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delivery of natural gas/ account #[protected] 002 000 5

Columbia Gas of Ohio is by far the worst natural gas company in all of America. Columbia Gas of Ohio i...

gas services

So I moved into my apartment on 5/19 & Columbia gas folks took a meter reading & there billing date was 5/22...

Account transfer

My apartment gas account was switched over to a new tenant. I then got a bill of over $26 just for that switch and NOT for any gas use. It took several conversations with Columbia to understand what this extra charge really was. I was told it was for different thing which is ridiculous in itself. This processing fee is wrong and I am going to fight it. I am sure most customers do not know about this charge as it is added to their final bill but mine was a separate bill with 1 ccf of gas usage. A class action suit should be in the works.

call employer and caused me to loose my job

A Columbia GAs Employee called my Employer and discussed a personal matter with them regarding a Dispute that...

Resolved Poor customer service on fridays

If there were any other natural gas provider in my neighborhood, I would go to them. All that is available to me is Columbia Gas. I moved into my new place on the weekend of the 10th of april, 2010. I called the landlord out to let them know there was no hot water, and to his surprise, the gas was shut off. I called the gas company and they said someone would be out on the 16th to get it set up. I also advised them that the meter appeared to have been vandalized, and that there was gas smell coming from it. They didn't seem to concerned and stuck to their original service date. On Friday, we were home all day, and we recieved a message on one of our cell phones from the service man that was supposed to come out. Later when we saw a Columbia gas vehicle drive by our house, we called them to find out why he didn't stop. We found out that our appointment had been cancelled for "No Access" and that we would have to wait another week to get our gas turned on. I have three small children that are nearly impossible to keep clean without hot water, and am expecting my fourth in June. I suspect that I know what really happened, given it was friday. Real profesional Columbia Gas. The first oppurtunity I get to have another provider, or move to a place that is serviced by your competitor, I'm gone.

  • Po
    Porter 33 Feb 01, 2013

    called Columbia gas on Thursday 1-31-2013 to have gas put in my name - we just moved in. told no one was available until February 6tho, 2013 to be able to turn it on! It is 12 degrees outside & I have to wait 5 days to have heat or hot water? thois is very poor customer relationship from thois "billion" dollar company. i bet thoe CEO of Columbia Gas will be very warm in house tonight. I wish we had othoer options with service's like this. but i guess thats how they get us. next time I move it will not be in Columbus's, Ohio location. I will definitely look at the utility company situation first.

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Resolved Lies / Missrepresnting policies

On a phone call prior to 1/14/2010 I was told by a customer service rep at Columbia Gas, that they did NOT shut off services during winter months.

My service was shut off on 1/14/2010. I was forced to pay a reconection charge. They said that they would review the call. Based on the notes that they made on my account as read to me by supervisor Jeremy id 4201, They said that I was informed of a possible disconnect.

I know that to be false and I requested another review of the call and I was denied. I was told that it would take a court ordered subpeona for them to rereview it or supply me with a copy of it.

I clearly told I would not be disconected and during subsequent calls was told I had not talked to customer service but someone in a billing or collections/finance dept.

Regardless of who told me I was advised that I was not in danger of being disconnected during the middle of winter. I want my reconnection charges crdited to my account.

  • Mi
    Michael Sk Jul 06, 2019

    Gas changed mid-billing cycle - I (as owner of property - but no gas usage) and tenant (transferred service mid cycle) both charged service fee of $30 for that month. What a way to scam money from its customers ! If there was another option available I would do so - Dominion does not do this.

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Previous tenant was stealing gas because meter wasn' t removed or locked. I set out tenant and put the...