Proflowersfree shipping hoax


Just noticed same $83.88 charged to my credit card and all i did was VISIT their website...I definitely did NOT fill anything out so how scary is that!
Google: CMG Free Shipping to see numerous complaints about same company affiliated with many others doing same thing!

Found following article from 2006 about all same companies involved:

EVERYONE needs to call them at:
[protected] and email them at: [protected]

Demand that they not only refund the FULL amount of $83.88 and NOT pro-rated amount of $81.58 by having a Supervisor call you.

ALSO, contact and all your local news TV stations to conduct a full investigation and see if they won't air it!!!

Let's all be pro-active and shut them down!!!


  • Jd
    jdub Mar 20, 2009

    the exact same thing happened to me

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  • Jd
    jdub Mar 20, 2009

    what did you do?

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  • Wi
    William D Murphy Mar 25, 2009

    I visited their website and was charged $83.88 on my credit card

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  • Cw
    c wells Mar 28, 2009

    The same thing happened to us UNAUTHORIZED PAYMENT ON CREDIT CARD. My husband visited this site and we were charged 83.88 on our credit card.

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  • Rh
    Rhillian Apr 15, 2009

    The exact thing happened to me! It was horrible! And because the account from were the charge came from is one I hardly use it caused my account to be overdraw and I got hit with $90.00 from my bank (on top of the $83.88) before I realized what was going on. So overall, it cost me $203.88 to send $30.00 flowers to my mother on her birthday. Thanks Pro Flowers!

    By the way - when you call CMG to cancel and refund your money, don't accept the pro-rated amount. I just called and demanded the entire amount (minus the $90.00 of overdraft fees unfortunately) and got them to agree to it. Be sure to get a cancellation number!

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  • Ro
    roghut May 09, 2009

    This scam must be nation wide. I too was charged $83.88 for an unauthorized payment on my credit card. I'm really disappointed with them as I had purchased in the past and thought the service was great...

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  • Hi
    Hiphokie Jun 01, 2009

    This just happened to me too...from information I entered a year ago. Unbelievable.

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  • Al
    alamo6976 Jun 04, 2009

    I bought flowers for my mom and mother in law for mothers day, and now a month later i get charged from CMG. ON top of that it drew my account negative, and now the bank is charging me an overdraft fee. I hope these people get shut down an have to refund peoples money. Those A**holes!!!

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  • Do
    Donna Avery Jun 05, 2009

    There was a charge I knew I hadn't authorized from CMG"free shipping. I didn't recognize the name and I knew I would remember charging 83.88.

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  • Ka
    kanthes Jun 05, 2009

    this just happened to me. my fee was only $11.97. they agreed to cancel the account and refund the whole amount. poor proflowers... why do they have to support such a sneaky business.

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  • Pr
    PRSVA Jun 05, 2009

    I'm another victim. Not only did CMG hit my account, but so did this thing called EasySaver. They offer this free shipping garbage, but don't let you know that they are going to first charge you $1.95 for the program, then hit you with $14.95 for a monthly fee and the $11.97 for the CMG shipping monthly. Like most of you, all I did was buy flowers for my mom for mother's day. Not only should they give all the money back, but should have the business closed down. Contact BBB, consumer affairs, proflowers and your congressman.

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  • Ga
    Gary Jun 09, 2009

    Geezz, Just got off phone with these scam artists. We ordered flowers over a year ago and now they are billing us this scam amount of $83.88. First off, warning, do not use They are crooks along with the rest. Its a shame that our government does nothing to protect us from these scams. As I read about this very popular scam that appears to be very widespread, why do they allow it to continue. I will not let this drop, tell everyone you know...They said they will refund it, but refused to give me any names or confirmation numbers. We will see if I actually get my money back from them...

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  • Ha
    hank Jun 13, 2009

    I haven't bought flowers since the first of last year and I just got a notice from my bank that there was a $83.88 charge on my account!!! I am extremely angry, it's crooks like this that cause trouble for everyone. There has got to be a way for us to stop it. If we as a group all report this to supposed people that deal with fraud would almost have to do something. Lets get off our butts, get together and push this. If anyone's interested e-mail me at [email protected] WE CAN DO THIS!!!

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  • Dj
    d.j. holt Jun 18, 2009

    i recently reviewed my credit card statement and found a charge for 83.88 by CMG freeshipping that I did not authorize. Now that I've located this website I find that I am one of several who have ordered flowers through proflowers. the charge was included in my transaction and not through this website. This is a scam and I feel violated since this is supposed to be a trusted website. for shame.

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  • Jo
    Jonathan Poindexter Jul 08, 2009

    I just found a charge on my account for the same $83.88 and I didn't even order anything from profowers. It's not a huge deal, but it made things really inconvenient because I had to trash my credit card and wait for a new one to arrive while leaving on a trip inbetween... If this happens to you, just call your credit card company's fraud department ASAP.


