not add service charge as per Bravofly website. This is complete deceit. If I was aware would have chosen another vendor.

Kindly refund me extra amount charged of INR 3629.29/-. Attached received Email (from Bavofly) and Text message (from ICICI Bank) screen shots.

Charged more amount on debit card than mentioned while booking.
Charged more amount on debit card than mentioned while booking.

Bravofly / Bravonext SArefund of cancelled tickets

Hi Bravofly,

This is to ask for your assistance on the flight with Booking Number P8LXFI. We were not able to board the outbound flight due to mixed up when we went to the airport and we received the email that there was a cancellation on the flight. We went to the airlines but waited because of the long queue. Only to find out that the flight was not cancelled at all. We called your customer care and told us that the flight was indeed cancelled. So went again to the airline and said again that there was no cancellation. However, by the time we're finished, we can no longer board the plane. I called your customer care again, and asked about to just rebook the flight but accdg. to them I need to talk to the airlines. We talked to the airlines but accdg to them, it has to be Bravofly to do something or to talk to them and not the client. I also contacted the airline of the connecting flight and it also said the same. But BRavofly kept on insisting that we coordinate directly with the airlines.

I emailed Bravofly fly that we will just refund the return flight but accdg. to the reply, they are processing it already. Six day since now but not update yet on what's happening. I talked already to Philippine Airlines and accdg. to them, we can refund the ticket in full (both outbound and return flight). They just mentioned that to talk to you directly. I hope you can give us a feedback on the refund, as this is already causing stress on our part. The amount we paid was just solicited from our friends just so we can participate on a competition in Canada.

Bravofly / Bravonext SAwrong hotel booked

31st July 2109, A Telephone booking made for a city break was incorrectly actioned by the lastminute customer representative.
Instead of booking Victor's hotel Residenz "Berlin" (4star)
He had actually booked Victor's hotel Residenz Berlin "Tegal "(3star)
@2nd August, Despite contacting within 3days to correct the error, we are finding as each day, passe (it's now 8th) the promises recorded on the phone are lies as no one has responded. Numerous escalation request to speak with the manager in charge are being broken. Even an email forced that a senior manager will call us, has not been carried out.we have yo date spoken to 7 call centre stall and two managers on duty
We simply want to pay the extra book to the 4 star as was our initial request.

Lastminute customer service are being deceitful and always pass our desperate attempts to another person or to the next day.
The next day is a broken promise.
There is no excuse for such unrespectable, blatant deception and callous behaviour.

Bravofly / Bravonext SArefund cancelled flight

On the 6th of JULY 2019 my son and I had two tickets
On FLIGHT VK 6050 Vienna to London Gatwick at

When we arrived at the Flight Desk after Check INN,
we were met with confusion and disorder.We were eventually informed that the flight was cancelled due to technical difficulties.We were not pre-warned and no
alternative flights were arranged except for the lady
informing us that we had to wait until the next day for their next flight. No apologies were offered.
I was forced to spend 400 euro on other tickets and then had 200 euro further expenses due to the cancelled flight
I PAID USING :PAYPAL/ Bravo Next SA as seller

When I contacted LEVEL and VUELING I was informed that the flight was refunded to the account who paid the airtickets
When I contacted Bravo Next SA they said it will take 7 days.I have not been refunded

refund cancelled flight
refund cancelled flight
refund cancelled flight
refund cancelled flight

Bravofly / Bravonext SArefund for a cancelled flight

On 13th Jan 2019 purchased a return flight to Winnipeg, trip scheduled for 5-12 Apr.the week before my trip I had to cancel
I had confirmation of the cancellation and told I would be refunded £ travel insurance would cover the rest.
I have not received the cancellation request is(booking ID: [protected])
Refund the £124.80 as promised
Provide confirmation of my original booking so my insurance pays the rest of my £517.48

Bravofly / Bravonext SAlast minute currency price

Podczas rezerwowania wakacji cena na stronie byla podana w Funtach (GBP)w momencie potwierdzania danych i dokonywania płatności cena nadal była w GBP ale z konta zostało pobrane za hotel w EURO co z wiazku z tym
zostalem obiciazony dodatkowa kwota w sumie 50, 57GBP ze wzgledu za przeliczenie GBP na EUR.

2. Za hotel pobrali za dużo.
Kwota na moim Atol Cert. £1819.36 - Cena w euro z potwierdzenia email € 2, 117.87
a zaplacilem
2, 130.74 EUR Exchange Rate 1.159
Jak widac zaplacilem 19, 38 GBP ponad.

Prosze o kontakt.

