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Update sun march 8, 2009 7:05 am new information/problems

This is a request to have my file reviewed with regard to the monthly maintenance fee…i was told by april on 3/6/09 that all equipment maintenance was included in the package price of $ 29.99 per month…i asked her this question more then once during our conversation and she assured me that it was include. It was not until my installation was complete that the tech stated it was not. I would like the maintainence fee to be considered as part of the package as I was told and any additional fee be waived.

Additionally, I would like a review of the policy regarding add on charges to properly install the dvr’s…breaching the outer perimeter of the home opens up the possibility of moisture leaking into the wall space and contamination of mold—i would like the dvr’s installed (Since they were part of my package) properly with the wiring done via the attic access at no additional charge to me.

It should be noted here that the tech had to go into the attic anyway because when qwest installed my cable they used a splitter on the main tv cable which was dropped down from the attic and ended up being located in the wall going to the main cable box—satellite would not work unless he removed that splitter…

After waiting since thurs for my installation crew-on saturday march 7, 2009 britney from direct tv called to say that the tech would be out between 4:00 pm and 4:30 pm today-they arrived a little after 5:10 pm.

The technicians (2 men-1 guy was lead and I did not get his name and a trainee named donald—please note here that his name probably would have been on a standard work order form, if he had one—he hand wrote the info on my installation on a plain white piece of paper that I was not allowed a copy of) came in my home and asked me & lsquo;what kind of service I wanted’-my understanding is that a work order with this information would have been on hand…after everything that had happened to date I was really plum out of patience—well I was so angry— I said (Yes in a loud voice) & ldquo;you do not know what service I ordered??? I don’t work fo directv…what does it say I the work order??? How can I tell you that when I was not even aware until 1 hour ago that you were even coming today & hellip;not my best moment I admit…but having little to no communication with anyone since thur at 7:30 am I was not even really sure anymore what was submitted. I pulled out the brochure I used (Which I had gotten from my neighbor-remember, nothing was ever mailed to me about the termination of services.. See below) when calling in and read it off to him.

He told me that the dvr install would require that he put additional holes in my home because they would not go through the attic as that would be considered a & ldquo;custom” job and would be charged out at something like $45.00 per hour to me. Yes…that made me even madder…he said he could call his supervisor and he could determine what the charges should be…. I requested he call him and he handed the phone to me…the first words from ricks mouth were, and I quote, & ldquo;what’s the problem now”—well I had enough…i asked rick if that was the way he began every conversation with a customer…he did not know what I meant…i thanked rick for his time and handed the phone back to the main tech who had some words with him and then hung up. The tech came back to me and said that rick canceled the order and they were leaving…. At this time we resolved the issue of the dvr’s-i did not want holes in my house and could not afford a & ldquo;custom” job so I settled for the receiver’s only although that was not the service I had been promised. I requested that they get rick back on the phone…. I asked him why he canceled my order and he said that I was rude to him on the phone and I had & ldquo;upset the tech“…his tech did not have to work in a :hostile“ environment…. (Well as a customer I certainly felt that I was being tormented by the process that I was going through…lack of communication, outright misinformation, inability to resolve the issues and lack of cooperation from nearly everyone I spoke with— perhaps the environment would have been more pleasant if I had been treated properly over the last few days—). I informed rick of the changes re: dvrs and he finally relented to let the installation move forward (It turns out that these tech’s were finished for the day before they were rerouted to do my installation—my job was added on to their day and if the dvr’s were included it would have taken them 3-31/2 hours…perhaps that contributed the main tech being upset…perhaps he was tired himself and could have handled himself better…but i’ll bet that that was not an option for rick who was attempting to appease his tech’s who were not happy to have another job added on to their day).

The tech’s are now doing the install and things are moving along fine, the main tech is no longer angry and speaks with me in lite conversation…even laughing a couple of times.. I asked if & lsquo;were ok now‘ and he says yes…. All is good. However, I can‘t help but think that his mood lightened because of the change in the order therefore significantly shorting the installation time… (Donald has been polite and fine with me the entire time).

