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I'm Elenita Manalo .I took the Australia and New Zealand cruise with the rest of my group.( V V2L2L February 18 2019. We bought bags and accessories from Louis Vuitton in Sydney. We bought the items with VAT taxes or taxes .Since we are foreigners we are entitled for the refund of the taxes.The only problem was we were misinformed at LV store .The sales rep said that we could register on line for the item that we bought in order to get a bar code and just scan the bar code at the airport in New Zealand.
The problem was that Australia and New Zealand are 2 different countries unlike the European Union countries wherein we could buy the item in one country and exit another country and still be able to claim the tax refund either in person or by mail.
Since it was a cruise from Australia to New Zealand, there was no airport to exit Australia.When buying in New Zealand, there's no taxes so it is duty free unlike Sydney, Australia taxes is added.
We cruise directly from Australia to New Zealand . We left New Zealand by air. Is there a place in the Sydney port terminal or immigration that we could have reported the Tax item in order to get the tax refund or could we have reported in the cruise ship?
We tried reporting it to Sydney LV but we were unable to get the refund.We are unable to register the items to the right location or department.
I think getting the right information will help us and other cruiser for future purposes. Don't know if you would be able to help me out to get a tax refund but the e information would still be very important. Awaiting for your response.Thank you very much.

Jul 11, 2019

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