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Playtika reviews & complaints

Playtika complaints 575

Playtika - Wsop app freezing up folding winning hands

About 3 weeks ago I had a problem with the app freezing up and folding my cards in the middle of hands, still doing it but not as bad. It's not my internet connection as they try to say it's done it using wi-fi and cell service and pro are constantly complaining about the same issue in chat and on Facebook, anyway it done this many times but I only wanted one of the wins I should've gotten I had 25 billion coins in and the pot size was 150 billion but after they reviewed it they pretty much called me a liar even though I had spent over 2k real dollars in two weeks but yeah I'm gonna lie about fake money🙄. I even said I'd settle for half the amount and didn't even receive a response. It took me 2 weeks to even get any kind of support response to begin with I never got an answer as to why that was.

Desired outcome: I’ll settle for 70 billion coins which is a little over half of what the pot was that I should’ve won anyway

All I’m asking for is half what I would’ve won had the app not glitched if not I’ll never spend a dime in anything Playtika

Playtika - Caeser slot

You are money scammers. More spent, more loose. You set up winning percentage so low so no one can play for couple hours even I spent hundreds dollars. 3 years ago Casino was very good game for some money, now you want hundreds dollars for nothing. Your greedy will destroy you. Anyway I am going contact my bank to stop all payments what I did to you for scamming because no one can reach any goals on your casino except to spend thousands dollars. Shame on you.

Dec 29, 2021

Playtika - Bingo blitz

I've had so many problems with bingo blitz, loosing credits cause the game freezes, the game cheats also cause they will give u the same card pretty much except they might change 1 or 2 numbers.tell how can u get a bingo off of 2 numbers also.missings items all the time to finish a map.but when u contact support they want to give u a few credits not even the amount u spend playing.

Desired outcome: It needs to be fix and give proper credits items


Playtika - Payments

Payments to Playtika often go wrong. When contacting support they never have a solution, but advise contacting Microsoft store for a refund. But it's not a physical product, just playtime, so it's almost impossible to get that done. Playtika has to go after it themselves, but they don't. They don't care about customers. And the people at the support can't do anything, know nothing and do nothing.

Playtika - Purchase

I purchased 1.99 for the extra coins and cards and I never got them. You owe me all of it plus extra coins for my 3 hours of trouble with people at your company that couldn't help me.

Desired outcome: My coins and free stuff and inconvenience coins

Nov 30, 2021

Playtika - All my accounts are to return to the OLDER , NOT UPDATED VERSION of Bingo blitz or DELETE ACCOUNTS

I have contacted Support several times about my accounts being accessed by another person, ALTERNATE solution, send the link to change my password, to my phone
Yesterday I was logged in as user name Brazion( email [protected] A mod was in chat room and n the SPOOKY SEASONAL ROOM and I brought up that I still was having issues with an individual on my accounts, ( items or duplicates constantly disappearing as well as I never EVER win anymore, also, a message stating to Reconnect as I was now connected on 2 different devices, exc.)
Immediately after, maybe within 2 min of her stating she turned this is to support my game shuts off, my device turns off and restarted, on its own and now the Bingo Blitz has turned into your RUINED AND MOST CONFUSING VERSION ON EVERY ONE OF MY ACCOUNTS. I want the other older, NOT UPDATED VERSION PLEASE. I WILL NOT PLAY ON THIS OTHER AS ITS HORRIBLE AND STUPID AND WHAT LOOKS LIKE A COPPY WRITTEN, NOT VALID, VERSION OF YOUR GAME.

Desired outcome: I am one of your most Faithful and dedicated player, I want the Older Version of Bingo Blitz, NOT UPDATED , OR YOU CAN DELETE ALL MY ACCOUNTS

Playtika - Slotomania

Its too bad Slotomania is rigged, was kind of a fun game.  You can see the algorithms repeat as the game goes on.  Its really too bad for Robert Antokol, Craig Abrahams and Ofer Kinberg, their greed has gotten them in trouble with one of the world's biggest drug cartels.   When the leader of the cartel found out these guys were ripping him off he was less than happy, rumor has it contracts were issued.  When a company is doing something wrong, you take out the top three in command,   then the company gets the hint, sounds like this is exactly what is going to happen here.  Everyone knows you do not rip off a major drug cartel, but these guys did, they got stones, I'll give them that.

