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To Whom It May Concern, My name is Vicki Tetreault and I am a paying member of your club. Well, I should...

rude employees

Yesterday, I went in to Planet Fitness with my mother as her guest. I signed up with them when I was 17 & I quit my job because I moved. A month later, I called and tried to cancel my membership. The man was very rude, and I wasn't very willing to listen. Point is I signed a contract. Whatever.
Well, it's three years later and I have an outstanding fee. I never used that bank account in the first place because I changed banks. I never got any letters or anything since I moved. I thought I'd get the info regarding the fees, work out and go back tomarrow and pay them. My mom has gone to this gym four days a week for almost four years. You would think we have sort of credit here.
He takes my ID, types in my name & I hear an alarm go off. Then I said "I might have an outstanding fee." The man told me "You cannot be a guest here" In the most rudest tone. Okay, I'm leaning on the desk and I step back. Then I look at my mom and she says "That's not in the contact I signed" He told her it's policy. Whatever. Then I ask for paperwork regarding my fees so I can review the total & acuracy and such to pay later.
I felt like a loser because people I know there were staring & my mom's walking away saying "I'll just write corporate"
Well, I would like to call corporate & cannot find the number. I would like to speak to someone regarding my fees, & I would like to pay them. The people there are entirely rude.
I want to pay but I do not want to pay via internet & I do not want to deal with them because according my mom the manager was there & he was the one I was dealing with. I'd like to talk to someone!!!

  • Sk
    Ski Aspen Oct 24, 2009

    I'm a member at Planet Fitness on Staten Island and made an appointment with one of the employees to help me with the exercise machines. I haven't been working out for quite sometime and of course you get rusty after so long. While she was showing me how to use the equipment she raised her voice at me and this happened a couple of times because my form wasn't right. I told her give me a break I haven't worked out on machines for a while plus I have two herniated disks. She sort of cooled her attitude, but I found her very abrasive, rude, unprofessional and very impatient. She needs training in people skills if you ask me and they don't need people like that on their staff.

    I belonged to another gym for years and because it's a little to far from where I live I cancelled my membership with them. What a mistake because the people there were very helpful and friendly. I never had a bad experience there whatsoever. A friend of mine told me to join Planet Fitness because of the good deal she got and I did, but as they say you pay for what you get.

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  • Um
    uMad? Oct 24, 2009

    You're saying that you won't honor their contract yet your mother wants to push on what she didn't sign on the contract. That makes no sense. You're not going to have much luck getting in touch with corporate. They're not a call center, you know? Just suck it up and pay via internet already.

    And you obviously did use that bank account in the first place if they have your banking info. You just failed to update them on your new banking info.

    Also, I'm sure you didn't get any notifications because, once again, you didn't bother to update them with your new information.

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they stole from me.

I was only home for a couple months, and they were running a great special- no start-up fee, $10/month. I...

terminating membership and they want me to pay my yearly due amount

I sent a letter from my doctor saying that I would not be able to continue at the planet fitness in reading pa. They said they would put my account on hold still I wanted to come back. That is what they do when you send a medical letter. I told them I want to discontinue my account with them because of my health issue. I have herniated disc that I did in my home. So the gentlemen did that in the computer put me in hold statis. I asked him if I felt my condition was worsen and I had to cancel my contract would there be any charges at that time. Todays date is Jan.2 2009. My contract is not up till march/April sometime. So I called to tell them that I will have to cancel my membership I will not be able to use it for quite sometime and they do have the medical letter I sent already. They are telling me now that I need to sent a certified letter from me saying I am ending my membership and I must also pay the $50.00 some dollars for the membership fee. IF any body out there know the corp address of plantet fitness could you please send it to me at [protected] I was told I would not have pay anything and now the story is different. I want to take my complaint to the top. Thanks you for listening. Someone please help with any name, address, phone number of the top person who owns this planet fitness company. Thank you

  • Mu
    munchkin Feb 02, 2009

    I'm guessing you did the 19.99 membership, right? I read the small print.

