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poor quality, excessive delivery charges, fake free shipping offer

I've been married 46 years and wanted a lovely gift for my wife for Valentine's daY. Tulups are her favorites and the photo was beautiful.

"20 assorted tulips, $29.95 with free vase." Baloney!

When I at first placed the order there was a charge of $6.99 for the vase, a type of which you can buy at the "99 Cents only Store" for a buck. So I dropped that part of the order.

Even though the shipping costs added $20 I accepted them because a large pop-up box also said "this order qualifies for shipping rebate." Not so! To get A shipping rebateON THIS ORDER you have to become AUTOMATICALLY subscribed to a $9 /month service that gives you shipping rebates (NOTE: rebate takes 6 to 8 weeks to be returned to you) ONLY WHEN YOU BUY OTHER STUFF FROM OTHER COMPANIES such as Macy's and others.

The flowers that arrived were so small I thought they were miniatures. They were un-opened tulips that were so "droopy" they wouldn't stand up in our vase!

Stick to WalMart and Ralphs. At least you can see what you're getting instead of BEING GOTTEN!

misleading advertising and rediculous fees

Watching the science channel and saw a Pro flowers commercial with great discount for science channel...

flowers were horrible


  • Gi
    girlboo Mar 11, 2011

    proflowers is horrible. they have ruined both valentines and my birthday for me . the flowers arrive all dead and like someone stomped on them. my boyfriend ordered stuff too that were never delivered. i hate proflowers, i told him to never again order form them.

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fradulant charges

Noticed two separate charges since April 2008 for $14.95 each. Vendor was listed as EZSVER and Passporttofun.
I called Encore Marketing (through research on this site). [protected]. Requested to speak with management. Rep came back and said they would call back in 24 hours. I said I'd hold (they're paying for the call). About 10 minutes later, Julie, a consumer rep said she would reverse all the charges back to April. I got a cancellation number. I also told her about this site and the others that have trashed the name. I told her I would let this site know the progress and whether the charges are reversed in "7-10 days". I'll repost as soon as it happens.

  • Sa
    saviour_emi Nov 06, 2010

    Guys if u want ur refunds back just called the emi guys, some indian will pickup and ask him for full refunds he'll provide two first then transfer the call to some consumer guy who is also a indian, and dont give up ask for more refunds, he might offer you till a year and if u ask for more he would transfer the call to another supervisor who can give you your full refunds... during the call dont forget to threaten them with attorney, BBB, and mention that u'll take legal action on them cause thats the magic word. belive me it works 100% !!..

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additional charge of $1.95

My wife made two purchases recently at Our credit card statement shows a $1.95 charge from Easy Savers. An email from indicates that my wife signed up for some sort of service during the checkout phase and that's what the charge is for. One problem is that who would remember exactly what they may or may hot have accidentally signed up for a month ago... We can cancel but the $1.95 is lost. While that's not really enough to worry about, $1.95 times 100, 000 customers can be quite a bit of money...

Searching the internet has brought up enough evidence to indicate to me that this is a scam. I'll do what I can to cancel the charges but we'll see what happens.

San Jose, CA

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late delivery & order total error

Placed an on-line order on 11/20/08 for flowers to be delivered on 12/2. Confirmation promptly received, but was charged $9.99 for "free clear standard vase".
Email received late in day on 12/2 from ProFlowers CEO that "there has been a change in the shipping schedule. The item will now be arriving on 12/3." He offered free shipping on my NEXT order.
I called ProFlowers on 12/2 after receiving this email and demanded she cancel my order, which she said she did.
Now I wait to see if my card will be credited. Plus, if any other mysterious charges appear on my credit card as noted in complaints on this ComplaintsBoard.
Not happy at all with this company.

easy saver/ezsver rw ripoff

When you purchase flowers on-line from Proflowers, your account goes to a company called ezsver rw, or easy server and they proceed to siphon relatively small amounts of money from your account. The amounts are similar ($14.95 in my case) to common purchases and you tend not to question them if you shop online frequently.

They got greedy, or stupid, and both companies hit my account for the same amount on the same day. I caught it, on Thanksgiving weekend, before the bank paid it, but in checking my previous statements, they took me for $44.85, not a lot, but if they're doing this to hundreds or thousands of people it is.

  • Sp
    spitfire Feb 17, 2009

    Shari's berries also does this i ordered some chocolate covered berrites from them now im getting the $14.95 fee on my credit card

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  • Jf
    jfdlsjlasdjflas Jun 06, 2009

    I got scammed, too. Talking to Pro Flowers, I was informed that in fine print that the charge was mentioned if you checked a box to save $15 on another purchase. Well, I'll never shop at ProFlowers again.

