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I worked my butt off for your company spent my own money for the corporation then I get the boot why? The only thing I asked for my vacation then turn around I get my last check. I tried to keep food cost down but I'm working off of years of misguidance in that field then you all change the policy of how to do the food cost that's not my fault I loved working for the company. I kept the store open never closed down ever unless it was snow I always talked to my gm and she always talked to the person above her then you all bring in a new dm that thinks that Hispanics is the rule of the world no offense to no one. what the words that came out of his mouth was I need to hire more Hispanics they will get the job done for less pay! I'm not complaining about all that my concern that I did a great job I thought I was bringing in customers and the complaints stop now I read on reviews how things are going down I hate it for the company. Well if you all ever going to be successful in Longview you all need to put people that care about the business I know everything is important about the business. food cost the structure of the facility. that man fired me because he said that someone told him I was drinking at my house. so I get fired so messed up I thought what I do at home is my privacy but I guess not. I never disrespected my job ever but if that's they way he does things he will loose a lot of people up there. Then person told him this get promoted and I get fired so messed up but ok I can deal with it. I made the schedules like he told me but if I'm scheduled my self off do u make plans on that to do a last min. meeting because I was working open to close everyday no complaints at all but I get the boot didn't ask for more money just asked for my vacation that I thought I deserved instead I got fired. WOW I loved my job. I don't want it back. I just wanted everyone now how a company treat they employees didn't demote me they just said you're fired. They had a gm give a customer bad customer service and he was so proud of him let him have more duties. said they care if u mess things up for them then trying to make it great for them I guess. If you have anything to say about this review give me a response. I would love to hear how u feel about it.

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