    -In order to cancel the membership billing for day 17 of the month, the club requires notification, in writing by day 10 of the month by certified mail
    -If this membership has a 'minimum' term, and you wish to cancel prematurely, a $58.00 'Buy Out' fee is required with your cancellation.
    -In order to change the billing account for day 17 of the month the club requires the change by day 10 of the month.
    -This membership has a 12 month minimum term.
    -Once any minimum term has been met, your membership will continue on a monthly basis.

    I think that sums it up, you signed a contract you know, you can't just terminate it because you can't go anymore.

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  • De
    Deb P. Apr 23, 2009

    You have my sympathy! I'm another disgruntled ex-customer of Planet Fitness (Edwardsville, PA). I have health issues as well. However, my main reason for discontinuing my membership was that I had a very bad experience with their "physical trainer" who obviously had a phobic dislike of overweight women. He did not show me, or the other girl who had an appointment at the same time, how to use the weight machines. Instead we got a one hour dissertation on the evils of eating and he also stated that all the people on their many treadmills were certain failures because they were not using weights. When I mentioned that I had a spine condition and it was imperative that I use the machines correctly . . . he brushed me aside saying that my condition or muscular dystrophy made no difference . . . "nobody wants to get hurt." It was such an inane comment! When I asked the manager on duty for a corporate address I was stonewalled. She would provide no information and stated it ended there with her. There is no corporate address listed on the website. They will part you from your money . . . but they will not part from your money! I intend to see this out.

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  • Di
    Dianne Moore Apr 07, 2011

    Did you notify the Better Business Beureau?

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  • Di
    Dianne Moore Apr 07, 2011

    They are new here in Atlanta, Georgia and I was thinking of joining the club in the near future for $10.00 per month. Does anyone know about this deal? Is it a good deal or not.

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poor service

Membership terminated for taking pictures. Planet fitness, 736 Huse, Road, Manchester NH. I walked into PF...

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scam and cheating

So I joined Planet Fitness after getting away from my work out routine. After my old gym closed down, I got complacent and stopped working out for awhile. Recently I decided to get back in shape. Over the years I have been a member at several different gyms of all varieties. I have had a good experience at each of these gyms and have never experienced any serious problem with fellow members or employees. When I do go to the gym I attend regularly and focus on what I am doing. While I have remained in decent shape throughout the years, I have never been what anyone would consider a 'bodybuilder', 'meathead', or 'muscle head'. Since High School (16 years ago) I played sports and participated in activities that get me outside and moving around. I have worked out regularly enough to stay in decent shape for my age and body type. By now you may wonder what this has to do with my report on Planet Fitness, so let me explain a few things about this gym franchise.

Planet Fitness touts it's self as the “Judgment Fee Zone", which means that they supposedly welcome all members who can act in a civilized and social manner while inside their facilities. They have a few rules which they impose to help support their so called “Judgment Free" status. Among these are no grunting, and no dropping weights. These rules are established to keep out folks who Planet Fitness calls “Lunks", basically people who judge others, or act inappropriately. Or people who, as I unfortunately came to discover, might actually apply some vigor to their work-out

I was aware of these policies when I joined the gym. Prior to joining the gym near my house, I had even worked-out in a nearby franchise with my wife who is also a member. I knew that the gym had rules. For instance, I knew the gym had an alarm that sounds when the staff feels that there is a “Lunk" about, or someone has broken one of their rules. I also knew that the gym has a limited amount of “bodybuilding" equipment. I joined in spite of some initial reservation for the following reasons: I needed a new place to work-out; the location I joined was brand new outfitted with new equipment and is within walking distance of my house. I was excited that this last aspect would not only lower my weight but my carbon footprint as well.