Finally, the install was done and the tv’s working…i am ready to since my work order (The plain white piece of paper that the tech had to hand write and I was not allowed a copy of) and the tech brings up the maintenance agreement for the equipment.. I state that I am positive that in my phone call with april on march 6th (And with jake on mar 5th I believe) I specifically asked about the maintenance on the equipment and was told that it was included in package price (I am appositely certain about the call with april) — the tech indicated that it is not included and if I do not authorize the $5.99 charge with him right now and decide to add it on later they will be an additional $ 20.00 activation fee however, if I sigh up with him now I can cancel at no additional charge after I have spoken with the office…. So what can I do…. I was not able to reach the office so I signed…

Misrepresentation of facts to make a sale can be added now…. Seems like qwests tactics in general are unethical and immoral if not out right illegal…but within the available communications arena they are the lesser of the evils…

Prior complaint-previously submitted on march 7, 2009

How to begin….. On wed march 5th at 6:30 pm a man named jason knocked on my door to inform me that my qwest cable was going to be disconnected at 5:00 am on thur march 6th. (By the way, my service was disconnected before 3:15 am not at 5 am)

Although jason indicted that I was notified by mail and telephone (I do not have a telephone connected in my home so I am unsure how he thinks that happened) he was in error…. Therefore, I was surprised and upset.. Jason had a list of approximately 12 other customers who he had to visit that night who’s service was to be terminated at the same time as mine and who had not called in to schedule the direct tv service yet. Why he came out less then 12 hours before the termination time is beyond me…and ridicules.

Let it be noted here that I just paid my qwest bill on monday & hellip;.. They billed me for my cable service for 2/19/09 thru 3/18/09. & hellip;they fraudulently billed me for services that they new they were not going to render. If they really wanted me to know about the termination of services then they should have noted it on my statement…i would have certainly seen it then. They just wanted to collect unearned revenue…. Perhaps to inflate that number in financial reports to stockholders, some government required reporting or to artificially inflate the companies worth for a divisional sales/intercom any negotiation.

Throughout this ordeal everyone has told me that qwest is not affiliated with direct tv…that they are separate & lsquo;companies’. Is that true…??? My guess is no.. They are separate divisions, co owned by the same parent company or some similar arrangement!

I immediately contacted the sales office @ [protected] and scheduled an installation date of fri march between 12pm - 5pm with jake (Idaho office). Additionally, the 1 time install fee of about $19.00 was waived due to the problems I had experienced. Since I was angry about the situation, I was not the easiest person to deal with but jake did a fantastic job using all of his customer service skills and knowledge…our call ended with a happy customer…me!

After ending my call with jake I decided to check with my neighbor about their service. Turns out that if I had received the mailed material or if someone had notified me earlier in person I would have been able to take advantage of a special which would have given me a better package at the same rate. Because of the mix up by qwest I contacted them again on thur to see if they would honor the special. I spoke with april and she determined that they would honor the special deal for me and filled out the forms etc. To make the programming change. I was told that there should be no problem keeping my original installation schedule time of thurs mar 6 between 12:00pm and 5:00 pm but that she would submit
Some kind of & ldquo;escalation form” to be sure. Again…happy customer…. But not for long.

At 4:14 pm on thursday 3/6/09, after waiting all day thursday for the install without contact I called
The service center and again got jake. I explained that I had not been contacted yet and requested he check out the status of my appointment. He put me on hold to see what he could find out, he returned to me and told me that the person that could get that information was in a meeting and I would have to wait for her to call me back. They only have 1 single person that can handle such a request??? She was due out of her meeting in 15 min and I requested that he find out and call me back that evening.

At 4:45 when I had not heard from jake I called the service center again and spoke to a gal named stephanie (Agent id sch-also in idaho). Again, I was not a happy person and was hard to deal with but I have never encountered a person less capable as a customer service representative as this gal. She was being sarcastic and snide to me and I stated so…she hung up the phone I me. Intentionally pulled the plug! Now I was angry…i called the center again and, go figure, got stephanie again. I requested to speak to a supervisor and she stated she needed a reason (All the while speaking to me in a sarcastic tone of voice) - I stated that I was have a problem with my installation and again asked for a supervisor…she stated she needed a reason…i stated I just told her why and asked for a supervisor again... She stated she needed a reason…i stated that I was having a problem with my installation and again asked for a supervisor…she stated she needed a reason…i just said forward me too a supervisor/escalate this call to a supervisor because now I am also having a problem dealing with you…. She kept repeating that she needed a reason…. Talking over me… and I kept asking for a supervisor…it was ridicules…like dealing with a 2 year old…finally I said & ldquo;stop acting like a kid and give me a supervisor. At this point she went off on a rant & ldquo;what did you call me…. What name did you call me…. You can’t cuss at me…. And on and on…“ finally out of frustration I just hung up the phone…not happy at all…

Several more calls in an effort to get a supervisor failed….. On friday morning march 7th 9:40 am I got a message from jake that they could do the install on sat afternoon.. I have been trying to confirm this and some 4 hours on the telephone have still been unsuccessful….

