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Nicor Gas reviews & complaints

Nicor Gas complaints 66

Jan 08, 2022

Nicor Gas - Gas bill increase

My gas residential gas bill increased over 75% from last year. You cannot do this to citizens and homeowners. I demand you to look at what you're doing to people who are "hand cuffed" to you.

I am sure there is a way to reduce this ridiculous amount of % of increase in our bills.

How are we supposed to survive this? Turn heat off in winter?

Look into your billing procedures and work with reducing your costs by demanding a change.

Desired outcome: REDUCED RATES

Nicor Gas - False complaints made on Nekiesa Wilkins from a Sonja Jeneen Pritchett!

My name is Nekiesa Wilkins and it was a false complaint made on me from Sonja Jeneen Pritchett. Sonja Jeneen Pritchett Is a thief and a Squatter. She doesn't have any deeds to a home that don't belong to her! Now today she is living in shelter to shelter and Prostituting her body out and crack head. She stolen personal items at the address that belong to from 682 E Sibley Blv in Dolton IL. I have numerous police reports and I have an order protection against her.

Nicor Gas - rebate offer

Rebate department has received my form, an email, and a call for the rebate on my pool more efficient heater .

I have waited since last August 2021.

I really am starting to think that the CEO of Nicor needs a letter?

Com Ed offered the same rebate on pool filter-- newly installed more efficient unit, I received their rebate within 6- 8 business weeks .

Like a call to me at this point not an email! Why would the rebate you offer take so long to process?

I re-submitted rebate form, account number, serial number on heater, etc.

Vicki and Steve Vogel

Desired outcome: call me


Nicor Gas - New gas service

I filled out a start service application on October 20 to get gas service for my business. I then called two days later to check status and was told that I needed to fill out a credit application. I...

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Nicor Gas - damaged yard

On 10/24/18 and 10/25/18 Nicor dug up my sidewalk to put in a gas line for a neighbor across the street. The neighborhood was subdivided over a year ago so i'm sure why gas line was not installed to...

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Jan 18, 2018

Nicor Gas - gas turned off

I recently purchased my first home in McHenry, IL. There is a 2nd home in my town with the same address as mine so I had issues setting up my account. I had my gas meter moved from my basement to...

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Dec 09, 2017

Nicor Gas - fraud department not responding

I sent a fraud affidavit form to PO
Box 2020 Aurora, IL 60507 and have not received anything on what to do. This is effecting me and my credit. I did not authorize this use of my info to anyone. Who do I contact to get help? The affidavit form said 4 weeks for a response and I have heard nothing.
Can someone tell me who to contact?

thank you
Joyce Cook

Nicor Gas - the nicor gas service that's being shut on at 682 e. sibley dolton il 60419 hse

I Sonja Jeneen Pritchett was given the deed to that home myself and all 8 of my children had been residing there for over a year until I fell ill& had to stay with my son Slone Woffords associate'...

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Nicor Gas - overcharges-disputing refund.

To whom it may concern, several months have pass I notice my bills sky high, so I decide to look into it, when I call nocorgas they inform me that I was switch to a different provider, I was not...

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Nicor Gas - nicor service

Nicor was called to the address by the fire department when I notified them of a suspicious smell. Nicor arrived and locked out my gas meter with a red tab and said I needed to contact a plumber to...

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Apr 11, 2017

Nicor Gas - my meter

I called about a month ago said we heard a loud noise (hissing and smelled gas) some came out I guess I was not home. I was told some one would be out to replace a valve because the technician did not have what he needed. So the were to come on Monday the 27 th of march but did not come out then it was rescheduled for Friday April 7 I received a message that that type of work is not done on Friday s only Monday s. SO a technician was to be here yesterday Monday April 10 we'll guess what No one came.
I m really upset that we pay our bill to your company but no one can seem to get out to our house to fix what needs to be done.
I would love a call to get this problem fixed AT my work number so I can actually talk to someone about this matter. Work phone # [protected]

Jan 02, 2017

Nicor Gas - Public safety procedures

Nicor by-passed all public safety procedures when repairing a Class 1 gas leak on my property last week on Tueday December 27th, 2016. According to their own safety procedures, (See Section 6 -...

