Planet Fitness / poor customer service from employees

Barrie ON, Canada

On the day of April 15th myself and a friend went to planet fitness located in Barrie ON where we both have a membership. We went to the front desk and asked to make use of the hydro bed message, the manager at the desk had advised us that we would have to wait 5 minutes for a bed. We agreed to it and waited off to the side. After waiting about 20 minutes the manager (Bri) then gave our bed to a girl and advised myself and my friend that we would have to use the chairs, as we watched her give away the beds that we patiently waited for. At the end of our massage on our way out we tried to address Bri about her giving away the beds that we had waited for, and we were not even acknowledged. I myself have worked in the customer serviced industry and that is NO way to treat a customer, I chose planet fitness for convince but I will not pay for something to experience such disrespect. This has really opened my eyes and I am strongly considering cancelling the membership and going else where, where customer service is provided.

Apr 15, 2019

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