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Order number [protected]

I want to file a compliant regarding my order number [protected]. This was very special because it was to my niece's 16th birthday. I paid $76.77 for a beautiful bouquet with a balloon, but what she received was not a beautiful bouquet, not even close: not enough flowers in a giant vase, the balloon was just a horrible finger up, more suitable for football party than a 16 year old girl birthday. I understand that may not be exactly as falsely advertise, but please, the florist could at least try to make looks like, but was not even close (ridiculous to say the least). For $76.77 I could have walked to any groceries store and bought at least 5 dozen of roses . I want to know if I can request a refund or something. It's impossible to reach any number for Teleflora, but I need you position. I hope be contact as soon as possible. My phone number is [protected] or e-mail: [protected]


Order a plant with blooming orchids and 30 minutes later they are texting me telling me they couldn't fill the order due to the florist didn't have it and they would substitute it for something else. NO! I ordered what I ordered and paid $51 for little plant. Way too high in the price but it's for my critically ill mother so I just paid the price. WHY WOULD YOU ADVERTISE SOMETHING YOU DON'T HAVE? Now my mother thinks she's getting this beautiful plant arrangement and she's not. Not cool. I'm several states away and can't get to her right now and wanted to do this for her until I could get there. Thanks Telefora for nothing. I'm not on social media but I will be tonight and make sure all of my friends and family are aware of what Telefora is really all about. I cancelled the order and will not return. I do expect a response.


flower delivery

Order #: [protected]
Ref. #: [protected]
On 2/4/2020 placed an order for flower arrangment to be delivered on 2/8/2020 to my daughter for her birthday. As of 6:30 pm that evening (2/8/20) she still hadn't received flowers. Called my C/C company and stopped payment-then called Teleflora and girl said flower shop got order but she doesn't see that it went out. Said she called flower shop and they're closed - (no kidding!!). I talked to several people at Teleflora - none of whom spoke English and one of the people named "Vincent" who on "Mon. 2/9/11/20 " said he sees where they couldn't find a florist in the delivery area who could MAKE the arrangement - even though it's on their website ...We went back and forth with numerous emails and they just replied with robotic answers and turned everything I said around to their advantage.
They ruined my daughter's birthday as well as the "surprise" we had planned by sending her flowers. This is the second time I had a problem with them and guaranteed it will be my last.
I don't want their 30% or 50% discount on ANOTHER order - I will never do business with them again.
What they need to do is send my daughter an arrangement - FREE of CHARGE - for their deceptive business practices, which they have been getting away with for far too long...

coupon fraud

tried to use a 25% off coupon that came in the mail but would only give me 20%, when I called they said I need to place the order over the phone for 25%, but the coupon clearly says "Place your order today at" or call, very deceptive and the person I spoke to clearly did not know what to do, or was just not willing to do what was needed to correct the issue, regardless I did not get the ADVERTISED 25%.

teleflora order

I couldn't use my groupon on the website, so I had to do a live chat to complete the order. Then I was told I couldn't use the groupon with the 20% that I received for creating an account with them. Then, there was a "service fee" of $15.99 in addition to the $34.99 flower arrangement. And then there was a minimum order charge for the zip code the flowers where being delivered, which raised my total order to $50.00. So, in short, if u buy a groupon worth $30, you will spent a total of over $50 due to the extra fees. Only after the order is placed they tell you that there may be "minor differences in what I ordered and what would be delivered. Seriously? Teleflora just charged me $50 and now you tell me I am not going to get what I ordered. I will never use them again.

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Teleflora order

Teleflora dropped the ball on a flower order for my daughter. The order was for homecoming corsage and boutonnière.
Florist delivered corsage/wristlet, not the boutonnière.
Order number [protected] contained both items. Customer service said they did not receive the boutonnière portion of the order, which is a bunch of crap, because they did; in addition, canceled the order without telling the customer.
For most, this would not be important, but this was for my daughters homecoming.

The communication and support stunk, and if it was not for me following up, i would have thought all was ok.
I supposedly will be getting a credit for the item that was not ordered.

