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Fidelity Brokerage Services reviews first appeared on Complaints Board on Nov 23, 2007. The latest review Electronic Transfer was posted on Jun 16, 2021. The latest complaint illegal holdings? was resolved on Jul 17, 2014. Fidelity Brokerage Services has an average consumer rating of 1 stars from 127 reviews. Fidelity Brokerage Services has resolved 14 complaints.

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Fidelity Brokerage Services Complaints & Reviews

Fidelity Brokerage ServicesElectronic Transfer

Yesterday my wife transferred 7 thousand dollars from her Fidelity account to BrynMawr trust bank. The representative said it cannot be done even though she had the account number and tracking number he said it had to be a wire transfer. It ended up costing her 15 dollars which should of been free. I do not want to get this fellow in trouble I am just amazed that Fidelity has someone with this level of knowledge of electronic transfers???

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    Jun 03, 2021

    Fidelity Brokerage Services — Dishonest, liquidation, not releasing funds robbing single moms during a pandemic

    I funded my account bought into a position (short) I had a technical issue and as I came back online 150...

    Fidelity Brokerage ServicesFund availability

    I have been jumping through hoops since november to get my dead husbands money, filling out paperwork after paperwork. I was told that my money would be in my account, today, june 1st 2021... He has been dead over a year, and still no one seems interested in getting me the money. My credit is shot because I have been waiting so long, and I am starving because I have to wait and wait and wait. I am tired of waiting. How would you feel if you were trying to access something that was left to help you, after caring for a husband that had aggressive cancer!!! He has been dead over a year, and your company is trying to make sure I never get the funds!!!

    Amanda seelbach

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      Fidelity Brokerage ServicesRoth IRA

      I started out in early April to make numerous phone calls and secure emails regarding excessive contributions. I was given many different answers in terms of forms and return amounts. Each time it was a long hold on the phone with repeated requests. Then, they claimed they never received my ECF forms in the postal mail, so I had to attach in the secure many dramas and much work for customers. Basically, they have failed to meet requests all the way. I finally received two contribution checks, but no interests included still. Then they asked me to call investment department again, the whole thing is going like circles. I made 3 complaints about this kind of service and had their supervisors to call me. I have not heard anything back. I do not know why they put all the burden on customers to solve their incompetence. I am so sick and tired of contacting them at this point.

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        Fidelity Brokerage ServicesOld Fidelity Accounts

        I had been investing in Fidelity accounts for many years 70's 80's and 90's., So when we sold our house in 1999 I took $42000 and invested $21000 in Fidelity Puritan and $21000 in Fidelity Value. Also, at that time I changed our mailing address. After that, I don't remember seeing anything from Fidelity. I forgot about the account until last December when I ran across the letter sending the monies and the address change. I contacted Fidelity both by letter E-Mail and by phone but have been getting a run around on whether the accounts exist. I have talked to multiple representatives and they say any account that has been inactive more than ten years is dispersed, to what or where I don't know. They say the only record they have was when I retired from Disney in 2007 I transfer my 401 accounts to iRA's, These accounts are not IRA's

        Fidelity Puritan 004/[protected] Robert & Jean Munroe
        Fidelity Value 039/[protected] Robert Munroe

        Fidelity Low-Priced Stock 316/[protected] Robert Munroe

        Fidelity Dividend Growth 330/[protected] Robert Munroe

        Fidelity Blue Chip Growth 312/[protected] Jean Munroe

        Fidelity Dividend Growth 330/[protected] Jean Munroe

        Robert C Munroe ss# [protected]
        Jean A Munroe ss# [protected]
        8700 Spyglass Loop
        Clermont, Florida 34711
        Phone [protected] or [protected]
        E-Mail [protected]

        Old Fidelity Accounts
        Old Fidelity Accounts

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          Fidelity Brokerage ServicesTransition services Charitable Remainder Uni-Trust Re-registration

