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dear taylor:
this karima elmahjoubi i have received a massage from you said that i won 800000 pound
if you wont to contact me in this number [protected] QATAR

hopefully you get back to me very soon.

thank you

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Oct 27, 2018 4:01 pm EDT

I have a return flight booking from uae to norway and apparently with the political conditions i will not be able to use my tickets and I don't have an access on the website to cancel the tickets
Please advice if i can cancel my tickets or a refund will happen automatically with the current conditions
My contact email is

Oct 22, 2018 5:48 am EDT

I had to cancel my flight on Qatar Airways from Bahrain to Berlin on 21st August 2017 as Qatar Airways stopped operating from Bahrain. I was promised a full refund of my ticket but I got a refund minus cancellation charges. Please refund the cancellation charges of $110.
My booking ID is K4SXZR and ticket numbers are [protected]/198

Oct 21, 2018 3:39 pm EDT

[censored] service take money arrangements job nothing fack service. Telling return the money now days no money. [censored] service how to Make FIR case in Hyderabad.please help I make case in FIR

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Oct 16, 2018 4:58 am EDT

For the second time, our boss (the Ambassador of Spain in Qatar) is facing mishandled baggage issues.
It was the first use of a new suitcase, his Excellency has received it scrashed and the wheels are damaged.
The bag was checked at madrid airport and was received at Hamad International Airport on Monday 31st of July, flight QA 152.

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Oct 15, 2018 12:16 am EDT

I am calling from morning to islamabad Pakistan Qatar airways office but no one is replying.
I tried to book ticket online and tried to pay via my visa debit card but error came and could not book.
Now I am calling islamabad office but no reply.

Sep 19, 2018 9:07 pm EDT
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Ref. 55TX2K tickets is not refunded and qa is just misguiding me since last two month. I don't see you guys have any intention to refund money for cancellation. I have already spend more than 1000 min international calls talking on their no. I think they just want to steal our hard earn money. Every person who comes on line gives wrong info.

Sep 19, 2018 1:50 am EDT

My Baggage was damaged during travel from Kuwait to Philadelphia.. an amount of USD 43.. was approved as informed by an email from ur office. I have not received amount so far. Please review and let me know..

Sep 19, 2018 1:51 am EDT

Good Day,

Ticket Reference Number: [protected], [protected] AND [protected]

First leg of above utilized on 5 October 2016. However did not utilise the return communicated to the Travel Agent (TA) well in advance - before 30th November 2016.

Unfortunately TA now confirms the ticket is expired and have to purchase new.

Pls assist

Sep 10, 2018 9:45 pm EDT

My wife ; name Ismat Yasmin flight no: QR 633 airport Islamabad 15 October 2017 . Ticket : QR/Etkt 157 [protected] . you of load my wife il legale. now my wife have mantly sick after this . when my wife lift Italy she had 23 month valid permesso soggiorno according to law have permission to live pakistan half times . I will take advocate

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Sep 10, 2018 11:14 am EDT
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Dear sir/madam,

Kindly find my baby stroller .

my trip was on 30th of july doha to beirut to cairo. And i didn't receive my baby stroller in cairo !
My name : Al naggar/nada
Tag number : QR797437

My contact number

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Sep 05, 2018 8:47 pm EDT

On 30-oct-2017 Flight Number QR 777 DOH-MIA, I went to use the toilet and there was somebody there so i decided to wait for the person to come out, when they open the door i saw Mr Rahul staff number 81382 with a young women she was a passenger.

i was so disgusted this is no way for a cabin crew to behave

Sep 05, 2018 12:19 pm EDT

I have traveled from India to Dallas on 3rd Aug 2018 while travelling my baggage wheel has been broken. I have been trying to contact you but that was no response from your side.

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Sep 01, 2018 6:40 pm EDT

I am here 2 and a half hours before my flight, have been in the checking queue for over 50 min and no nearer to the checking desk. Please ensure that you have sufficient staff to man the desks as I am a web check in client? How can this airline provide service like this ?

