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Non delivery

Order [protected]-
Ordered birthday delivery for 83 yr old mother in law.
Waited all day for delivery confirmation - got email at 4:12 stating flowers, vase, and card delivered to destination.
Contacted mother in law to follow up and alas - no flower!!!

No one was called at contact number if there was problem - yet still no delivery -
Called proflowers (live chat not available) -
Brian on the line gave me answer that email was generated automatically and flowed will arrive-
He tried to contact delivery florist with no success - he promised to contact me by 6 pm with confirmation that mother in law received her order.
It is now 6:30 and no call

I am embarrassed and furious

Order #[protected]

I ordered a red pearl amararyllis trio for Mother's Day. Picture showed beautiful red flowers and...

Mother's day bouquet

I have sent this 3 times already! The Lilies never opened, filled with weedy weeds! No one should get this scrappy service! Let alone people who send Flowers in Good Faith! My name is Carolyn Burzynski 11636 Field St. Atlanta Michigan 49709. My daughter in Y Ohio sent me Flowers for Mothers Day, These are so Least competent Flowers Ever. Since we often use Pro Flowers, but after being the recipient of your Terrible Flowers, I will be choosing local florists.

Shipment received late

I ordered flowers for my Mother on Valentine's Day. I received notification that they were delivered but found out later my mother never recived the shipment. I called the next day to complain and was told that they would re-attempt delivery and send me an email. I never got another email or delivery.
then my Mom texted me this morning- the flowers arrived A WEEK LATER!!
I called to complain and was credited for the service fee. NEVER AGAIN!!

customer service and delivery

I've been ordering flowers through this company for a couple of years now and never had an issue until my recent orders. I've had the worst experience ever.
I ordered 2 bouquets of flowers for 2 different recipients: one I ordered on 1/25/2020 and the other one on 1/31/2020. The delivery for both orders was set for February 7, 2020. That day I was checking on the status all day as I never received a confirmation email. Towards the end of the day the status was out for delivery, didn't change the next day. It was clear to me that the flowers were not delivered to either recipient as they were supposed to. I called the next day to inquire about flowers, the customer service rep couldn't tell me for sure whether the flowers were delivered or not, so I requested to speak to the manager, was on hold for a while when finally not a a manager (as no manager was available) but senior consultant picked up the phone. He advised me that, according to the tracking he was looking at, the flowers were delivered while on my end the status still didn't change, still showed -out for delivery. He insisted on my calling the recipients to find out if they got the flowers, only after that he said he would request re-delivery or refund. It was humiliating to call people and ask if they received my flowers . It was supposed to be a surprise. It turned out that I was right, they never got the flowers. So I called the customer service again. This time the manager assured me the recipients will receive their flowers as she changed the florist when placing orders to be re-delivered for the second time. Then I found out from the woman who I ordered flowers for that she got the first bouquet, it was brought to her by a neighbor. It turns out the driver dropped off the bouquet at the other building across the street and it was sitting at the porch for 3 days as nobody was home. By the time the neighbor brought the roses, they were were dead. I was trying to convince her not to be upset as I thought she would receive another fresh bouquet for her birthday. Besides the fact that the surprise was ruined, she got dead flowers for her birthday. The second bouquet never came. The manager who placed the second order didn't even bother checking on the orders or following up to make sure the issue was resolved as it was mishandled so badly the first time. When I called later at night to complain that my friend never got the flowers on her birthday, the manager started apologizing and assuring me that she will get them for sure the next day and will issue a full refund for both orders. I haven't received my money back yet, the status still shows in progress. After I said that I will file a complaint against Proflowers, he erased the orders that I've been having issues with; however, I did take a screen shot before he did that. Such poor customer service and bad business. They should be fined and felt accountable for misleading information and ripping people off. They charge excessive fees for delivery, shipping and handling and don't get through with their promise to deliver bouquets on time. Such a bad experience and disappointment. I would't recommend this company to anyone and would put a note: CUSTOMER BE AWARE! SCAM! I will never order through them again

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order not processed/information incorrect