I joined the Pottstown, PA location on 10/16/2008 and began working out on 10/20/2008. I made five visits from 10/20 until 10/27. I made the following observations. Most of the members were women obviously new to the gym and fitness routine. I saw women, teenagers and a few less men struggling to figure out some of the machines. I never observed any of the staff noticing this, or taking the time to do anything about it. The majority of the people I saw jumped around from machine to machine apparently without purpose. I did not observe anyone who could be considered a bodybuilder, although I did see a handful of men, women and teenagers who appeared to be in good physical shape. I observed at least two men in muscle shirts and one teenager wearing both a muscle shirt and boots. These items are supposedly banned from the work-out area. The gym was relatively quiet save for the overly loud house music and occasional loud conversation and joking around. Most of the “horseplay" and joking about was emanating from the cardio area or circuit training area. Prior to my last day, the most obnoxious experience besides the staff was the occasional wailing of the “Lunk" alarm. The alarm came on quickly, accompanied by a rotating light, which on both occasions took me by surprise. I was glad that I was not in the middle of something when this occurred. The alarm sounded on two separate occasions after someone returned a stack of weights on a machine. While this noise was loud, it was not any different from what I have heard in other gyms. In fact, on both occasions it appeared that someone had just let the stack down and the weights had come together more hard than normal. I have seen people drop a stack of weights much harder and for various, sometimes legitimate reasons.

On the last day that I worked out I began my routine as normal. As a matter of habit I tend to keep my jaw clenched while I work-out. I find that this keeps me from straining my neck muscles and focuses my attention on what I am doing. As a result of this my breath is forced out past my teeth. The sound is not a grunt, but more like a slow and steady hiss as I move the weight. In the middle of my last set on the chest press machine, an employee approached and began talking to me. At first I could not hear what he was saying because I was focused on my lift and did not want to move my attention from the weight over my head. I also did not want to drop the weight, which would have been an infraction of the rules. I put the weight down, and asked this man to repeat himself. I was not rude; but direct, asking “what did you say?". He told me that I was making too much noise, “we don't allow that here". He went on to say that my breathing might intimidate other people. A quick glance around the area showed that most people were working on cardio equipment while listening to headsets and/or watching the World Series. I told this man that I was not a “meathead". I asked him for my own clarity, “Was I that loud?" “How far away did you hear me?" He replied that he heard me from some distance away. I told him “okay brother" and went back to what I was doing, which was concentrating on my work-out. I am going to note here that this employee and I are both black. This guy was polite, albeit somewhat awkward on his approach, and I wanted to let him know with a word that I was not going to give him a hard time. “Brother" seemed like an appropriate salutation. My new “friend" then walked away.

A short time later I moved to another area of the gym and began to lift some dumbbells. After my first set, the “Lunk" alarm went off after a stack of weight was lowered a bit loud on the other side of the gym. The guy next to me began joking with me saying that he and I better be careful or we are next. I told him that I was already spoken too, because I was breathing too hard. As I was talking to him I began to reach for one of my weights. I was not looking down and caught it awkwardly in my hand. The weight slipped down and struck the floor.

Almost instantly a female employee stormed over and began yelling at the guy I had been talking with. It was immediately apparent that she was looking for a confrontation. Her attack was similar to a pit-bull. She clamped on and refused to let go. She was yelling at this guy about how dropping weights is not allowed. As she was ranting, I told her that I was the one who dropped the weight. She yelled at me, then tuned back to the other man who she again told that dropping weights was not allowed. I told her that I dropped the weight by mistake; she replied that it was my second warning and if I did anything else she was going to cancel my membership. She then went on to say that she was going to make a note on my membership paperwork. I asked her to make a note that I wished to be contacted by a manager. She became incredulous and asked me why. I told her that if she was going to do something to affect my membership, I wanted to talk to someone about it. She told me that she didn't have to do anything, and repeated that this was my second warning. I then told her “maybe I just want to speak with a manager". She then said" You should come to the front desk and cancel your membership". I accompanied her to the front desk where she started to fill out a cancellation form. I insisted that she make a note on the form that I wanted to speak with a manager. She told me no, she was the supervisor (later learned to be a lie) and she was not obligated to do anything. The only thing she did do was continue to write all kinds of trumped up statements on the cancellation form. I refused to sign the paperwork. I told her she was being rude and argumentative for absolutely no reason. She then insinuated that I had been judgmental and racist in calling the other employee “brother". Just to reiterate, I'm black too. This guy was present during the whole exchange, he did nothing to help calm her down, or alleviate the situation. In fact, he looked quite frightened! In the end she told me to leave and she was going to cancel my membership with or without the paperwork. She refused to provide me with paper and pen, so I could write her name down. She told me, you're canceled and there is nothing you can do about it.