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  • Go
    gonk Jul 10, 2009

    I just got off the phone with this company. They have ABSOLUTELY NO scruples. I asked the girl on the phone how she sleeps at night knowing that she rips people off on a daily basis. I also filed a fraud complaint with the credit card company. They are aware of scams like this, but they also said that they are hard to prove, since hardly anyone keeps screenshots of the transaction. They claim that you have to go through two pages of approval before being charged, but I HIGHLY doubt that.

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  • Cm
    C. Medlock Jul 15, 2009

    I don't recall ever going to this site and was charged $83.88 for what? I never use my credit card over the internet. This is definitely a scam.

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  • My charges were only 9.97, but the same thing...never signed up for anything like this and never would, I just bought flowers for Mother's Day from ProFlowers. I will tell EVERYONE I know to NEVER use ProFlowers...what a scam they are. This is not the only charge coming from that 1 purchase, I have also been charged by EZSVER RW. So all of you, check your credit card statements for that as well!!

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  • Jo
    JoeGMD Aug 07, 2009

    Thanks Gary, that explains the Easy Saver charge I have been getting. This is unbelievable, all I did was buy flowers for my wife. This business needs to be shutdown.

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  • Ca
    cactuspete Aug 08, 2009

    This is a scam, they hope you forget about it and they can just keep charging which is likely what occurs with most people.
    I just discovered charges that showed up on my account also. I did not authorize these charges. I will not longer be using Proflowers. I will tell my friends and relatives not to use Proflowers. When I called my credit card company the representative says that he FREQUENTLY gets calls about unauthorized charges from CMG Freeshipping.

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  • Wa
    Wanda R. Cote Aug 12, 2009

    I didn't order anything. And I was charged $83.88. and I don't know for what. I can't afford it. And I
    would really like a refund. This is definitely a scam.

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  • Xx
    !X!x!X! Aug 13, 2009

    OMG!!! They where going to charge me 9.99 a month to have free shipping with Pro Flowers... I just cancelled the membership & Disputing the charge with My Credit Card.

    Call Them @ 800-869-5597 To Cancel or email them at: [email protected]

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  • Di
    dimplez Aug 18, 2009

    Thank god I found this site! My husband usually would use Pro Flowers to buy me flowers but I realized I was getting these shipping charges. As I went through my back statements, I have been charged as far back as 2/09-5/09 from EZSVER and from 6/09-8/09 from this is ridiculous! We will call and get refunds ASAP!!!

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  • Fl
    FLkathmom Aug 24, 2009

    Just got my $83.88 charge cancelled. Thanks to my Credit Union fraud alert! I ordered a gift from RED almost a month ago. Who knew FREE shipping cost $84!!!


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  • Cn
    cnelson Sep 04, 2009

    Just found the charges on my credit card statement. My wife purchased flowers from Pro Flowers over a year ago. I called CMG and they were more than happy to cancel membership but would only refund $79.28 of the $83.88. They claim to have sent an email to my wife to notify her of annual renewal a month prior so they prorated the refund. I figure that if any email was sent, it was probably filtered as junk mail. Now I wonder if I have been a member for a year now without even knowing. I typically go through my credit card statements line by line as I track all my expenditures into categories with Quicken. How this could have gotten by me before is beyond me.
    The next thing I did was to call my credit card company to dispute the charges and to let them know of the sneaky tactics these folks use. The credit card representative said that I was protected and would be refunded the entire amount. Wish that I can charge CMG an hour of my time to deal with this.

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  • Sa
    San-Lee Sep 09, 2009

    Unauthorized charge on credit card for 83.88. Never heard of them, never used them. Plan to sue along with Bank who allowed this to go through. It's nice to have a lawyer in the family.

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  • Ve
    Veyron Oct 21, 2009

    Quite by chance, I went to the bank today and found that a charge of $95.88 was scheduled to be debited electronically this evening, at US Bank. If I had not noticed this, my account would have had a $35 over-limit fee tomorrow. I had NEVER EVEN HEARD of "" and asked for their address or state, or whatever other info the bank could provide. Neither the teller nor the customer service specialist on the phone could tell me any more about the entity. They said I would have to look it up on the Internet. This is the first I have ever seen of this, and I have not ordered flowers or anything else by mail lately. Where they got my card info is a mystery to me. The bank is canceling my card and issuing a new one. Fortunately, this FRAUD was not successful, as I caught it just in time. As it is, there is a fraud letter that will come in the mail in two weeks that I will have to sign and return to the bank, or else my complaint might not be honored. So I have to go around thinking about this horrendous criminal activity, lest I forget and get charged a fee for not mailing the form back. This is the second inconvenience I have encountered with US Bank. The first one would have come into play here, as well, if I had not noticed the $95.88 debit, for an account over the limit gets charged $35 the first day, and then, if the problem is not resolved (they send a courtesy post card) after a week or two, they start to bill your account $8 ever day. EVERY DAY!!! That means $42 a week if you're not paying attention. And all that for not having ordered anything!! Watch Out!!!

