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Unsatisfactory flower delivery

I ordered 2 dozen rainbow roses from "you" for Valentines Day 02/14/2020. Tracking for the order indicated that the flowers were loaded on a UPS truck at 9:30AM and the flowers were delivered to my home at 7:45PM. After spending more than 10 hours in the truck with Florida temperatures in the mid 80 degrees, the roses arrived in a cardboard box with each of the 2 dozen flower buds brown and shriveled. The only satisfaction that I received after complaining to "" was an offer of a 20% refund for their total satisfaction guarantee. I would never recommend this company to any consumer.

fromyouflowers is a fraud

Ordered flowers for my Moms funeral and kept checking for status. Finally chatted their customer service and was told that we missed the shipping and the container for this arrangement was not available. I asked what can be done and the customer service person ended the chat without any resolution. Called their customer service and the guy kept apologizing but still no resolution. At this point funeral was half way done. He said that an arrangement replacement was going to be sent to home address. I requested for a refund and had to stay on the line for another 30 minutes to get an an approval fr their supervisor. I asked why they didn't notify me in advance and why the status said "out for delivery" when they knew they weren't going to deliver and no explanation was given. Still waiting for my refund to be deposited back to me acct.

fromyouflowers is a fraud

flowers ordered/paid for. never delivered

I ordered flowers to be delivered to my sister after she had shoulder surgery. Five days later, and they have never delivered the flowers. I got so frustrated and angry that I was given my money back, but I was promised that the flowers would be sent complimentary but that never happened. I have been put on hold two different times trying to talk to a supervisor which also never happened. My advice is do not use this company for any reason. They are unscrupulous.

delivery of flowers ordered on the phone was not delivered

Ordered flower over the phone to be delivered on 12-20-19 to a company address, the companys name is rydin was told would be delivered but it was not received I would like to cancel this order and please refund my money back to my account I have a e-mail address of [protected] I also can be reached at [protected]. Please let me know when you have cancelled my order thank you ill be waiting to hear from you

flower delivery

Do not use this company if you actually want your flowers delivered. I placed an order #[protected] four days ago for flowers to be delivered to a restaurant for my daughter's 50th birthday Party on 11/17. This was supposed to be the center piece. However, the flowers were NEVER delivered.
When I got home I reported this to From You Flowers and they offered to "send the flowers today" Since the Party was YESTERDAY and not today NO Party Today...this was a really stupid suggestion. They did go ahead and give me a full refund, but no explanation of WHY the flowers did not arrive.
Since it was after hours, I asked that they follow up the florist today...(.something you would think they'd be anxious to do too). But they didn't appear to be interested.
I offered to follow up with the florist myself, but they refused to give me the information (no surprise there).
Now, today, they have been blowing up my phone since 8:30 am (an ungodly hour), with the exact same offer of re-delivery which I had already said NO to twice. All I wanted from them was an explanation. They now claim the Vendor "never received the order in the 1st place". When I ordered, I got a they are expecting me believe they wouldn't require a confirmation from the vendor as well. totally Unbelievable. A complete lie.
Their AD says "BEST in Customer Service"...NO Customer Service here!!!

funeral flowers

DO NOT use this company. There is something seriously wrong with them. They are scammers. Customer service is almost non-existent. I placed an order online today for funeral flowers and received a voice message from them to call them. I had been on hold for 32 minutes so I called back using my land line and pressed 1 for ordering. Needless to say, someone answered and put me on hold again and transferred me to a department called Respective Department and said that I had complained in the past so they would not do business with me and issued a refund.

So instead of improving their customer service, they penalize people for complaining and will not do business with them. This is the most destructive business model I've ever seen in my life!

Stay clear of them!!!

flowers not delivered on time or day guaranteed

Order# [protected]
Flowers ordered before cut off time of 3:00pm to be delivered the same day, by 6pm
They were not delivered.
Refund of $14.99 (service / handling fee) and flowers specified and ordered should be delivered to address given at time of order
Cotton Candy - flower arrangement
deliver to:
Arlene Gaines
1020 Brookdale Lane
Camden, SC 29020

mother's day flower delivery

From you Flowers took an order from my son for Mother's Day Flowers. He paid extra for delivery on Mother's Day. He used them because they had a Guarantee Option. The flowers were not delivered until 5pm on Monday May 13, 2019, the day after Mother's Day. The local florist said he only received the order from From you Flowers on Monday. My son received an email from Ava's Flowers saying they would credit him $15 but the local florist said there is no Ava's Flowers and that they would charge him, the local florist, even though he didn't get the order on time. Needless to say, I was very disappointed. It just doesn't feel right receiving Mother's Day Flowers after the day and my son felt terrible even though it was not his fault. We will never use an online florist service again. We suggest checking the phone book for a local florist and contacting it directly.