          I am niece of H. Raymond Hope, Account #[protected], who passed away 12/7/2016. He had funds with Fidelity for a Charitable Remainder Uni-Trust. I was my uncles, Power of Attorney and Executor of his Estate. A friend of his was the Trustee for the Trust, I have since been named Trustee of the Trust because the prior Trustee would not take action to fulfill the wishes and purpose of the Trust.
          9/22/2020-The attorney I am working with, Stan Kimble, to the settle the Trust sent a letter to Fidelity with copies of all necessary documents and ask Fidelity what needed to be done to disburse the Trust funds.
          10/21/2020-Mr. Kimble received a letter from Fidelity requesting a signed statement from me authorizing Fidelity to work with Mr. Kimble on my behalf.
          11/19/2020-Mr. Kimble provided the letter from me to Fidelity.
          2/2/2021-Mr. Kimble sent a follow-up letter to Fidelity because he had heard nothing from Fidelity since he responded to their request 11/19/2020.
          2/2/2021-I called Fidelity and spoke to Quentin Knudsen, who explained some of the process, he sent an email listing some of our options and said he would be happy to do a three way call with Stan and I. He listed some days and times when he could be available.
          2/9/2021-Mr Kimble called Quentin and left a message with a few possible times for us to have our phone meeting.
          2/15/2021-I received a email from Quentin, requesting a good time for the three way call. I forwarded the email to Mr. Kimble.
          2/16/2021-I received an email from Mr. Kimble that he tried to call and email Quentin to set up a time but had not received any response.
          2/22/2021-Quentin responded by email again stating how busy he is, sent his available times and said he would expect to hear from us on 2/23/2021.
          2/23/2021-Mr Kimble emailed Quentin and requested we have our three way call 2/24/2021 at 9am MST.
          2/24/2021- Mr. Kimble called Quentin at 9am, but had to leave a message and we did not hear from Quentin that day.
          3/1-3/9/2021-Mr. Kimble called Quentin several times with no response.
          3/9/2021-Called Fidelity and spoke with Cecelia Anthony, she said she would email the necessary Re-registration form that day. Nothing was ever received from her.
          3/11/2021-I called Fidelity and spoke with Albert Luna. He explained a few things, said he would email the Re-registration form. I never received anything from him.
          3/15/2021-I called Fidelity again and this time I spoke with Patrick Greer, who explained what needed to be done and what forms needed to be completed. I did receive the Re-registration form via email. I requested the EIN, per Patrick and received it from IRS. I completed the form that he sent and scanned that and the EIN letter and sent everything back to Patrick via email.
          3/22/2021-Patrick sent an email acknowledging receipt of the EIN letter and completed re-registration form. His email stated he would call me between 10-11am that day to complete the Medallion Signature Guarantee on the phone and once that was done it would take 3-7 business days to complete. Patrick did not call me any time on 3/22, so at 3:30pm I called and left a message stating I would be available anytime he could call.
          3/23/2021-I sent Patrick an email, asking to reschedule the Medallion Signature Guarantee before he left for vacation on 3/26/2021, but have not received a call or email from him to complete this matter.
          3/24/2021-I received a packet from Fidelity via USPS with a Re-registration form identical to the one I completed and sent back to Patrick that he acknowledged receiving. I called Patrick again and left a message asking him to please let me know if I needed to fill out this additional Re-registration form, but I heard nothing
          3/26/2021-I have had no further communication with Patrick and he will now be on vacation until 45/6/2021.

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            Feb 16, 2021

            Fidelity Investments — Opening an account for a charity

            I am president of the DLSSF. I sent in paperwork to open an account. I was told they needed Articles of Inc...

            Fidelity Brokerage ServicesForm 1099R

            I have had nothing but problems with representatives lying to me regarding my 401K . After I retired 12/20/2019 I contacted Fidelity in January, 2020 to close out my plan and receive a distribution check. After multiple calls I was told on 1/27/20 the check was in the mail. Funny, the check was not issued until 1/30/20. On 2/4/20 I called and was told to wait a couple of days as the check was on its way. Funny, it was sent out at 5:05pm on 2/4/20. Now, I have called 4 times since 2/2/21 to be told the corrected 1099R is in process.

            I have been told lies from day one. Because of Fidelity I am still unable to file my taxes. Had Fidelity done their job correctly, none of this would have happened.I

            In all honesty I do not expect any response to this complaint.

            Kathleen R. Lee

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              Fidelity Brokerage ServicesRefusal to process Beneficiary Affidavits

              In 2016 our mother passed away. It is now 2021. Since 2016 we have been (re)-submitting our Beneficiary Affidavits.

              Fidelity will not recognise our Beneficiary status. Nor will Fidelity tell us why they will not recognise our Beneficiary status.

              For four (4) years we have been bringing the form(s) to notaries and submitting them by registered mail. Most recently we had our IRS tax returns notarised for Fidelity.

              Fidelity not only refuses to process our affidavits, but they continue to (re)-send the same forms back to us. Without providing any explanation, even when we ask directly, they will not explain why they will not process the forms. Most recently we went to a US Government Notary. We have (also) submitted proof of our status as Estate Executors.

              Obviously this takes time and money, and patience. Most oddly to us is that all the other financial institutions quickly processed our beneficiary status.

              Refusal to process Beneficiary Affidavits

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                Fidelity Brokerage ServicesFraudulent activity and malpractice over my account for blocked accounts

                I've been a customer of fidelity investments since 2016 and representatives in San Diego or any part of the United States have been maliciously malpracticing fraudulent activity or suspicious activity over my account. They also have placed a block on my account and my online access. They've also claimed my social security number or my employer id doesn't match their records so I like these Reps. to be removed from accessing any information from my accounts the appear to be white representatives male and females female African American woman by the name of Chiantia she tried to manipulate my thinking with the same fraudulently.

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                  Fidelity Brokerage ServicesScams of fake check

                  I upload a check for the purchase of my vehicle and I discuss with a Brokers about how this will effect my account if it's a bad check he replied "nothing" it will not effect my account. Fidelity blocked access to my accounts and I no longer have access to my stocks with fidelity and no other bank account to transfer them to so I'm requesting as a grievances to allow my accounts to stay activate so Im can receive access to my stocks


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                    Nov 17, 2020

                    Fidelity Brokerage Services — Pension lump sum payment

                    I received a letter In the mail that my Part B Hanes pension was available for a lump sum payment. I...