Then next morning I went to Planet Fitness to try and speak with a manager. The manager reluctantly listened to my story, in response; he told me that there is nothing he can do. He went on to say that the whole matter had been transferred to the General Manager. At my request he did make an attempt to locate the cancellation form I refused to sign. He could not locate it in my paperwork. The “manager" told me that the “GM" would call me at home sometime during the afternoon. The morning and afternoon came and went; I got no call from the “GM".

In the evening I returned to Planet Fitness where I finally made contact with the “GM", after insisting to speak with him. The first “manager" made a miserable attempt to run interference. The “GM" said he was aware that he had a problem employee, and assured me he was going to address the issue. He then notified me that Planet Fitness gives their employees a great deal of discretion in canceling a membership. He went on to say that despite the facts that he found my story to be credible, and the employee was a problem, he was not going to re-instate my membership. He attempted to say that I had broken their 3 strike policy, which is not explained in any paperwork or posted information. I reminded him that I made two mistakes, not three. He quickly dropped the 3 strike argument. He agreed to give back a prorated monthly fee, which totaled $6.33. He refused to return my start-up fee of $49.00. He then refused to provide me with any information on who his supervisor was, or how I could contact the corporate office, since his gym was “corporately owned".

While I was speaking to the GM at the front desk, I noticed a man on a treadmill about 15 feet from where we were standing. This man was clearly having trouble, at one point he almost fell off the machine. Three or four employees and the “GM" commented on this, but did nothing to assist the man. They were quickly and expertly able to JUDGE that this customer was not worthy of assistance.

I will not recommend Planet Fitness to anyone. Their policies are capriciously enacted and enforced. They have the most horrendous concept of customer service I have ever experienced. The business practices of Planet Fitness boarder on fraudulent. The most interesting thing about this company is that while they demand members to be “judgment free" they allow employees to pass judgment on a whim. As I learned the hard way, judgment is not free at Planet Fitness. If you are serious about getting fit or staying fit, PLEASE, spend the extra money and go elsewhere.

  • De
    dee Mar 31, 2009

    I do not recommend this gym to anyone.

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  • Pf
    pfhater Aug 29, 2009

    Very well said! I have had a similar experience with the Planet Fitness in Altamonte Springs, FL. I was suspicious of that club putting bogus charges on my credit card. I was a black card member. When a $42 charge appeared on my charge card immediately following my monthly charge I asked them what was the charge for. They said it was my annual membership fee and that it went up. I said I wasn’t comfortable with them being able to ‘freely’ dip into my charge card or checking account and asked what options I have. At the time, they were running a special for 1 year for $99. I asked the desk clerk if I could sign up for that and she said sure. Since I had already paid the black card monthly fee as well as the annual fee for the black card, she told me she would have to check with Ashley to determine the amount owed. I said I wanted to make sure that I would be paid up for a year so I didn’t have to deal with any bogus charges, late fees, etc. I said tell me what I owe and I will pay for the full year. The next day (July 20th, 2009) I paid the full amount owed and signed a membership agreement where the front desk clerk wrote “Paid in Full” THREE times! All was fine from that point (no statement, letters, late charges etc.) until Aug 28th, 2009. Ashley, supposedly the manager, said I owed a $10 late fee. I said no because I have a “Paid in full” contract until July 22nd 2010. She became very rude and irate and said “If you don’t pay me $28 then you have to leave”. I asked “how did you come up with that, I’m paid for 1 year?” She said you have late fees and uncollectibles. I explained that I asked for a “Paid in Full” membership months earlier and have a contract that shows I am paid in full for 1 year. She got more irate and now claimed that I owed $38 and if I didn’t pay her right then, she would cancel my membership. I said I didn’t want to cancel and refused to sign anything, She yelled “too late, you’re cancelled”. I called back later that morning hoping that Ashley would be more reasonable and to inform her that I have a signed contract that states “Paid in Full” and that I intend to sue for breach of contract if she didn’t honor the contract. She said “go ahead and sue” and promptly hung up. I because the corporate office refused to talk with customers, I have no choice except the courts. I never once violated even 1 of their so-called “lunk head’ rules. I am sure that Ashley and I will meet again in court. I would not recommend joining this corrupt club.

