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FTD Companies reviews & complaints

FTD Companies complaints 98

FTD Companies - The Deaf are not welcome at FTD.

I saw quickly I would be required to have both a phone number for a phone I do not own nor am I required to. And because of my deafness, I don't have my friend's phone number either. We use the internet.

The FCC has required all internet businesses since 2013 to provide equal access to the deaf community that you give to those who can hear. You are ignoring federal law.

And I now have to find another way to send something to a special friend who is two hours away from where I live. Not a very Merry Christmas here and frankly I am stunned.

Helen Holmes at: [protected]@comcast.net

Desired outcome: You can email me now.

FTD Companies - Flowers dead on arrival

FTDCOM Order Number [protected]-[protected] from Charles Tegen SKU P2287 Yellow Calla Lily Plant delivered on 10/15/21 had gotten too hot and the flowers were brown.

Tracking Number 1ZW0048X0114138700

Please refund money to Charles Tegen, 213 Thomas Lane, Central, SC 29630.

Desired outcome: refund money

FTD Companies - Flowers never arrived at funeral.

Flowers were never delivered to funeral location. Upon calling ftd, they couldn't tell me anything. They couldn't even tell me what business was supposed to deliver the flowers. The representative said they would do an investigation but he also said FDD would never get back with me to find out the results of the investigation.

They protect the incompetent vendor that they contracted with via their "privacy policy" but screw the customer.

They owe me more than just a refund.

Desired outcome: Answers.


FTD Companies - Must have mistaken the trash bin for the plants bin

Today, I called FTD regarding an arrangement supplied by one of their dealers. The green plants had several brown tips obviously due to age of the plant. Then they had some baby mums stuck in there (yellow) and a purple net type of bow. It was ugly, and it was poor quality. They said they didn't have an order for my son as purchaser nor me as recipient. When I called the grocery store from which these were delivered, I discovered the order did come from FTD. The arrangement was assembled at the store. (I guess he was done stocking the shelves) I spent two hours tying to make sure of the company to whom I would complain. This is not the first time the same vendor sent crap ordered through FTD.

Desired outcome: I returned this to the store from which they were delivered - should be credited back to my son


FTD Companies - Wrong arrangement

After several complaints and pictures I have not received any form of communication back from FTD florist so I am filing a formal complaint. I purchased an arrangement on 2/10/21 to be sent to my daughter on 2/13/21. The arrangements in comparison are completely different and am not happy at all with the one they sent. I paid $112.00 for a chosen arrangement for one that I feel is far less attractive. I feel I'm entitled to a complete refund as they did not follow their agreement to say the least.
Order # [protected]
I will forward pictures
Karen Carchidi,

Desired outcome: Reimbursement

Feb 14, 2021

FTD Companies - Flowers and gift delivery failures

I purchased products for delivery the day before Valentine's day, I spent $200.00 delivery never showed up, never gave me notice I had to call them to find out wtf! It's now 8pm on Valentine's day You people ruined my wife of 30 years Valentine's day claiming delivery was held up, I ordered on the 11th you had ample time to make this right!

A day after the delivery date you send me an email offering a $10 dollar rebate for the future and a refund, how can you be so course and ignorant? No notice of delay, not notice or offer to truly make this right, this is the worst display of business services I have ever experienced. And I have used FTD many times in the past, if the company is ok with this model, you should go bankrupt! My order # [protected] look it up! This is not ok, if I ran my business like this I would deserve to lose all my customers!

Brian Walker

Desired outcome: I want my delivery

FTD Companies - Flower arrived in pieces

I sent "Young Love Pink Rose Plant" to a friend. Order no. [protected]. The rose plant when opened was out of the flower pot and dirt also out of flower pot and the plant in parts. My friend had to assemble it back together. The flower should have been packaged better for delivery with sufficient wrapping to keep it intact upon delivery through UPS. Photos attached as to what it looked like when opened and the third photo is what the flower should have looked like upon delivery.

May 11, 2020

FTD Companies - Mother's day order was a bust

Placed an order for flowers to be delivered on 9 May 2020 about a week or so earlier. 9 May comes and goes - no word from Mother or FTD. I used the e-receipt to track the order - says it is out for...

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Apr 22, 2020

FTD Companies - Confirmation number [protected] / order number: [protected] / delivery date: 16 april 2020

I placed an order with ftd.com on the 14th of april. The flowers were sent to my daughter for her birthday on the 16th of april. The delivery person handed his phone to her to sign and then told her...