Playtika - Çiplerim kayboldu

Merhaba ben sizin bir iyi oyuncunuz olarak şimdiye kadar hiçbir sorunum olmadı fakat dün akşam oynadığım makinede tam 3 kere paramı çaldı toplam 72 Trilyon param kayıp oldu. Dün yeni açılan makinede iki kaybımı ekran kaydını aldım ilk ekran kaydını almadım support ile konuşmama rağmen herhangi bir geri ödeme olmadı şimdi size ekran kaydını aldığım iki videoyu gönderiyorum ve dikkatlice iki videoyuda izleyin sonuna kadar izleyin ve ciplerimin nasıl öyle kaybolduğunu siz karar verin ilk videoda 88 Trilyon dan 66 Trilyona düştü sonra ikinci videoda 44 Trilyondan 24 Trilyona düştü videoları dikkatli bir şekilde izleyin ve eğerki geri ödeme olmazsa bundan sonra slotomania oyununu siliyorum ve önemli bir oyuncunuzu kaybediyorsunuz lütfen dikkatli bir şekilde videoları izleyip degerlendiriniz teşekkürler.


Playtika - Bingo blitz

Played in bingo blitz, 13/11/2021 - Angus chick - [protected] zoo room, paid 900 credits for round, did not even play the game before system booted me out of room back to lobby. I spen 1 hour and 10 mins on the support chat with Luna stark and Bianca Russell (agents) to be told to come back in 2 hours as they could not find report, but the other agent could when I spoke to her, so I was lied too. I was then stole they could not find a fault, but didn't have updated report?
I Have 10k saved I. Credits, I don't think if I lied I would have that much saved up or spent 1 hour and 10mins in a chat room trying to get my 900 credits back!
Bingo blitz should be ashamed of them selves for stealing my 900 credits and refusing to give them back, saying they can't find an issue, but on the other hand saying they couldn't get the updated report? So how can they tell if they couldn't find an issue if they don't have a updated report! Thieves!
You shouldn't treat players this way especially over 10 years of playing BB
I would like my 900 credits back that were stolen from me!

Desired outcome: Refund!

Playtika - Bingo blitz

I have a bit of a gambling problem even with apps you can't win real money on. I asked them to exclude me from being allowed to buy in the app.
yet they continued to let me buy no way to reject payment lost two grand from this and now it has really affected my mental health and has made me feel suicidal. I needed that money to go see my family since I haven't seen them in 9 years and my dad died. Now so is my nan and am financially struggling no.

Desired outcome: Payback of my two grand or I go find a lawyer pro bono to sue them

Nov 06, 2021

Playtika - Items Missing On Wheels!

Few hrs ago, I won # 11)Sweet & Sticky; In room Sweet & Sticky (Room #663). I been having difficulties getting the item added to my account. I have won this item 3'xs .1st). 11/3/21 at 6:34pm. Today(11-6-21) 2'xs on the free spins at 7:25am and 11:08am. I was told by a Customer service Rep to wait 2hrs & nothing has shown on the acct. Please credit me the item missing ;Which is the Sweet & Sticky on the super wheels. I sent tons of screenshots to bingo blitz C.S & nothing. Keeps reoccurring over n over.😒🤬

Oct 24, 2021

Playtika - Bingo Blitz

This app was great until I made several purchases... Then suddenly can't get items for events game ends and freezes when I have bingo! On top of that requested legal contact info because I purchased my credits and they stole them in two rounds by freezing me out then tried to offer me less credit than I purchased what's the point in giving out credits if you will freeze the game this is digital theft offering a service then rigging the algorithm is stealing period and you guessed it they stole the gifted credits as well

Desired outcome: I want playtime banned fro. Business in the us let them rip off Israel Americans work to hard for this crap

I agree app is a scam I lost two grand as got a gambling problem asked to be excluded from buying they never did this

Oct 13, 2021

Playtika - Bingo blitz


After a long vacation, upon return, my last kindle laptop did not function anymore. So I had to buy a new kindle in sept.
Ever since I wanted to play bingo blitz on my new kindle, I could not get
Back my account with BB where I had accumulated over 7 seven, years
Worth of of bingo blitz points .
So I had to start all over again, which is V E R Y annoying to me.