Bravofly / Bravonext SAI have not received confirmation of my flight and hotel

I booked a flight and hotel with on the 17th February to Billund Denmark but when the money £345.29 was taken out of my account it was payable to, but when I go into your site it says I haven't got a booking. The dates was from 26th - 29th July staying at Zleep Hotel Kolding Denmark and the flights where with Ryanair. I emailed the Zleep hotel and they confirmed a booking in my name for 2 people for those dates were booked by I have tried loads of numbers but can't get anywhere as I have no booking number as I have never received a confirmation e-mail. Please can you get back to me straight away as I am getting really fed with the lack of information.
Mrs Denise Livesey
Email address denise.[protected]

Bravofly / Bravonext SAbravofly sa 892040

To Bravofly SA 892040
Having checked my American Express account I noticed a £50 debit which I did not recognise and traced it further, whereby I found that an unauthorised payment was made from my Paypal account to Bravofly, for unknown services and no qualification for such a demand I therefore want the £50.00 returned immediately to my Paypal account.
Edward Gillam

bravofly sa 892040

Bravofly / Bravonext SAno confirmation received

On the 17th February I booked a flight and hotel, going to Billund Denmark staying at the Zleep Hotel. I booked online with last but when the money went out of my bank it was payable to Bravo Fly but when I went onto their site it said I had no booking. The booking was for 26th July - 29th July. So far after emailing them around 20 times at customer [protected]@Bravo it comes back as undeliverable. I still have had no confirmation.I raised an issue with my PayPal account, but BravoNext said they had sent details which I have never received. Please can someone get back to me as soon as possible as I am not a young person and it is really stressing me out.

Mrs Denise Livesey
Email denise.[protected]@

  • Updated by Mrs Denise Livesey · Mar 26, 2019

    I need information otherwise I require a full refund of £345.29 which has been taken out of my account.

Bravofly / Bravonext SAthey are unable to process my booking, promise to refund back to my account, until now still being held by them.

I made a booking last march 1 2019, for Manila to Singapore, the next day I receive an email from bravofly, that they are unable to process my booking request, the amount has been deducted from my account, stated in the email they will refund back to my account, it's been 11 days already, I called my bank to check the status, and found out, my money still being held by them, and ask me to call them to release the transaction. Hoping for immediate action, .
Attached here my booking proof and their email.
Disappointed for what happen this is the first and my last transaction for bravofly.

they are unable to process my booking, promise to refund back to my account, until now still being held by them.
they are unable to process my booking, promise to refund back to my account, until now still being held by them.

Bravofly / Bravonext SApaid for a changed flight but was never changed!

To whom it may concern,

Me and my partner booked a flight with you to Chennai from Melbourne for the 1st of march 2019 but had to change the date to the 4th of March 2019 which was completed or so I thought. You took the £162.11 from my credit card to go along with the original £377.80 we had paid.

To my horror you hadn't changed the flight as when I went to do online check in it had no recorded of our names on that flight but only the original flight. I've got a screenshot of your site even saying that nothing was booked and that it was now a past BOOKING.

In a desperate need to be in Chennai for those dates we booked another flight for a further cost of £389.84.

So to summarise we requested a date change at a cost which was paid and when it was time to check in you guys hadn't changed it at all and we was stuck and had to pay a further £389.84 to get to our destination.

Looking forward to your response otherwise I'll take further action with a different approach.

Many thanks,

Sam Workman 

Bravofly / Bravonext SAunauthorized account debit at your end.

I am the Finance Manager of GrowthAfrica Foundation with it's head office in Nairobi Kenya. Our CEO Mr. Johnni Kjelsgaard made a booking for accommodation in September for the trip running between End of September/October. The full amount was paid via card No. 4628 xxxx xxxx 7958 as he checked out. Unfortunately, we have two other debits that were done as below:

$230.06 Description - Bravonext SA Amsterdam - Payment done on 9th October
$293.95 Description - Bravonext SA Amsterdam - Payment done on 9th October

These two amounts were neither approved nor incurred by him.

Urgently advise and reverse

  • Ed
    Edward Gillam Mar 29, 2019

    I have not authorised any payment to Bravofly SA892040, the £50 deducted from my Paypal account is suspicious and no material service has been received.

    -1 Votes

Bravofly / Bravonext SAmissing invoice

I am trying to locate a receipt or invoice for a transaction that has appeared on my amex statement as I have searched my inbox and do not have any history of this.

1/6/18 Bravonext 540.99 GBP

Passenger name is likely to be Olivia Nervo or Miriam Nervo

I have called your telephone line but it keeps leading me to different types of robot sounding humans and then hangs up on me. Please email me at [protected]


Bravofly / Bravonext SAmoney

Booking id: [protected]

I booked this flight on sat 20th Oct, you took my money straight away, then a few hours later tell me you cannot fulfil my flight! as there were none available.
But you kept my money !!!
This resulted in me not been able to go on holiday with my family as you had my money.

