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I have been a player of the slotomania slot game for over a year. Last night I had 297+ million coins. This morning I increased my winnings to 333 million. When I logged back into my account this afternoon, my balance was 32 million...slotomania took bak the chips that were obtained by legal playing. I am not the only one this has hppened to...their facebook page has dozens of the same type of complaint today. There is no way to file a complaint with the company! I am very upset that they can be allowed to do this. The site will charge you $100 for a million chips so how can they justify taking 300million chips from me? If you could please look into this matter.

300 million missing coins


  • Sh
    sharon carricato May 02, 2013

    I have been playing Slotomania for a few years and now I am at level 623 When I reached level 620 I was supposed to receive l million special bonus credits and have not received these I am only receiving one hundred thousand every four hours I am now at level 623 so I have a few million owing to me I would appreciate it if this could be corrected

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  • Sh
    shahrol Jan 02, 2014

    I was lost 999999999999 million my money..give me now in level 9999999

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  • La
    Lauren Barnes Jacox Jan 05, 2014

    I had over Four million 800 something coins last night. When I logged on today, all I had was 858 coins. I played for months to get that many coins and I made lots of purchases and won a lot of bonus rounds. A lot of work went into it. What is going on? Give me mycoins back. This really made me mad because I was a huge fan of this game but I will not put in one more dime if this is not fixed ASAP.

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  • Ma
    maria spano May 03, 2014

    Hi my name is Maria and this morning when l was play happy days game l won 60 million credits and the server went down. When l finally got back in all my coins were gone. l was very upset by this as l really enjoy playing slotomania and all the your game. If you could look in to this l would be very greatful. My email address is [email protected]

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  • Da
    Darryl7979 Jun 25, 2014

    I won a tournament for 586 million coin the site went into maintenance mode and it never gave me my 586 million coins that I won so I have posted a protest agains slotomania until they give me my 586 million coins. To:
    I just signed the following petition addressed to: Slotomania.

    Stop Cheating Your Players AGAIN

    Slotomania is trying to sell coins for games that have numerous malfunctions. They have made the games virtually unplayable with very little coin return, reels that change the symbols after they stop, NO CUSTOMER SUPPORT for issues involving lost coins or game problems, and recently changing policy on how many coins you can collect from your friends in order to increase your coin total in order to play. While tightening up the games and making it harder to stay in the game, they constantly place that buy coins box in our faces. It definitely appears that Slotomania's main goal is to fleece people by getting them to buy coins instead of making their main goal to make the games enjoyable for their players. We want this stopped now!!

    Sincerely, Slotomania Players

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  • Ra
    raposo41 Sep 27, 2014

    Hello plaaytika im victor, im on level 1103, and ive been playing 4 like 3 years now maybe more, well im complaining that something went wrong playing slotomania, i lost allmost 300million coins when i woke up the next day they were gone, nobody knows my account, or anything, now i have nothing to play nothing to do, and in the groups people are complaining that the reels are tight, but i was wondering if i could get my millions back, , , its not fair, and i earned them winning at various machines 3 days ago, could you get back to me im [email protected], TY

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  • Ki
    Kimmylou112 Nov 08, 2014

    This morning I had over 200million in coins... And when I logged back in the following day all my coins are gone!!! What the hell happened ???? Give me back my coins!!!
    [email protected]

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  • La
    laura plumber Dec 03, 2014

    I had over 100, 000, 000 in coins and had to refresh the screen. when it refreshed, I had 383, 000 coins. I acquired the coins thru winnings and by buying. I want my coins returned and I assure you that this game will be reported to the attorney general of texas along with a proposal that because of the numerous fraud like tendencies I have experienced in the past that this game or company be outlawed from being played in our state. there is also no customer response when a complaint is filed. this is in direct violation of consumer protection laws and your company can be sued for many times the value of the amount in question.

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  • Bo
    boC8 Aug 27, 2015

    Just happened to me also, lost over 1 million coins which I purchased with real money, and customer "support? ", responded by informing me there was NO problem!! No problem for THEM, as they are stealing money, and not providing goods, or real customer support. Phone number?? Nothing... I'm pissed.

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  • Do
    Donna Strope Feb 02, 2016

    I was playing slots mania and a pop up add came on and I couldn't get out of it without leaving the screen and when I did I had lost over 100 million coins. I have written twice already and have not gotten a reply, they gave me a ticket number, INC0482647 but this has not been resolved. I paid for coins to play that night and don't appreciate you taking them away. Please fix and give me my coins back.

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  • Lo
    Louise A Jones Feb 27, 2016

    I had$ 220.000.000 coins and a pop up came up to purchase 119, 000, 000 coins for $5.00 with my debit card so I put in my information and it was denied and my coins went down to $10.000. I've been playing almost every day for over 4 years. I am really hoping this is not a scam because they now have my debit card information. I would really appreciate my 220.000.000 dollars back this is my favororite game on facebook. I sure hope my debit card is not compromised. and that I have to switch to house of fun instead

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  • Mi
    Millie Wan Apr 29, 2016

    Same experience as you all. My balance was dropped down to $400, 000 from 24, 000, 000. Send email to customer support 3 days ago, only got the receipt of ticket number. Still no shows of any response from the customer service . Anyone knows how to get the quick response from them

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  • Te
    Teresa Harris Shimek Jan 21, 2017

    I was playing Slotomania on my Kindle and everytime I hit spin, I would be redirected to make a purchase. After making many attempts, to spin, I turned my device on and off but still had the same glitch. I decided to try and play using my computer instead and discovered that all of my 300 million points were gone.

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  • El
    Ellen House Jan 24, 2017


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  • Gr
    Grant Francis May 16, 2017

    just made a purchase broke my piggy bank and the 450.0000coins went missing strait away can not contact any one to sort it out all the coins I had before the purchase have gone as well

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  • Am
    Amanda Kennedy Jul 02, 2017

    my wifes facebook account was hacked 2 different times. And they played all her games losing all her coins. Every game gave back coins except slotomania. 140B coins gone that my wife didn't get to play. My wife is not in good health and don't need the stress from it. but they don't care. Even sent in proof showing someone was on her game using a cellphone and some other type of device but still they didn't help. Don't understand why?

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  • Sh
    Shaun oakley Jul 21, 2017

    In the mega bonus I've spun for the mega bonus 35 times and got 1 mega bonus, it should be 2/16, why don't you guys treat us right instead of ripping us off all the time

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  • Pa
    Panaite adelin andrei Jul 12, 2018

    A issues from game make me to lose 10 bilions coins without playing. Please fix this problem. Thank you

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  • Jo
    Joyce Walters Nov 25, 2018

    I log into my account to play game and my coins was reduced like I had just stared the games but being playing for years can you check this out

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