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Your recent tv add shows two young girls looking at a pizza hut pizza just prior to eating. One young girl comments, "oh my god". God has absolutely nothing to do with this ad or pizza in general. I do not appreciate your ad department using our lords name to discribe pizza. I recommend the add be changed to "oh my gosh". Please respond back to me.

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Gregg leonetti

Mar 02, 2019
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  •   Mar 02, 2019

    “Our lord’s name” doesn’t refer to everyone. Atheists, Buddhists among others do not have the same god as you. In fact, I don’t believe in the same god you do unless you’re Jewish.

    I recommend you learn to spell. “Add discribe” are misspelled a few times.

    Commercials can’t be acceptable to all. Either don’t eat the pizza or stop watching television.

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  •   Mar 04, 2019

    “I” am or the poster?!

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  • Nc
      Mar 02, 2019

    to the postr, get off the cross someone needs the wood... honestdeal has it right..

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