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This is an informative letter in response to the Pizza Hut complaints listed on your website. I have worked at three Pizza Huts in NC and here are a few things that consumers in NC area should know. I HAVE NOT eaten Pizza Hut pizza since I quit 5 months ago.

I have tried for months to figure out someway to get the word out because I can't find any help to resolve these issues. I can't help but think what if my child ate a pizza from Pizza Hut while at someone else's house and became deathly ill or worse; very young children and the elderly are more prone to food borne illness than the average adult (learned this one in Servsafe). That's another funny thing, Rage Pizza Huts are paying for Servsafe certification and then completely disregarding what they paid to teach their general managers.

While at the 1st location, we were infested with rats and our District Manager did not take care of the problem until one of our employees and customers called the health department to tell them that there were rats in the dining room and a dead rat in our water heater. The restaurant had continued to wash dishes and serve food on the supposedly "clean dishes". The problem wasn't fixed until we were shut down for two days by the health department. The water heater went out at another time and we were told that we could not close, just wash the dishes in cold water and continue business as usual.

The next place I worked, I trained for my General Manager position. Recurring times I saw 1-2 day old dough go out the door to customers and old veggies being used on the make table and salad bar (hidden in "new" food). If anyone knows anything about dough it starts to grow yeast after a day or so of sitting and smells like alcohol; it can be potentially dangerous if eaten.

As a new General Manager, while looking for new hires, I was told "do not hire deaf people, they are loud and obnoxious." My District Manager even told me to take a 5 lb box of blackened, molded, slimy mushrooms out of my trash can and put them back into the fridge to be used (You'll be glad to know that I threw them away after he left). "We can't afford to throw away food, " were his exact words. He also called me before an inspection and told me not throw away any close to or expired food, just change the expiration date on the container so the health department could not get us.

Subsequently, I had a rough week at my restaurant following a local high school graduation. We had no tables, therefore my waitresses didn't make any tips that week; we were empty, almost every sale was carryout or delivery. At the end of the week I was instructed to delete any supplemental pay that was due to the waitress to ensure that they did not received minimum wage for that week. I refused and quit.

As far as I know, no one has ever taken these matters seriously. The NC Labor board was contacted and I'm assuming blew the entire thing off because I was never contacted after telling my waitresses that I would back them up at every turn and waitresses not receiving their pay is still occurring (I still have relationships with certain Pizza Hut employees that can verify these stories). I can't file a claim with the NC Labor board because it does not regard my pay, and I can't make a claim for someone else that is afraid to lose their job in fear of retaliation. If they would just subpoena Rage Inc.'s records, you can log into their system and pull up every possible thing that happened on a person's time slip or food ticket. On the time slips, it shows what tips were claimed and what they were changed to. It will also tell you who altered the claimed tips. (Basically, GM's, Assistants, and District Managers are logging into the system and claiming that waitresses made more tips than they claimed to avoid paying 6.55 an hour instead of 2.13 an hour. I know wait staff not claiming all or sufficient tips happens occasionally but I know for a fact that my waitresses were being screwed; you can't make tips if no one eats inside your restaurant and order everything to go.)

Rage Pizza Hut will rob your children if they work for them as wait staff; they will be (excuse the term) screwed out of pay due to them, treated with no respect, forced to serve inadequate and unsafe food, and discriminated against. They will also work in unsafe and unsanitary environments.

I have tried what I can, I was just wondering if maybe I could get some help or if you knew anyone that could help bring this nationwide corporation's abusive practices to a halt. If it happens in 3 restaurants in NC, I'm can almost promise you it happens everywhere else. All general managers attend the same meetings in every district, the story is probably the same, just with different faces.


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    Fritos Lee Apr 24, 2017
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    Her name is Toni Clark and her number is [protected] . Hope this helps.

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    pig3boo Jun 02, 2016

    My GM refuses to give me the contact info for my DM. I know her first name is Tony and she oversees done Pizza Huts in Southern Virginia as well as North Carolina. If anyone can help me out our give me any leads to follow up on I'd appreciate it.

