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Complaints & Reviews

membership fraud

Paid for 3 yrs membership to Google Earth. Actually Google Earth is free. When I went to download the software I was directed to Advanced Telecom "membership" and paid $38.91 for 3 years thru Paypal. ??? I finally was able to go back and download Google for free but my transaction to Advanced Telecom was already made. I will try to contact Google to let them know thier website is being used for scamming people.

Resolved unauthorized use of my credit card by paypal

Paypal initiated shipment of an item I never purchased and they charged it to my Mastercard they have on record. Then Paypal notified a past seller on eBay to ship to me an item that I did not order/buy. I learned about this when the seller sent me an eMail that he shipped the merchandise. Paypal never admitted to the wrongdoing. I never authorized this transaction against my credit card. I requested the contact info to their CEO and they refused to provide it. I found the address and sent a letter addressed to their CEO, but he (or someone on his behalf) never replied. Paypal doesn't publish or provide ANY phone numbers to reach their senior management. While the seller refunded my money after I sent him back the merchandise, both the seller and I had to pay for shipping charges that were not refunded by Paypal.

Someone should audit Paypal's computer systems and the way this company misuses and abuses consumers' credit cards. In addition, no company should get away without pubishing and providing phone numbers for their executives.

I will never again use Paypal for payments and I hope that over time competition will take care of them.

  • Fr
    frances evans Nov 07, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    i have just been scamed for £145.00 a buyer brought an item from me with a credit card that wasnt theirs, and paid through paypal this was an instant payment so i had no reason to suspect anything, i sent the goods away to the confirmed address, then 1, wk later paypal informs me that it was an unauthorised payment, and froze the money, after several weeks of supplying necessary proof i won this claim and had the money returned to my accountm now several months later paypal have taken the money again calling it chargeback, the credit card company are asking for the money back for the rightful owner, surely i cant be liable for this, paypal should be held responsible, in a fact they have stolen my money, why should this happen i cant get any replys back from paypal all they say its being processed but that doesnt help me, please i hope someone here can give me some sound advice on how i stand, many thanks, frances evans,

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Resolved false reasons for denied credit line increase

I have a Paypal credit from GE Moneybank for an embarrassing $300. Ok, when I opened it a few years ago, I thought they start you out low. About twice a year I would put in a request for an increase online and have gotten turned down. Couple years later, today I did so again and in a split second the screen came up denied and a letter explaining why will be sent to me. Every computer generated form letter I have gotten in the past has had the same information given for the denial. Credit history not long enough, ( A BLANTANT LIE), balances in ratio to credit line too high ( A BLATANT LIE), I have no mortgage ( SO I DON'T OWN A HOUSE, AND YOUR POINT IS???), and so on. For one thing, I have a VERY high credit score. As of last week when I checked, 802 for TransUnion, 795 Experian and Equifax. I finally called GE Money Bank credit department. The person I spoke to first claimed I did not ever put in a request, I asked if he pulled up my account or not, he then said, oh yes, I see here that a letter was sent to you, but I have no access to the reason. I gave him the info from the letter. I told him to check my credit report. After a bit of a wait, he told me that he will give me the increase. After a minute or so, he claimed the computer would not let him give it to me. I asked if there was anything that could be done. A dispute process, what? His response was well, I don't know what to say, it won't let me increase for you, and it does not make sense why it is so low. (At least he admitted THAT). His only suggestion was for me to try again in a few months. I asked to speak to a supervisor, and he transferred me to music for almost an hour. I am disgusted!!! I hung up and dug around the internet till I found you and this is my complaint. I wonder if this has happened to anyone else out there? One more thing. I found out that JC Penny Credit is from GE Money Bank. NOW, it makes some kind of sense as to why JC Penny is the ONLY store EVER to deny me a card. Hmmm. Coincidence? I have excellent credit, great payment history, Etc. etc. and I do not understand this. I did not dispute the denial on JC Penny because I very rarely shop with them and the request was done when a clerk talked me into opening an account, and I though why not? Imagine how embarrased I was being told with a bunch of people in back of me at the counter and for a measly 50 purchase!!! Anyway, thank you for letting me vent, share this information with others, and again I ask if anyone has had this problem with Paypal Credit?

  • Bi
    bill Nov 07, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    GE is doing the same to me...I closed my pay pal account...and the reason you were turned down for jcpenney is that GE only allows you so many accounts for some reason...probably current credit crisis...I have a Dillards(GE) account and JCPENNEY (GE)
    and I owe nothing and just won't use them...

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I cannot get into payment area to make my payments on line. I have called the number on the bill and have...

false charges to my credit card

I did not, nor have I authorized any thing to be charged to PayPal using my name in transaction number:
The person who is shown to be charged, Nancy L. Cornell, is the one who should be charged.
The following information appeared in an email to my from PayPal requesting that I verify order and stating that "confirms that you have paid ResearchAnyone.com $169.95 USD using PayPal." I have never used Research. com and I never intend to use it--Please void this transaction:

Payment Details

Transaction ID: 20433666FG486722N
Total: $169.95 USD
Item/Product Name: Comprehensive Expert Detective Informational Software
Item/Product Number: 922-116
Buyer: Nancy L Cornell


Business Information

Business: ResearchAnyone.com
Contact E-Mail: [protected]@researchanyone.com

Receipt Number: [protected]

I would like a phone number for PayPal, so that I may discuss any future charges that they MIGHT ALLOW to unknown

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Resolved unsecure site

I am in the process of cleaning up $12, 500 worth of airline tickets charged to my Pay Pal accounts. Thi...

unauthorized charge

I received an email from PayPal Inc.com saying a charge for $189.95 was being put on my credit card for a...

