Pizza Hut (Npc International - John Jay Associates)treatment of employees


My experience with npc international/john jay associates/pizza hut was absolutely horrible. Let me simply say, they treated me like I was fecal matter.
I was hired as a management trainee. Well, it took them over 9 months to actually get serious about my management training (Despite repeated requests for a time frame). Would you like to know what actually got them serious about my promotion? Half of the management staff quitting. They had no choice but to promote me, or close the damn store.
Well, I found myself now working as a shift leader, with incomplete training for that position, and damn near running the store, after two more people slated for the position of store manager quit (All management who quit did so with no notice). So, with nobody else stepping up, I did the job, even though I had not been asked to do so. Without training, without experience at the position, I did my best and kept the store afloat for 9 months.
Did they decide after that initiative to make me the store manager? No, they did not. They went outside the store and hired a new store manager from another restaurant in the area. And I ended up having to help him do his job. Did that mean they were going to make me the assistant manager? No, they had someone else in mind for that, too. Someone who, up to that point, had never worked more than 12 hours in a week there before.
Two weeks before christmas, I was robbed, by two masked people, at gunpoint, and beaten. And, because I lost a whopping total of about $120 in that robbery, I was terminated. Fired. For being the victim of a crime.
When I applied for unemployment, they even attempted to deny the benefits. Their bs attempt at screwing someone who no longer worked for them was overruled by the labor relations board, as well as their attempt at not honoring worker's compensation claims for a back injury sustained in the robbery.
Work for this group ever again? Not bloody likely.

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