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    Greenville3 Jun 19, 2015

    I work for the Pizza Hut in SC. This is the worst company to EVER work for. The guy before posted you cant say that about them all but clearly we can when there are sooooo many complaints. First of all my GM is the son-in-law of our district manager. Ok, how is that even legal because he can be bias and oh he def is. He cusses out our district manager and nothing is ever done about it. If I even raised my voice to him I would be terminated on the spot. My GM opens in the morning at nine the next person to come in is at 11 he will only have the drawer counted sitting on his butt. He does not check dates on anything and when u tell him something is out of date he will say hurry and use it today. He waits until we are completely busy to do anything so he does not have to. When a customer wants to talk to him he refuses calls them b**ches and makes our 17 years olds get cussed out because the customer thinks they are lying to them, which they are because its what they are told. The days I managed I would tell him three hours before ieven got there please make sure all your stuff is done. He always lies to me and tells me everything is fine. When I go in the store will look like hell he is sitting on his butt playing on his phone. no dishes are washed we are out of three kinds of dough that he had ample time to proof. He leaves the trash and dishes in the store when he closes for the morning driver. We can ask our GM about something and he never knows the answer of just flat out ignores you. I was promised a raise with my management position but after four weeks of doing the work with minimum pay um hell no. My GM make $615 a week after taxes and I work my but off 50 times harder than he even dreams of working for maybe $120 a week after taxes. I do have a notebook however that I write the date and time and everything that has happened. When I quit in a couple weeks im gonna email it all to my district manager if nothing is done it will be emailed to the president of the company if nothing still to dehec or labor board something. I cant stand by and watch this company screw other people over like they have my friends and I. Please be smart people document everything it will help you soooomuch in the long run.

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    Tabitha Wilkerson Aug 23, 2013

    Rage corporation is very crooked and treat their employees in Pearisburg Virginia are treated like slaves . If a cook gets a tip of $35 for making 50 pizzas and delivering them when the store doesn't even deliver they have to claim that tip!! That's a one tip in 8months not a everyday thing!!

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    Alice Twist Feb 07, 2013

    If I had the time I would tell a few horror stories of how my old manager and assistant manager would run business. My complaint however, is with the women at the Rage Inc. offices. I called to change my address with them in order to receive a tax return. Everyone I spoke to was rude and unfriendly. I called three times to get the job done and the secretary, finally, "patched me through" to a woman named "Barbara". I had left Barbara a voice-mail a few days prior to this conversation and while explaining this to Barbara she interrupted me mid sentence saying that it had been done, that my address had been changed.
    That was great news! However, I would have appreciated a call informing me that the change had been made. I decided to let her know this and her response was "Okay... is there anything else I can help you with?" in a snide tone. I wanted to tell her that while the rest of us do our jobs, it would be a comfort to know she was doing hers but instead I said "No, thank you." and hung up the phone. I hope the world produces less Barbara's in the future. - and for that matter, less Pizza Hut's.

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    Rachelsf36 Dec 10, 2012
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    Ive worked for pizza hu on and off since 1994... They need some cameras! one store was held at gunpoint and now this store has a cash shortage problem. Everyone is pointing fingers at the other one cuz everyone is in the register! even though i let two hours before closing, i was told i had to "pay it back" and asked to drop the money in oujr safe otherwise i faced losing my job when they notify the dm! so i did it but i never stole the money in the first place...i just didnt want to lose my job!

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    fed.up. May 10, 2012

    I've been working at pizza ut for 4 years now. Back when I first started we had numbers to work with with labor and such and everything ran smoothly. Then as the economy went down our RVP has got greedy. I've watched minimum wage go up 3 twice...u think they raised the labor scale to accomoadate..nope they lowered it instead. My DM and RGM are constantly busting ### trying to get things in order but it never works. Our RVP barely knows how to make a pizza yet he is the one making the decisions on how our stores run. Then he says things that don't make since...like he wants us to get more employees to get our speed of service and drive times up...yet he wants us to still hit labor...how am I supposed to get labor down and get more employees on the clock at the same time...its impossible. Rage inc is literally the worst cmpany anyone could work for...they have no clue what they are doing. And I know their greed will cause them to go under...they give pizza hut a really bad name as a franchise owner ad the greedy RVP and others in the ashville office are to blame

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    concerned.aggrevated Apr 26, 2012