On 2/7/2020 I called ProFlowers to schedule a delivery and the following occurred:
• I called ProFlowers because I could not complete the order online, as the requested time was not allowed. I called to inquire if the delivery time I needed was doable.
• I spoke with a Representative and gave all of the required information. She was very helpful, but I did have to repeat everything several times. The representative kept saying "G like jelly" and was sometimes inaudible.
• We completed the order and I asked what time would I receive a confirmation email, as I needed it because I was using a corporate card. The Representative advised 5 minutes or so.
• After 30 minutes, I called back to confirm the email address, and to ask for it to be resent as I did not have it. When the Representative read it back to me, it had multiple errors. I corrected the information, and repeated the email address several times.
• After an additional 40 minutes I called back to try to accomplish the same as the above bullet. The rep asked me 3 times what email address I wanted to change it to. I explained 3 times that I did NOT want to change anything but hear what address they had on file. I then asked to speak with a manager. I was told the wait time was 5 minutes, and I agreed to wait.
• After 3 minutes on hold I was disconnected. So I called back directly asked to speak with a manager. I waited for about 3 minutes and then was connected with a manager.
• I relayed all of the above information to the manager who mentioned the order was "lost prevention/fraud status" or something to that effect. When I inquired she told me the transaction was not authorized and was declined. I asked why I was not called since I had provided all of my contact information. She then reiterated what she had previously told me.
• I then explained that I was not having a good experience based on all that had happened while trying to place this order, and that I wanted to cancel the order. The senior person I spoke with advised the order did not go through so not to worry.

This was not the experience I am used to, having ordered from proflowers before. I was already under distress having to place an order for a funeral, and did not enjoy having to call back several times to re-spell an email address or to discover that the card was declined. The Representatives were not always clear, audible, and obviously did not understand what I was saying. My order number was C1007774411. Rest assured, I will not order from your website again.

order #[protected]

This pathetic company decided to cancel my order without notification, email, phone call, etc. When I called to inquire, I provided my order number, confirmed the payment was received, and the date was accurate. The young girl could barely speak english, so I asked for another individual who could explain the circumstances, making the matter even worse. Only after asking for someone who could explain to me what had happened, was given a vague excuse of product availability - again I asked why I was never told, so that I would have the opportunity to shop elsewhere. Not once was I provided with a reasonable excuse for what happened. Will NEVER use this company again.

failed delivery for flowers

What a freakin nightmare! I ordered 3 days prior to delivery date, and these [censored]s didn't deliver. I phoned on the date of delivery and some bimbo stated that delivery cutoff time is 8:00pm, but no delivery. I phoned the following day and the customer service rep had such a strong accent that I couldn't understand a word. I demanded fresh flowers delivered today or credit my acct.
I normally use 800flowers, and don't know what possessed me in using this [censored] proflowers. Don't trust this company!

late flower delivery for funeral services.

My order number is [protected]. My funeral flowers on a stand, designed primarily for a soldier, was not delivered on time, and were unable to be displayed in the front of a baptist church. I performed the eulogy for my best friend with nothing to show other than my words. The flowers were supposed to be delivered between 9 AM and 10 AM, as I had requested, prior to the actual funeral service. The florist did not coordinate with the church, and reported having delivered the flowers at 9:30 AM. Two funeral service people who were primarily transport personnel, witnessed the flowers being delivered at approximately 10:02 AM, after the service had already started. Due to the honor guard and activity in the front of the church, I was unable to check the flowers to see if one of them was mine. At the military cemetery, I looked at the flowers that were delivered there, and confirmed that mine wasn't in that group, as only a few arrangements were transported. The female funeral service director Indicated at that time that she had observed that my flowers were delivered at the church after the service had started, at approximately 10:02 a.m, And we're unable to be brought into the service at that time. I never saw the flowers that I ordered, and I am embarrassed that I had nothing displayed representing me and my family. This all occurred on Friday, October 18, 2019, and I made two phone calls after investigating the issue, to ProFlowers. It's Monday evening, October 22, 2019, and I haven't heard anything since then. There has been no contact from Pro Flowers and no service recovery at this time, and I believe I'm due for compensation in the form of a refund. I feel that I have been wronged and embarrassed by the whole event, And had to explain to the family of the decedent that I had sent flowers that never arrived on time.

undelivered gift arrangement

Good morning,
my order number is [protected], I placed this order on 10.10.19, I requested a same day delivery, I was advised that I would receive a confirmation email once delivery had taken place, that never happen because my order was never delivered. These flowers were ordered for my fiances birthday, and to my disappointment she never received them. I called the toll free number on 10.10.19 three times only to be patronized. The first rep said as with the other two, we will give you an upgrade, I explained to them that the three available arrangement categories that is offered was standard, deluxe, and premium which is what I already paid for (premium). Then I was offered 10% off my order which was a further insult, and finally I was told that that's all they can offer me. I was told I can either cancel my order or wait until today 10.11.19 for the flowers to be delivered. I said that that was not good enough. The last person that I spoke with at this point on 10.10.19 (Zack), assured me that my delivery would take place first thing in the morning on 10.11.19, and that they will call the recipient an hour before delivery, it did not happen. At this point I'm furious, I called Proflowers 4 times on 10.10.19 and all they can tell me is your gift will be delivered today, aside from the same BS that I stated above. No one is taking responsibility for this transaction, I tried calling the customer service toll free number 4 times, I have waited over an hour cumulatively, and still did not reach anyone. This is not the first time I have had such a horrible experience with this company, I thought I would try you all again; this is the last time I will ever use Proflowers as a gift service. Your customer service is horrible. I expect for my gift to be delivered today, I want to be refunded the entire cost of the arrangement I purchased for my inconvenience. I recommend that you find more reliable florist if you expect to stay in business


