Planet Fitness Rockbridge Stone Mountain GAbilling error created by the billing manager bianca


A couple of weeks ago I came in to the planet fitness on Rockbridge and Stone Mountain to update my billing spoke with the The General manager Bianca supposedly she change my billing an updated everything supposedly my daughter and myself have an account there but both accounts are billed to my bank account inreceived a text message that something was wrong with my billing I called up there 10/11 @ 1815 and I spoke to Andrew who says he’s assistant manager and I spoke to Brianna who says she’s a general manager apparently when I came up there two weeks ago to update the billing  the daytime manager did not set up the account the right way so planet fitness were pulling payments from my Old account the payment cleared and then try to pull from my new account also which are blocked because they had already received a payment this has caused such an inconvenience to me I have been at the center over a year and the customer service that I received from the manager and assistant manager was almost accusatory That I truly did these charges through in NSF My concern is how come they can’t see that a payment has been deducted from my account on September 17 and cleared my account but they send me notices saying The account is not paid for September I am going up there tomorrow to cancel both accounts my daughters and myself  and I will go to  la Fitness where it’s less stressful
The company that I work with I can get a 20% percent discount with LA fitness but I came to planet fitness because of wonderful customer service I received at the time of signing up through juan Davis But ‪tomorrow morning‬ I will be up at the gym to cancel both accounts this mixup with setting up accounts via your manager has caused inconvenience to meThis is something that should’ve never happened if I bring you my information to update my billing I expect for it to be done I do expect for them to bill from two separate accounts when they have been billing from one account since I was a member ... have the money to clear and then going into the new account to try to collect again how did this happened I don’t know but I’m a very unsatisfied with the way everything is being handled the general manage basically said it’s my fault she stated when I came up there to update the billing I should have told them I had two accounts how would I known she didn’t know I had two accounts they are being billed to the same bank account and the payment comes out at the same time... this is something they should be able to see in their system ... again I will be canceling the membership I can. No longer see myself dealing with the team I talked to tonight Bianca (The general manager who created all this mess with my account) and Andrew The assistant manager was no help at all either ...Walked in the in the planet fitness the very next morning saw the Assistant manager Andrew who did not even acknowledge me as I’m discussing my concerns the only help I received was from a customer representative juan Davis who listened to my concerns and tried helped me cancel my account Hey the invoice to me I hate to see you go you have been a member with us for two years this is the most egg knowledge mean I have received have not heard from management corporate office administration or no one...Please company is a franchise please do your homework before signing up with this location and Stone Mountain on Rockbridge...Although I had been there two years this one little incident cost me to cancel my membership due to their professionalism and customer service...

Sandra January

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