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Slotomania — Cannot play

There is a Accept and Play link that does not activate when pushed so I cannot play

I’ve been over charge and never get my cashback points in double charged — I’ve been over charged and never get my cashback points in double charged

Look at all the money that I dumped in and these are double charges in Cinema some of them didn't go through I complained numerous times they wouldn't even give me a single coin...

Slotomania points disappeared

Started today with over 20 trillion point. Just went to play and I only have just over 5 trillion. And after spending a lot of money on this game for long time it's very very disappointing. Can I have my 15 trillion points back please. Thanks, upset slotomaniac very upset

Slotomania over the rainbow quest

That stupid ape game does not even have a 5 of a kind to pass to next level. I have spent well over 6 billion coins over the last week trying to pass this stage, I can not get 5 of a kind. I'm deleting this stupid game.


Never received my winnings for finishing a quest! I then got connected to a chat. That ended up being connected to a page that expected me to pay for a technician to resolve a problem that was the games mistake!! This is completely ridiculous!

Clover adventure

Does NOT calculate the clover coins correctly in the Quest! I've been playing Slotomania for years now and I never thought I had to have an issue with trust. I was getting nowhere in the game and I started to watch what was going on. I was very disappointed.

purchase is blocked

I'm trying to make purchases but my access is denied. There was a problem in the past where I was overcharged on purchases I did not authorize. When I went to make a purchase, in the past, it would read "something went wrong please try again. That happened a number of times and I was charged each time I tried to make a purchase but it did not go through and repeated itself.. I straighten that out with my credit card and pay pal accounts and was made whole.
I now would like to make some purchases on these games but when I try it says access denied please contact customer support. That's what I'm doing now.
Can you help me out?
Dwain Burkholder


The game will not load. It's been an issue for two days. It doesn't even show the green bar on the screen. The game acts like it will open but will close after a couple seconds. The app is on my iPad. I've restarted my iPad, offloaded the app and reinstalled it. I do not want to delete the app and reinstall because I will lose everything. I don't have the app connected to Facebook.


Playtika is a huge rip off. The slots are way to tight. The game is designed to make you give them real money for fake money. No one is winning anymore and everyone is getting ripped off. Be like me, delete this game and never come back. There is a class action law suit against them for cheating us. I hope they lose their asses and have to lay-off all their so called employees. Pretty good racket if I would have thought of it. Haha I deleted the game almost a yr ago. Best thing i've ever done. No longer do I get frustrated at a game that's supposed to help relax you after a long day. So I don't feel sorry for any of you that our complaining. Delete the game or don't give them a penny. Maybe then they will change things up. If enough of us just stops. Maybe the game will return to being fun. I've stayed in a few groups just to be able to read about all the frustrations. And I have not been disappointed at all. Hahahahaha stop playing, delete this game. They're getting rich off of selling fake coins. Hmmmm and you don't get what you pay for either. I woke up, when are you?


Good morning, at 7.30 this morning I was playing Vegas casino link, I was lucky enough to receive the coin grab, I got the minor prize and what I can remember, six other coins, but as I pressed the whole screen turned off and went back to original game with no prize win. I don't know how you can see what happened, but yeah disappointed. Please see if you can see if it was a error on your games behave. Thanks so much for you time. I normally wouldn't worry but I do spend a fair bit on this game. 🤫have a nice day. Yours faithfully Laurey Sullivan

caesar slots

i was earning more money until i was forced to use Playtika if i wanted to play Caesar Slots. i would like to disable my account with Playtika.i had to register using my face book account.i wish to get the money amounts i was getting when i wasn't using Playtika. Playtika i use while playing other games but i had been playing Caesar Slots for years. Please disable my account."Oneshia Hutchinson

Slotomaniabonus games

Big rip off!!!
Cheated me out of payout on my balinko!
Supposed to get free balinko game after finishing level rush. Finally gave me the balinko but didn't give the payout! I can't get a hold of customer support either! This game is getting worse and worse with not giving up coins! It keeps wanting you to buy extra ways to win them then when you do it still is a big rip off!!!#!!!


