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Avas Flowers / non delivery of flowers

Oct 06, 2019

i purchased flowers for my daughter in Hawaii (24 hours in advance) and was told the day of that the delivery would not be made on the day I scheduled (her birthday). I suggested a number of options as to how we could get flowers to my daughter on time, but was met with either an inability...

Avas Flowers / ordered flowers that I made clear it had to be that day, they checked with designer and promised me same day delivery (as advertised)

Sep 29, 2019

My grand-daughter was in a local Winston-Salem hosp with a new baby boy. Avas offered/advertised same day delivery. It had to be that day ( Saturday, Sept. 28, 2019) because she would be going home the next day, I made that very clear. Avas checked with the designer while I was on hold...

Avas Flowers / flower delivery

Sep 25, 2019

Avas FlowersSent flowers for Mday. Tried these losers and have been regretting it since. First, I got confirmation the flowers were delivered when they weren't. I created a trouble ticket saying the flowers were lost. The flowers were delivered the next day along with the attached note saying they...

Avas Flowers / orchid quality and delivery

Sep 07, 2019

I Ordered a double stemmed white orchid thinking I was speaking to a florist located in my nieces community in CA (I live in MA). The total for the order was $136...When I realized the florist was not local it was too late to cancel. The instructions for delivery were specific since my...

Avas Flowers / couldn't cancel: product never delivered.

Aug 31, 2019

I called at 11:00 AM. It wasn't until they had my card information that I realized that they were not the local florist I thought I was contacting. I realized it less than a minute after I hung up. I called them back to cancel the order and was told there would be a service fee as they had...

Avas Flowers / arrangement "nothing" like what was ordered

Aug 26, 2019

Avas FlowersI ordered the Sympathy Heart funeral spray for my bosses mother's funeral and was very specific on the phone with the customer service rep.. Who put me on hold on several occasions to contact the florist to ensure that they could meet my requirements. I was assured that it would be no...

Avas Flowers / flower bouquet

Aug 24, 2019

Avoid this company. Total deception from what you see on-line and what you receive. I paid $83.00 plus tax. They added an $18.99 handling fee they never disclosed. I ordered the large bouquet for our 30th Anniversary. I received nothing close to what is pictured on their web page. It was in...

Avas Flowers / flower delivery

Aug 16, 2019

Flowers ordered 3 weeks prior to funeral with specified delivery time of 1pm to the venue where the Celebration of Life was to be held. I called again one week later just to ensure they understood instructions. They confirmed. On the day of the funeral, we were at the venue and no flower...

Avas Flowers / the poor quality of the flowers I received

Aug 15, 2019

I was gifted a dozen roses for 6 months from K-Love Radio and they ordered them through AVAS Flowers. I received the first month of wilting red roses last month on July 11th - bad but not complaint worthy. Today I received the second dozen and this was totally unacceptable - the flower...

Avas Flowers / floral delivery service

Aug 12, 2019

Customer service sucks...Lost order today on a Saturday, spent over an hour on phone with delivery dept. Lied to about receiving upgrade and credit. Ava's flowers telephone system sucks, constant hang ups or silence with no one answering telephone. It's now Monday morning and I spent...

Avas Flowers / late delivery

Aug 02, 2019

I ordered a $100 arrangement for my moms bday, they PROMISED they would be delivered on Saturday (day of party) and they were not. No phone call as to why, just nothing. I called the next day and asked wth and they said oh we had trouble with the delivery. I asked them why they didn't call...

Avas Flowers / floral arrangement/customer service

Jul 08, 2019

Avas FlowersThey send out a cheaper version of what your actually ordered and when you call customer service they won't refund your money like their website says they will. Don't use them. The photo with tattered daisies is the cheap version of the photo from their website. The basket with daisies i...

Avas Flowers / flower delivery

Jun 11, 2019

I placed an order for a birthday arrangement on 06/10/2019 and was assured that it would be delivered that day. I specifically asked if they were located in Indianola, MS. On 06/11/2019, I contacted Customer Service and was informed that they had been unable to fill the order the previou...

Avas Flowers / late delivery

Jun 04, 2019

Ordered flowers for a funeral and was told this would be delivered before noon. Received an email later that day that confirmed it was delivered at the end of day - well after the service. For a website that blatantly advertises even same day delivery, this is terrible service and...

Avas Flowers / wrong flowers

May 27, 2019

Avas FlowersI called and specifically asked if you had Lillie's of the valley. I wanted to cheer up my friend who is ill. Lillys of the valley have a special meaning to her. The telephone rep put me on hold, called the supplier who confirmed they had the flowers available. I said, are you sure?...

Avas Flowers / flower delivery confirmation

May 17, 2019

I ordered flowers on 5/16. First I was told they could not complete a delivery, then I received a call back that they could. I placed a $100 order. I never received the receipt. I called back and was put on hold over 20 minutes. I then called back on 5/17 to only be put on hold and no one...

Avas Flowers / mothers day flowers

May 14, 2019

Don't ever order from this company, what a scam. Ordered flowers for my mother, for Mothers day, she never got them. Also ordered for my wives mother, she also never got them. They sent a notice this morning refunding for my mom's. Still looking for my Mother in-laws, 3 days later. Spent...