. You have failed miserably to meet your ethical standards:

“at qwest, we are committed to delivering world-class products backed by unmatched customer service and integrity. & rdquo;

Cc: arizona corporation commission [protected]
Better business bureau
Channel 3 & ldquo;on your side”
Fox news
Idaho corporation commission
Idaho better business bureau
Colorado corporation commission
Colorado better business bureau
Texas corporation commission
Texas better business bureau


  • Si
    sitkashiva Feb 16, 2008

    I had the same experience after signing up for Qwest internet. I was told that I would be recvg. a $75.00 rebate. Filled out all the needed paperwork, sent it in, nothing. When I have tried to contact Qwest all I get is the runaround.

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  • Ba
    B.A. Oct 31, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I ordered Directv through Qwest. Without notifying me, Directv added the NFL and NBA packages to my service and began billing Qwest who in turned billed me for them. Directv refuses to crdit, and then so does Qwest. STAY AWAY FROM DIRECTV, ESPECIALLY WHEN ORDERED THROUGH QWEST. ITS A SCAM!

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  • Ma
    MAZEYEH Jun 12, 2009

    I have spoken with a 23 different people to get my service with you corrected. This has gone as far as me feeling I need to contact the BBB (which I have contacted and you will be hearing from them shortly) I had been very pleasant with your people at your company and feel my hospitality is completely gone with how incompetent your team is. I am going to sum this up for you and you may contact me for more details.
    I started my service with qwest/direct TV in the middle of March. Was told a price and received a different one on my bill, a much much higher one at that. Not only that but I received two different bills with two different account numbers. I called in and the guy I spoke with told me one account was for a guy named Joe in Boulder CO and not to pay this bill another told me it was a dummy bill to start an account with you. I then received more bills one for 275.00 which was my "first month charge" and the next day my Internet service was cut off... I called in to make a payment and got transferred back and forth from Qwest and Direct TV because neither of your companies could figure out who had my bill. I was being transferred back and forth until I received a message that the offices were closed and I had to wait till Monday to speak with someone.
    Monday I called in and finally I was able to pay my bill "some how" they found my account. 24 hours later my service was still not restored. I called in again to see what the problem was they were able to restore my internet and through this I was told I was only getting .5 of a gig speed internet for a 7.0 gig I purchased. They had to send out a tech to give me the service I had already been paying for.

    I then got more bills for this guy Joe in boulder with my name and address on them. I was beyond upset with your company. Called in and was told it would be taken care of. Asked them why I wanted at least the phone portion of my bill refunded back to my account due to the abundance of problems I had encountered. I was transferred to customer loyalty. She told me I could sign a 2 year contract for 6 months free way! I refused and she then said a manager would get back with me.
    Guess what... another bill. At my bitter end I called in again and this time spent 3 hours and 27 min and many different people including managers to get this straighten out. It turns out "some how" which no one in your extremely dysfunctional company could explain to me, my bill got "separated" when I had asked to bundle my services when I first started. I was also being charged for the same thing on both Joe from boulders bill and mine. So do I believe anything your company says? No. And I told them I was not going to pay some one else’s bill. I had already paid mine. Also on his bill "I" was getting charged for services I do not have with your company so this is even more proof this is not right. They tried to force me to pay this, which is unbelievable sense no one could tell me why the account numbers were wrong.
    I told them no way was I going to pay this and your company is taking the bullet for there own mistake. They transferred me back to customer loyalty. I told her the situation.again.. And after over an hour she finally understood I want this other bill taken care of. She said 120.00 would be refunded to my account. But it will take up 6 billing cycles. Which in this time It will already have been sent to collections and effect my credit. Which will be another problem for you. I told her thank you. She then asked " how can we keep you as a customer?" I told her no way not with what I have been through, I just don’t trust the company. And her response was " well then I cant give you the 120.00 credit" What! I went off on her. I told her yes she was. And I wanted the number to corporate. She said, " They don’t have a number, Just a" I told her to then email that to me. Then at one point she said " I took it upon myself to get this credit for you and I have been on the line for over an hour with you." really? Okay well I was on the phone again for 3 hours and 27 min Im sorry she had to sit at her desk and do her job for over an hour.

    I got a cancel order confirmation and guess what? No one has came and got the boxes yet and also the 120.00 credit went on the account...the wrong one.. So I still have a bill that has not been taken care of.

    I have names of all these people. I have again reported you to the BBB and will report you to every one I can think of. I still have not heard back from any one, which makes me think you are all to scared to face the problem you caused. And as far as my credit being affected by this "other bill” I will take this to court.
    I still haven’t received the p.o box for corporate.

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  • Pf
    pfft Jun 12, 2009

    And its not over, just you wait till you see the size of the cancellation fee they will stick on your final 'bill'

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  • Lz
    lzysunbumzz Jun 19, 2009

    These con artist SOB's are in your pocket...I got the price for life BS...and I guess I forgot to ask the life of who or what because my bill goes up every freakin month!! They told me to read the small print, I told them I wouldn't have to if they were upstanding business folks. Good luck!