Not loading

I emailed help center earlier about an issue with not receiving any gold cards with the promo yesterday after that I could not get back into the game I am very frustrated because I can't get anyone to actually help me or they send me to some site that I have to pay I have never had these problems before I have been playing for years I spend lots of money in this site but to get someone to help me is near impossible

Playtika/Caesar's Online Gaming — cheating me constantly and consistently by not rewarding me for points earned in various challenges or bonuses

These people are the most disgusting of online gaming companies. For real money, they constantly and consistently do not reward or award you for points earned through their gaming...

submitting request for what I should have received putting 100 of my cards to spin for new cards and or slotomania points.

I went to my folder and submitted 100 of my cards to spin the wheel but my tablet lost connection and when I tried to reenter I could not do so until 24 hrs later . I am a Disabled Veteran from the Vietnam era, I expected to be able to get the points and or sloto cards but I was not able to receive neither I'm very disappointed in the game this isn't right and should not happen to another player I truly believe that I should get what I won I'm submitting this in hope that it doesent happen again.

caesar's online gaming - challenge, reward and bonus points; mega bonus hours

This morning, 2/6/20, I submitted two tickets - inc #[protected] and inc #[protected]... Within minutes of each other. I did this to emphasize the urgency of this ongoing issue of playtika either not rewarding me either challenge, reward or bonus points... Or mega bonus hours... To which i'm entitled. Not only that, but when I see the points i've earned disappear right before my eyes from my total points "counter" (at the top of the screen), that especially pisses me off to such a degree that I can hardly believe what your company is capable of.

Today, I addressed an email to several of your customer service support employees... Alan caltrell, todd smith and victor adams... All of whom I am either dealing with now or in the past few months about the same exact ongoing repetitive problems.

Social media is a very strong way of reaching out to people with reviews and comments about companies who aren't only "good" in business (i.E., fair)... But also those who are not... And from the looks of lots of other reviews, playtika does not have a very good reputation at all.

I, for one, would like to resolve this ongoing issue with these annoying and disgusting problems by not going on "social media" and "badmouthing" your company. I don't like to do that. However, I don't see anyone "willing" to provide me with the satisfaction I deserve.

My question to you is this: are you going to reach out and have someone from customer service resolve these ongoing issues... Or should I give you a hugely bad review on many platforms?

I pay for your service and expect to be treated with respect and rewarded the points I have earned. It's up to you how this ends.

Thank you for your time and consideration.


bingo blitz

I submitted a ticket to playtika regarding an incident this morning where my game froze in the middle of a round and my credits didn't get refunded. I am not getting a response back from the team and its been 6 hrs. The msg I submitted is below. Thank you.

INC11916750 - Bingo Blitz

Feb 3 at 11:29 AM
1 attachment
Hi Line,

Thank you for you reply!

I am sorry to hear this.

In order to take a deeper look regarding this, I will need you to provide more information regarding the name of the city you played in, the time-frame and the amount spent on the cards.

Feel free to contact us for any question regarding Bingo Blitz!

Looking forward to your reply!

Have a great day ahead!

Best regards,

Jenny Miller

Bingo Blitz Support

Still have a question? Click here to reply to this mail - and I'll do my best to help you out!

[protected]:03:30 (IL Time Zone) Line Lewis: Hello. In response to your email, I had no choice but to leave the game as my screen froze and would not allow me to click any buttons that were being called. I do not find this to be fair that I lose my credits when there is constant issues with this game freezing I paid $10 to get credits to play this game and the game basically stole my money. I need a response to this issue and telling me that I dont get my FULL GAME, not a partial game then I need to delete my entire account instead of losing money. Sent from Yahoo Mail on Android

[protected]:49:24 (IL Time Zone) Jenny Miller:Greetings from Bingo Blitz!

We want to thank you for your feedback and let you know that we have successfully investigated this matter within our records.Following a review of your account, we were able to notice that all of your recent rounds were finished successfully and rewards have been added accordingly to your balance. Keep in mind that leaving actively the round before it ends, will only grant you the rewards won up to that point, but not a refund of the amount spent in the buy-cards screen.

In the case of missing the pop-up confirmation of your rewards, we can help you with a screenshot from our data base so let us know if you need further confirmation.