Avas Flowers / size & flowers of arrangement ordered was not met

Apr 08, 2019

on Saturday 04/06/19 a sympathy arrangement was delivered. I purchased what is on your website as being named " Yellow Sympathy Standing Basket" I purchased the premium - large. 1st the arrangement size was standard - small at best. 2nd the stand was not delivered with the flowers. At one...

Avas Flowers / my order was a nightmare

Apr 06, 2019

I had flowers sent to my daughter at a hotel in Austin, Tx because it was her birthday instead of ordering online I decided to call up the flower company I get a person that could not barely speak English and could not understand me. Evidently he had screwed everything up I get a urgent...

Avas Flowers / Valentine Flowers

Feb 15, 2019

On February 14, 2019 at 09:36 AM, I paid a $130.00 to have the flowers delivered to my wife's job. I tracked the flowers all day and it was never delivered. I tried calling numerous times but couldn't get anyone on the phone. The call back option is a joke and an absolute waste of time ...

Avas Flowers / non-delivery of merchandise

Jan 29, 2019

I ordered flowers for a funeral and was told that they could be delivered at the time that I needed. I got a notice later that day that gave a time and date later than I had asked for. I contacted Ava's flowers and got no answer. I kept calling and the automatic answering machine kept...

Avas Flowers / failure to deliver flowers and no refund

Nov 01, 2018

I want to caution consumers to please not buy any flowers from AVAS Flowers. I paid AVAS Flowers $232 to deliver flowers for my sister-in-law funeral at Old St Mary's Cathedral in San Francisco on October 20tth. They never delivered the flowers and kept me on hold for 1 1/2 hours on the...

Avas Flowers / flower arrangement

Sep 10, 2018

I am writing on anywhere I can find reviews for this company. Do not order from them. If you do your research ahead of time you will see what they make a practice of doing. Promising arrangements and delivering junk. It is the same complaint from everyone. The arrangement will not be the...

Avas Flowers / floral delivery

Aug 28, 2018

I ordered a birthday bouquet of flowers to be delivered by on Monday August 27th for my step-daughter's birthday. When I didn't get a picture from her showing the flowers, I texted her to see if the delivery information had not been updated. She never got the flowers! I contacted Avas thi...

Avas Flowers / deceiving pictures from avas flowers not worth the money.

Jun 29, 2018

Avas FlowersWe ordered a so called Blooming White Standing Spray arrangement for a funeral. See 2nd picture below of what is on the company's website of the arrangement should look like. You think that is what you are getting. The 1st picture listed is what was delivered. It was such an embarrassment to see...

Avas Flowers / a birthday flower bouquet

Feb 21, 2018

Avas FlowersOn my daughter-in-law's birthday I ordered on Avas's website a "Prestine Patel" flowers to deliver to her work place. It cost about $100... I wanted the Patel colored flowers as the photo shown on their website. But the actual flowers delivered was totally different color! I took photos to...

Avas Flowers / peach & white sympathy spray

Feb 07, 2018

Avas FlowersI ordered the "premium" Peach & White sympathy spray for my sisters funeral with the sympathy card $3.99 and two sashes $9.99 each. The picture depicted on the website is of the "deluxe" arrangement and has approx. 50 flowers in it. The arrangement I received as the "premium" arrangement...

Avas Flowers / my sun moon and stars floral arrangement

Aug 16, 2017

Avas FlowersI called to place an order for the above item. Blue Vase, Blue Ribbon Blue Flowers with Yellow Roses and Lillies. I asked that it be upgraded as the original order was $49.99. What was sent was a clear Vase, Ugly Ribbon that was wrinkled, Red roses that were fully open, The bouquet wa...

Flower Tech Center Inc DBA Avas Flowers / Refusal to refund full amount

Feb 04, 2017

2-4-17 At 11:20 A.M. CST I ordered an item for same day delivery. Around 2 PM I received a text that they could not deliver same day. I called and was offered a delivery on Monday 2/6. This was not acceptable so I requested a refund. I was offered $39.99 refund for my purchase of $53.94. They...

AvasFlowers / unreliable company

Aug 04, 2016

I needed my flowers for a special event! It was a birthday surprise for my grandmother! Before placing an order I contacted AvasFlowers customer service and asked about the delivery and they assured me they'll deliver on time. So I placed an order. On the estimated date nothing arrived and...

Avas Flowers / The company posted wrong advertisement and in reality provided expensive flower arrangements

Mar 10, 2016

I have found the advertisement of Avas Flowers and we fell in love in their flower arrangements. Guys, it was scam, because they advertised good flower arrangements for good price, but instead of it you will get expensive and bad-quality stuff. I was completely disappointed and decided to...

Avas Flowers / They took additional charges for the services

Aug 29, 2015

I placed the order on the website of Avas Flowers. I placed the order and there was nothing about the fees for the placing the order and for the delivery. I paid for the order, but they automatically charged me for additional services, but no one informed me about them. I was shocked that...

Avas Flowers / Rude, unprofessional rep

May 02, 2014

I ordered flowers from Avas Flowers. But at the estimated day I received phone call from stupid rep of this company. He informed me that they wouldn’t deliver flowers, because the person to whom I wanted to send flowers wasn’t in this hospital. But my friend was, and I have no... / It is a scam.

Feb 23, 2013

When you use a discount and enter your e-mail address, you are allowing your billing information (in very hidden terms and conditions) to be used by to send you promotions at a $15 per month charge. Go to Google and enter their name and you will see that it is a scam.