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Qatar Airways review: no information about delayed flight and unable to attend family function

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Dear Qatar Airways,

It is unacceptable that Qatar Airways staff did not inform us until the time of clearing immigration that the flight QA 1079 from Kuwait to Qatar had been delayed for over 3 hours. We had booked two business class tickets from Kuwait to Cochin, which was supposed to land in Cochin at 2.40am on 21st July 2018. Now the flight will only land at 9.45am, which denies us from attending a family function which was the sole purpose of the trip. It is very disappointing that neither the staff or the airlines took the responsibility of informing the passengers prior to the journey to the airport or even at the airport. It was irresponsible behaviour on the part of Qatar Airways that the passengers (including mothers, children and the elderly) had to keep striding the airport corridors to find out about the status of the flight. In our case, due to the lack of prompt action from the Qatar Airways staff, we are going to miss a very important function in our family, which we had been planning for months. We are utterly depressed and disheartened by the implications that this delay has caused us and our family. We request you to urgently look into this matter and we expect your Airways to provide us with compensation for our loss. We sincerely urge your Airways to be more responsible towards the passengers convenience in the future. We are hopeful that you will enquire seriously and compensate this matter satisfactorily.

Suresh Kurien

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