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  • Sc
    sc90870 Jul 26, 2009
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I will NEVER purchase another thing from Proflowers! For Mother’s Day, I sent an arrangement of roses that looked beautiful in the photo to my mother and my mother-in-law. It cost me $65 for each and when they both got their roses, they were practically dead. My mom said that the roses were delivered on Saturday and on Tuesday she had to throw them away because they were totally dead. After talking to my mom, I then called my mother-in-law and asked her about her roses and told her to be honest with me. She said she wasn’t going to tell me because she didn’t want to hurt my feelings but since I was asking, her flowers lasted only about 2 days. When she got them, they had already started to die. I was so embarrassed! And now this EZSVER RW has charged my credit card $14.95 for 2 months in a row even though I cancelled the account/service after I found out about the dead roses. I’m calling my credit card company right now and I’m going to have them start the charge back process on this. DONT USE THESE COMPANIES!!!

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easy saver

After placing order through Pro Flowers in September of this year, I began to see unauthorized charges on my checking account of $1.95 for September, $14.95 for October and $14.95 for November.
I called called the number listed on the Pro Flowers website [protected] and asked for a complete refund. They assured me it would be effective immediately.

I will let you know if this happens.

Estela A. Juhkam

  • Kp
    KP Jun 14, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I ordered flowers online through Pro Flowers. I kept getting spammed by them after that, but I never participated after the initial flower order. Then I got my credit card bill, and an unauthorized $1.95 charge appeared for Easy Saver with an 800 number. I checked on Easy Saver before calling the number- apparently they give you a hard time and often won't refund all your money, so I canceled the card and considered myself lucky that it was only $1.95. Pro Flowers had given my card number to Easy Saver without my consent, unless THEY ARE also Easy Saver. Con artists.

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  • Mi
    Mike and Lisa O'Neill Jun 02, 2009

    We had recieved a 1.95 charge for Easy Saver. The next month it was there again now this time it was 14.95. This went on for several months until my wife caught it. The Easy Saver offer was never accepted and or agreed upon by us. I lodged 2 complaints on 06-01-09 one at 7:55 and 8:25 pacific standard time. The girl on the phone was aware of the preditory practices from Easy Saver and apoligized for thier way of business and assured me the situation would be cleared up. My membership will be immediately cancelled and all unauthorized payments will be refunded to my credit card. I should be getting a call, a hassle free call, from someone within 48 hrs. I would like an interest credit for the 6 months that my money was taken on the whole amount also put back on my credit card.

    Its certainly is a shame because my wife liked the items that were ordered. I would like to know how rampant this complaint is and how many times you had to give money back. Practices like this shed a dim light on a bright company. Our future purchases with your companies will directly depend on HOW WELL this matter is resolved and how sincere you are in keeping us as customers.

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  • Yb
    YBH Jul 25, 2009

    Easy Saver charges started showing up on my account first $1.95 and now $14.95. I did not authorize this company to charge my card. I don't even know what this is!!! I ordered flowers using Pro-Flowers. I see that is a common thread. I'm done with ordering from Pro-Flowers and any other company that allows this company to leach off of unknowing customers!!!

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  • Wh
    Whatsup Mar 06, 2010

    I received flowers from my husband for my birthday in January from ProFlowers. He ordered them online. Since then my credit card statement has shown a 1.99 charge in Jan. and now it showing a 14.95 charge in Feb. from an EZsaver. What is going on!! [email protected]

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  • Bw
    BWC25 Mar 06, 2010

    I had the same issue. Unless you unsubscribe to their service while you are buying the flowers they will charge you every month. There is a class action lawsuit going on right now because of it. I will NEVER buy from Pro Flowers again!

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  • Ca
    Caroline Mar 08, 2010

    My name is Caroline and I am the Special Programs Associate here at ProFlowers. I would like to sincerely apologize for any confusion you experienced regarding our partner program. I would be more than happy to discuss your concerns, assist you with anything I can and receive any additional feedback to improve our service. Please contact me directly to discuss, my phone number is (858) 909-3785. I would like to assist you in any way that I can.