    For several months I have been wanting to let off some steam and let out all that has gone on at the Pizza Hut Id worked at twice. Once many years ago, and then this last time for over a year. I had been scared of being confronted and losing my job but now that I have left I feel safe in saying that there IS INFACT TOO MUCH BULL going on in several stores. As management u hear and see pretty much everything, Its just up to you to whether or not you do anything about it. I agree that the DM is responsible however we had a great DM, but a sorry Store Mgr. who always hid everything from the DM. She blames everything on her health problems or other employees nothing was ever her fault. Infact, the DM had came in on several occassions in which we as all employees had to rush each time and get all the expired veggies in either containers to switch over (to look prepared) or hide inside the maketable under our containers we were using. Changing all dates even on chicken, dough, sauces, anything out of date that day or before. I have watched as well old mixed w new, that I wouldnt have fed a pig. On one occassion the store mgr had some employees to hurry and pack out of date onions in a sauce bucket. Some open in bottom then bags put in the middle and more opened on top. Different ones putting things in their vehicle until the inspector left., While she kept him preoccupied with something in the back office. We were constantly threatened, cussed, and made to do as she insisted or terminated. And if something was caught as being wrong she would blame the employees in front of the inspector, on duty as if she had told them to or not to do something. Even on occassions stateing the employees were still being trained after being there 6 mos or so. The employees would get fussed at for things she had just told them to or not to do in front of the inspector or DM as if it was told to them different before hand. She was no is a compulsive liar! Covering her behind in anyway possible and taking credit for anything good.

    As for the dough, that again is a huge problem as well. If no dough as in ran out or needing during morning and not proofed yet, she would tell us all to fast proof. which consist of putting in the warmer, on top of the oven or beside the oven to proof within a few minutes. At night when no one wanted to do so they would have to use for a Large Pan, 2 mediums, for the box dinner a medium, for Large Handtossed a med. pan, for personnel pans a med pan cut in 4 ways, stuffed crust the same as handtossed, breadstix a large pan pressed and cut. This happens without warning the customers that we were even out. And happened alot, I mean at least 3 days out of a wk but yet we always had old med handtossed in which was yellow edged and cracked. We were told to spray the edge just like with the thin crust. The inspector had said not to spray the thin pans itd make them soggy. While inspector was still there the cooks were told to hide behind door of ###er to spray the pan anyway. Continued then on out. If there were old pan dough smelling liike alcohol we still had to use, no food cost was to go up or she threatened to fire all and hire all new.

    However, at night she would have all us mgrs, cooks to try to save labor so shut down things early by getting dishes bk early
    (starting at 8 and not suppose to close til 10). That would mean using your hands to measure all ingredients in which is hello FOOD COST! Dipping chicken wings down in the sauce instead of using a clean bowl which involves particles staying in there until God knows when. Using the same utensil on uncooked as cooked. This also means customers are getting cheated constantly on the amt of ingredients. They made portioned cups for the meat and cheese for just that so customers and get their moneys worth. Depending on who was there to whether they got that or not, yes sometimes they would get way over their moneys worth. But then the pizza dough wouldnt be cooked throughly bc of too mch toppings. We actually were tld to save food cost by packing cheese down in the cup pressing so the cheese would stay stuck in the botomm( a significant amt at that) if anyone important saw it looked as if we werent cheatn anyone and that it appeared to be a full cup.

    Dishes being clean is a rarely thing that happened either time of working there. If out of the dish detergent, They were told to use just water in which alot of times happened to be cold water. The hot water kept going out and overlooked. Dishwashers were told they didnt have to dirty their sinks by putting dish water in them thy didnt have to waste their time with spraying thm off. To save time to just send through the dish washing machine. In which if anyone knows that much or " their job" the machine is basically just to sanitize not to clean. Therefore, dishes come out and are put up wet and dirty.If someone like myself caught it who cared then thy would wipe against their clothing. Infact, they were told they could wipe with their shirts frm the store mgr herself. In which did do herself on several occassions. Sometimes though, not even wipeing, instead using dirty. Things falling on the floor and still used without wipeing as well.