Resolved refund scam

I won an on-line auction on ebay on 7/5/08 and never received my product. After contacting the seller for a refund due to non-delivery, a refund was done through paypal. However, my credit card was charged a second time instead of being credited. After an hour on the phone with three different reps with paypal, I was told there was an I.T. problem that has been on-going for eight days and there was no way for them to reverse the charges on my credit card.

This is THEFT. I will never use paypal nor ebay again.


I was charged $19.95 for software that I never ordered I intend to notify my bank NOT to pay The software wa...

won't let you online to pay bill until after your charged late fee

I try to pay them online and I can't get on there website until after the due date, this happens every...

Resolved problems with account

My first complaint is one that is of a more recent occurrence. Sometime last year, PayPal screwed up an account transaction that left me unknowingly owing them $290. I discovered my account was locked, and I didn't understand why despite attempting to e-mail the company to get some kind of understanding with no response. I later on received a collection for the funds, and based on not being able to prove that I actually didn't owe them the money, I finally paid the bill off. I directly e-mailed their appeals department to get information on what needs to be done next, and received no response after a couple days. I finally tried to log back in after finding out my collections payment had cleared, and it was still locked, so I submitted a response through their website, a couple days later, no response. So I finally e-mailed them again, 3rd attempt - and will give them a couple days before I contact the Better Business Bureau. I cannot obtain a phone number because when I tried to get their Service Center number, it required me to log in, and when I do, it takes me back to the "your account is locked, e-mail appeal..etc." message from before and back to square one. I would be absolutely screwed if not for the next initial realization in my next complaint.

Because of the account locking, I had to set up a different account to do business with through my record label and other business. By other business I mean buying goods through retailers that only accept PayPal or mail in payments. I had made a purchase to a Japanese retailer, and sent in a refund to a customer who ordered an item that is now indefinitely out of stock. I am forced to have my PayPal account for the business set up through my savings account because the original is through my checking. When I processed the funds for these two transactions, I had thought that I had the funds in my Savings, which I did not; so I ended up overdrafting my account twice because of it - which is, of course, my problem to deal with. However, PayPal attempted to recharge the transaction to the Japanese retailer not once, but twice, and the refund one time, without my approval, automatically a couple days later. This caused me an additional $60 in overdraft fees. When I contacted them to complain about this, they stated that it was my problem to make sure I have funds in my account, and they can't be held responsible for overdraft fees on my end when I overdraft over a transaction I make. When I responded reexplaining that THEY ARE responsible because I never authorized them to re-charge the transactions, I received no more responses, instead I received a survey asking about how I felt about my service, which I obviously rated incredibly low and would be in process of closing all of my PayPal accounts, establishing accounts elsewhere (Google CheckOut) and let everyone I know to stop using PayPal. After reading more horror stories on this site and others regarding PayPal, it's just fairly obvious that this company only cares about it's own security and now making it's customers they make money off of happy. I've sold tons of CDs and Shirts through my record label that has paid for at least 2 full paychecks of an employee, and this is how I get treated? It's ridiculous.

Resolved customer service are idiots

I was selling on ebay and using paypal for several years, I mainly sell during the holiday season.

On Dec 10, 2007 I sold an item that sold for $25.00 I promptly shipped out an got a tracking number, I keep all receipts, tracking numbers on file for problems that do occur during shipping. Two weeks later the item was returned back to me with "return to sender, no such address" stamped on it, I called pay-pal to inform them of this situation, they told me to fax in the receipt, a copy of the tracking number and a copy of the package to them for their investigation. I contacted the buyer and explained the problem and he wanted me to reship the item at my expense to the same address, I told him that I WOULDN'T because think about it if it was returned once it would be returned again.

The buyer made a claim on no shipment, so I called pay-pal again to remind them that they already had all the information about this issue, they told me that there will not be problems on this and they will get me the right address and they will make the buyer repay for shipment.

Two weeks later no response from pay-pal, I noticed that the money for the item was refunded, I contacted pay-pal they informed me that they ruled in favour of the buyer "because the buyer never received the item" I again informed them that they already had all the documentation from the shipment, they kept on saying "well the buyer never received the item" I asked them about the seller protection they again told me "the buyer never received they item"

Two months later pay-pal's collection service called me told me that I was $62.00 past due and they wanted the money. I refused to pay. Called pay-pal spoke with 2 of their senior reps, they informed me that my account was charged twice for this and that my account was past due and thats why they were calling me to collect, so I asked them why when my account already had a chargeback for the item they kept on telling me that the buyer never received the item and the buyer received the money for the chargeback. Hum what happened to the money I asked, they could never explain!!!