Due to Lack of communication, help and support, I will probably not be using Teleflora again.

flower delivery

I placed an order yesterday october 10th for flower delivery for my moms 79th birthday. I received confirmation and everything, I call after 8pm to make sure my mom loved the flowers I paid almost $140.00 for only to find out that there was no flowers delivered.
Order number: [protected]


Colors of the rainbow bouquet - premium
Product id & product price:
T282-9c $124.99
Mylar balloons $4.99
Service fee: $20.98
Taxes: $11.87
You saved: $-26
Total order: $136.83
Deliver on:

Occasion type:

What a joke that you trust this company to stand behind their word and deliver when they say they will deliver.
When I called corporate to see what is going on the lady over the phone states that the "driver had already been in that area once and was planning on delivering the flowers today, 10/11/2019. I asked her if these flowers were going to a funeral that was today and the driver was"already in the area and would deliver them the next day" would that be acceptable?? So disappointing that a flower company that has one job, cant even do what they state... Next step is filing a complaint with bbb

flowers no available/cannot deliver on day requested

This is the 2nd time in one month I have ordered flowers and you have not delivered. Neither day was a holiday. My first notice from you today on order #[protected] was at 10:33 AM to let me know you can't get the flowers I ordered. I tried to call and that was another waste of my time so I replied to your email at 11:22 AM cancelling the order. Apparently no one read my reply because you emailed me again at 2:40 PM to let me know you could not deliver the order today. The same thing happened with order #[protected] because you could not deliver that order on the day requested. I cancelled that order as well. I love flowers as I think they bring joy on happy occasions, but you ruin that not only for the recipient, but for me as the sender. You must not really care as there are so many complaints against you and you still do nothing to improve your service. SHAME ON YOU!

flower order and delivery

I placed an online order for my 91 year old mother for Mother's Day. I ordered a "Passionate Purple Tulips -Deluxe" which was to be 20 quality purple tulips. What was delivered on May 10th was not that. It was roughly 8-10 poor quality wilted tulips, with yellowed leaves.
The price was $84.99 with a $10 discount promotion fee plus a Service Fee of $17.99 for a total price I paid of $82.98.

When I called my mother to check on her and inquire if she received her flowers she replied yes but I could tell in her voice something was wrong. She began to describe the flowers and her disappointment was felt through the phone. I then felt as though I had diminished my honor of her.

When I contacted Teleflora and asked for a replacement, they espoused all the "sorry for blah, blah" and wanted more details so they could "research" the order, which was ridiculous because I had already provided them with all the information. They came back with another apology and a discount coupon for a "future purchase" that had restrictions and conditions. I was furious. I explained to them that I had no interest in their future coupon, that that did not help the injured party the "recipient" who's JOY was stolen! A woman that is 91 years old and may never see another Mother's Day"...and a daughter that felt she had let her mother down. I told them that any company worth a grain of salt would have replaced the order...that it was outright theft and fraud. Then they came back and changed the future coupon to a direct reimbursement to my credit card of $16.27, which is a joke! I asked for the name of the florist and they said that they were not allowed to provide that information. They just blew me off. I have spent thousands of dollars on flowers over the years and just seems that the industry has descended into is time for some intervention.

Do you know how it felt to hear just this morning...only 4 days after delivery..."Susan, they never replaced the flowers, and your brother had to throw them out already". For $82 I could have paid someone to go to the local grocery store and purchased an arm full of flowers and taken them to my mother. PLEASE so what you can to correct this theft and fraud. My only regret is that my mother does not have a camera or cell phone to have taken a picture.

  • Te
    TellMeAboutIt82 May 14, 2019

    " She began to describe the flowers and her disappointment was felt through the phone. I then felt as though I had diminished my honor of her."
    " that did not help the injured party the "recipient" who's JOY was stolen!"
    " PLEASE so (sic) what you can to correct this theft and fraud. "
    Maybe if you would tone down the histrionics, people would be more willing to help you.

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non delivery

I placed an order on the 7th to have flowers delivered to my wife on the 11th for mother day. I got a confirmation email stating the flowers have been delivered. When in fact they were not. Customer service gave me the run around and said that they could deliver them on Monday the 13th with an apology note. This is not acceptable by any means. And now they say they have to speak to the florist before I can get any refund. Thanks alot for nothing.