    On to labor problems. Yes this store does the same as mentioned bfr by the other young man. The waitresses, cooks, dishwashers, and mgrs. are all cheated as often as possible. Infact, was once said that a detective stated that thy would b watching closely for thy had good suspesion that she was embezling within the store on food orders, different dry products, deposits, and employees checks. Yes their is a pay sign off sheet, however, this is forged by her and her accomplice more times than not! If someone hasnt signed they forge their names without permission.. My name has been forged on numerous occassions and my pay not correct. When telling this to the manager she always says she will have it fixed and never does. Yes you can go and print off a time slip for the week but if she has already been in the computer files and fixed it to benefit herself then its your word against hers. With her being in the business for 30 years even as a assistant you wont be recognized as telling the truth if anything is said just that you are trying to get her job. But yet she can go have surgery and be out for a week and paid, then whn her time to be out is up she comes in and clocks in then leaves returning home stateing if the GM comes by call her quickly . If anyone told she would fire immediately and make sure they couldnt get a job anywhere else in the town. Coming bk later clocking herself out to mk it look as if she were there for her entire shift.. Since there are no security cameras, after numerous thefts which include money missing, product, supplies and employees personal belongings, there was and from my understanding still no way of proving any of what has went on or still does. Employees are scared of losing there jobs as well as being threatened with physical retaliation by this store manager who is constantly talking about knowing the HELLS ANGELS and other biker groups. Infact, she brags about being apart of the biker group for some time. She covers her actions from the ones who she feels is capiable of taking her job if she did not.
    On many occassions she sends employees on breaks when they have only been there for an hour. Tryed to get everyone to take a 25 min break clocking out yet coming bk in 5 mins and taking 4 more 5 min brks to cover the 25 min clk out. However, didnt last long for people bucked on that one. For especially the waits wouldnt get their 4 other brks bc of having tables. Other times when she had under scheduled she would make some go all day long without a brk at all. On one occassion a cook had an accident and made fun of simply bc she wouldnt take over the make and cut long enough for this individual to run to the bathroom. Yet she had time to run to the dining room to communicate with the guest. She always had to be in the middle of all attention. A worker got into trouble for taking boxes out and smoking after being there 12 hours without a break. She literally even cussed majorly at us mgrs for everything. If there were complaints on several occassions she would get waits to take their dine in tickets and do a survey making thm press all 5s giving her perfect surveys bfr thy could go smoke. At the end of the night she made a big deal about what time we had to be out. End of day had to be ran and money counted at a specific time and many times having to clock the closers out in order to get it done bfr thy r ever actually done with their cloeing duties. They may only have to work 5 mins but it has been an hour or longer bfr they actually got to leave. We were not suppose to clock them back in after doing the EOD because of labor for the next day. Complaints made but nothing was ever done about it.

    Even after all this, this store is the biggest dramatic store I think Iv ever been in or worked for! With mgrs invovled with mgrs and other employees. Not keeping it outside of work either. At least what was mentioned earlier they were in the back having sex, we had a couple of managers who literally stood at the make table sticking their hands down one anothers pants licking their hands and then making the orders without as mch as washing or using hand sanitizer. Instead of this being taking serious its laughed about while continued. Having these two all over each other most of the time being scheduled together. Another mgr. licking guys faces and giving oral sex out in the parking lot, another harrassing the younger people, hearing all kinds of perverted conversations as well as details on what goes on and again just laughed about. It is digusting that anyone would allow this to go on mustless at the make and making food.
    Yet wont take action towrd this but does toward a 4 mth pregnant lady being the only working and she fires her for no call no show when shed not had a phone, so sent another worker to let us know shed b out of work. Ok lady get your priorities in order all ready. I mean really! You fire for no call no show but not for something as serious as sexual herassment and misconduct. Seriously! On another level she allows a family member to stay out as much as she wants, taking off during shifts running the show per say while she is there. Doing whatever this person wants and no concequences for any of her actions at all because of being family.The amount of favortism there is unbelievable. From my understanding family wasnt suppose to be hired to begin with. Probably for that very reason. Both blinding the DM so he knows nothing, and kissing ### as mch as possible to keep him from thinking any bad whatsoever.

    As for cleaning, this occurs only when finding out there is going to be an inspection or one of the big wheels are coming. This store has also had mice, roaches galore, ants, flies, different bugs running around and getting in the food, they still would serve. However, not near as bad as other places. Black mold under make, sinks, ###er, dining area, etc. Mold on dishes from them being put up wet and without attention, being used none the less. Food particles everywhere, setting up fungus. Even witnessed a pizza being made by the food particles underneath the containers, on the make table. When some people complain there have been times that things have " happened" to their food bc of it. Set times are never followed on the dough, nor the veggies, meat, or even saucing and buffet. Buffet times are not used almost ever, Instead sets out there until completely nasty looking.

