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Popeyes complaints 644

Popeyes - food safety

1:00 pm Fri 25 Jan 2019
Brand new unit Lake St Louis Mo
I watched the manager correct a complaint order
He put the food that was on the tray brought back from the floor In the ready for service bins. He either should have let the lady keep the mistake order and given her a correct order, or at least thrown the incorrect order away. I reiterate he put food that had been out on the floor in the ready for service bins. If I had been a public health official I would have closed that unit immediately / every bit of food in the ready for service bins should have been thrown away.
I love your red beans and rice, and I have sung your praises for years, but no more.
There are a lot of complaints on the board but putting food back for service!
Someone should answer me or my next stop is to the Lake St Louis Mo Public Health, and the St Charles County Heath. That unit should be closed for cleaning and crew retraining immediately .

Popeyes - take-out service

I've got to compliment you on the worst service I've had in my life. I was 5 cars back in the service lane, three cars ahead left because of the service. After 20+ minutes I got to the speaker to...

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Popeyes - food

Hello on 1/5/19 i ordered the 20 piece family meal, plus two apple pies the chicken was very hard every piece, the apple pies were cold, the biscuits were hard and cold, i understand it was late BUT if your business is open decent food is expected, Popeyes food isn't cheap. I'm visiting my daughter whom lives in Atlanta.
My contact [protected]@gmail.com
255 sheridan ave, albany ny 12210

Popeyes - service sucked and so did the managers people skills

I submitted a complaint on December 20th 2018 and I haven't heard anything back from the customer service people. My name is Le Vernis Teri Smith. And my complaint was about 710 American Legion...

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Popeyes - order white meat, get dark meat, every time

Every time I go into this location I always have to check my order before I leave to ensure I get what I ordered. It always wrong! This time I was in a hurry and did not have to to check the order...

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Popeyes - food and employee relations

DEC 10 2-18 Employee Tanzania # 398239
we ordered medium drinks and we received small Employee said they are medium but they use small lids $27.00 for 2 5 pieace meals is high when popeyes advertises 5 buck meal. I understand all popeyes don't have same prices. We waited a good 15 minutes and my chicken was not cooked . we asked for straws and they didn't have any. Went back to tell about chicken and emolyees were in back and did not come out front and there were 2 other people waiting When she did come out front she had an attitude and was not nice. Bad customer service and food

Popeyes - lansing mi location

I have went to popeyes lansing, mi on mlk blvd location. On two different days in the last week requesting the holiday feast I was told twice the do not have the holiday feast at there location. Well last night [dec. 3 2018 ]was the second attempt and they said they only had all other bucket deals except holiday feast. So I got home the 10 piece bucket meal I ordered was missing my biscuits and I ordered red beans and rice and received mashed potatoes. I tried to call store to complain and there phone had a busy signal all evening. So this morning I call to speak with manager and I was treated very badly, he wouldnt tell me his name. And he told me he was sorry not sure why they said that, but I cant get no free chicken for that and I should come back to store instead of calling.. So I informed him iam wheelchair bound and I take cabs everywhere. So im already upset at the fact I was charged 23 for a 10 piece bucket and got less then the holiday feast. And the guy was very rude and alot of people eat fast food are disabled and cant just come back to store to fix order they got wrong. And how can u fix lying to me about a holiday feast. I feel like they wanted me to spend more of my money

Popeyes - customer service

I would not even be going to this extent if Popeye's customer service was half way decent.
I complained over the phone via their customer service line, I tried to contact the store manager (after ringing for what seemed like forever, the only greeting I got was go ahead in a very rude hard to understand accent), I have filled out a contact us form, I have also used messaging on facebook on Popeye's main account- only to be continuously ignored, and my concern has not been addressed. I visited on Sunday evening and ordered a 10 piece spicy tenders family meal, after the guy repeated my order back to me correctly and I waited in line over 20 minutes with a screaming 5 year old, it did not even cross my mind that I might not have the correct order. I then drove home (25 minutes away) frustrated from the wait. After I got home, I realized that I had gotten a 10 piece mixed box. I do not eat bone-in chicken, and I absolutely would not have gone to Popeye's for it. This was not even a huge issue-had it been addressed properly. The main complaint is the customer service, they never tried to make it right and I could not get a call back. I could not even get a robo-response.