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  • Pf
    pfisgayy Jan 04, 2010

    Planet fitness is a scam, I have an account with them and they charge my account twice in one month, constantly call and leave messages on my phone even though they have taken mone out of my account saying there is something wrong with my billing information, and having an account with them was a big mistake, i regret ever going there. Their staff is rude and lazy, very unhelpfull and just mess around on their phones all day. The part that gets me the most as that they try to charge me a MONTHLY fee, TWICE A MONTH.


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  • Mi
    Mika R May 29, 2010

    I wish I had read all of these complains over a year ago. I would have never signed up for this gym. I tried to cancel my membership about 7 or 8 months ago and they told me first that I had to call the phone number on my key-chain. When I did they told me that I had to go to the brach I signed in for membership at, and that they had to take care of it. When I went back and spoke to someone else that worked there, I was told that because I signed for a specific membership they couldn't cancel it unless I paid the $100.00 fee. My other choice was to just let them take money monthly until my year is up so then I can cancel it. I don't make enough money to waste $100.00 just like that so I just let go until the year was up. One year later I go in to finally cancel the membership. They tell me I can't cancel at any of the locations, that I have to send a cancelation form to them stating WHY I'm canceling. I cannot fax it either, nor do they have e-mail or phone number available. I also have to wait for APPROVAL that will take up to 30 days. All this to cancel a membership that has already expired. This paper has to be sent by certified mail that I have to pay from MY own pocket. They don't tell you any of this. They paint a beautiful picture about how it's good that you're joining a gym and great that you want to be healthy.

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shower room

I currently go to work out inthe morning before I go to work, therefore I shower there at the gym. Just...

underhanded billing practices

your company and it franchises have a policy of over billng your customers. as far as customer service they...

custom built trainer scam

This gym is terrible. They actually call you to come in for a "free" fitness assessment where they sell you personal training sessions the problem is they say it is month to month no long term commitment then when you decide to cont just working out on your own they bill you a termination fee of 288 dollars. When you compain about this they say they never said it was month to month and then show you tiny print on the bottom of the back of the contract that says your locked in for at least one year. BIG SCAM unprofessional staff. NOT WORTH IT join another gym.

bogus charges, shoddy bookkeeping, lying manager & staff

The Weymouth, MA Planet Fitness manager canceled my membership after insulting me; I was robbed in early September, had my wallet stolen, and called the gym to change my account number because my card number changed. The girl took my information and assured me I was okay. A week later I get a letter saying my card was declined and I now owe all these fees, because no one put my new information in. I tried to talk to the manager for FOUR WEEKs. I talked to three different people on five occasions who claim to have left messages for him, and stayed on hold for fifteen minutes one day with no one coming back.

The manager claims he never got the messages and that I never called to change my card number. Furthermore, they ran my card a SECOND time, and now I owe for TWO months, one of which I was unable to use because my account was on hold!

I have the police report saying my wallet was stolen, and phone records showing when I called and how long I was on the phone, but I "never called." He yelled at me and said "People like you try to do this all the time." People like me? What innocent people that try to do the honest thing, spending four weeks trying to rectify the situation, only to be talked to like a second rate human being, and have my membership canceled? I wouldn't recommend this gym to my worst enemy.