Even so, if you happen to encounter an error pop-up during your active bingo rounds, kindly take a screenshot so you can also forward the information to us. It will prove very useful in the investigation process.For any other issues that might arise, please do not hesitate to submit a new ticket!

Hope you have a lovely day ahead!

[protected]:28:13 (IL Time Zone) Line Lewis:
My game froze in the middle of a round...I didn't get refunded for my game

bingo blitz

wsop fraud and scam

They hosted a Chines Spring festival tournament for a bracelet and had a progressive jackpot
No advertising stating the jackpot was visible to all players or any mention of different rankings
After the end of the tournament, they gave players different amounts based off of ranks even though all advertising stated that the jackpot was split evenly between all bracelet winners
No mention of whether each rank saw a different jackpot or the same as everyone
This is false advertising and fraud and a scam
I have been sending complaints for three days now with now responses other than I received the correct amount
No list of amounts or winners so that it can be verified
They continue to ignore the situation and even though their chips have no monetary value, they sell chips for real money which I purchased so fraud is still illegal with regard to the money I spent according to their advertising for this tournament and then have been cheated out of chips that should have been evenly split between all bracelet winners

wsop fraud and scam


it has been over 24 hrs since i been able to play since you guys did upgrade been long time follower since day one and spent quite a few dollars on this site and be able to play is just down right rude cant not collect it SAYS OOOPS SORRY SOMETHING WENT WRONG and locks up CAN NOT EVEN GET TO SUPPORT THAT WAY PLEASE FIX THIS AS I USE IT TO RELIEF MY STRESS SEEMS certain people can play and not others you are making alot people upset and wanting to leave the site i am medcially disabled not able to get around much so yes this site i visit every day and spend money on


bingo blitz

I have a problem playing the game Bingo Blitz. I'm playing Bingo Blitz for a long time now. I've notice since Friday 17 January 2020 I couldn't get into the Bingo Blitz game. Something to do with server can't connect at all. If I want to play on a PC or laptop it give me the same problem. Is it possible if someone can help me with this issue please?

slotomania rapid cats game

I completed my free spins on this game and my win total was over 900, 000, 000 and when I had completed them my coins total only went up by just over 120, 000, 000 so I would like the remainder of my winnings credited to me please.
I have attached a screenshot of the final result of my free spins to show you that my complaint is valid.
As a player of some 8 years standing and level 20840 i feel that this complaint should recieve your attention and ultimate rectification

slotomania rapid cats game

fraudulent charges

On January 9 the and 12 the there were charges to my card that I never made. I contacted support and they want me to send reciepts that I don't have. I never made the purchases on those days. I am lost as what I need to do. Please help. I am disabled and I do order from the game but the charges on these days were not made by me or my household. Please I need this resolved ASAP. Thank u

taking all my points I have paid and worked hard for

when slotmania froze on me it was in the spring it took, i was locked out this has happpened before, when they fixed the problem they didnt give back all my hard earned points witch i purchest some of them my bonus every 4hours, 1millionf coins i believe i had 4millionand fifty, in my bank they started me as a new comer its flustrating, i worked so hard for what i had, please fix the problem

not receiving coins for finishing a set

I finished the rush award program, today at approx. 9.30am Western Australia time. I collected a wild card which I used to close the Santa set, but it did not reward me with the sets winnings, but gave a 0 collect. My clan has received notification of the set being completed & the card is shown as new on the set in question. The card in question is Club Collection & feel disappointed that I went through the process of 6 rushes to finish with nothing at the end. I hope you can help with this problem & wish you & the team a Happy New Year.