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  • By
    ByteRider Jul 06, 2009

    We bundled internet, cell, home phone, and TV together. Qwest was charging us approx. $300 a month.

    We got a call 5 months later that we were $1, 500 behind on the bill and they disconnected EVERYTHING while the guy was talking to us. No phones, Tv, Internet, nothing. All gone. We switched to Cox 2 seconds later but buyer beware... DO NOT GO WITH QWEST!

    The bill was so high because:

    1. They tacked on services we did not order
    2. Claimed we order "50 or more movies" from PPV on Direct TV in just ONE month along
    3. Charged us for long distance... but unable to show a bill with long distance numbers on it
    4. Charged us for services we did not order
    5. Mistated charges for a number of other services

    This company is a RIP and a half. AVOID LIKE THE H1N1 VIRUS!

    Lesson learned, too, is: If you have an issue with ONE service, ALL your services get disconnected! So, bundling is NOT the way to go. It isn't worth the money you save [$20'ish].

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  • @CenturyLinkHelp Jul 07, 2009
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Hello there, my name is Brian and I work for Qwest. It sounds as though you had a bad experience with us, and I apologize that you did. I would like to offer my assistance in helping to resolve any issues you may still have, that are yet unresolved. I can assure you that we are not out to rip people offer. Sometimes mistakes can happen and/or misunderstanding can occur, whether by us or our customers. Either way, we are here to help.

    If you would like my help, please send me an e-mail to [protected], and put my name in the subject line. If would also include your billing number & billing address, I will take a look into your account once I receive your e-mail.


    consumer affairs manager
    Qwest Communication

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  • Ka
    Karen N Aug 21, 2009

    In May 2009, I called Qwest to find out the special they had going for bundling my Internet Service with Direct TV. I spoke with Kevin Hansen. After discussing the service with DTV and the prices. I said I was interested in it. He told me that I could get Internet for $14.99 a month with the fist six months free, then thereafter the $14.99. I would get DTV for for $45.00 which included 1 regular received and $5.00 for the DVR. As I was already spending $36.99 a month for Internet Broadband and $43.07 for Charter TV Cable, this was a very good deal. I had him e-mail me the specifics so I would have it for my record.

    There was nothing about getting my rebate from DTV myself or a $10.00 charge for the DVR programming. When I called Qwest and inquired about it, they didn't have any record of this order but the order of $ for internet like it was and around $72.00/mo for Direct TV which including the three movie channels. When I explained what was promised, they told me I had to apply for a credit from DTV of $21.00. For what I didn't really understand. I thought that this would straighten the problem and they would uphold the agreement between Kevin Hansen, their agent, and, myself. They said it would take 4-6 weeks to have the credit come thru.

    The next month I get another bill for $72.?? and called them again. I spent 45 minutes on the phone being transferred from place to place without results. They were very rude and very stick it to you attitude. They said they were going to go back and listen the the many phone calls I had with Kevin Hansen, who personally called me. They said it would take two to three days. They called me back the next day and came up with they were going to credit me with approximately $250.00. When I asked what it broke down to, the person could not tell me. I said I needed someone with some authority and they gave me someone else who in return could not help me. They turned it over to the dispute department. They said that they could not find the telephone conversations. They said about only 80% of the calls were recorded. Funny how my phone calls didn't get recorded. If you want to get a good deal, but screwed, email kevin.[protected]

    I think that Qwest should be investigated and have to uphold their offers given by their agents representing them. Where I work, we have to back our word with actions, so should they. BEWARE it's not what--"What you see if what you get" It is "Buyer Beware"

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  • Br
    Brad Neldon Aug 24, 2009

    I feel your pain. I have wasted hours on the phone with Qwest and when finally someone tells me they will honor the plan I signed up for I hang up thinking finally...then the next months bill comes and nothing has changed. Qwest lies about there offers.

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  • Ja
    james d donato Jan 21, 2010

    charges of 50.00 unexsplained comfrimation #N56423602

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  • Ma
    mark308 May 24, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Same runaround for change of service $100.00 rebate. I am going to change service provider.

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  • Mt
    MT Birkmire Jun 17, 2011

    My bundle services has increased to almost 200.00 a month and I'll be penalized for dropping these companies early. I'll be dropping these services anyway because I can't afford their surprise increases every month, I'm furious at the amount of stealing and taxing in these bills it is OUTRAGEOUS. Nothing but thievery. I contacted QWEST and they blame DirectTV for the increase.

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