I ordered a birthday plant to be delivered to a dear friend on 13 September. I did not receive an email confirming the delivery of the plant which is their usual practice. I also did not hear from the person who should have received it. She would normally ring me to thank me. It was never delivered even though they took my payment. Emailed the complaints department several times. But have not had any response from Proflowers.


On May 10, 2019 I ordered flowers for delivery for May 11, 2019. The order was paid and confirmed. It started getting late and the flowers were not delivered. I called customer at 9pm est. this when the nightmare started customer service. First who ever is answering the phones either cannot speak or understand English. I repeated the order number several times and they kept getting wrong after being on hold for 10 minutes. when they finally get it right they transfer me to someone who does understand English. Again repeating the order number several more times. then this person disconnects me. I call back again waiting on hold. the time now is 9:35pm est. I go through whole process again. Being transferred 3 more times. finally I reach Mimi, she says can resolve the problem. I tell her last person I spoke to told to call the florist, I really closed this time. she kept apologizing for the lack of help I was receiving. Mimi told that they did not have time to deliver my order. I told I never received a email, call or text, from the florist. the next best she could do was send the flowers on Monday. Really Monday, Mothers is on Sunday May 12, 2019. I could have made other plans if I knew ahead time that they could deliver. I have use this service in the past with no problems. This was inexcusable and very poor execution of service and communication. I asked for a refund asap. I will never use this service AGAIN.

received a potted miniature rose bush today, may 10, for mother's day

Already talked to the second sales rep who I couldn't understand. The rose bush had dead roses on it. Petals were brown. Lots of petals fell off. Very unhappy with the quality of it. Would not recommend your company to anyone because of this. My children who sent the flowers are also very unhappy with this. In the past, your flowers were of much better quality. Your company is going to replace the rosebush but it won't be here until after Mother's Day.

ftd® birthday brights bouquet - deluxe / delivery of the order

I ordered online on ProFlowers website
THE FTD® BIRTHDAY BRIGHTS BOUQUET - DELUXE and Occasion Specific Mylar Balloon on 18th April 2019 for my daughter birthday which is on 21st April 2019
and they charged extra dollars to get deliver on Sunday 21st April 2019 which i paid
and i received confirmation email that we received your order

Before i ordered i had chat and also spoke to the customer service that i am about to place and order and delivery date is 21st April 2019 they said if our website is accepting the delivery date then you should be fine then i placed order and
i received confirmation email my order is booked

They email me on 19th April 2019 we are unable to deliver on the selected date but can be delivered on 20th April 2019 they did not delivered

I called customer service today on 21st April 2019 requested it is my daughter birthday please help me, they say we could not deliver on 20th April 2019 and we cannot deliver on 21st April 2019 and disconnected the phone

Again i called the customer service and requested to help me they say we cancelled the order, I was so upset for what has happen to me i will take action

12 months of roses

My husband ordered 12 months of roses for Christmas for me. The whole process has been a nightmare. The first order came with no problem on Christmas Eve...that was the only thing that went right. The second order came with the same Christmas card wish and when we tried to get that updated we spend two hours talking to the (anti) overseas customer service and online chat. Finally, we were able to get a "generic" message on the cards. The next order delivered on Valentine's Day eve came with roses that were flattened and already brown. By the next morning several heads were already drooped over. Again spending hours calling 800 number overseas and online chat, we were promised someone would reach back to us within 48 hours. The time has come and gone and after FOUR more 800 number calls, we are still where we started. We just want to cancel the order and get a refund. I used to be a big user of Proflowers but something has happened and they are horrible in every way.