Playtika / Slotomania Slotsslotomania / collect all function

Hi my name is Dina Russo and I have recently started to play Slotomania the #1 Free Slots Casino. I joined a Group plus joined a Clan which forms part of this game. Because of this the number of Facebook friends playing the same game has increased. I found it very painfull to click on each individual name to collect my daily gifts. They have this HUGE padlock on preventing me to "Collect All" with just one click. When I enquired about the lock and why is it there and not on the Send Gifts section. I was told I had to buy to have it removed or I must reach Platinum Status. Well I eventully broke down and bought a small package to get the Lock removed. To my horror after a week the lock was back. I immediately wrote to Support and their respons was " the removal of the lock is only for 7 days" to have it permanently removed you have to be Platinum Status. This is their ticket #INC11410861 - Slots showing their respons to me. I will attach a screenshot of purchases one can make and you will see there is no mention at all about a 7 day period. Why on earth would one have to pay for a small function like that YET ! the "Send" function is only one click and you can send gifts to all the players on your list. The exchange rate South Africa to USA is horrific and being a pensioner I most certainly cannot pay weekly to have the lock removed and it would most likely take me years to get to Platinum. I am currently Silver and will most likely nevere get past that as currently they are advertising that the New Year it sets back again. You will only maintain the few points you earned in December this current month. And they must think players are stupid ... it is so clear how rigged the slots are they know when you don't have coins to play with they push those pop-ups to buy, buy and buy .. in your face non stop. They sad thing is there are so many getting into debt playing. Sorry about me going on but a small function like Collect All to pay for that its crazy !!! My email address is : [protected]

slotomania / collect all function


When I try to play through Gameroom it goes to the load page but will not finish loading. This has been going on for roughly a week. I try to play through my Iphone today (12/28/19) and it gave this message "The page you requested cannot be displayed right now. It may be temporarily unavailable, the link you clicked on may be broken or expired, or you may not have permission to veiw this page. It was the link on the games home page that i clicked.

bingo blitz

I play on the Microsoft app and the sound in the bingo games is gone. I have the menu settings set to "on", but there is no callers voice and the sounds made when players bingo is not there and sometimes the power-up audio isn't there either. I do not have a cell phone, so I cannot video it. I uninstalled the app and reinstalled it, but that did not fix the problem. Any suggestions?

slotomania xmas tree lights wild card

I have completed my Christmas tree and it will not show me the cards I have left to get in order to collect my Wild Card it is only showing the cards that I have already collected. Do not understand. I have tried going in and out of the game several times and it still shows the same screen. As you only have so much time to collect I would appreciate a response as soon as possible. Thanjs

lotto bonus

Well when i have to wait for lotto bonus second day it's reset to the 3 days agaian without giving me the chance to play the next day lotto bonus.
Message is clear come back tomorrow to play lotto bonus again.
I don't know exactly what is happening
I opened the game and i was waiting and exactly after 24 hours period game start to tell me lotto bonus in 3 days.
Definitely should be an error somewhere


I want a full refund of every dollar I spent on this game in the last 24 hrs. This game preys on gambling addicts with no warnings or resources for getting help. When I have uninstalled the game in the past trying to deal with my addiction, I still get emails urging me to play, and free coins and rewards that are strictly bait to get me and others like me to log in, because once we start playing we can't stop. I have spoken with a lawyer and will seek legal recourse if I do not get reimbursed for the past 24 hrs worth of purchases- I have lost tens of thousands of dollars on this game, so my most recent purchases shouldn't be an issue for you to reimburse me. Also, after I uninstall the game, again, and unsubscribe to emails, again, if I get contacted ever again I will sue whomever I have to to make the harassment stop.

I was cheated out card I won n plus coins this isn't the 1st time

i was cheathed out of 300 billon coins plus the old card from book b4 this one it was card the crusher give me what i was cheated out of or im callin my bank n havein them get all the money i paid to play back u have until sunday no later then that user name im talkin about is jonathan ray scarber u have until the 22th of dec that 3days n time i im talkin about is 9 am on this sunday thhank u

bingo blitz

12/15/19 - Bingo Blitz will not load on my ipad for about a week. I get an error saying "An error has occurred. Please make sure that you are connectetd to the internet and try again..." I tried turning off wifi and turning back on, turning off the ipad, clearing the browser, resetting network settings, deleted the app and re-installed it, but still won't load. It is my favorite game. Please let me know what can be done.