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  • Md
    m;dudley Oct 26, 2009

    I was charged by cmgfreesshipping because i used proflowers. I talked to proflowers who did not care. I will never use pro flowers again. I did take care of the charge thru my credit card company

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  • Fr
    Frank Miller Dec 05, 2009


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  • Di
    Diana Sarver Dec 31, 2009

    Yes they charged 88.83 on my credit card too and now how do i get the money back on my card.

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  • Cl
    Claire Michele Jan 09, 2010

    Well it is still not over. How do we get those people to stop this scam.. I see on my visa bill a recurrent $11.97 bill month after month from
    Who are those guys any how? they said I signed up for it but all I did is buy flowers from for my mother in law 3 months ago..
    this is it. I will never buy from PROFLOWERS- RED ENVELOPPE or CHERRY FARMS as they are all the same.. by the way this is the second time it happened to me within the past year and I still have no clue how it happened!!
    they are very dangerous and some one need to stop them ASAP

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  • Ho
    Howardarlen Feb 09, 2010

    They have been sued a few times and the lastest was 2009 and all were successful. NO they are not reputable they are out and out criminals!!!

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  • Jb
    jberens Mar 05, 2010

    I also bought flowers from ProFlowers for my mom on Mother's Day in May of 2009. Since then, $9.97 has been charged to my card every month by CMG*FREESHIPPING. I just realized this when I got my yearly account summary! Somehow I didn't notice these charges before...I'm thankful that I did now before the amount really got up there. Right now they owe me $99.70. I'm going to call them and demand a cancellation and refund. Then I'm planning on calling my credit card company to dispute these charges. It's very upsetting.

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  • Jb
    jberens Mar 05, 2010

    ^ In my case, I think that ProFlowers is the one who is scamming everyone by not explaining further the terms of agreement when filling out this free shipping form.
    I just got off the phone with a very polite woman from who explained that ProFlowers had a pop up advertisement offering free shipping with their company. Once you completed that form, you may have received an e-mail (or it was sent to a spam box) from that explained their services. Supposedly after 30 days, if you do not e-mail or call to cancel their services, they will automatically begin charging you every month for a Basic Membership Fee. This is the $9.97 I was seeing on my bill every month. The woman cancelled my account and told me that the total amount they owed me ($99.70) would be placed back onto the card that was charged before within 2-5 business days.
    I felt a little bad after starting out with an angry rant towards her when she explained everything so nice and politely! I think the root of the problem here is with added to it.
    Now I'll have to wait and see if the total amount is placed back onto my card and take further action if it is necessary.

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  • Bj
    bjdexter Mar 16, 2010

    ya i bought flowers for my fiancee on v-day and just noticed a weird withdrawal out of my bank account for $11.97. I havent bought anything since from proflowers or this entity called freeshipping but for some reason they have taken out this 11 dollars and change and from what i hear would continue to do so if i hadnt called them and let them know of the "mistake". Luckily for me it seems i had a nice customer service representative who took care of everything quickly and easily for me so we will see if i get my money back after a few days like they said i would.

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  • Ca
    CARTOON Mar 19, 2010

    This CMGFreeshipping is a fraud company. The charge my account $11.97 and all i did was buy some flowers if I knew that it was going to cause all this much trouble I would have went to walmart and payed $5-$10 for some roses!! I tried to get my refund on shipping and turn around and the charge me some money WTF is wrong with these online companies these days!! Then on top of that I call this toll free number 866-326-0584 trying to see why the charged me yes I was cussing and fussing and the rep named (BECKY BADGE NUMBER 89) she asked me for my zip code and first name so she could look up my account then tells me the computers are down!! why ask me for my damn info if the computers are down!! People these day and these internet company's (2 companies to stay away from CMGFreeshipping And these 2 companies are the most scammed of all!! I will not order anything else online period. I would rather got the a store!!

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  • Bs
    BSmithphx Mar 19, 2010

    I just received a charge of 95.88 on my credit card and immediately contacted the company. This stem from ProFlowers purchase and SHOULD BE CRIMINAL. The company said they would refund the amount; but, incase I filled a dispute with my CC company.

    If you receive a billing like this contact every legal agency you can.
    Better Business Bureau
    Attorney General
    Congress Representative and request fraudulent activity.

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  • Kh
    kharty Apr 05, 2010

    I was also signed up for CMGFREESHIPPING without my consent after ordering from ProFlowers. I will never order from ProFlowers again.

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  • Bo
    Boycott proflowers Apr 05, 2010

    I also agree!!! They have been charging my credit card $9. every month for a YEAR!! The woman would ONLY take off this past month!!! I plan on calling tomorrow to speak to a Supervisor. When I told her about this website, she said "Yeah I know that website, it's rediculous" I said said "yes I agree with you. It's VERY rediculous how many people feel scammed by your company".

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  • Ju
    Just Another Sucka Apr 26, 2010

    I have just caught them for the second time. Once for a small amount 32 dollars. So this week I gues they thought they would go smaller. $9.97. Hey, if they draw enough of these and then just return the money in a few months. Someone is moving into there new flat in the Caymans.

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