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  • As
    a skeptical customer Mar 11, 2010

    I am writing to your company (ProFlowers) about a recent complaint with Easy Saver which seems to be aligned with your organization. I am now very leery about ordering flowers with your company as a surprising membership to Easy Saver appeared on my billing. I have since spoken to Visa and a representative from ProFlowers about this issue (Visa has credited me with these charges and Easy Saver has assured me that my service with them will be cancelled within 1 to 2 billing cycles...SO for 3 months I am now having to deal with this unwanted and unwarranted service.) Apparently your ordering connected me with Easy Saver and by filling out the pop-up menu which I thought was necessary information for your company (ProFlowers), I was erroneously made a member of THEIR services.

    Could you please look into this matter? Can't it be made clearer on your website that these are 2 distinctly different companies with 2 distinctly different purposes?

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  • Pl
    [;plokiukjhvgbjklb.,nes/ Aug 07, 2013

    I have made numerous orders from your company. Every time I have has some sort of issue, whether it be w/ the flowers, vases, $ always something. Your employees are terrible and I keep getting 20 dollars off for my inconvenience..that's just to keep me coming back and here I am w/ another issue. Trying to use a 20 dollar gift card for my mother and nothing but issues. I have called twice today, tried 3 times online and I am getting so frustrated, Basically ready to forget it all and go back to my other place I order from. Please Pro Flowers at least take more time to teach your employees properly.

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I thought I would order a surprise delivery of flowers for my wife so I went on to after...

unauthorized charge to my credit card

After purchasing flowers through, a third party company,, had an ad for...

illegal charge on credit card

They illegally charged for services never provided. I ordered flower using Proflowers, which gave my...


Proflowers is an active participant in a scam/fraud……..
Proflowers uses misleading and unethical advertising practices that end up charging your credit card a monthly ongoing charge when you click on the free shipping offer or $10 off offers. It is VERY deceptive and done ON PURPOSE.
I recently ordered some flowers for my wife for her birthday from A couple of months later I realized that I was being charged $14.95 a month from something called EasySaver…. Proflowers signed me up for this bogus/fraud money saver club thing. When I emailed Proflowers, I was told that I agreed to be signed up when I purchased the flowers. I really did not see this coming from what I thought was a legitimate business.
These practices should be illegal...
I will NEVER buy from Proflowers again and no one else that I know will either... I will see to that.

  • St
    steve Sep 14, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    ProFlowers is obviously making a lot of money from their deal with Easy Saver... scamming their customers for a buck, nice. You should definitely tell everyone about this! I was scammed too, got my money back but I hold a grudge.

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unauthorized billing on credit card

I noticed a charge on one of my credit cards for 1.95. At first, I thought it was a short billed item on a purchase that I had made. Now, when I check online, I see that a charge of $14.95 has been charged for the current month. I have no idea who these people are and decided to check on google.

I bought flowers some time online and can't imagine this billing is from Proflowers. Thanks for the insight!!! I will do what I have to.

It’s important to write this so that others can view the dishonesty of these people.

  • Sa
    sam May 07, 2009

    it plainly states on the proflowers site u have to sign up with and or ezasavers rewards to recieve there offers the charges are plainly stated i just think pple dont read the offer in full and look at a good thing and just clik and sign up, , , now a days is anything free on line i dont think so, , , so why not read what ur signing instead of just clicking thinking u have a good thing, , , , , nothing is free in this world any more dont yall no that

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I can't believe that all I did was order a bouquet of flowers for my mom before Mother's day through and applied (through a 3rd party website) to get a rebate on my shipping, then to find out all of a sudden I'm in this "club" charging me $14.95 every month!

This has gone on since May 08 and it's Sept and I just realized they are doing this behind my back.

I have also rec'd overdrafts from my bank at $35.00 a pop!

I just composed a stern, but professional letter to Easy Saver customer service and plan on doing a follow up call tomorrow morning. They WILL cancel this "membership" immediately and the WILL give me all my money back - period.

I can't believe this - I am shaking my head that this has happened to a lot of other innocent people too. Unbelieveable.

scam and cheating

Hey, I got ripped off by these people also, BUT, all you have to do is call the number, tell them you want the charges reversed {I had 3} the girl said she could do the first one as a courtesy. but not anymore. I asked to speak with a supervisor, she came back a minute later to let me know she was able to authorize taking off all 3 charges. Supposed to take 10 days, we will see. I will let you know if they don't.

  • Al
    alck Dec 22, 2008

    I was initially as furious with Proflowers as the rest of you were. But I think your ire has had the desired result.

    As of 12/20/08, when I called their # (800-355-1837) they professionally and courteously removed 7 months of charges (which I had stupidly overlooked). No reluctance, no sales pitch, no need for me to complain at all.

    Perhaps they will improve their promotion of EasySaverRewards in the future so they don't sucker people in like the rest of us.