Thank You
Maria Henry


iam so fed up with the dash amounts and tired of hearing same bull crap . you guys have lost the value of the game now its all about buy this buy that and now game is nothing but a competion against one another . ace pack games dont pay out games are fixed . iam tired of the players that are platium and above getting screwed by u guys. the only way i could do dash is buy coin package but i cant and wont because on limited income. i already stopped playing for a while because of this crap. and ur customer service people must read from same card because i get told same thing from all. if things dont changed i will stop playing again till the enjoyment of game comes back .how the hell are u to win 3billion plus in 75 spins when daily bounus is only in the mill i only get 8 mill on daily bonus i beleive and iam tired of this bet 10 bill or more or win 12bill or more on dash this game has gone to hell this year


I won 480 billion virtual coins on the mythical spinners challenge and activated the 4 x scatters that then qualified me for them to match my biggest win of the day .I only received a little over 200 million coins not the 480 billion that was my biggest win of the day. It clearly states biggest win of the day using free spins .
No cap amounts or anything else .
please find attached pictures for proof of my win and not the reward i should have recieved .


bingo blitz

I contacted support a few times in the last month where credits earned were not added to my account. Both times I contacted support as all I wanted was what I rightfully earned in game play. I wasn't asking for anything above or beyond that. Both times they told me my earnings were already credited when they were not. I find it very frustrating that after years of playing and purchasing credits during that time that, that is how you get treated. This game is failing on so many levels. Anytime, I have contacted support about an issue, I am always told in a polite way, that I am being a sore loser. I can handle losing, trust me; however, what I can't handle is getting scammed. That is what this game has turned into. So many complaints in chat rooms from other players over the same thing. You can't even get any issues resolved through their own support team.


It has been months (early summer 2019) since I have been able to play Slotomania. I keep getting the error message "Aw Snap". It just won't load. I have cleared my history and cookies. I have done all the things my browsers suggest in order to load the site, but it will not load. I have even tried other browsers and it will not load. Please repair it.


I have been emailing back and forth over 50 emails where I was told that when I signed into my fb that all my cards would go to my account they didn't so I emailed youbguys and was told no problem getting my cards I earned or bought to me there ate over 4000 stars worth of cards every email us from a different person stating no problems doing that and u gave all the info that was needed and sent pictures now today someone I've never emailed tell me no that I won't be getting my cards back been waiting a month for them and was told this whole time by your employees that I would be getting them back I earned or bought those and it's not fair that I've been waiting a month for your employees to keep there word and give me my cards back I lost

house of fun

I opened my "piggy bank" on November 29, 2019 while playing House of Fun and was charged twice. I am kindly requesting you to please refund one of the charges of $21.26. I enjoy playing my games but will discontinue making any purchases whatsoever if this is not resolved to my satisfaction. I will continue to check my bank account to make sure it is refunded.

Thank you.

Sally Rose
Rio Rancho, NM

caesars slots

We have two versions of caesars slots ( an updated version with 1.65 billion in coins and level329, and an older version with 3.76 billion in coins and level 565. Today Playtika removed the coins and level from our old version and replaced it with the coins and level of our new version.However they still let us keep both versions. We have spent a lot of money getting our old version coins and want Playtika to restore our coins and level of our old version or update our new version with coins and level. Dave and Sue Wehrhahn

Slotomania/Playtikabonus in 69 fun errors too frequently

I wrote you a few days ago about issues with errors abruptly saying "you're playing somewhere else" when you are about to play the bonus. It then goes on to say "send log" along with an error code # [protected]. I sent this to the slotomania support team, (which we know does not exist). They have, once again, as complained about a few days ago, not shown any acknowledgment of the issue or any type of apology to say we will rectify it accordingly.

Why not tell the players their is no support team and that they are wasting their time sending these logs...etc on issues that are their technical issues, not the players.

I feel for the players that are going through this as I did and still am, by writing a "non existing support team" to be let down with no compensation.

  • Updated by Cindy Rebillard · Nov 22, 2019

    I would like to be compensated for the bonus lost earlier today in "69 Fun" that slotomania is refusing to do. They are really treating their players like a bank and that they don't care who they take money from. It's all about taking players money, and doing it in a very reckless, unethical and ruthless manner. The owners of this app on facebook, should be forced to tell the players there is no support. It's very unethical to say the least and treating the players like they don't matter because they know they are addicted for different reasons. They really should not be operating this app if this is the way of their business practices.