How can I get my old account back?
If do not grant me restitution, I will never play your games any more.
I had accumulated over over 7 thousand BB points and was high up
there with cities, my recollection is NORTH POLE.

I hope you will pay me BACK my lost points.

Erika Pool
Email: [protected]


Playtika - Playtika / Vegas downtown words and slots

I am involved in this suit.I have $1834.32 coming to me sometime! Was suppose to be in 2 installments with the final monies paid on Oct.4th.I still have not received a PENNY! All I get is lies! Last month I was told the check would be mailed end of Sept. yesterday I was told by playtika the checks will be mailed end of Oct. ! I've been getting his run around from platika since March! Playtika gave me the amount my check will be, member number everything but a CHECK!I need help!

Desired outcome: Get my $1834.32

They took advantage of me I lost two grand too late to join the lawsuit. I asked them to exclude me from buying and they didn't they are greedy money hungry company and especially them getting rid of other things that gave you free credit. Purchase with real money then game has glitches and freezes and not getting items you win and they don't give them to you at all

Playtika - Random charges for unauthorized/unknown services?

Recurring Debit Google Playtika 6-1-21 = $10.30, 6-9-21= $2.05, 6-18-21= $4.11, 6-24-21=$12.36, 7-7-21=$17.51, 9-10-21=$6.17,

Pllaytika 6-4-21= $3.08, 6-9-21=$ 4.11, 6-16-21=$4.11, 9-10-21 = $6.17

These charges are on my US Bank debit card I have not ordered anything from playtika as a rule I do not use any services with a recurring bill only Amazon Prime and Netflix, not games, if i make a game purchase it is a one time purchase at that time for 1.99-2.99and I rarely do that. I have tried to contact Playtika in the past which is literally impossible, showing me intentional theft and deciet. I hope you can help!
Thank you,
Jennifer Zallar

Desired outcome: Return my money and stop charging me

Playtika - Bingo Blitz

I have tried several times to open Bingo Blitz and I just can't get it to work.
I have even deleted it and re started it again on my iPad.
I get as far as opening page, then that's it.
I have been playing this game daily for quite awhile, with no problems, but seems past year, I have trouble loading the game.

Marilyn Maroulakos


Playtika - Lost coins on game play

I was playing Social Lift, Slotto Boss and had 22.2M "diamonds" in my account when we went to play the Boss game. At the end of the game, I accepted 384 as the multiplier. That should of given me 8 billion five hundred twenty-four million, eight hundred thousand coins. Instead it only multiplied my 384 multiplier by 1! I lost all those coins. What is going on with this?

Desired outcome: I want my earned coins added to my account.......

Aug 27, 2021

Playtika - Computer selecting number

I was playing slotto boss and I was down to the final 2 selections. I was picking #4 and #23, but the computer picked #4 and #6 instead. Number 6 had the 1, 000 multiplier prize, that I lost out on because of the computer. This has happened to me before. I has between 4.0 and 5.0 diamonds in my bank. Instead I got a 10 multiplier instead of 1, 000. This gets old very fast.

Desired outcome: Give me my 1,000 multiplier.....

Playtika - Slotomania

Game worked perfectly fine for 2 months. Now it CONSTANTLY disconnects. After 10 to 20 spins it says I lost connection. It is honestly turning me off to the app as a whole. I have made no changes to my phone or even downloaded any other apps since getting Slotomania. I have put a good amount of money into it and I have 376, 000, 000, 000 coins I can't even use enjoyably

Desired outcome: Have the APP work

Playtika - Slotomania game mania offer

The Slotomania has offered a handful of players a promotion to break their piggy and that gives them game mania on a civil treasures. Of course not everyone received this including me. Stop being so unfair and offer the hand that feeds you the same deals. You discriminate and disgust your players. I contacted your so called support and they gave me nothing.

Desired outcome: offer everyone the same deals please

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