4 floral arrangements for mother's day

Ordered 4 arrangements on line for Mother's Day on 05-09 for delivery on 05-11. None had been delivered...

flowers received on 2/12 have died

I purchased some flowers for a friend and received them from a local company (ACE Flowers 2517 E.Ball Rd., Anaheim, CA [protected]) at 3:15pm on 2/12 and less than 48 hours later they were dead (8:30 am 2/14). They had water, the office is cool, so no reason for this. I called the flower shop that Teleflora went through and they said they can't help me as they were too busy. They'd get back to me, but they didn't take anything down and didn't speak English well so I don't think they understood I need these replaced. If they can replace them by 2/18, that will be fine. I didn't pay $116 for flowers to look like this.
The flowers were purchased through Gettington & Teleflora. The confirmation number is [protected]. Item ordered was, TEV42-1C. The flower shop that delivered it was Ace Flower Shop on 2517 E. Ball Rd., Anaheim, CA and their order number was 15215. The person they were to be delivered to was Gaynelle Garner. I have pictures of the dead flowers if you need them. Thank you.

flowers received on 2/12 have died

recipient never received the flowers I ordered

12-17-18 I was informed that the flowers I ordered were hand delivered. Order #[protected]. They never received them and I called customer service. They said they would give me 50% off on my next order. There will not be another next order and I would like my credit card to be credited. I've never used Teleflora before and I will not be using them again!!! Please resolve this issue!!! Thank you, Nancy


I never thought I would be one of the people who resorted to this. I spent over an hour on the phone trying...

did not receive an arrangement that I was charged for.

Onawa Florist in Onawa Iowa works under the Teleflora. They did not call my mother like they claim to and...

order number 64743 from morton’s flowerland, natchez, ms

From Morton's Flowerland 629 Franklin Street Natchez, MS 39120 [protected])473-4321 Red roses with...

worst florist service of all time!!!

I placed an order for a money tree plant for $57.93 on the teleflora site on june 12, 2018 and am so...

plant ordered as a housewarming gift

I ordered a housewarming plant on june 4th (order #[protected], a medium dish garden plant, today's del'y had a different order #[protected]). It was scheduled for delivery on friday june 8th to my daughter's office. Friday came and went with no delivery. I called saturday and your customer rep apologized and said it would be delivered on monday and was kind to offer me 40% off my next teleflora order. I can tell you right now, that will never happen! My daughter just sent a picture of the plant she received and it is shameful that you charged me $60 for what is no bigger than a large coffee mug and no taller than a 16 oz. Bottle of water! This is nowhere near what I ordered from teleflora. I am embarrassed that this sad little arrangement is the best your company could do. I could have gone to walmart and found something much nicer. Even tho i'm sure you contacted a florist in okc to arrange for this gift - you bear the blame for my dissatisfaction because you put the choices on your website of what I could order and what I chose is nothing even remotely resembling what my daughter received. I am demanding a full refund to my credit card but I can almost certainly rust that you will not comply with this request as you fulfilled your obligation in having a plant delivered. However, it is a poor reflection of your company in my estimation. Be assured I will never order from your company again. Shame on you! Truly a sad representation of how you do business!

Karen alexander

poor service

My order was not handled with care and my love one was not delighted since she did not receive flowers on Mother's Day. I ordered flowers to be delivered on 5/11/2018 to my mother-in-law, age 94. Receiving a confirmation, by e-mail, saying my order ([protected]) was hand-delivered on 5/11/2018. When I called my mother-in-law on Mother's Day, she had not received the flowers. On 5/14/2018 I spoke with Maiju Briones (Teleflora Resolution Specialist). I asked her how could I receive a confirmation saying that my order was delivered when there was no delivery. I was told that there was a computer problem. Was told that flowers could be sent that day and I would get 50% off. The 50% was to be used the next time I ordered. I asked to cancel the order and put the whole amount, $41.95, back on my credit card. As of today, 5/17/2018, I have not received the credit on my credit card. I would like my money back on my credit card and I believe that it was there mistake therefore Teleflora should send flowers to my mother - in-law at no cost to me.

order [protected] not delivered on requested date

I order flowers for my daughter's graduation to be delivered 5/11/2018 order was delivered the next day after we left place we were staying for my daughter's graduation obviously we didn't receive the flowers that I paid close to $100 I called to get refund after being on the phone over an hour trying to get resolution agent disconnected call I emailed company approximately 15 times and only thing I receive is same email stating they are researching the matter and will be in touch soon just different name. I been following up for five days now 5/16/18 and they keep saying they have not been able to contact shop. This company is a rip off please do something about it.

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