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Sep 01, 2018 7:12 pm EDT
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On 7 December 2017 I have send an complaint about not received an card from Qatar Airways to claim my miles for the last 3 years, still no reply. Only well come back to you. So i must wait 3 more years for an reply or what.

Sep 01, 2018 3:12 pm EDT
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Why don't you serve more natural food without so mush sugar and carbohydrates?

I really missed vegetables boiled, woked or fresh or boiled or fries eggs.

You didn't serve natural yoghurt for example. Only with berries and very mush sugar.

The sauces were very sweet.

I wish you could serve aubergine, cauliflowers, cabbage, squach or brocolli.

Sep 01, 2018 9:00 pm EDT
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This is the worst experience after traveling with different airlines. They don't care about the passenger. I have never experienced this kind of behavior form the check in agent. Too rude and manner at all. This will be my last time flying with Qatar airways. You guys say best airline of 2017 that's all a crap.

Sep 01, 2018 9:57 pm EDT

My flat Lahore to Johannesburg. I stay 10 year south Africa and have complete paper. I have on besns that side and pelanty time I travel. But first time try to travel Qatar airways. But ur people don't treat nice straight ask money. My flat 20 august. PNR no mynt40. And I have video and pic that gay.

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Aug 20, 2018 10:51 pm EDT

I traveled for Delhi to Bucharest on 2/1/2018 with Qatar airways .
Due to flight timing mismanagement I missed my next flight .
Airline arranged next flight and hotel in Doha but not taken a decision for compantation.
Which is right of travelers.
Hope they will provide for trouble and delay to reach at destination.

Aug 20, 2018 2:38 pm EDT

All is not good for Qatar Airways, ,

These petitions signers are rising very day, , , how are you going to address their concerns..

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Aug 20, 2018 9:29 pm EDT
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Pls I want to fly tomorrow

Aug 16, 2018 2:53 am EDT

Hello -
On June 16 I tried to check in Qatar at Chennai airport with carry on cabin luggage with a laptop bag. The Qatar check in person was pointing that cabin bag + laptop bag should weight

Mar 26, 2016 2:20 pm EDT
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My daughter had a flight that was booked and arranged in Melbourne, her aim was to undertake a much anticipated tour on various national parks in the south of Africa. She left as scheduled from Melbourne and arrived in Doha, to be told upon arrival that her ticket was “not valid” and that she was unable to continue her flight to Cape Town even though it was a TRANSFER to another Qatar flight. The check in attendant informed her that she would need to purchase ANOTHER ticket from a counter to make the flight to Cape Town. She was very upset and disturbed and obeyed instructions as she was travelling alone, and purchased another ticket at Doha airport and went into the queue to travel to Cape Town to then be told the flight was now “over supplied” and she could not get a seat on the flight. She was now stuck in Doha with two tickets for the same flight and not able to travel regardless, and she would now miss the commencement of the tours in Africa. All through no fault of her own.
I am angry and disappointed about her treatment in Doha. I am angry and upset about how an error like this could even occur when she is transferring. I am angry and disappointed for her on this much anticipated trip that it was nearly completely ruined. I sought reimbursement of all out of pocket costs from Qatar and an apology for her appalling treatment from an international renowned airline…No response. 5 stars? They bought them, not earned them.

Jun 12, 2014 1:58 pm EDT

Sue Qatar Airways in Small Claims Court for Up to $5000

1. Find under what name they are register under. You would need to check your State's Corporation Commission For Example in Virginia they are registered as "Qatar Airways Q.C.S.C. Corporation"

2. Go to your local small claims courts and file a case against them. Small claim court fee is only $50 to $65 depending on your county residence.

Qatar airways customer service is horrible. The won't listen until your sue them.