  • Nt
    ntwrknout Nov 14, 2008

    I have a similar complaint about the dumpy planet fitness!!
    I took over my daughters contract in April 08. I worked out 2 times then didn't go back (knowing I was still paying for this membership I had all intention of going back to the gym at some point) well, yesterday I decided to start working out again and when I checked in at the desk they stopped me and said that my account had been cancelled for lack of payment since june ???? I asked to speak with a manager and there was no manager in, so they took my phone number to have him call me. Well I never heard from him so I called him the next day. When I asked him why he didn't call me back, he said that he did, and that he didn't want to leave a message. He is such a liar. I gave him my cell phone number and waited for his call. He never called!!
    I confirmed the card they had on file, but apparently in june I received a new card with the same number just different expiration date. Planet fitness had the original expiration date and never contacted me regarding this. They also had the right address but wrong city in their computer so they said they weren't able to contact me. (even though my contract has the correct city on it) The contract also has my phone number on it and when I asked them why they didn't call me they said they don't call their members?? ok so now the month is November and they said that they can reinstate my contract for 80.00. (even though they cancelled my membership after 3 months) I don't know how this company stays in business but I will predict it won't last for long.

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  • Th
    ThaddeusR Feb 04, 2010

    All I can say in regard to Planet Fitness is you get what you pay for. When the "managers" are special needs rejects from Walmart and are paid $8 an hour, you see why they act the way they do. How many pieces of broken equipment did you see on a regular basis? I bet more that a few.

    Go find a real health club. There are many honest ones out there who aren't lying ### thieves.

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rude people working there

i just joined the new 1 in Blackwood Clementon but have been going 2 the one in Cherryhill till mine opens.
yesterday i went n worked out n decided 2 use the tanning booth the girl named christina at the counter was very rude 2 me.. three people tanned before me without having eye protection i didn't have mine with me so she said i would have 2 buy something i told her that it was ### i have used it 4 other times n no 1 asked me that i mean i do have eye protection but it was at home which was a far drive. i did buy the winkies n she threw them at me n the card 2 stick on the door. when i was finished i talked 2 the manager he was just as rude as her. listen if this is the kinda of service you are gonna offer i will cancel my membership n join 1 who treats u with respect.
you need 2 hire better people 2 work there not young kids who have no manners. i would like 2 hear a response from you
thanks kathy reilly

  • Be
    beth Oct 16, 2008

    totally agree they suck u in and promise everything then 4 months later, the gym goes to crap..i was promised tanning and the owner said she would always keep up with the bulbs..well its been 8months and she tells me they are fine...i have tanned for 20 years and no when they are dead..but of course they will lie because we all no how expensive the bulbs are..and as far as the help they hire these kids who no nothing about working out and how to treat the public..they are too busy on there private cell phones then helping ppl...and who is going to take advice from a overweight teenager, who should be on a treadmill instead of showing someone else how to use one..but i guess u get what u pay, now i no why i pay 20 a month for this gym...i only hope the other planet fitness's are not like mine...

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rude staff and wasted money

I hate that I ever signed up for a membership with this gym. Not only is the staff rude, they are liars. On...

terminated membership

A employee, Jennifer, was Very rude to me and a guest on the first visit to the gym and then when I made a...

cleaning equipment in use

I was running on the treadmill at my local Planet Fitness. As I was running, an associate began cleaning the treadmill that I was running on with a Big Bird Yellow cloth. She was using it as a duster, and the cloth went on to the running portion of the treadmill causing me to short step and fall forward on the treadmill. I grabbed the side and held on until I could I could pull the stop button. My shoes were squealing on the rubber due to this incident and people in the gym were staring. The associate was laughing when she asked me if I was okay. I angrily responded NO!!! I demanded the number for the corporate office and they gave me a business card for the general manager. I wrote the corporate office an e mail in which I still haven't received a response. The general manager did call back around 6:45 p.m. the next day, I guess they had such a backlog of complaints that it took them all day to contact me. They are absolute classless ### in every sense of the word. I WILL NEVER set foot inside another Planet Fitness again. I am canceling the membership tomorrow morning. $10 a month is $9.99 more than it's worth.

