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I am writing to seek your assistance about a recent extremely frustrating experience, I (shabana solangi) and my sister family experienced after buying Qatar Airways e-tickets.

On February 18, 2022, I bought Qatar Airways e-tickets from Pakistan to New York for my sister’s family on my TD Visa card (US) and got e-ticket ( ref# RFXKMS- Waqar Ahmed Chishti, Shamim Memon & Saiful Wahab) in email.

Due to some confusion, they missed the flight which was in the morning. Around 7.00 pm they asked Qatar Airways counter in Pakistan to accommodate them in next flight and issue them new tickets but they told them to buy the tickets where they bought before. My sister informed me right away and I called Sheryl [protected]) and Sheryl told me to pay extra money and asked to send her my driver license and credit card pictures. I paid $489 extra for all three and reserve the seats for the next Qatar flight 605 (ref#-RFKMS) at 3.20 a.m and sent my driver license and credit card pictures.

At the check-in time, the system was not showing their reservation and they called me. I called back to sherly and later the system verified their tickets. Also Sheryl told me to go nearest airport in Toronto to show my credit card and passport at Qatar Airways booth so I went airport and looked for the Qatar Airways booth. Somebody directed me to go to terminal 3 and from terminal 3, they told me to back to terminal 1 but I couldn’t find booth. I asked security guard and some other police enforcement and they said it is closed because there was no flight today so the booth is closed. I asked further then somebody told me to go their office downstairs at terminal 1 but I didnt find any Qatar office there and I left from the Pearson airport

My sister called me that they are not issuing them boarding pass and asking for credit card which used for tickets purchased. Upon inquiry, why they need card, they mentioned that they need that credit card for verification of the payments and they required $10 further for some fees.

Just to let you know that I purchased these tickets for them and I was in Canada. I was unable to send them card so I took picture of the card and sent them in whatsapp. They didn’t accept that and neither they accept cash at the Qatar Airways counter in Pakistan for the credit card fee. I called back to Sheryl and asked why they need credit card and other fee when I already paid for the tickets. She told me to show them credit card through video call. So we did video call with them but they were consistently asking for credit card verification and $10 fee and didn’t allow them to depart to New York.

This is the first time ever weird experience we experienced, as we have used previously credit cards for international travel and this type of incidence never happened before and I feel that, because of that distractive experience, they are entitled for compensation, free travel and full refund amount as soon as possible.

Also I an requesting you to please investigate the whole incidence at your earliest convenience and reply promptly.

Thank You

Shabana Solangi



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