    Overall, this place is a hazardous place to take your family, and friends to eat!. Employees that are bad sick are made to come in to work, reguardless of how sick or whats wrong and with no one taking food preparation serious. Even though most of us had taken safserve, its majorly disreguarded most of the time. l realize there are some stores and some employees that are not bad and are really trying. However, in these situations, were this kind of thinking, or shall I say not thinking, not caring, and no respect or compassion, no interest in trying to actually do things for the customers and the bettering the business itself, instead worried only when an inspection is due, needs to be aknowledged, taking serious for once, and addressed immediately! Or else enough of us past employees and possible current along with customers are going to get to the point of sueing for reembersment as well as health issues and shutting down this million dollar company that has no courtesy for their people; employees and customers! If enough people would get together and quit being timid of such power, the power would be taken and put where it belongs. In our hands to make a difference! Personally, Im tired of these kind of coorporates closing their ears and eyes to just let businesses be ran, however, as long as they get paid, making a profit. We are still America and we are suppose to stand for our rights and ourselves as workers, we do pay taxes and should have a say. Especially, when invoving our health issues, what our kids are having to witness in a work place and what we are having to deal with, out of so many jobs and their so called " Suppierors".

    Thank you all, for taking time to read my concerns and Im hopeing it touches some, in which u take action as well. Best wishes to those of you who still have to work there and put up with such, and just remember to keep strong. Where one door closes, another will open. You were looking for a job when u got there, you can be looking when you leave. Just get a spine and tell it like it is. We all have freedom of speech and sometimes that and faith is all it takes.!

    From a small town, concerned and aggrevated, individual, in NC!!!

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    kintaro Jan 05, 2012
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    Verified customer

    to the guy saying he got demoted and a pay reduction... when you came back from your Mom dying... you need to look at your legal rights if you are being honest with us on this. It is a law Bill Clinton helped get passed. FMLA... means family medical leave act. I believe it state you can take up to 3 months off. BUT!!! You are not guaranteed your old job back. But the job must be comparable in pay. You may have the right to sue.

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  • The District Manager actually threaten me with felony charges if I ever released my proof but what he don't know is he can't there is only a one party consent law in the state of Virginia and I was in all the conversations I have recorded so yes I will be releasing it and I have text messages proving he seen 3 day old dough in the walk in and he didn't do a thing about it because the GM was still there after a month of sending him a certified letter with proof and him finding the dough for himself. When I first started there it started with it being one day old and then as a month went by it got up to as many as 5 days of sitting in the walk in for PAN dough without being thrown out which PAN dough is suppose to be thrown out every night but when I tried throwing it out I got threaten with termination. It started smelling really bad after awhile and looking nasty that is why I started gathering proof I was concerned about the health and safety of the people eating it because even though I was refusing to serve it the GM still had a lot of other employees serving it and that's also why I sent a certified letter with proof to the District Manager because I figured he might do something about it but he didn't do nothing. He wrote her a letter of recommendation as I was told by other employees who still work there so she can take on a job at a corporate pizza hut and he only wrote her the letter of recommendation because if it did get released to the public it would've looked bad with her still there as I was told. All of this happened between May of 2011 and Aug of 2011. So it looks to seem that this kid isn't making up a fib about what happen at his 3 pizza huts that he worked at for Rage because I have class A proof including audio recordings and text messages!

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  • I worked at the one in Rocky Mount, VA and they are serving old dough and when I wrote the District Manager and gave him proof he didn't do nothing but write the GM a letter of recommendation. I am pretty sure it is the same district manager he had for all three locations as my district manager was from NC. It is freaking disgusting and the district manager walked in there one day after meeting with me and seen 3 day old dough in the walk in and didn't do a thing about it because a month later the GM still had her job so he is in on out as well and I have proof that I will be releasing.

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    seriouly worried Jul 27, 2011

    I Just quit my job at a WV pizza hut. I agree that rasies where not forthcoming. I had been there 2 years and still did not receive and reconigtion for anything I or any one else had done to improve the company. We also went through a GM change and things got better for awhile, but then in ways it was worse.
    Not only did the new RGM cheat the employees out of raises but she cheated the company as well. I don't know if at other pizza hut's is the same but at my old job you got a discount on your food. 25% off duty and 50% on duty. I know for a fact that on several occasions my old boss would take 75% off her order which left her pay something like 3.98 for a 10.00 pizza. I think that is wrong. But it got me no where to tell anyone. I also know that she used the store for her own personal check cashing. She had me do that for her one time, if I was being told to do it I wonder who else was too.