Simple math would tell you $25.00+$25.00 does not equal to $62.00 where’s the money at????

Obviously no one there knows either, why did I double charged for a chargeback and what happened to $12.00????

No one knows, no one can answer any questions, and no one cares.

  • Gr
    Gregoire Jul 11, 2013

    Paypal is selling porn/obscene content online, against their Terms of Service. Check this: PaypalPorn.blogspot.com

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  • To
    Tom Waring Jul 15, 2013

    Why would the Board of Directors of eBay agree to sell porn online through Paypal? Don't they have to be responsible to their shareholders, most of whom are institutional funds that can't work with companies that sell porn.

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impossible to pay bill online

I have been trying to find a way to pay my bill online for the last three months, but the only thing I get in...

payments & credits

I closed my paypal buyer credit card over a year ago, I have been making my payments every month ON TIME...

bill paying/harassment

I had tried to pay my paypal card bill online through my paypal account. I had done it many times before. In...

5 comments Brookeland Banks

Resolved unauthorized billing!

In the beginning of December 2007 I noticed that there were 3 separate charges (direct debit) to my bank card...

Resolved beware - notification of limited account access! - phishing mail!

Dear PayPal customer,

PayPal is pleased to notify our customers that we have successfully upgraded to a more secure and encrypted SSL servers to serve our esteemed customers for a better and more efficient services in the year 2008.

Due to this recent upgrade you are requested to upgrade your account information by following the reference below, using our new secure and safe SSL servers.

To validate your PayPal account click on the following link:

This email has being send to all our PayPal customers, and it is compulsory to follow as failure to verify account details will lead to account suspension.

Thank you,
PayPal Security Team.

  • Jo
    JoJoKinkaid Aug 17, 2009

    There is a forum I found on the internet that is free, and helps with Ebay, PayPal, business and the law. Just post any question, the experts will answer it if it has not already been answered!

    The forum has a lot of expert advice on it. http://www.modeeworld.com/forums I found advice there about how to avoid EBAY suspensions, get past PayPal limitations, also lots of detailed help on creating your own business, getting past trademark violations, VERO and lots more. Plus general advice on how best to sell on EBAY, what sells the best, how to get the best price for your product, really everything related to EBAY and internet business.

    Also advice about how EBAY really works and how PayPal really works. The inside scoop.

    Beautiful forum. I was made a moderator of the forum and I love it!

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  • Jo
    Joseph Spencer Nov 08, 2016
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I agree, PayPal limited my account for no apparent reason. Gave me no appeal or exact reason why. I had to resort to going stealth with the help of Auction Essistance.

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  • Jo
    Joseph Spencer Jun 11, 2017
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    PayPal has no care for you even after several months or years.

    If you have been banned, it is best to go stealth using this guide: https://www.slideshare.net/AuctionEssistance/ebay-incognitostealth

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Resolved paypal phishing email

Please Update Your Informations!

Dear Member PayPal,

To complete your PayPal account, you must click the link below and enter your password on the following page to confirm your email address.

Click here to activate your account

Your new PayPal account makes sending online payments fast, easy, and secure. With over 150 million members, it's the best way to:

* Buy from an online auction
* Pay on a merchant website
* Send money to anyone with an email address

Confirm your email now to make sure you can use your PayPal account the next time you make a purchase.
You can also confirm your email address by logging into your PayPal account at https://www.paypal.com/row/. Click on the "Confirm email" link in the Activate Account box and then enter this confirmation number: [protected]-1481

Thank you for using PayPal!
The PayPal Team

Please do not reply to this email. This mailbox is not monitored and you will not receive a response. For assistance, log in to your PayPal account and choose the Help link located in the top right corner of any PayPal page.

To receive email notifications in plain text instead of HTML, update your preferences here.

Copyright © [protected] PayPal. All rights reserved.

Consumer advisory- PayPal Pte. Ltd., the holder of PayPal’s stored value
facility, does not require the approval of the Monetary Authority of Singapore.
Users are advised to read the terms and conditions carefully.

PayPal Email ID PP468

  • Cy
    cyril billy herold Mar 02, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Please send my email confirmation number and i don't know where i can that so that i can activate my account. It is already i month i didn't receive my confirmation number. my paypal ID is:
    [email protected]

    Please send confirmation number to my email:
    [email protected]

    As all my payments are pending. I already gave 4 mails i didn't receive any response. Hope you help me out of this problem.
    Thank you.

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worst account ever involved with!

Can't access the website to make payment on GE/paypal account and payment has to be 3 days from date you...

Resolved don't trust, don't click!

Just received this email from PayPal Security Center:

Dear valued PayPal member,

It has come to our attention that your PayPal account information needs to be updated as part of our continuing commitment to protect your account and to reduce the instance of fraud on our website. If you could please take 5-10 minutes out of your online experience and update your personal records you will not run into any future problems with the online service.

However, failure to update your records will result in account suspension. Please update your records on or before August 15, 2007.

Once you have updated your account records, your PayPal session will not be interrupted and will continue as normal.

To update your PayPal records click on the following link:

Thank You.
PayPal Update Team