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Consumers Energy Complaints & Reviews

Consumers Energy / customer service

Spencer Hollister on Feb 5, 2019

I've been trying to get ahold of someone to talk to for the past 3 days to set up a payment plan so my power doesn't get shut off. I've been told I'll get called back in 6 minutes, never happens. Was on the phone waiting for ten minutes while I was told I was being transfered to talk to...

Consumers Energy / construction

regular working class on Jan 15, 2019

that I work midnight's. There is construction across the street. First, trying to sleep and pounded on my door because the needed to see my sewer line in my house do to some rich jerk building a Bigfoot house across the street. So this stranger I don't know is walking through my house...

Consumers Energy / the person at consumer power I contacted was rude, patronizing and distinctly unhelpful

sarala ravikant on Jan 9, 2019

i live alone and my bill usually runs between 150 and 225. this month is 306. when icalled to enquire, he took out weather chart and told me it was too cold for the billing period which started in the middle of november and ended dec 13. i simply requested him if he canget my meter checked...

Consumers Energy / heating rebates - the scame.

Dan Matthies on Nov 18, 2018

I had Furnace replace about March 2018 by a Consumers Contractor. I was told there was a rebate. When I asked for the form I was told by the contractor (Fire & Ice) "they take car of the rebate." About a month and one half later I called the contractor about the rebate and was told, "they...

Consumers Energy / investigations dept

Brian Pardo on Nov 15, 2018

I have been calling all morning, left multiple messages, and when I call the normal consumer's number and talked with someone, they assured me that they answer the phone. Again, I've been calling since just after 8 am with no answer. This is the number I have been calling 8107603245. I...

Consumers Energy / power lines

smurfin12 on Oct 10, 2018

Consumers came into my neighborhood in the downtown Rockford area around 8pm. They cut down a branch, and half an hour later the power went out. I left to go workout and when I came back at 10pm, all they did was put up caution tape. Completely unprofessional, because not only did they not...

Consumers Energy / unethical behavior

Luis De Leon on Sep 24, 2018

Dear Sir or Madam In 2010 of October 24th, Mr. Angel De Leon (my father) passed away. Since then once a year I get a call with his bill and shutoff notice. Every year I explain to someone on the other line and they respectfully say "okay no problem we will take care of it" Once a year I...

Consumers Energy / overcharge for service not used.

rickman420 on Sep 21, 2018

I am Richard Perkins and I am sending this complaint for over charge of energy service. i am aware of payments i missed and amount due prior to the date August. 17, 2018 and will accept charges of energy consumption up till the date of court documented eviction the 17th. of August year 2018...

Consumers Energy / driver

hondamicka on Sep 14, 2018

Truck number 44_338, pulling a backhoe. 3:25 pm, Friday, September 14. Round about at M5 and Pontiac Trail. We were in round about when driver unsafely pulled in front of our vehicle causing me to excessively brake. When seeing him at a red light, the driver made hand gestures, blew kisse...

Consumers Energy / lack of property restorations.

Lawrence Walny on Sep 12, 2018

Consumer Energy dug a giant hole in my front lawn; trashed and defaced my lawn. The restoration is poor and unfinished. I have called David Kaitzke of Consumer Energy Property Restoration several times only to receive empty promises of lawn repair that are unfulfilled and not met. I am a good...

Consumers Energy / kenwhirl appliance repair (gold plan customer), incomplete product appliance repair.

bciotta on Aug 12, 2018

Good Morning I am submitting the complaint letter I sent to Kenwhirl appliance. Considering the amount of money I pay to the Consumers Energy for this plan, a reimbursement would be appropriate. The dates are August 7 & August 9 specifically. Good Morning My name is Barb Ciotta...

Consumers Energy / customer service

Robert Redman1987 on Aug 10, 2018

I am very upset because i called to have service put into my name and because i sound feminine and i am a male amd i also am gay that i now have to take time off work to go somewhere to have my id and social security card notorized this is ridiculous. If i had the optio. To go thru a...

Consumers Energy / billing

Kacy Gaddie on Aug 9, 2018

This company is always trying to find a way to take your money say you haven't paid a payment and CUT YOUR ELECTRIC OFF!! The minute you pay your bill off another bill gets shot out and you can not see how much electric is actually being used!! The customer service rep was not helpful at...

Consumers Energy / restart if service delayed unnecessarily

Kimboliah1723 on Aug 3, 2018

When the power went out after I was unable to keep up (being on maternity leave & not having normal income) I was able to gather up enough to have it restored. The problem was that when I tried to pay it with a few different methods I was then notified that "no more than 3 ‘transactions' are...

Consumers Energy / service call

Miranda Benner on Jul 11, 2018

Good Morning, I'm not sure where to start, I order the Appliance protection program back in June. I have made 2 payments with this program. I called Sunday morning to have someone come out and look at my Central Air Unit. But there was a mess up with my account which was fixed and they were...

Consumers Energy / gas service

Emilystark on Jul 3, 2018

I called consumers energy today took forever to get to a real person the lady I spoke with was short and sad at the end she had to transfer me to another department for confirmation even though she just gave me a confirmation number. She actually transferred me to ALLTEL a separate entity...

Consumers Energy / appliance service dept

Colby003 on Jun 20, 2018

6/20/18 Called the appliance service dept to have my water heater looked at again. Just recently had in serviced on 6/11/18. Now water heater would not stay lit. So service person arrived, said the water heater needed a new valve, which would have to be ordered and take up to 2 days, and...

Consumers Energy / power pole supplying residences temporary "fix" and no one has returned

Taurus54 on Jun 5, 2018

Over Memorial Day (the 27th) weekend the pole supplying our house tipped so power lines were hanging near the ground. The technician who came "fixed by tying it to the tree" Stated that it would be replaced within 2 days. Miss Dig has promptly came the next day and marked. We called in on...

Consumers Energy / electric service

Richard Stearns on Jun 1, 2018

Consumers Energy has sent a bill to collections. I have never lived at the address they have a bill for. I contacted them about 1 year ago trying to find out who the bill belongs to. I told them I have never lived at that address but they would not help me. I do have service with Consumer...

Consumers Energy / restoring service

Krista M on Jan 31, 2018

On 01/30/2018 at 2:05pm I called and was told my service was shut off at approximately 12:00pm . I paid the fees to reconnect and was told I was not able to have a tech come out until the following morning at the 8:00pm-12pm slot. I had a confirmed order number. I took the entire day off...