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Gary is the absolute worst human being to walk the face of this earth. He is supposed to help get you approved for a mortgage, not doctor it to make lies, but just assist in submitting paperwork with accurate information to acquire a home loan. Instead he consistently messed up paperwork to hurt our changes of being approved, not once, not twice, but five times. All along just telling us this is normal and we don't know what we are talking about we are first time buyers. Three days until settlement with not one, but two commitment letters he calls and says your never going to believe this, in all my years I never had this happen. Yes we were disapproved, not because the information we provided was wrong because he submitted the paperwork wrong. Then in the final minutes he decides he is going to quit and pass the paperwork to us or whoever we can get to help us. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE DO NOT USE PNC MORTGAGE AND DO NOT USE GARY GOTTESFELD EITHER. You will have nothing but problems.

pnc mortgage


  • They are many companies that are legitimate and can help homeowners stop foreclosure and keep their homes.

    Mortgage Assistance Group is one of those companies that holds an "A" rating with the BBB and has help over 500 homeowners keep their homes.

    They give a discount to the homeowners who have been scammed and treat each client with respect and dignity.

    You can reach them at [protected] and at

    Thanks and good luck,

    Randy D.

    P.S. If you know someowner they can help, They will pay a $100 referral!

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  • Pn
    PNCvictim Feb 25, 2010

    I had a similar Experience as Patrick. My loan had taken 4 months for PNC to put together. Two day after my closing date I get a call form the originator saying the appraiser had messed up the appraisal and PNC wouldn't close. Being a Real estate investor by trade I quickly realized that we were way past that stage and the Loan Originator wasn't being Honest. I called the regional manager and he instructed me that she had never got us approved. I let it go on as long as I did because she instructed us that the loan we were doing required us to own the house for 6 months, So we just kept using our own money for construction thinking we were getting it back on the cash out portion of the loan. As you can imagine after four months we were left with no money and starting over with another bank. I just couldn't let this slide so I did some checking and found I was just one of many of people that this originator had strung along. I'm not sure if there is a bad underwriter or processor but this is very common with this bank in this area NC. These people seem to be very confused about the new hvcc rule and have no idea how to underwrite a loan . They kept instructing me they couldn't call the appraiser and after reading HVCC I discovered that that rule doesn't apply to government back loans and they had no idea and
    had just left my appraisal and it's problems sitting on the underwriters desk for 3 month without a phone call.
    I'm not a typical bad credit buyer complaining because I couldn't get approved, I have 700 beacon and 100, 000s in reserve, with great ratios. I was the new banks dream customer. Bottom line this bank took millions in tarp money and has all but closed there mortgage lending door while portraying to the government that they are lending the money they took. STAY AWAY FROM THIS BANK. I have another story worse than this one about tehm munipulating a VA loan for one of my customers but I'll post it later.

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  • Jd
    J.D. Unhappy Jun 16, 2010

    PNC Mortgage has to be based in some remote undiscovered nazi camp. This bank seems hell bent on making sure you not only foreclose, but go completely and utterly insane while doing it. Every phone call entails repeating your loan number, address, first and second phone number, whether you live in the current address and what your social security number is; this happens four to five times during each conversation! Their “customer service” reps. have no extensions, so you always get a different answer from each different person! They had me re-submit my request for loan modification 12 times and then summarized by telling me there were inconsistencies with the information provided and could not tell me what those were! I have had to hire an attorney. I would strongly discourage anyone from ever even considering this crooked institution! VERY VERY VERY BAD SERVICE!!!

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  • Pn
    pncmortgagescam Jul 26, 2010

    I have created a group on facebook called "pnc mortgage scam"

    Please join the group if you have been affected by the fraud scheme to take away your home!!/group.php?gid=135812723125594

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  • At
    atwitsend61 Aug 26, 2010

    PNC has played the same games with me. They've repeatedly denied my request for hardship assistance. They keep sending me letters, requesting "more information", pay stubs, and other documents to make it look as though they are trying to work with me. And, then they send me rejection letters after I bend over backwards in supplying them with the info they requested. I have not received ONE phone call from them to advise me as to the status of my file. Just form letter after form letter to stall me until they foreclose. WHY they would want to foreclose is beyond me. They would make so much more money in the interest I would have paid them on my loan over the 30 year period. Instead, if they foreclousre, especially in this market, they'll wind up with less than what I owe! I've made some modifications and can now pay my mortgage, but they are unwilling to work with me.

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  • Fr
    Frustrating Sep 21, 2010

    We are just trying to refinance with PNC because they hold our mortgage. This has been going on since May 2010. We were informed for the past 2 months that we would be closing. I've called multiple times, sent emails and not only do they not answer the phone they don't call you back. I finally asked for the name and address of the person to send official complaints to.

    Saiyid Naqvi
    2650 Warrenville Rd., Suite 500
    Downers Grove, IL 60515

    Best Wishes to you all. I feel your pain. My complaint was sent off. What good it does we'll see!
    God Bless...dana :)

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  • Th
    Thomas 01 Jul 07, 2011

    I am in the process of buying a vacation home and PNC has been a complete nightmare. I am putting 20% down plus the appraisal came back good. I have good credit and sufficient assets and income. Its the day before closing and they tell me that they can't close because they cannot confirm the address of the property in their data base. They also tell me that I cannot include in the sales agreement items the seller is leaving behind per some new regulation. I looked into this new regulation and it only applies to special loans (1st time HB or someone less than 20/80) not a conventional loan. The LO communicated the wrong information to me and my relator to resolve this issue. The processor I am dealing with does not communicate issues that are pending and when I did speak with her she would requested information previously provided 2 and 3 times over. What makes me laugh is they want me to refinance my existing home with them as well. Why would I do something like that if they cannot even close this transaction. My relator has also informed me that she has two other clients going through PNC and those have been problematic. Not sure what there situation is but usually when there's smoke there's fire.

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  • Na
    Nathaniel Thomas Thompson Apr 02, 2018
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