    As for food borne illness. My last week there myself and another employee cleand black mold out of the maketable and walkin of our store. So i doubt if i will ever eat there again.

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    Pryme Dec 18, 2010

    I actually just quit my Pizza Hut job tonight. My mother died on December 8th, and they were gracious in letting me have about 10 days off for her funeral and such. Tonight was my first night back to work, and when I came in I noticed I had been demoted. I no longer had shift manager options when clocking in, and my pay rate went down 75 cents. The GM told me that since I took more than 3 days off in a row, I had to be demoted and would have to wait two weeks to be promoted again and get that money back. She also scheduled me for 8 11 hour days in a row, with no days off until Christmas Day. The store itself is old, but there's a ton of problems she refuses to address. Our kitchen has 4-5 leaks in the roof, so any time it rains or snow is melting, it leaks everywhere. We also noticed we have leaks in our party room. Our maketable went out 2 days ago apparently, so instead of fixing it we had to fill pans with ice and set the product in them. We routinely run out of the cleaning solution for the dishwasher, and we're told to run it without using the cleaner. When something in the back is expired, we're told to just make new labels for them in case we get an inspection so my (now former) RGM will still qualify for her bonuses. All the while, we run 1 server on a Friday night, one cook, carryouts take 45 minutes or more because of the workload on such a small amount of people, all the while the RGM is normally on the phone either making personal calls or god knows what else. I'd had enough tonight and wrote a resignation letter and dropped it on her desk as I walked out the back door, after working 12 hours and being told to stay longer because I had to do dishes (even though that's the cook's job, but he was outside smoking a cigarette on his third break since 5pm, even though I only had one break from 9am to 9pm) and left her high and dry. I hate walking out on jobs, but for min wage, i'm not going to [censored] working such long hours spending 12 hrs a day on my feet for no respect and no breaks. I'll never visit a Pizza Hut again just because I don't want the people working that day to go through what I have been for the last 6 months.

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    TabithaC Nov 23, 2010

    Ive worked at pizza hut for 4 years and none of this has ever happened where I work. I suppose things happen everywhere you work, but my store is very clean and we follow all safety guidelines regarding food and sanitation. The employees get their free food and even extras every once in a while and we all make a decent amount of money. Your working conditions are a reflection of the GM's character where you work, not of every single Pizza Hut. My GM is very understanding and kind. He even gave me 2 nights off the past halloween, which anyone who works at pizza hut knows is one of the busiest weekends of the year, because it was my sons first halloween.

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    unknown!!!! Nov 17, 2010

    I work at a Pizza Hut also and the Pizza Hut i work at doesnt give employees discount but the managers can give their family and friends dicounts. I have watched managers come to the drive through window and pick up a pizza through the drive through window they didnt even pay for. I watch them give an employee they liked free wings and pizzas when they come in on their day off. I watched two managers come and ago from work together. One even comes in on her day off and to just sit in the back with him. I thought that Employee dating even if it is two managers wasnt allowed. The General manger of the Pizza hut where i work daughters is also a manager. So if i have a problem where do i go do i complain to The General managers daughter? the General Manager girl friend? I think not! i need my job i have bills to pay.

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    Sleddogie Aug 31, 2010
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    Verified customer

    I worked for a Pizzahut in cincinnati, Ohio for 3- 12 years and what the north carlina post said is right on the money. 2 and 3 day old dough going out to the customer dirty pans being used to cook pizza.