I ordered flowers with a balloon for my daughter for her birthday. What she received was a small bouquet, no balloon and they spelled her name wrong. Very disappointed, when I called all they could do was give me a 15% discount. Really?? They put me on hold about 5 times, each for 15 minutes or more each time. I asked to speak to a manager, he kept saying there is no manager. Apparently, the balloon flew away!! Do not use this company.

a fond farewell casket spray

I ordered a masculine casket spray on 1/2/19 that did NOT have bright pink or red flowers for my nephews funeral on 1/5/19, what I received was a wedding bouquet!! I specifically selected a spray that had darker colors and would go with the color scheme of my nephews outfit and other flowers that were ordered. It was extremely bright with nothing but bright pink, white and red roses! It looked like a circus spray! I would like a refund! I paid almost $200 for this spray and I am very unsatisfied.

a fond farewell casket spray
a fond farewell casket spray
a fond farewell casket spray

from you flowers delivery

(attorney advertising) My name is Todd Kennedy and I am a class action lawyer. My law firm, Gutride Safier LLP, represents consumers in a class action lawsuit against FromYouFlowers.

In particular, the lawsuit involves the company's failure to deliver flowers and other ordered items in a timely manner, as well as its failure to properly issue full refunds to affected customers whose orders were not fulfilled.

If you have been affected, please contact me at [protected], or [protected] will protect the confidentiality of your communications to us, to the fullest extent of the law.


Ordered a beautiful bouquet of flowers with the same day delivery for my mom's birthday. I picked the date and the exact time when I wanted the flowers to be given, as I could not be there. 30 minutes later I called my sister who was next to my mom and asked how she liked the flowers and I was said that my mom didn't receive any flowers.
I called FlowersFromYou and asked what happened. They said that the order was canceled as the payment was declined. I wasn't aware of it and thought that everything was fine! I was said they emailed me but I didn't find anything (including junk folder).
It's very disappointing to me...

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    Regike Jan 30, 2019

    Completely ruined my mother's birthday. The order did not arrived. (I ordered the previous day!)They did not offered me refund or anything, only "investigation" . I don't need investigation. I want my money back. Unfortunately they have stolen this day from us, and it never comes back.

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non delivery after they sent delivery confirmation of funeral flowers for my sister

On Nov 3 2017 I placed two order for funeral arrangements to be delivered to the funeral home on Mon Nov 6 before 4pm. I received confirmation of my order. On Monday I received two emails confirming delivery of both orders. On Monday when I went to funeral home only one was there. Funeral home checked everywhere and the other arrangement was no where to be found. I called the customer service and of course it was after hours so they said I would have to wait til morning for more information. At 1pm Tuesday, still no call back so I called again. Was told by first customer service that the second order was not able to be filled by same florist so it was sent to another one and it would be delivered Tuesday. Unacceptable, services were over Tuesday. No one could tell me why I received email confirming delivery, why I was not notified that the second order would not be delivered on time. Only answer I received was they were sorry, refunded my money and offered me a gift voucher of $20.00. The worst thing about this whole issue was these were flowers for my sister who had passed away. We traveled 600 miles to be there for her funeral and my flowers for my sister were not there. How awful! I was devastated. I tried talking with 'supervisor' & manager and got a bigger run around from them. One even got smart with me and asked how old I was because he felt I was being stupid or something. I had requested full refund of purchase and more than a $20 gift voucher for the same company. Seriously, of all times for them to mess up and have no compassion. Never mind who runs a business like this. Why did they send email confirmation for items that were not delivered. I will never use them again. So I am stuck with a useless voucher and horrible memories of the funeral.

never delivered the flowers

Rosa Santos 11/08/2017 order # [protected] I ordered flowers a morning before to be delivered on a timely...

never use them

So bad I rarely read reviews. I ordered a bouquet for my cousin's wedding with the delivery on that date that...


I ordered Mother's Day arrangement with chocolate from this company I was charged and website said delivery...

same day delivery... not

Not much to say about this company. Didn't get my order and they refused to refund my money ($70 in...

flower delivery

I was supposed to get my flowers on Friday and it is already Wednesday and still no sign of my order! On...

flower delivery and unethical behaviour

My daughter ordered flowers and chocolates on July 12, 2016 to be delivered on July 13, 2016 for her mother's(my wife) birthday. Knowing we had a 5:00P.M. Dinner reservation, she paid for expedited service so they would be delivered by noon. At 4:30 P.M. I called fromyouflowers and talked to a guy named Terrell and explained that we had to leave so nobody was there to receive the flowers and to cancel the order. We got back from dinner at 7:00P.M. and no flowers so my daughter called to confirm they had cancelled the order. She talked to Emily who said they had to talk to the florist and nobody answered when they called. We went to bed and when we went out for work, the flowers were in front of the door. There were NO chocolates so, I think the delivery person ate them. No doorbell or knock on the door. Obviously, the flowers were wilted and worthless. Calling today, they want to give us a 40% discount. At 4:30, they had plenty of time to cancel the order if it got here after 10:00 P.M. They said as long as it was delivered we had to pay. Much like ordering a pizza that arrives 10 hours late and they expect you to pay for it. Their 100% guarantee just means they will discount enough to still make money for terrible service. The florist was Reno Floristeria in Reno and I haven't talked to them, yet. I would recommend ANYBODY ELSE but them.

funeral arrangement

Date: April 15, 2016 Order Number: #[protected] Never Delivered Requesting Refund: $87.97 N0 response on 800...