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Mar 30, 2020

FTD Companies - Dead flower delivery on valentine's day. Order # #e4654722.

delivered to 1101 S Lyman Ave Oak Park, IL 60304. The flowers were Calla Lilies.. I was visiting my mother in anticipation of the flower delivery. When I arrived, the FTD package was left at the front door. The leaves were the first to go. I watered the flowers and let them rest indoors. Within 10 to 15 minutes the flowers were drooped over. Bear in mind that the flowers were a gift to my 94 year old mother. what a disappointment to her!

Feb 15, 2020

FTD Companies - Non delivery of purchase

I purchased flowers for delivery on February 13, 2020. The delivery was scheduled for Valentine's Day delivery on February 14, 2020, at a business. The business is closed in the weekend Saturday and Sunday. The delivery never occurred. I contacted FTD on several occasions on February 14, 2020 prior to 6:00 PM, due to the non delivery. I was never able to get through.

Feb 13, 2020

FTD Companies - disappointing and disgusting

I am complaining because I have children that I am trying to raise and you have men kissing men on my children commical! What is wrong with you people?! You will never get another dime of mine! You are disgusting to say the least.


FTD Companies - product / delivery

I ordered flowers for a funeral online through legacy / FTD flowers. Flowers were to be delivered to funeral home. I received confirmation of the order and the following morning received a message advising that flowers were be prepared for delivery.
At 5pm in the afternoon I received a message advising that they were not going to be able to deliver. FTD advised that they would send flowers to the person's house. If i wanted them delivered to the house i would have had them delivered there to start with. After numerous messages they refunded my money. Do not recommend FTD.

Sep 25, 2019

FTD Companies - flower delivery

I ordered a specific arrangement from the website to be delivered September 17. However, I received an email saying they had delivered a substitution. They had my phone number and my email, but no...

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May 13, 2019

FTD Companies - florist

I placed an online order for Mother's Day flowers on Thursday, May 9, 2019. On Saturday, May 11, 2019 at 2:08pm I received an email from FTD stating that there were no florists available and that my order was being refunded. I was offered 10% off my next purchase. By that time, there was nothing I could do about sending my mother a gift. It was too late. Customer service "apologized, " but offered no help in correcting the matter. I was just told they couldn't help me. This is the worst customer service experience of my life.

May 10, 2019

FTD Companies - unreliable

I ordered a couple of Mother's Day gift items on Tuesday, May 7th and paid extra shipping to have them delivered on Friday, May 10th. When ordering, I specified the shipping zip code to make sure the items were available to deliver to that area. So, come Friday, May 10th, I get a phone call from what sounded like a very disorganized customer service representative saying that the items that I ordered were not available to ship to that area! She kept saying, "I'm sorry", but I could tell they were just words she probably says every day to customers. She told me that I could reorder something else, but when I asked if it would be delivered before Mother's Day she said "no". I told her what kind of bind she was putting me in by leaving me high and dry without a Mother's Day gift and asked if they could work out an expedited shipping deal since it was their fault they fell short, but she just said they would issue me a refund and couldn't deliver before Mother's Day. Unbelievable - what customer service! DO NOT USE FTD!

FTD Companies - ftd flowers

I called FTD to place an order today May 9, 2019.
The customer service person was not knowledgeable on the items, did not know about the promotions & kept putting me on hold. I knew the item# of the arrangement I wanted & she said it was not available in my sisters zip code. Ok, so I selected another one. She put me on hold again & then stated that I had to talk to someone in customer service. She transferred me to someone else. I had to repeat my name, address, email & order AGAIN to her. I told her that I had a Groupon coupon towards my order. She said I had to hold after I gave her my information. I was on hold for 2 hours, 4 minutes! (I timed it on my phone)
She never came back to me so I hung up the phone.
I called the FTD line again & placed the order with a person who understood my frustration & stated that no order had been placed prior to this. I never experienced customer service like this. I've been in business also in customer service & feel I was really treated poorly & am very upset. I want to cancel my order & would like to speak to someone regarding this matter. Please contact me as soon as possible. I can be reached at [protected] or [protected]@aol.com.
I'd appreciate hearing from you.

Oct 31, 2018

FTD Companies - poor condition of flowers received that were left outside in july

10/31/2018 I would like to be removed from all solicitations of FTD because you don't stand behind your guarantee. I reported a problem on the poor quality of flowers received on 7/27/18 for my...

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FTD Companies - a bag of peanut block bites

I purchased a bag from the store in Chesapeake, va I got home opened bag and the tasted funny so I asked my husband to check the date on the bag and the exp date was June or. Jan 2015. 3 yrs ago why...

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FTD Companies - flower delivery

Ordered Flowers (std bouquet) to be delivered on 7/11/18 at 9:30 am and paid extra for same day delivery. I get notification that my order was received and accepted promptly. Well I get no other...

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