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My friend and I parked in the nearly empty PNC parking lot in a strip mall shopping area. my friend drives a large truck and there is still snow on the ground so its hard to fit into most of the tight spots. As we approach the store, an employee of PNC rudely accosted us and demanded that we move the truck. When we told him what an inconvenience that was, he snidely remarked that it would be a greater convenience when we leave. The man then smugly waddled back to the bank with its empty parking lot, obviously satisfied that he had made us move out of principle.


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    West Aug 13, 2009

    We were in pnc in north east md and asked for some personal help with an issue of a check that was issued to one person signed and cashed by another and the manager of the branch Dorothy not sure of the last name but easily spotted was nasty and pointed her finger in my face and wanted to lecture me about why it was being questioned now...well when they are unwilling to do anything what else are you supposed to do.

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    Michetti27 Sep 16, 2009

    PNC are basically legitimate thieves. They have stolen so much money from our bank account in the last 5 years, I could have bought a new car with it. My husband and I work very hard for our money and do not expect to pay overdraft charges for their mistakes. I am not dealing with them any further, DO NOT GO TO THIS BANK YOU WILL BE IN FOR MUCH TROUBLE.

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    Springsun Apr 15, 2010

    For those who browse for complaints on PNC bank, I give them a -10 rating on their services and willingness to coorperate with their customers. Be ware if you want to get a loan from them, they will set a trap for you and eat you alive! DO NOT bank with PNC! I think if anything, bankers would most likely screw up this fine country of ours! Tax payer shouldn't bail them out. Let the bank burn!

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    jake-tha-snake Jul 29, 2010

    so wow you have really convinced me to not bank with them... not! you really need to explain your situation alot more in detail...

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    PNCisterribel Oct 15, 2011
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    PNC Bank has horrible customer service. They have employees that are very hateful. I was threatened and harrased by one of their reps. I tried to contact the managers and no one ever called me back. STAY AWAY FROM THIS BANK. THEY ARE HORRIBLE! If you like to be disprespected this is the bank for you!

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    slpsms111 Dec 05, 2011

    I second that, third it, fourth it, and fifth it...unequivocally horrible bank with even worse customer service.

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