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rip off

My wife and I were going over our credit card bill and found a charge of $14.95 being applied EVERY MONTH by this 'Encore Marketing International' in Lanham MD. I have disputed the charge to the credit card company but the number provided by Encore Marketing only gets a voicemail recording. We do not ever remember authorizing this charge and at this point urge anyone who has not done so to scan their credit card statement for anything from Encore Marketing, and tell the credit card company to remove the charge immediately. Who knows how much money we have lost? It's outrageous and we can't afford to not have this money.

  • Up
    UpsetInFlorida Dec 08, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    A lot of you are saying that you can't get through to anyone when you call the 877 numbers to cancel (877.564.8538/877.844.9554). I did a little research it turns out that they're owned/operated by a company called Encore Marketing International.

    So... let's CALL THEM and tell them how big of ### they are for perpetuating these frauds/scams... below is a list of employees and the main number to Encore; if you call a receptionist will put you through to them... CALL THEM NOW IF YOU'RE FURIOUS ABOUT THEM STEALING FROM YOU:

    4501 Forbes Blvd
    Lanham, MD 20706
    Phone: 301-459-8020***
    Business Development: [email protected]

    Stanley Plotnick — Chief Executive Officer
    Steve Klein — President
    Kimberli Files — Chief Operating Officer
    David Gallimore — Executive Vice President, Sales & Marketing
    Michael Dubrow — Executive Vice President, Partnership Development
    Sondra Diggs — Chief Financial OfficerSondra Diggs — Chief Financial Officer


    This is the contact information of the CEO of Encore Marketing who's behind American Leisure and EZ Saver Scams... contact him to let him know how you feel about him cheating you and stealing your money:

    Chief Executive Officer
    Stanley Plotnik

    [email protected]

    Encore Marketing 4501 Forbes Blvd
    Lanham, MD 20706

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  • Nu
    NurseMom Mar 16, 2009

    If you order from, it will be somewhere in the fine print or something. I think maybe there is a box checked conveniently for you that you have to discover and uncheck, or they will sign you up for a trial membership for some Easy Saver Program, and that is where Encore Marketing comes in. They will do a charge for one dollar to verify your account, then 1.95 the next month, then 14.95 every month after, so look for that mysterious 1 dollar charge and call that 1800 number, and cancel the membership. Oriental trading is a good website, i thought, but they are obviously in cahoots with these scammers. Such a shame.

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  • La
    laney78 Oct 07, 2009

    maybe you should read the fine print before you click on things when ordering on the internet or listen to the person offering you to join the clubs before you say yes to anything. I have delt with Encore Marketing for a while now and they have been nothing nice to me and their programs are GREAT!!! I have had a few problems but they have always done what they could to fix it and they have even refunded me my money.

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  • Ya
    YamK34 Jan 08, 2010

    Has ripped me off unbeknowst to me. My company charge cards had numberous "rewards" charges that I had no knowledge of; out bookkepper had no reason to question the charges.

    In one month, I had 2 @$14.95 from Sahalie and 2 @ $14.95 from Solutions. I'm just now getting the full picture, which will be a decent amount, unathorized by anyone in our business.

    How do they continue to get away with this? I plan to never shop with a retailer that uses this service. If everyone would boycott these reatilers, we could perhaps shut them out of business? I think we should try.

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  • Sa
    saviour_emi Nov 06, 2010

    Guys if u want ur refunds back just called the emi guys, some indian will pickup and ask him for full refunds he'll provide two first then transfer the call to some consumer guy who is also a indian, and dont give up ask for more refunds, he might offer you till a year and if u ask for more he would transfer the call to another supervisor who can give you your full refunds... during the call dont forget to threaten them with attorney, BBB, and mention that u'll take legal action on them cause thats the magic word. belive me it works 100% !!..

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buyers beware

Used proflowers for years. Got a coupon offer for fifteen dollars which I used...1st mistake. By doing so you are enrolling in a program called Easy Saver. They will bill your credit card $14.95 every month. I couldn’t figure out who was billing till I did some research. I’m calling up to cancel tomorrow... According to Easy Saver website you have to call [protected] to cancel. I am also NEVER ordering from Pro flowers again... Pro flowers will also recieve a nice little message from me.Buyers please beware of this SCAM.Check other gripes about same problem.


When ordering flowers through there was a box that stated the order qualified for FREE...

They got me too. Bought some flowers on, after checkout I got a pop up, from Easy Saver...

marketing scam

I ordered flowers online through Proflowers and then was somehow signed up for some kind of membership on a...