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Dec 28, 2016

Nicor Gas - Disconnect from main

We have been waiting for a gas disconnect from the main at for at least 6 weeks. The fee has been paid at the time the call was placed. My customer and I have repeatedly called for an update and it seems to be humorous to thier blatantly unprofessional staff that the process is taking so long. We are unable to even get an update as to when the inspection will take place before JULIE is called. This is disgusting to me, if we were to treat our customers this way we would be out of business.

As of now Nicor has been holding up $300, 000. We cannot even start the project with out the gas line being disconnected from the main.

Nicor Gas - No gas for 29 days

Nicor Gas is the worst company ever ever ever. Isn't there another gas company out there somewhere that we could use? I moved into a rental on November 14th and there was no gas meter attached to the house. Apparently they took all the equipment also. I called them on November 14th to set up new service however I couldn't because there was no gas meter or gas line to the house. Sonoco has been giving me the runaround for 29 days and I still do not have a meter or a gas line to my house it is freezing cold I live in Fox Lake Illinois and I don't know what to do next. Nicor did however tell me if I did drop my complaint with the Better Business Bureau that this would move along a lot quicker. So what's that telling you? I live in Fox Lake Illinois it is supposed to get down to single-digits and I have no heat no heat for me and my two girls little girls. I would really really really appreciate it if somebody can help me out here tell me who to call tell me who to complain to. God bless and I hope you all are warm.

Dec 28, 2015

Nicor Gas - Billing and meter reading

SO IN TWO MOUTHS I RACKED UP A BILL OF 1, 000 WITH NICOR it wasnt even winter yet. Only my son and i, but between them estimateing my bill, the intrest, misulaess charges, and there outrages on going deposit they throw in every mouth it built up. I HAVE NO JOB AT THIS TIME, -becouse there is no day care thats under 200 hundred a week so it got to be two mouths of no payment of course even after shuting me off they keep finding reason to charge me so now i owe 1, 100. They will not give me payment arrangement want full amount, and iam now faceing being homeless! Li-hip will not help me becouse i am shut off already. ALSO i would have went to lihip sooner but they only help or let you sighn up 2 mouths out of the years . Most off the time it take up to 30- 60 day be4 nicor gas even add payment to your account, that dont help.I dont know what to do I have no one. HOUSING WILL NOT HELP ME BECOUSE CANT GET NICOR ON IN MY NAME -let alone pay the deposit for housing, comed etc.. with the economy and nicor being the only company they would not be so money hurger munoply with no heart

Nov 04, 2015

Nicor Gas - Bills

When I moved into a new place...I called to get my service set up. They informed me I had a bill from 9 years ago totaling over $1700. How in the world does one get to that amount with out it being...

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Nov 02, 2015

Nicor Gas - Repairs not received

Nicor needed to cut a hole in my drive way to replace gas lines. I was told it would be repaired in 1 1/2 to 2 weeks. Today 11/2/2015 I was told it would be repaired within 45 days weather...

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The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

Nicor Gas - Roberta Mcdaniel - tenant

I own a rental unit at the above address and the tenant took the bill out of her name and it was automatically placed in my name as being the owner. Well I now have a gas bill for over $1000.00 and I...

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The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

Nicor Gas - horrible service

NICOR is one of the worst gas companies I have ever had to deal with! Where to start!? I paid my gas bill in full on Tuesday and they shut me off 2 days later for "nonpayment". When I called to get a clear understanding of their stupidity, I was spoken in a condescending manner and found Kelly, Scott AND Stephanie to be the rudest and coldest individuals I have ever spoken to. I am still not sure how you have payment but still shut my gas off and then treat me horribly THEN tell me I have to schedule an appt to turn it back on in FIVE days! 5 days. I have kids. Its going to be 40 degrees tonight, I cant cook, bake, wash or dry clothes, take a hot shower or even a warm one, and we dont have heat! I explained this all to them and all I got was "sorry we dont have to legally turn it back on for 5 days!" I hope NICOR goes out of business. Karma people karma.

Nicor Gas - Shut off my gas when I made a $500 pymnt & Im on Social Security Disability

I didn't get a disconnection notice & pd $500 on my Nicor Gas Company and I'm on Social Security disability with a Child in my hm who's sick as well. My Dr. Wrote a note three months ago & Nicors i...

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