                    Fidelity Brokerage ServicesStop! Do not invest with fidelity investment!

                    On Thursday I transferred money to Fidelity Investment they told me that they won't margin for my buying until Friday.
                    Today they told me they will have to hold my money until Monday.
                    It's not a trust investment company to invest with. What U have read about Fidelity Investment customer reviews 100% Truth. STOP! Don't invest with Fidelity. Today is Monday they told they are not gonna margin my account for the money transferred last week. Today I have transferred more money and they won't let me buy even buying with own cash. I in process of fix this problem. STOP! Fidelity is not a recommend company for investment.

                    Stop! Do not invest with fidelity investment!

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                      Fidelity InvestmentsMy account manager Erin Mullen

                      Erin Mullen froze my Fidelity investments because she said I needed a poa. I am able body and mind. I never signed or wanted this. Unfreeze my funds This isn't legal. [protected]. Fire her for this gross error. I need to get my money! I was ex with breast cancer and SHE suggested POA should anything happen. Not, I can't transfer any fund's. I need to pay for my cancer treatment and can't get access to my God damn money! Legal action will be taken if she doesn't comply!

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                        • Ch
                          CHARLENE Mar 14, 2021
                          This comment was posted by
                          a verified customer
                          Verified customer

                          Well, this has been done to us as well. And our account was frozen for 2 years until I did sign the POA over my husband. They said I would have FULL access to everything and they lied. We have been unable to see the account online or know how the stocks are doing in the account or even get a statement until just recently;y. And they have sent the same statement now 5 times. Somebody is hiding something but they have no idea who they have on their back. I will get to the bottom of this. So until then, the money will sit there. I will go to the DOL and the IRS. The IRS has something that will fix plan errors when it pertains to employee plans too as well as looking over the plan balances. So I am not taking the rollover just yet! Or a Lump Sum Check! Been frozen since 2017 and it can stay that way until it is reviewed in full. I feel that if I take it and roll it over into an IRA or take the full amount, I might be saying I no issues with the accounting of the funds. It was just released by the Union Plan Admin as the QDRO to an ex-wife was never approved. And if they are only the Recordkeepers of the account, how is it I have to go through them for the dispersment first?

                          0 Votes

                        Fidelity Brokerage ServicesFrozen accounts / hold on check deposited

                        I've had a 401k and a cash management account with fidelity for well over 15 years now, i've never used it much. On april 30th I received an inheritance check from my great aunts estate, the family had been aware of and working with the lawyers for a year. I then electronically deposited the check, which was less than $1,000, into my individual brokerage account. Over the next few days I continued to check and see if the funds were available to transfer. Nothing, so I called to see what the status was. It was then that I found out that fidelity had frozen my accounts and needed my verification, they said the funds would be held until may 6th. May 6th comes around and call again to unfreeze my accounts, now i'm being told I have to wait until the 16th. I don't have until the 16th, I need this money to move. I will be homeless if I don't have access to this money to pay my security deposit.

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                          Fidelity Brokerage ServicesGood job chasing customers away.

                          This morning I called twice to request that Fidelity send 2 months worth of statements to my bank so I can refi my mortgage. Both times I was told they would have to check with their supervisor. Both times they came back and told me the supervisor said no. If there even was a supervisor they never even took the call. Last year they did this simple service for me. They know who I am and had verified me. I guess the customer service rep was mad because I got an email several minutes after the first call saying my Voice Verification had been removed. I will be moving my money to TD Ameritrade. I also do financial planning for about a dozen wealthy individuals who I will recommend they move their money out as well. Fidelity has Covid on their brains. Good job chasing customers away.

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                            Mar 14, 2020

                            Fidelity Brokerage Services — customer support

                            Needing assistance I called my reps ext but got message invalid ext which I later found out he transferred to...

                            Feb 24, 2020

                            Fidelity Brokerage Services — trading

                            Gregory Kipple 100 Ocean Trail Way #908 Jupiter, Fl 33477 I have copied this to the SEC, FINRA, CBOE, FL...

                            Fidelity Brokerage Servicesservice, compliance

                            Unfortunately, Fidelity has gone way downhill in the way they treat clients. They do not disclose fees for fee based accounts. They keep you on hold forever. Their compliance dept. treats all clients like they are potential thieves and scammers. I am very disappointed with the company and would recommend other brokerage houses first. They locked my account as a risk, and at first, I felt badly, but learned this is a constant at Fidelity. I moved all my accounts and am very happy where I am for over a year now. I am treated as innocent instead of guilty right from the start. If you do online trading, don 't expect to ever talk to the same person as you will be switched constantly to a new person, and will often find the person you talked to first has left the company..

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                              Jan 22, 2020

                              Fidelity Brokerage Services — fulfillment of a court ordered qdro

                              Fidelity received my QDRO, signed by the judge on 12/6/2019. The court failed to transmit the form...

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