May 28, 2014 6:15 am EDT
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Beware Qatar airways, do not ever fly with them
I fly from USA to Nairobi, kenya
I stuck in Nairobi, kenya
They ignored me and telling me different stories
So, my ticket was screwed up and I have to go another airline buy new ticket in order to go back to the USA


Feb 11, 2014 11:56 am EST

Qatar Airways is really bad as per as their service and customer-handling is concerned. I would not recommend anyone to take Qatar ever. I was allowed 2 baggage from USA to India in Qatar Airways, but they unnecessarily charged me for one extra baggage(I was carrying the same 2 bags back) when i returned to USA with 2 exact same baggage and lesser than 50lbs weight. I think Qatar doesn't deserve to be a star airlines service. I will never take this airlines anymore. Very careless, and un-informative.

May 13, 2012 1:01 am EDT


May 13, 2012 12:59 am EDT


Jan 23, 2012 3:06 pm EST

i want make reservation for group to Jeddah & has been sent by email to desk group in couple time, .. till now no response, .. very quite service :( call me +[protected]

Mar 17, 2011 11:51 am EDT

My husband and I booked tickets for a round trip flight from Johannesburg, South Africa to Denpasar, Bali Indonesia in December 2010. We departed Johannesburg, South Africa on January 17th, 2011 and arrived in Bali, Indonesia in January 19, 2011.

Before our departure from Johannesburg I contacted Qatar Airlines to verify the baggage allowance per the instructions on your web-site. I was instructed by the representative that we were allowed to bring 2 checked baggage per traveler not exceeding the weight limit of 23 kg/each.

When we arrived at Johannesburg, we were received with excellent service by the Qatar staff. They weighed our luggage and confirmed our online check-in. We had no problem whatsoever checking in. They did not demand any excessive baggage fee at all. We flew with such great ease and comfort from Johannesburg to Bali, Indonesia. We even had a 19 hour layover in Doha, but the service was so great in flight and during our check in that it was worth the layover time.

We spent almost 2 months in Bali visiting friends. We proceeded to the Denpasar, Bali airport on our scheduled flight date of March 16, 2011. We arrived at the check in counter at 8:30 pm. Our flight was not due to depart until 10:20 pm. After loading our baggage upon the scale, we were informed by the check in clerk, Fitri (id # 3009161) that we had excessive baggage amount and weight. We explained to her that we had arrived in Bali from Johannesburg with this exact same amount of luggage and weight and was never required or demanded to pay any additional fees and that we had even inquired with Qatar before leaving to confirm our luggage was according to their standards.

She refused to help us. We immediately asked to speak to the manager on duty. Manager Hendra (id # 22340) arrived. We explained the situation to him. He insisted that we were not in compliance with Qatar Airlines baggage allowance and proceeded to inform us that in order to travel back to Johannesburg with the same baggage we had flown from Johannesburg with that it would cost us an excessive baggage fee of $3344.40 USD. The QATAR web-site states $175.00 US Dollars for each excess baggage.

Of course we refused to pay this exorbitant fee. He then kept asking to see our tickets from where we had flown from Johannesburg to Bali. Since we secured our round trip flight via online check-in all we had when leaving Johannesburg was our printed Boarding Pass, just the same as we had this time. I explained this to Mr. Hendra and even borrowed a phone to access my e-mail to show him our flight confirmation. It was not satisfactory for him. I still do not understand how this request was relevant to our current situation.

While trying to reason with Mr. Hendra, we contacted our friends in Bali and were trying to make arrangements for the supposed "excessive baggage" to be picked up. It was shortly after this that Mr. Hendra informed us that we would not be allowed to board the flight. Before leaving Denpasar, Bali airport we demanded a written letter by Mr. Hendra stating this to be the truth. We have a signed letter from Mr. Hendra along with the witness of Ms. Fitri.

We returned to our friends home who already had additional company. We began trying to contact Qatar Airlines to try and get some assistance. There are no emails easily accessible via their website. It was only after having to call twice that we were able to get an email and then they gave us the incorrect email. We found the correct one via an online search.

