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NPC does not give a crap about their employees that's why they have such a high turnover rate they do not want to pay a reasonable salary for what they expect from their employees they try to work us like dogs, there's barely any kind of incentive for employees or shift management.I used to work for Pizza hut when it was owned by yum brands and yum brands did a lot for their employees it was a horrible move to let NPC take over the majority of Pizza huts. If NPC took more care of their employees and had a higher salary maybe people would actually care about their jobs and there wouldn't be such a high turnover rate.

Oct 13, 2019
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  • Km
      Oct 14, 2019

    If NPC took over the Pizza Hut you worked at its likely because under Yum Yum's management your restaurant wasn't turning any profit and was hemorrhaging money trying to stay afloat. NPC likely turned that around to where your restaurant is now profitable. Fact of the matter is though if you are working in a restaurant you probably should have to "work like a dog" to earn a moderately decent wage. It not like you are doing important work like assisting in curing multiple sclerosis, or engineering affordable housing, or even something as simply as preserving art and history.

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