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Nov 18, 2020

Public Service Electric & Gas [PSEG] — Extra charges for my electricity

Hello. My name is Anna I leave at 1028 B North stiles street, Linden, NJ, 07036. I've been living at...

Public Service Electric & Gas [PSEG]Electric - billing procedure

Store closed on April 1, 2020 through June 30, 2020 due to Covid-19. i received bills estimated from PSEG based on last year when store was fully operational. these estimated bills have continued through August 2020. I have contacted PSEGmonthly and have been told to send in what I think is owed. So, in good faith. I have sent in $300 for April, $400 for May, $500 for June and $600 for July. Most recent bill does not even tell me if actual or estimated or any consumption information. it just indicates amount due based on previous months bills which were all estimated!

The resolution I am seeking ..
PSEG representative to come and read meter to provide me with an ACTUAL reading and provide a bill based on actual consumption so determination can be made if I owe them or vice versa.

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    Public Service Electric & Gas [PSEG]loss of power

    PSEG comes in like big shots making promises, raising prices but they are just as bad as LIPA. First major storm and they already suck at it. 1st time promised power was 9:45am, then 11am now 10pm. The trucks arent even in our area yet. I have a cancer patient and elderly woman in the house. Just like a big company to make promises, take our money and keep money of them.

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      Public Service Electric & Gas [PSEG]charging me for electric for a year after usage because of tampering before I moved in

      I received a letter from pse&g stating I owed 864 for a year worth of electricity that I wasnt billed for. When I called to get an explanation they told me the meters were tampered with prior to my moving into my apartment. I have been here for almost 2 years. The old landlord sold the place and the new landlord made repairs that should've been done a long time ago. The lady was very rude and kept repeating I have a legal responsibility to pay for the back usage. Now my bill is paid every month for what they were billing me. How is it my responsibility to pay for something that I wasnt charged for and they finally make payments. Her response is I will show you what you were charged vs now either way this is unethical and outright wrong. I have been paying for what I was billed they mess up and fail to read a meter correctly or make repairs and that's on me? I have a one year old and struggling to pay my Bill's as is and they probably think because of where I live I dont have resources to fight this than they are sadly mistaken

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        Public Service Electric & Gass [PSEG]my bill

        Hello, I've made numerous attempts to find my account at PSE&G in NJ and i still cannot get the number to the collection agency that is handling my account. No one seems to have that information and I have not received any calls saying that my account is now in collections or where I need to start sending payments. Can someone kindly provide the contact information for the collection and billing department ...I need the number for New Brunswick, NJ location or Essex County. The account was closed on March 30, 2019

        old address: 44 South Munn Avenue, 7E, East Orange, NJ 07018

        account ending in #2506

        Davena Stewart

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          Jul 13, 2019

          Public Service Electric & Gass [PSEG] — electric

          Last year pseg tried to overhcharge me on my monthly electric and gas bill for a total of $330 on a 750 sq ft...

          Public Service Electric & Gass [PSEG]worry free repair

          I had a PSE&G washer repair person come out to my home who put the washer hose in the wrong drain and caused water damage in my home. I tried to submit a claim but have been humiliated and treated rudely by a claims representative named Chris Farley. I spoke to him twice and was questioned endlessly. I told him he needed to send someone to my home so that I can show him the damage in my home. He continued to ask the same questions over and over again and never agreed to send anyone to my home. I have water damage in my home as a result of the mistake made by the PSE&G repairman. I am entitled to compensation.

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            Public Service Electric & Gass [PSEG]hidden fees

            Let me start out by saying that I did not have a worry free contract when I contacted pse&g. My central a/c unit was not cooling the house effectively, so I contacted pse&g (who traditionally has been very responsive). They told me that labor would be $248 since I did not have a contract.

            The tech came on the same day. He told me I needed 5 lbs of freon to resolve the issue... And that the cost would be $90 per lb. He did not tell me about any additional fees.

            In my head, $248 + $450 ($698) would be around the price I would be paying (plus taxes). I agreed to the work... And the tech comes in with a bill showing an additional $195 for "replacement part installed." when I called to ask what this was, the supervisor told me that it was for diagnostics.

            The diagnostics literally took 2 secs as the tech the didn't even come in the house, and just said he needed to refill the freon. The tech was not upfront about this cost... And I ended up paying close to $1, 000. I would not have agreed to have them do the work if I knew this up front.

            The supervisor for pse&g worry free (nj) did not help in resolving this issue.

            I will not be using pse&g again. Frankly, they are a dishonest company and worthy of zero stars.

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              Public Service Electric & Gass [PSEG]dangerous pseg driver

              I am a customer, but I'm writing to report a dangerous driver.

              About a week ago I was traveling South on Paramus road in Paramus, NJ. (I started to write right after it happened, but I thought it was a waste of time, but have change my mind),

              I was in the right hand lane on a 2 lane road that was merging into one lane. I was about 6 feet ahead of the PSEG van (19102, Lic. XSF C69) - almost a full car length, when the driver cut me off from behind and forced me to brake and steer to my right. It was an aggressive and dangerous move. I travel this road regularly, and vehicles know that whichever car is ahead as they go into the single lane will take the spot and cars will take turns.