Then to top it off you send me a CREDIT NOTE !!! on the 26th oct
This is disgusting, I needed the money not a credit note, last Saturday.

Bravofly / Bravonext SAunknown charges on our card

I am the Finance Manager of GrowthAfrica Foundation with it's head office in Nairobi Kenya. Our CEO Mr. Johnni Kjelsagaard made a booking for accommodation in September for the trip running between End of September to 2nd of October. The full amount was paid via card as he checked out. Unfortunately, we have two other debits that were done as below:
11th October - $230.06 Description - Bravonext SA Amsterdam - Payment done on 9th October
11th October - $293.95 Description - Bravonext SA Amsterdam - Payment done on 9th October

These two amounts were neither approved nor incurred by him.

Kindly advise what this was about and have the same reversed soonest.


Joseph Munga.

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    I am the Finance Manager of GrowthAfrica Foundation with it's head office in Nairobi Kenya. Our CEO Mr. Johnni Kjelsagaard made a booking for accommodation in September for the trip running between End of September to 2nd of October. The full amount was paid via card as he checked out. Unfortunately, we have two other debits that were done as below:
    11th October - $230.06 Description - Bravonext SA Amsterdam - Payment done on 9th October
    11th October - $293.95 Description - Bravonext SA Amsterdam - Payment done on 9th October

    These two amounts were neither approved nor incurred by him.

    Kindly advise what this was about and have the same reversed soonest.


    Joseph Munga.

BravoNext SAclose account immediately

My name is Francine Arceri and someone opened an account in my name. His name is Samuel Takyi. I can assure you I did not open an account with you. Please close this account immediately. I'm sending a picture of my license and my food stamp card as proof of my identity I had to cover up the numbers on the food stamp card.
Thank you for your understanding and undivided attention.
Francine Arceri

close account immediately
close account immediately

Bravofly / Bravonext SAa flight from manchester via new york to detroit

I have submitted a complaint 20/08/18 but had no reply, this isn't a very good service you are providing.A response would be nice please.
We set off from Manchester to Detroit on August 12th only to miss our connecting flight collecting our bags and getting through customs, the bags went.We were promised a flight the next day at 15.15 that was cancelled we finally flew out at 22.45 and got to our hotel at 01.45 14/08/18 missing a night in our hotel which we had paid upwards of £150 + having to pay nearly £100 pounds for a hotel in New York.This delay caused us to miss a tour in Detroit on the Tues morning.We only had a 5 night break booked and could ill afford to lose time sat in the airport for 10 hrs and missing a night in our hotel in Detroit.The fact we had no baggage added to our discomfort.
My partner booked the trip for my 60th it wasn't how we had it planned.
Yours hopefully
Dave Porter

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    Time marches on and still no response not very professional.

Bravofly / Bravonext SAhotel booking - non refundable did not state anywhere that I could not change the date

We were bought a hotel booking as a wedding gift, it turns out the weekend booked does not suit us, no where on the booking did it state that you could not CHANGE the dates and now im being told that to change the dates im set to loose £500!!!
I think its awful that you con people out of money and leave them high and dry.
I read the FULL terms and conditions prior to booking and the only charges stated were cancellation charges which is not what i am requesting.
I want to change the dates on the booking by 1 week, thats all i am asking.

wrong check in code from ryanair flight given by bravo flight made me lose the flight!!!

Last 3 august 2018 i had a flight from Kopenhagen to London from Rayanair at 7 am (info bellow)København to LondonFri, 03 Aug
CPH - København Kastrup
Terminal: 2
Ryanair 7383


STN - London Stansted
Terminal: --
Diana Goncalves Rio

I lost this flight because the night before when doing my check in bravofly provided me the check in code: YTSPNS
that didn't work in the Ryanair check-in link at all! Those codes are always a combination of letters and numbers and has I assume there was a typo mistake committed at some point! unfortunately it 2
was 8 pm and your only service ( call center nr ) only works from 9 am to some point in the middle of the afternoon depriving me completely from a mean to check in taking into account that there is no other way i could check-in in the airport!

I made a booking through skyscanner they took payment but no flights

I made a booking through Skyscanner the made my booking with date and time after 2 hours the said they cannot make progress my ticket they will return my money in 10 days !
They got my money straight away no flights.

BOOKING ID [protected]
Please help me to get my money through.
It did happened through Skyscanner with 2 companies
It is a scam how can they take money without booking.
I need my money to book holiday please urgently help me.