12 months of roses
12 months of roses


cancelled order/half wilted arrangement

i have a customer with Proflowers for many, many years and never had an issue. I ordered and Autumn arrangement for my mother-in-law for Thanksgiving about 2 weeks PRIOR to Thanksgiving. The day before Thanksgiving I get an email and mind you it was after 4pm when it was sent that my order was cancelled as these flowers were no longer available???!!! Are you kidding me? Then I am told there are NO flowers available as a replacement until AFTER Thanksgiving - so no gift, no resolution. A refund did not help my situation. Then they send a replacement of some sort that arrives half dead and I had an order coming to myself of roses that were also half dead. This is unbelieveable. They resend to both my in-laws and me and AGAIN the condition of BOTH arrangements is extremely POOR. I am done - I will NEVER order from Pro-Flowers again!

cancelled order/half wilted arrangement


rush shipping charge scam

9/22/18 - FAQ clearly states RUSH is for Saturday, Sunday, Monday. It is Saturday and I am ordering for Tuesday and got hit with RUSH charges. When i questioned this on Chat, was told that Tuesday is considered a rush day since they dont usually deliver on Monday. This means your FAQ is incorrect and deceiving consumers. Without a refund of the rush shipping, I will stop using your services.

flowers not delivered on time, multiple times with no notification

I ordered flowers and chocolate covered strawberries for my mother-in-law's 60th birthday and scheduled the delivery for the day of her birthday on June 30th which was 3 days away. On the day of the 1st scheduled delivery, I checked my email to make sure package was delivered. When I opened the order confirmation email and tracked the package it stated that the flowers were delayed and going to be delivered July 3rd (2 days later) than I scheduled them. I called customer service and they apologized, said they would reschedule another order since they couldn't guarantee the product would be fresh and said they would refund the shipping to me since they didn't deliver it on time and I was charged for a weekend delivery. I said I wanted a full refund since they didn't even notify me that it was going to be late and it was a guaranteed delivery on their website, which was why I picked that specific bouquet. They refunded me and said the new order will be delivered on July 3rd (which was 2 days away). On July 3rd I tracked the rescheduled flowers and they were delayed again! Delivery was now scheduled for July 5th! I called back very upset and they said all they could do was schedule another package to be sent to assure freshness. I asked to speak with a manager since I wanted flowers to be delivered that day, a service which they provide just not for "rescheduled orders". I got no where with the lady on the phone. She said there was no higher manager on the floor that could help me, she would pass my information along and someone would get back to me in the next day or two. She said she would schedule another set of flowers that would be delivered on JULY 10th! I asked about the previous packages if they were stopped and she said no. The deliveries cannot be stopped so there was a risk of rotten strawberries and flowers showing up on my mother-in-law's doorstep.

No one called me back to attempt to right the wrong. I got a $15 coupon via email as an apology, as if I would ever order from them again.

This place should be out of business both for not providing the services they claim to be able to provide and also for very poor customer service.

Just like I now see everyone else has described, this is a HORRIBLE company to deal with. I saw a Groupon coupon for $30 worth of flowers for just $14 and I needed to order some flowers for a sick friend. Before I bought the coupon I went onto the website and found exactly what I wanted and put it into my cart. I went through ALL of the steps and even checked out, to the point where all I had left to do was enter any discount codes and my credit card info to pay. My order came to $44.98 and they showed that total in the invoice that the site presented, asking me to enter my payment details as the final step. I was ok buying the $14 Groupon deal that got me $30 towards the flowers and then paying the $14.98 left over amount, so I went ahead and bought the Groupon coupon. I went back into my flower order and applied the coupon code and then submitted all of my payment details to pay for the order. It was only AFTER I submitted my payment info that I suddenly saw that the final price shot up to over $66.00. WHAT???? How can that be? How can they show one price, have you fill out ALL the details of the order, including payment info, and only then add in over $22 of undisclosed fees (taxes, handling, delivery, etc)? SOOOO dishonest and shady. Really unethical business practices for sure. And now I read that everyone is also complaining that the flowers usually arrive late, if at all, and that they usually look beaten up and not like what they show online. So basically they rip you off and then send a bunch of crap. WHY does the Better Business Bureau and Consumer Affairs allow this to continue with SO many complaints against them? And I love how the banner at the top of the Pro Flowers website boasts that they have "the highest customer satisfaction with online flower retailers for 4 years in a row, according to J.D. Power". I'm guessing that the J.D. Power they must be referring to is the owner's neighbor, or someone he knows with the same name as the reputable retail business ranking service (LOL), or HOW could JD Powers ignore the hundreds & hundreds of complaints and that Pro Flowers has only a 1.5 star rating on almost every consumer feedback site I have seen? Everyone seems to pretty much agree that SUCKS!!!

two dozen rainbows mother's day roses

05/11/2018 Mother's day flowers never arrived, called customer service (in India) on the phone for over an hour... Told me they could deliver 5/21 um yeah that isn't going to cut it for mothers day. Cancelled order and took another half hour to be reimbursed the delivery fee. If I didn't bring it up they would have credited. I will never buy from them again.

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