              I'm sure you'll do nothing about this, because, well why bother, right?, but as a company with hundreds of vehicles on the road, you should have drivers that obey simple road rules and don't endanger you customers.

              I have a photo of the van that shows the license plate and the van number which I am attaching. Your driver has some anger issues at the very least, and has probably done this more than once.

              dangerous pseg driver

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                • Ma
                  Matt Hwang Jul 30, 2020
                  This comment was posted by
                  a verified customer
                  Verified customer

                  I agree I just met with a very RUDE PSEG driver, he was blocking my driveway and I honed so he can move his car out of my driveway but he totally ignores me and then still does whatever he is doing and i was patine to wait a few minutes but I went grocery shopping and its hot outside and he still doesn't move it so i honed several time now its been five minutes and he has the audacity to come up to my car and say a nasty and sarcastic words ... Why This ? he is blocking me from my driveways and tells me I am being rude to him for honking ??? and his asian remarks. I'm not black but asian so asian lives don't matter ??
                  his license plate number XGA - R93 He should be grateful to have a job all he needed was to move his car why is that so hard to do ? while my groceries melt in the heat and...

                  0 Votes

                Public Service Electric & Gass [PSEG]Transformer outside my childs bedroom window

                My name is Jessica Giaimo, I live at 605 East Front St. Apt#6 Plainfield nj 07060, my 3 children and my husband Sebastian Cortes whom which the account with your company is under his name and myself live in Norwood Gardens and recently my son has been getting frequent infections with high white blood cell counts, research shows that these transformers are linked to childhood leukemia in which when in close proximity of residence and its very close to my three sons windows they are all exhibiting headaches and fatigue, I am Requesting that your company move the transformer within safe proximity so that my children are safe.
                Account # [protected]
                cell# [protected] (Jessica Giaimo)
                cell# [protected](Sebastian Cortes)

                Transformer outside my childs bedroom window

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                  Mar 18, 2019

                  PSEG — outdoor lighting at westmont plaza, haddon township, nj

                  Hello, I am unsure if PSE&G takes care of the shopping center lighting at Westmont Plaza shopping...

                  Public Service Electric & Gass [PSEG] — installation of air conditioner

                  On 12-17-18, Contractors from PSEG replaced my heater and air conditioner. Prior to installation a rep came...


                  Public Service Electric & Gass [PSEG] — pse&g worry free home appliance warranty

                  I was warned, I didn't believe them and am I sorry for doubting my neighbors. Like a fool I cancelled...

                  Public Service Electric & Gass [PSEG] — repair service on my oven and dryer

                  Oven it took 5 visits and a month to get my oven fixed. Now my dryer is not working and I am without a dryer...

                  Public Service Electric & Gass [PSEG] — air conditioning

                  We have been without air conditioning for 2 weeks. We have a PSE & G worry free contract for the equipment...

                  The complaint has been investigated and
                  resolved to the customer's satisfaction
                  Public Service Electric & Gass [PSEG]"surprise" deposit requirements for 9-year customer

                  PSE has joined the ranks of punishing people who are working hard to pay their bills by asking them to pay even more. I was surprised at the amount of a bill I recently received, and dug deeper to discover they added a security deposit to my bill. Because I paid late a couple of times they say. I'm sure I've paid late a few times over the past nine years, but I've always paid, including the late fees, and my bill is current. Not cool at all for a company who has a monopoly on a necessity to suddenly hit people with surprise deposit requests, and then refuse to budget on it. I'm still fighting it but I want everyone to know how PSE is treating us honest, hard-working people.

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                    My complaint is not with this company. I did not click Submit but it posted anyway.

                    Public Service Electric & Gas [PSEG]meter read/customer service/equal payment plan

                    Rip off! Rip off! Rip Off!. I just moved to the Burbs and I'm having to deal with this horrible company. They know we don't have other options so they can basically do what they want. You can even tell by the way you are treated by their representatives. Horrible service and rude. I'm finding that there always some reason why my bill ends up being backed up and I'm giving some crazy, unreasonable bill amount. I'm so disgusted and angry that this is my new reality. The equal payment plan is also the biggest trick so far. Don't do it!

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                      Public Service Electric & Gas [PSEG] — new service

                      Currently, we are building a house at 17-09 Gates Place, Wayne NJ.  We have been trying for over a month to...

                      PSEG (Public Service Electric & Gass ) — smart meter

                      Smart meters are fire hazards and I do not want one, especially on a gas meter which could cause an...

                      PSE&Goutrageous hike in bill

                      My Business bill for the month of June is outrageously high. I need PSE&G to get their acts together and stop the indiscriminate hike in bills. I have called their customer service over the phone to no avail. No matter what you tell them, you are still in the wrong and you are getting charged the right bill. They are of no help. My May's bill was about $158 and change only to get two bills for the month of June totally $422.23! without doing anything different than turning on my fan on the hot and humid days! The non effective, energy saving a/c I have was only turned on once out of the less than 30 days for this outrageous bill!

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