Popeyes - 5 pc tender combo, cajun fish and shrimp meal

I have one ticket but I asked two separate orders being they were going to different homes. By the time I get home which was about 20 minutes my fish and shrimp meal was so hard it was an edible, the...

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Nov 05, 2018

Popeyes - payment

I had terrible experience today, decided to get some chicken for dinner, ordered family meal 8 pieces, tried to pay with $100 bill, staff refused to accept, I had few different $100 bills, offered...

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Popeyes - food

I went through the drive window at popeyes in Huntsville tx and I ordered 5$ boneless bash wings an soon as I pull to the window they hand me my food a lil to fast.so I leave and come to find out I...

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Popeyes - missing items from the delivery

We ordered $150 worth of food. We were missing four items . Skip The dishes delivered it. When we called them. Popeye Staff said it was Skip the dishes Fault that the items were missing. That's not...

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Popeyes - popeyes 11358

I went to the Popeyes in Saginaw Mi on 10-28-19 at 6 pm. I ordered 10 piece tenders, an Apple Pie, a Lemon Pie. They gave me an 11 piece bone in. I gave them a 9.99 coupon, and they charged me 13.99. They were Rude, and didn't give me the sauce I asked for either. I tried calling for several hours. I finally got someone on the phone and they more or less told me to go [censored] myself. Fix it.

Popeyes - no service

I to the Popeyes store in Eatonton, Ga tonight. I waited for someone to ask for my order. Silence. I drove up to the window & the employee was sitting on a chair talking to someone on the other side...

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Popeyes - wait time for order

Went to Popeyes last night to pick up dinner for the family. Placed my order at 6:37 pm, store# 10543, sale# [protected]. There were three employees working, one at the drive thru, and another person in a blue shirt. (not sure of position). Needless to say, it took an hour to get my food. An hour. The dining room was packed with customers waiting and eating their food, along with a line going thru the drive thru, and a complete lack of urgency. Those employees did not show any care for the amount of people waiting for their food. Not only that, again, with a dining area full of people, there was no condiments or napkins out for the customers, so again, customers had to stand at the counter waiting for someone's attention just to ask for napkins that should've already been there. This location is a very busy location. The food is actually decent that it is such a shame to see employees with no care to the customers. I just wanted to bring this to someone's attention. I tried contacting the district manager on the receipt, but received no answer.

Popeyes - survey validation

I have 2 receipts that I had submitted yo Popeyes on 5th st. Hwy in Reading Pa And they had nomore codes but said allow couple of weeks for coupon in the mail. Its been over a month and still...

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Popeyes - two employees having a relationship

Two employees at the Popeyes store in grand island Ne are having a relationship. One of them is 15 and his name is Cameron and the the others name is Mia and she's 18 and They both have been told by...

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Popeyes - food and how nasty gm was

My name is Kendra and I worked at this popeyes for a week.Sept 17 to Sept 22 and quite. .But when I got hired there she asked my how did I want my check ..I gave Vericona a voided check..now was for...

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Popeyes - employee

Today on 09/29/2019 I went to Popeyes to drop of my sister to finish her paperwork to get the job and the store was just opening at 10:10 we then approached the door and here comes an employee...

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Popeyes - a worker named claudia

this lady working at store#5928 on wednesday at 3:32 pm was very Rude and difficult she did not say hello or anything she was talking with the other employee took my order and Through the change that she owed me ! I asked her to be nice with our customers and she start talking back to me in arguing in front of the other customers when I ask that I complain she said go ahead I'm the manager here after a minute this other lady showed up and she said that she was the manager and they were laughing between them when I told her I will complain she said she don't care Popeyes is a big company I've been dealing with them for years even when I was in Atlanta Georgia I like their food but this particular employee needs to be trained she don't have any customer service She needs to be teach that this is America and we need to have good relationships with our customers no mother what do you do at any job I think you!

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