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Fidelity Brokerage ServicesRefusal to process Beneficiary Affidavits

In 2016 our mother passed away. It is now 2021. Since 2016 we have been (re)-submitting our Beneficiary Affidavits.

Fidelity will not recognise our Beneficiary status. Nor will Fidelity tell us why they will not recognise our Beneficiary status.

For four (4) years we have been bringing the form(s) to notaries and submitting them by registered mail. Most recently we had our IRS tax returns notarised for Fidelity.

Fidelity not only refuses to process our affidavits, but they continue to (re)-send the same forms back to us. Without providing any explanation, even when we ask directly, they will not explain why they will not process the forms. Most recently we went to a US Government Notary. We have (also) submitted proof of our status as Estate Executors.

Obviously this takes time and money, and patience. Most oddly to us is that all the other financial institutions quickly processed our beneficiary status.

Refusal to process Beneficiary Affidavits

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    Fidelity Brokerage ServicesFraudulant activity and mal pactice over my account for blocked accounts

    I've been a coustomer of fidelity investments since 2016 and representatives in San Diego or Any part of the united states have been maliciously mal practicing fraudulant activity or suspisious activity over my account.They also have placed a block on my account and my online access.They've also claimed my social security number or my employer Id doesn't match their records so I like these Reps. to be removed from accessing any information from my accounts the appear to be white representatives male and females female African American woman by the name OF CHIANTIA SHE TRID TO MANIPULATE MY THINKING WITH THE SAME FRAUDULANTNESS.

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      Fidelity Brokerage ServicesScams of fake check

      I upload a check for the purchase of my vehicle and I discuss with a Brokers about how this will effect my account if it's a bad check he replied "nothing" it will not effect my account. Fidelity blocked access to my accounts and I no longer have access to my stocks with fidelity and no other bank account to transfer them to so I'm requesting as a grievances to allow my accounts to stay activate so Im can receive access to my stocks


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        Nov 17, 2020

        Fidelity Brokerage Services — Pension lump sum payment

        I received a letter In the mail that my Part B Hanes pension was available for a lump sum payment. I...

        Fidelity Brokerage ServicesStop! Do not invest with fidelity investment!

        On Thursday I transferred money to Fidelity Investment they told me that they won't margin for my buying until Friday.
        Today they told me they will have to hold my money until Monday.
        It's not a trust investment company to invest with. What U have read about Fidelity Investment customer reviews 100% Truth. STOP! Don't invest with Fidelity. Today is Monday they told they are not gonna margin my account for the money transferred last week. Today I have transferred more money and they won't let me buy even buying with own cash. I in process of fix this problem. STOP! Fidelity is not a recommend company for investment.

        Stop! Do not invest with fidelity investment!

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          Fidelity InvestmentsMy account manager Erin Mullen

          Erin Mullen froze my Fidelity investments because she said I needed a poa. I am able body and mind. I never signed or wanted this. Unfreeze my funds This isn't legal. [protected]. Fire her for this gross error. I need to get my money! I was ex with breast cancer and SHE suggested POA should anything happen. Not, I can't transfer any fund's. I need to pay for my cancer treatment and can't get access to my God damn money! Legal action will be taken if she doesn't comply!

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            Fidelity Brokerage ServicesFrozen accounts / hold on check deposited

            I've had a 401k and a cash management account with fidelity for well over 15 years now, i've never used it much. On april 30th I received an inheritance check from my great aunts estate, the family had been aware of and working with the lawyers for a year. I then electronically deposited the check, which was less than $1,000, into my individual brokerage account. Over the next few days I continued to check and see if the funds were available to transfer. Nothing, so I called to see what the status was. It was then that I found out that fidelity had frozen my accounts and needed my verification, they said the funds would be held until may 6th. May 6th comes around and call again to unfreeze my accounts, now i'm being told I have to wait until the 16th. I don't have until the 16th, I need this money to move. I will be homeless if I don't have access to this money to pay my security deposit.

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              Fidelity Brokerage ServicesGood job chasing customers away.

              This morning I called twice to request that Fidelity send 2 months worth of statements to my bank so I can refi my mortgage. Both times I was told they would have to check with their supervisor. Both times they came back and told me the supervisor said no. If there even was a supervisor they never even took the call. Last year they did this simple service for me. They know who I am and had verified me. I guess the customer service rep was mad because I got an email several minutes after the first call saying my Voice Verification had been removed. I will be moving my money to TD Ameritrade. I also do financial planning for about a dozen wealthy individuals who I will recommend they move their money out as well. Fidelity has Covid on their brains. Good job chasing customers away.

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                Mar 14, 2020

                Fidelity Brokerage Services — customer support

                Needing assistance I called my reps ext but got message invalid ext which I later found out he transferred to...

                Feb 24, 2020

                Fidelity Brokerage Services — trading

                Gregory Kipple 100 Ocean Trail Way #908 Jupiter, Fl 33477 I have copied this to the SEC, FINRA, CBOE, FL...

                Fidelity Brokerage Servicesservice, compliance

                Unfortunately, Fidelity has gone way downhill in the way they treat clients. They do not disclose fees for fee based accounts. They keep you on hold forever. Their compliance dept. treats all clients like they are potential thieves and scammers. I am very disappointed with the company and would recommend other brokerage houses first. They locked my account as a risk, and at first, I felt badly, but learned this is a constant at Fidelity. I moved all my accounts and am very happy where I am for over a year now. I am treated as innocent instead of guilty right from the start. If you do online trading, don 't expect to ever talk to the same person as you will be switched constantly to a new person, and will often find the person you talked to first has left the company..