  • Fl
    Fled for My Life Jun 04, 2015

    PLANET FITNESS MADE ME PHYSICALLY SICK!! OVERUSE OF CHEMICALS AND CLEANING WHILE EQUIPMENT IN USE. In 2014, I noticed a horrible smell at the Planet Fitness Gym several times. The Sanis sanitizer they use was set at too high a concentrate dispensing level and they were cleaning equipment while people were working out (including the treadmill I was on).I complained to the Corporate Office and the overuse of chemicals stopped for a short while until they resumed abusing the chemical mixtures again in early 2015. I am now extremely sick and sensitized to chemicals. The doctors found it affected my sinuses, caused rashes, and dangerous blood pressure variations. It cost me time off from work, medical fees, and my health. Planet Fitness obviously does not care about the health nor value the quality of life of its members as long as they can pop you for the monthly & annual charge. PLEASE, the chemicals and abuse of them at Planet Fitness Gyms can make you sick and affect your life and wallet. If you wish to avoid a STROKE and possible DEATH, Resign and get out while you still have your health. If you are female and pregnant, think about its effect on your unborn child. Planet Fitrness is deaf to the health status and life quality of their members. Thank you.

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  • Bu
    Busy-b Aug 25, 2016

    Planet fitness needs to stop using them cleaning toxins while people work out

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access to locker leads to theft

On Wednesday August 13, 2008, two employees of Planet Fitness Daly City CA gave two women access to my locker...

equipment not maintained

The Woburn, Ma 01801, sight is relatively new but the equipment is not maintained. the machines vibrat, stick and squeek, the TV plug or connection does not work on some of the equipment so there are no diversions while you are working out to help pass the time. The people that sweat the most are the most likely not to wipe down the equipment after use. nothing is said to them. the above items if addressed would be a very positive direction for the club and make the experience more palatable. exercise for the most part can be boring so anything you can do to improve the facililty or maintain the facility is benificial to all.
Hope you accept this advice in a positive mannor and not as a slam to planet fitness since it is a great concept.

  • Je
    Jessica29 May 29, 2009

    agree 100%- everytime I go, something is BROKEN! Or I'll be running and the tv will be going in and out... hm...

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unable to register

I have just wasted time by frustrating myself repeatedly, trying to join Planet Fitness online. I filled out...

compounding charges

Beware of this club!!! They are very vindictive. They first signed my son up without my permission, then 4 months later told me I had to sign a form for him or he would be in trouble. Unfortunately I did but it was in fact them that would have been in trouble. We went to cancel on April 1st and were told to pay 250 to cancel I said, absolutely not, and they said they would continue to charge my card. I quickly cancelled that card but the charges are still compiling. WOW what a crock. They know they were in the wrong but, they will not admit it and are now calling my minor sons cell phone and harrassing him. Amazing people. I am glad I found out who they are before I joined myself.
Sincerely, Darlene

  • An
    annon Nov 06, 2008

    Cassleberry, Florida

    Do not join this gym they specifically tell you it is month to month payment, cancel at any time, then they have a personal trainer tell you you can do month to month personal training for an additional fee. When you are ready to just work out on your own they tell you you owe 288 dollars. This place is the biggest scamming gym ever. It is better to just pay more for a reputable gym then go to this gym where they con you into something you did not want.

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  • Cu
    Custom made22 Oct 31, 2010

    First, your son signed up without YOUR permission, second to cancel, it doesn't cost you a dime.

    Nice try lady.

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  • An
    anonymousghost Jun 12, 2013

    company is a joke you can not cancel your membership. i have faxed and signed the forms and they still take money out. dont call the corprate franchise place they will tell you they have nothing to do with it at all. the owner is never avaliable and the smart mouth girl madison is a joke. let me rephrase that i think it is a woman. ahe was rude and has a smart mouth on her. after the two dopes had trouble trying to cancel my account i was told to fax in my cancelation letter which i did. know a month later i find out the fax machine does not print and my accounts are still open. beware of these crooks and madison tells you she is manager and owner but i am second guessing that she has no customer service skills.

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