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Consumers Energy Complaints & Reviews

Consumers Energy / meter replacement services

Harolyn Baker on Sep 18, 2017
Saturday a service man came to my home without a scheduled appointment to change my old meter to a digital meter. After the replacement, he informed me that he needed to re-light the pilot on my gas and water tanks. He went in my basement and came back up and said he had completed the...

Consumers Energy / utilities

Susan Majchrzak on Sep 18, 2017
I received a shut off notice last week and I'm was supposed to be shut off Sept 19. I called and was told that they would extend the date first to Sept 26, and today when I called, the recording said to pay $216 on October 3, which I can do, because I get my Social Security/Disability...

Consumers Energy / billing errors

M Deborah Hassen on Aug 29, 2017
Our power was cut off on August 4th 2017. We were told that we we approved for a Shut Off protection plan. But we were shut off anyways after we had made our Down payment! So on the 4th of August 2017 We paid the Down payment AGAIN as we were told that before the SHUTOFF that we were not on a...

Consumers Energy / having my gas and electric disconnected

Mhawkins on Jul 31, 2017
I live at 22710 Michigan Ave in Three Rivers, MI. I am having my current home demolished and I new one built in it place. My contractor is coming this week to begin demo. I contacted consumers on the 17 of July to set this up. I was told by Kasha Faulkner that Jason Larson would be my...

Consumers Energy / bad service

Shelley Anne on Jul 18, 2017
I have always used Consumers for my energy needs. Never have had a problem until now. Im a working single mom, who has always been on one your plans. Budget or Shut off. Most recently I was enrolled in the shut off, with a monthly payment of $138. after the first 18 months of being on the...

Consumers Energy / online bill pay

Valeria Bee on Jun 29, 2017
I have been paying online with my Global Express card and Consumers Energy billpay system keeps trying to bill Global as customer not me so they decline payment.I reported this to Consumers energy and they did not make correction.Now once AGAIN they are charging me 15 bucks because they...

Consumers Energy / Call center

Amandaraymond on May 4, 2017
I recently moved into a new place my landlord put the utilities in my name for me the person she talked to told her that I needed to provide verification information such as social security card driver's license and lease. After being shut off because I was unaware of the situation I...

Consumers Energy / Electricity charges

LaDre Pierce on Apr 5, 2017
The electricity supplier has increased my electricity rates at our home to the point that I cannot afford to pay. our bill has been 400.00 per month, and I am hardly ever even there. Our bill has never been near that much, even in during the winter months and we are using about the same...

Consumers Energy / Electricity

Cold and hungry on Mar 8, 2017
I am leaving this review from my phone since we are without power. We are always without power, sometimes for weeks at a time. It has gotten a lot better since that Christmas when everyone was out of power. We spent Christmas in a hotel and the power didn't come back on for 2 weeks. Thi...

Consumers Energy / Order new aerial power service and they cut the only oak in a field

Scott Carr on Jan 25, 2017
On December 28th I went to the main Consumers power office on Willow street in Lansing to pay for a new service at a Hunting cabin I was building for my retirement and paid them $17, 995.25 and was working with Matt Benic he was on vacation throughout Christmas to the new year I finaly...

Consumers Energy / Customer representative

Avalou on Dec 29, 2016
After receiving a bill for over $600 I called to question it. I called 12/29/16 @ about 950 am. The lady that answered the phone mumbled her name so I didn't catch it. 2 weeks ago my power got shut off over $100. Not because we don't pay we pay every month it's just that apparently not...

Consumers Energy / Appliance repair plan

TERIMAKA on Sep 22, 2016
My oven in my electric stove was not working. The hot plates however were working. I have an appliance plan with consumers energy. I called them and they sent over a repairman. The repairman opens up things in the back and says certain parts are needed and he needs to order them. At thi...

Consumer Energy MI / The forestry branch of consumer energy

Cathy Ellison Rhoades on Sep 9, 2016
They cut a tree down they killed last year, I miss the shade tree but I will deal. There is still part of that first tree they need to address. I was trying to ask them about cutting another dead tree down that could fall anytime. If it does it will take out the power lines. But they have...

Consumers Energy / My meter reading

Reviewer90947 on Nov 8, 2015
Since the beginning of February, I have called Consumer to come and read my meter. I call every month, because they estimate my gas and electricity . I paid to have the meter placed on the outside of my home. The only time they come out is when I call. So they our aware that's it's out...

Consumers Energy Michigan / Very deceptive & crooked!!

Darlene on Apr 21, 2014
Approx. one year ago this July, I had called C.E., because I had owed like $162.00 (the kicker is...) I "had the money" & was at that time going to pay it. But wanted to get a "Monthly Budget Plan" set up along with payment just so that I'd know "exactly" how much I would pay monthly...

Consumers Energy / house burnt down still getting bills and we shut it off

becky wELLNA on Sep 25, 2013
House burnt down July 1 13. Keep getting bills we had it shut off we called and called and called. and you said every time Its all taken care of My dad is 84 has luekemia and not in good health invoice number 010033816 now this bill is for asp Premium Care Lite.IT WAS CANCELLED...ARE YOU...

Amy mason / no lights

help me 201 on Aug 9, 2013
Hi my name is Amy Mason i have 2 children the both are on breathing machine and 1 child.that is blind.an consumers.energy.turned my powet off and.i call them and they told me that all i had to pay was.101.00 to.get it back on so i did.that.now.they.are.putting to bills together and.they...

Consumers Energy / billing

chew7979 on Nov 12, 2012
After trying numerous times to pay my bill online with no luck I called consumers energy just to be informed they do not run their own site. To my confusion I couldn't figure out why, If i was paying my bill on time, I was being charged an additional $6.75 fee? I then proceeded to...

Consumers Energy / meter readings

kaathy s on Sep 11, 2012
my gas bill has always been in the 30.00$ to 50.00$ dollar range specially in uly. When i received my July bill it was 395.00$ then my August bill was 400.00$ i have contacted consumers and was told they would be sending someone out at a pacific time and date. no one ever showed up after...

Consumers Energy / left without heat for 2 days

Laura83 on Feb 12, 2012
Consumer's Energy is full of empty promises and lies. Our heat was shut off Feb. 10 due to a billing error. Initially they said they'd have someone out that evening to turn on the gas. A day went by and nothing. Called again on Feb. 11, now they say wait at the house until 7:00...

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