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                  Jan 22, 2020

                  Fidelity Brokerage Services — fulfillment of a court ordered qdro

                  Fidelity received my QDRO, signed by the judge on 12/6/2019. The court failed to transmit the form...

                  Jan 14, 2020

                  Fidelity Brokerage Services — 401k

                  I called in on Dec. 10, 2019 to have my account rolled over. I spoke with an associate and was told the...

                  Fidelity Brokerage Servicespension rollover

                  I am disgusted with the Fidelity experience and will be moving my funds as soon as my request is complete.

                  I submitted all of my paperwork accurately to receive my lump sum PepsiCo pension payment to be rolled over to my Fidelity IRA #[protected]. First, I received a check so had to call to get this changed since I requested it to be rolled over to the IRA. Then I received a notice that it was rolled over into an account that no longer exists. All this time, you have had possession of my funds. To make things worse, no one that I have spoken to has been able to help. I have spoken to multiple representatives including an escalation representative who told me nothing other than I needed to wait longer!! This is an absolutely horrific experience that I will be sharing broadly to anyone considering Fidelity.

                  Soon to be a former Fidelity client.
                  Ken Partyka

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                    Sep 21, 2019

                    Fidelity Brokerage Services — fraud/scam

                    Beginning mon., sept. 16, 2019, I began addressing mandatory distributions for myself & partner with...

                    Fidelity Brokerage Servicescaveat emptor

                    Purchased a penny stock on HPMM Monday. It dropped and I sold some and then tried to repurchase and it was declared a Caveat Emptor so was unable. So I lost $ 1300 with no way to recover it. That is wrong. It should at least be open to the original share amount. If it was so risky why was it not declared earlier or not available at all to protect the customer?

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                      Fidelity Brokerage Servicesinheritance services

                      Worse than the government (GAO, Federal Retiree Services). Trying to call them only leads to half an hour on the phone with no response. When I filled out death notification, there was only a phone call one week later. Because I was in a work meeting, I could not answer. And a "Steven Daniels" only left the general inheritance services number, rather than a specific number. And so, I am back to listening to background music, waiting for answer. One would have thought that Abigail Johnson and her billions in wealth would hire a few extra persons in this department to speak to people who just had a loved one pass away.

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                        May 27, 2019

                        Fidelity Brokerage Services — retrieval of funds following sale of company and funds held by foreign government

                        Can you please help me! Around approximately 2nd quarter 2018 Intel corp (INTC) purchased a company called...

                        Fidelity Brokerage Servicesinherited 401k

                        I was told to open a 401k DBA which is an inherited 401k account. This was done by a representative on line. A check would be sent to me as the beneficiary. I was then to forward it to another Fidelity office. Several weeks later it was sent back to me with no explanation. After hours on the phone and spoke to 3 different people I was told to report to their office and bring my passport. If I did this I could deposit the Fidelity check from my late husband's account into my Fidelity 401k DBA account. I went to office as was told. They copied my passport. After 1/2 hour I was told to come back in 3 days. They hoped I could deposit the check but no guarantees. These funds are being held by Fidelity. No one will help with this problem. Not the employer of my husband, Intel Corp, nor any of the employees at Fidelity.
                        I am really stuck.

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                          Fidelity Investmentscomplaint against ceo abigail johnson

                          The company is refusing to shut down targeting operations that has ruined my career, social life and health over the last 20 years. This is what I shared in LinkedIn and Facebook today:

                          Fidelity Investments & CEO Abigail Johnson are holding me hostage!
                          Crime - Continuing targeting operations that has ruined my career & social life for 20 years
                          Impact to me -placing implants in my throat & applying nerve agents on my forehead (without my knowledge), and targeting me every day with "taser" like remote attacks using "cell tower technologies"
                          It has been 5 years since Fidelity Investments took responsibility for the crimes committed but are not willing to follow through and shut down targeting operations.

                          FBI & Boston Police - Please help!!

                          complaint against ceo abigail johnson
                          complaint against ceo abigail johnson

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                            • Updated by Mark Smith 2019 · May 20, 2019

                              Fidelity Investments uses Magnetron devices and cell towers to target me with wireless waves exposing me to serious short & long-term consequences.
                              Since 2014, the company has been using a technology that involves microwave generating devices (magnetrons) along with GPS and cell towers to target me with precision. The company has used two Columbus, OH based businesses ("Nurtur Salon" & dentist Dr. Christopher Will) to place implants on my upper body and inside my mouth. These implants have made it easy to identify me using GPS technology. Fidelity Investments uses both cell-towers and portable devices to trigger magnetron devices. This microwave targeting, apart from the long-term possibility of cancer, causes a lot of pain, disorientation, nausea, "shortness of breath", & disturbed sleep. All due to pressures placed on nerves on my head, my forehead or my upper body. Fidelity Investments accepts responsibility for using this technology but is unwilling to shut it down. I am asking the FBI to consider this a serious criminal violation. I found an e-book written by Richard Lighthouse that explains this technology in plain English.

                            • Updated by Mark Smith 2019 · May 16, 2019

                              Fidelity Investments bribed my dentist in Columbus, OH and made him implant a phone receiver & mic in my throat without my knowledge. It works very well and I communicate with the company using this phone. But, this implant along with other electronic chips placed in my throat, has become a real health risk. The company blames my former manager Jonathan Schapiro (currently with for the crime committed. Mr Schapiro and gangs are using these implants to also monitor and harass me. Mr. Schapiro has targeted me for 20 years and has ruined my career & social life. I am looking for help from FBI. Unfortunately, the CEO Abigail Johnson supports Mr. Schapiro and would not let me hire a lawyer or go to court. I am providing the link to one of the models used in the industry.

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