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  • Jo
    johnny 5-0 Aug 18, 2010

    okay first office rage pizza huts do not delete sup pay the normal situation is where a server makes plenty of money lies about there tips to get extra money on there pay check one specific manager may have done this but for the record there is a pay check sign off sheet that ask you to verify your wages and tips every week and if you disagree you can dispute old food maybe you people should take it upon your self to throw old [censor] away my dm doesn't play that nor do i just because you happen to work for a sorry manager doesn't give you the right to go onto a web site and blast pizza hut by the way district manager are required to do a weekly fresh dough grade plus we have a food safety audit twice a year that is stricter than the states health inspections and a health inspection every 6 months and everyone knows about the disgruntle employee at tower that bought a pet rat glued it to a trap and moved it around the reastraunt and took pictures because she was getting fired we proved the case already the health department proved the case as well go ask them there was no signs of entry of rats no droppings no torn packaging lets get real why didn't the health department shut them down if there where really rats as far as raises go and the cleaning are you doing anything to help your managers make money so that they can afford to give you a raise are you doing your part of the cleaning the robberies cameras where installed in almost every store and store over a week of video and district managers can not be held responsible for managers that by-pass the security measures and procedures in place GET REAL!!!

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  • Ol
    *Olivia* Apr 22, 2010

    I currently work for a Pizza Hut as well, however our pizza Hut is not to bad. We are in the middle of a GM change ans the new one is actually cleaning up, and organizing the store very well...though I know the old food and food waste is a major problem here as well, most employees are very good about keeping it to a very low (the spoiled food that is). I cant not control what is on the make table as I am a Waitress, but I am responsible for the salad bar. I do everything as I am suppose to...I throw out the old (rather or not it smells bad), and make new. Our store is becoming cleaner as our new GM stays there longer. I think things are beginning to look up for our store...even though I miss our old GM, I think our new one will be a nice change.

    HOWEVER...as far as wages go, I am unsure as to all of us getting out right supplemental pay. I do well enough in tips that I reach my required pay most weeks. About a week ago, we were so dead that I would only have a total of 4 tables a day, and therefore did not reach my goals. We have been told that if we go too many weeks not making our required tips that we will be terminated, but I was not terminated, and I did receive my correct pay. Thus far I have not seen too much of any of the problems mentioned in the letter...and it seems that our store is looking up from there.

    So yes, I am sure RAGE Inc, has its downfalls, as most companies do, but I believe it lies within the DMs quality of work. For example, our store was robbed recently, and there was no evidence available since our DM did not keep up with our security system like she should have. We had no tape for our cameras, no alarm system, and it had been years since the lock code had been changed. We were her third stored robbed in three months! My advise to RAGE Inc is to really look into its DMs. Make sure they are correctly doing their jobs!!

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  • Am
    amanda lynn Jan 11, 2010

    We had a deaf person working at a LaRaza, Inc. Pizza Hut, in Southern Indiana. We had bugs in the kitchen around the dishroom. Water linking around the buffets. You are suppose to throw old dough and old foods if they don't look good to eat, throw them away and put it down on waste sheet. So you know how much food that your Pizza Hut wasted for that week, we had to. Pizza Hut is suppose to be cooperative and fast service, you are not to answer the phones with an attitude, you are suppose to be nice to all your customers and your employees, to everyone around you.

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  • Cu
    Cullen Sep 10, 2009

    I completely agree with all of this! I quit almost a week ago now! Everything there is ridiculous i have worked there for a year and nine months. They treat people like dirt the assistant mgr and shift...our assistant mgr and mgr sleep together and aren't supposed to! He dragged her in the office one day when they were fighting while i was ther and choked her then dragged her outside all in front of me! Then they have sex in the office on occasion while on the clock! And one day he let one of his friends that he hired go on break for an hour to go and have sex with his girlfriend! All of this and more which i don't feel like typing right now is happening in an Illinois store and it's ridiculous! I'm actually calling corporate tomorrow because i'm tired of dealing with it all! I didn't understand exactly what all or everything you were talking about in your message but let me know if you would like!

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  • Ty
    ty the only Apr 14, 2009

    i agree im a pizza hut manager i have worked there for almost 3 years never got a raise. there was other manager getting hired and i had to train, they got paid more than i did that is so wrong ppl at the corporate should at least try to help dang do ur job ppl. yea and i have been cheated about the vacation got only 1 week vacation after working there 3 years that is sum bull

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  • Ja
    jamie Nov 25, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    man you said it all i hope that you are trying as hard as me to get this stuff straight i still work thaere part time i was promised 50 cent raise in 30 days also our store is completly nasty and a few workers we have just dont give a flying flip especially the manager im scheduled 2 nights out of the week and it's been that way for a while now i need more hours and more money and less ### from the shift managers about "LABOR" some drivers have right at 40 hours a week and still sit on there ### why not give some to me right .

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