I have spent the last 18 hours contacting different offices and personnel with Qatar. The situation is still unresolved. The last phone call I received was from the Airport Manager here in Bali stating they admitted the whole situation was there "mistake" but they would only make it correct by allowing us another flight with a slight weight increase. Either way we would still be forced to leave behind our personal belongings that we were allowed to come with.

No matter how you look at this situation it is 100% Qatar Airlines responsibility to know and communicate accurate information to their customers. Every decision we made was based on the information we received from Qatar Airlines. Now Qatar Airlines is trying to financially extort us because we acted solely on the information provided us by Qatar Airlines representatives.

This was our first time flying Qatar Airlines and will be our last. My husband and I have flown dozens of times and never had such horrible, cruel service.

Jan 21, 2011 9:25 pm EST

[censor] for these guys, They are not professional guys, i had a copy of the Syrian visa same like my friends. They travel by Saudi Airline. They did not ask them. With Qatar airway they did not issued me ticket when i reached at airport. They are saying this is visa copy, you can not go with it. But other airlines are allowing this.. My experience is bad for Qatar airway..

Jan 13, 2011 1:52 pm EST
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"Scam" Qatar Airways is not the so self-proclaimed 5 star airline as customer service falls on deaf ears. This could be in light of winning the bid to host the World cup and maybe they are in need of money and therefore are doing everything possible to gather some much needed funds.

They are currently doing things within their reservation system to agents and forcing the industry to change their airfares with minimal notice to the agent and customer. In other words if you don’t action and pay for your booking now (now being at out of office hours) we will cancel the reservation on the same day just before midnight. This in effect means that the agent has to re-book the flights in question with a much higher price for exactly the same seats with the same fare basis and class of booking, scam. They have certainly lost my loyalty, but what do they care... I'm only a passenger one of many (not) ...

Jan 02, 2011 5:48 pm EST


Aug 03, 2010 7:13 am EDT

I had similar situation at Jeddah Airport, where i went for umrah and was returning. I checked in ok and i had 1 kg extra wt in carry on, person checking me in had no issues, all of a sudden guy name Jamal happen to incharge on floor for weights came and stopped me and wanted me to take off 1 extra kg from my carry on. i had nothing on me to take out and put it somwhere. I can tell he was looking for a bribe, but i dont wanted to pay. After arguing for 45 mins, i got the plastic bag from one of the porters and resolve the issue, but i did say Jamal that i will complain about him to headquaters in Doha and in USA, that made him more upset. He then told the immigration guys in at Jeddah airport who gave me more grief...this was my first experience with Qatar airways and hopefully last. DON'T TRAVEL with this AIRLINE. You might want to pay extra and take some other airlines.


May 18, 2009 7:21 am EDT

In April 2009 my son was stranded in Bangkok having has all of his posessions stolen. He has a return ticket and needed to get home for his own safety and welfare. On his ticket Qatar airlines said his first avaialble flight was 16 days later. They instructed him to go into the city to try and get advice on a return ticket and variatin.
This was in Bangkok on the day there was a state of emergency, rioting and the army on the streets shooting civilians. Quite remarkable advice.
Needless to say he didn't go, the next day he returned to the airport and was told the next flight was full.. not the class of his ticket but the whole flight was full. To cut a long tary short it was a miracle after paying nearly £600 that a seat became suddenly free.
Complaing to Qatar is a complete waste of time, they ignore specific questions and cannotjustify there actions. They are a complete joke.
Action is still ongoing to get compenstaion but be careful when flying.
I would be interested in hearing from anyone who has sued them through the courts.

Apr 03, 2009 2:33 pm EDT

I wanted to share this horrid experience that I had with Qatar airline staff.

My wife and I flew Qatar from IAD to BOM, I am back in the US but my wife needed to postpone her ticket as she is undergoing medical treatment and the doctor had advised her not to travel for a month. I had provided medical certificates to substantiate this to both the US and the India office.

