Pizza Hutmy order was incorrectly done

C Nov 29, 2017

I've been ordering from the online link to the Spenard Piza Hut for approximately 2 to 3 years. They are fast and friendly, which is great. During that time once the order didn't go thorugh and I had to do it over again about 3 hours later, which was ok cos it was a computer glitch. Not their fault but im writing it here so that its noted. this time (and, in fact, every time), I put in the order to burn it. They burned the brownie which was great!!! But, the actual pizza, itself, wasn't burnt at all. in fact, in the middle it was a little under-cooked.

Thats why im not happy. They didn't cook it hard and i love burnt pizza. i dont like soft pizza, and its winter so im not about to walk 8 blocks both ways to get a pizza when the temperature is lower than 10 degrees outside. alright, im done. That's my issue. thank you for listening, for your time, and have a nice day.

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