I called up reservations which always takes more than 30 mins and I must add they have a bunch of very rude agents sitting there. I was then transferred to customer service and was told that my ticket is valid only for 3 months which I wasnt aware of and that a change of date would cost me 950$. Nowhere on the ticket or in the terms and conditions did it say that the ticket is valid for 3 months. I was ok with paying for the change in fare of 250$(which was known to me when I bought the ticket) but the 700$ to extend the validity was very unfair and I requested for that to be waived on medical grounds. I was then asked to email the consolidator which I did twice but got no response. I was in a catch 22 situation as CS in the US told me to contact CS in India as the passenger was in India and the CS in India asked me to talk to US office as the ticket was booked here.

I have to say that I am extremely disappointed in Qatar's customer service and the way my request was handled. Having a medical emergency was bad enough but dealing with Qatar was worse.

Worst customer service and policies ever.

Jan 04, 2009 10:51 pm EST

Beware when buying duty free items on-board. I was coming back from Paris on flight number 016 on October 2008. During the flight I bought few items, only to discover a month later that I was over-charged. We’re in January now and I am still waiting and emailing…I was not given a proper bill, just the credit card receipt. When I attempted to correct the problem and get my money back, I’ve been given the run around…Over 5 Emails and multiple phone calls to find out who should I ask for my money back…Then they wanted proof, and without it, there is nothing they can do…They are saying they don’t know what I bought...And of course, they sent me to different department and now I am waiting for the other departments manager to come back so he can see! Do they think we are idiots! They don’t have a list of sold items? Basically, Qatar Airways are professionals when it comes to avoid paying back money that they literally and legally stole.

Oct 02, 2008 6:40 pm EDT

Flying from Tehran to Washington DC, they didn’t let me take my small backpack inside claiming is seems! Too heavy, although when we weight it was whiting limited weight. They forced me to leave it to cargo, and there is was lost for one week! After they find it, everything was broken and smashed inside. The name of Qatar Airways agent was Ali and he was Iranian.

Aug 04, 2008 10:12 am EDT

this is compiaint in flight no 137 on 19/7 /2008 from kuwait to Doha, I had reservation on J class but we could not find our reservation and we had to go on ecchonomy

on flight 081 20/7/2008 from Doha to Rome my son was in the ecchonomy class, and i was on J class, my son wanted to see me, he was very badly treated by the senior crew of j class inspite i had explained to him that well be for few seconds only

Jul 22, 2008 10:45 am EDT

My wife is travelling with 9 month old infant alone from India. I called up two weeks ago to assign a seat for the mother in the front row so she can have basinet. According to my request seats 8A (Ahmadabad to Doha) and 16J (Doha to Newark) were assigned.

Since their Indian counter part kept saying they can’t see the seat assignment I called their USA office once again today. To my surprise their representative told me they removed the seat assignment done earlier and told me about the new seat assignment 14A & 19G.

We had similar situation when we went from USA to India. That was the reason I asked for seat assignment well in advance as soon I returned to USA for my wife and kid.

When I asked your customer service rep the reason for denying the seats arranged earlier she said she can’t do anything. I was denied access to her supervisor stating not available in office.

Is this 5 star service ? What sort of airlines cancel seat assignment without any information to us. People please be aware if you are travelling on QATAR airlins.

Nov 07, 2007 12:17 pm EST

On 07.11.07 i checked in with Qatar airways to fly from Doha to Delhi by QR 232 on 08.1107 dep. Time 00.50 am. Qatar Air ways proclaimed that they have 5 star rating. But the 5 star rated airline dont know what is the ideal time for dinner.
When i approached to the food court at 9.30 pm of Qatar airways on first stair in Doha International airport I was badly insulated the coupon distributer mr. Jaffar Ishlam as per him this is his mane. He is behave was very bad with the customer. He wanted to show all the people available there that I am begging for food and he also used his Index finger very well towards me. He proclaimed aster taking the biggest of Qatar Airways person's name that even he cant touch him.

The situation was very heartening. I complained the same at transfer desk after five minutes but no action.


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