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Western Union Complaints & Reviews

Western Union / invalidating school id and registration form for withdrawing money

Mimi Zamora on Jul 21, 2017
July 7, 2017 afternoon after my duty my boyfriend sent money for the payment of the shipment of his important papers, school TOR and other personal documents to be exact. He told me that i can claim the money presenting my valid school ID and school registration form as a proof that I'm a...

Western Union Malaysia / unethical behavior

krmoody on Jul 6, 2017
From: hinkle, deanne [mailto:deanne.hinkle@marriott.com] Sent: wednesday, july 5, 2017 6:37 pm To: unwumt@mail.com Subject: payment approved: transaction: wumt-my-7910202017 **above individual is claiming $7600/day by email via un organisation payout center through western union malaysia, to...

Western Union / they are using people's money to make profit for themselves and not delivering the service

An Dro on Jun 20, 2017
Western union cancels transactions in the name of "compliance" so they can hold the money and invest it. First they confirm via phone and email that everything is in order and the transfer can be picked up and say thank you for choosing wu, then they choose a certain amount of people at...

Western Union / please unlock my western union account

Sankili on Jun 19, 2017
Dear manager, My full name is sankili poothatthan kalimuthu Nric: s7360409e Please unlock my western union account since blocked last few months. I am been travel around regions. I am urgently need of my account unblocked since my one transaction are delay today. It is emergency required to...

Western Union / payment not received

isaiah1978 on Jun 13, 2017
I tried on 3 separate occasions at 3 separate banks in Buenos Aires, Argentina to withdraw the money that was sent to me from the United States and at every store I was told that they didn't have the capability to withdraw my money and to go to another location. I found it interesting...

Western Union / payment not received

Sayed El Hossary on Jun 3, 2017
my name is Elsayed Fahmy Mohamed Elhossary receiver Elsaed Abdelazim Makhlouf Abouelenein sender MTCN 4821410568 & 0522516609 complain:- i was planed to travel to Turkey during June and i am not like to carry money with me, so i am agree with my friend to send money for me through WU and...

Western Union / customer service

Disrespected by WU on Jun 2, 2017
We as a trucking company tried to wire money to a driver stranded in Ny city in a tractor trailer for tolls. We were put On hold for 45 minutes after arguing with the automated answer service... then a very rude customer service rep... declined our transaction at his own discretion... We...

Western Union / I didn't received or get the money that my friend sent to me through western union

jhenjhen on May 10, 2017
My friend from Italy sent me a money last Tuesday, May 9, 2017 around 4 in the afternoon here in the Philippines. At around 7 in the evening here I went to the Western Union USSC to claim the money that my friend sent, one of the agent there get the form that I filed up and the my passport...

Western Union / want to claim my payment

Sohaib Arshad on May 5, 2017
I placed order through email to supplier to china, payment sent with the following details on 10th april usd 830$ First name : weihong Last name: tang City: shenzhen Province: guangdong Country: china Zipcode: 518000 After receiving payment supplier is not responding nor reply my email nor...

Western Union / international bank transfer

Syed Usama Iqbal on May 4, 2017
My parents sent me money using Western Union from Karachi Pakistan on 25th of April 2017 and they claimed that it will reach to me (In my Italy Bank Account) in 1-2 days. But its been more than 7 working days but still I haven't received any money. We tried asking the franchise about the...

Western Union / no customer service

camel1971 on Apr 20, 2017
I need to talk to someone and I get the press 1, 2, 3 run around. Answer your phones. Stop the run around crap!!! This happened on 4/20/2017 at 5:00pm. Why do you say press 1 to talk with customer service and then make it a maze of guesses to get to someone. I tried to call, but never got...

Western Union / misbehavior of employés and service of franchise

Kamran Khalid kumbher on Apr 3, 2017
I am kamran, a pakistani currently studying in france, and one specific franchise of western union has misbehaved twice, I couldn't complained it before, but their attitude and service is very offensive and ridicules. Instead of solving the issue the employees disrespected me.in thi...

Western Union Financial Services, Inc. / international money transfer

Angela Smyrnova on Mar 3, 2017
Have you ever felt insulted by a company or financial institution by trying to protect you and your money against your own will? I did recently. And I would like to share my despair and a feeling of being humiliated by regulations which meant to protect but instead they served as a tool to...

Western Union / they suck

They give you the run around after you give them your phone number, address, email, ID, family history, Classified Security Clearance, blood type and DNA in addition to a thorough 'extreme vetting' Islam/Trump style and they STILL wont send as little as $200.00 from TX to NM! Western Union is a...

Western Union / money transfer

mcj on Jan 18, 2017
I have so many complaints against this company from just one experience it is unreal !!! First - - the hours posted on the websites are in correct so don't plan your time based on that Second - - tried to send 2k to a relative in thailand. What a nightmare. I actually talked with an...

Western Union / poste

Dominique Andreolli on Dec 30, 2016
Hier dans la précipitation croyant aider mon Pasteur Mehdi, j’ai envoyé 1455 euros via western union . En effet, j’ai reçu un mail disant venir de sa part alors qu’il serait coincé en Grèce. Ayant été prévenu par d’ autre personnes, il a envoyé un mail pour signaler qu’ il s’agissait bien d’un...

Western Union / refund

elizabeth marquez on Dec 19, 2016
my name is Elizabeth Marquez I lost my money order and proof of purchase it will be a year 12/31/2016, I have send them everything I have in my possession, I have been complying with western union. but not enough proof also the money orders in question have not been cashed. Please can you...

Western Union / they give me problems cashing my check sending money and requesting information smd they are collecting people's social security numbers

Kevon geanus on Dec 18, 2016
Good afternoon today sunday december 18th 2016 i am makimg a complain on the employees of the cfsc western union at 755 bergen avenue, jersey city, NJ 07306.The workers here are very rude and when I'm cashing a check or sending money they are asking for my social security and asking me why...

Western Union / my money transfer was being picked up by unknown person whos not the actual receiver

Junbryan on Dec 18, 2016
I made a money transfer with western union last december 14, 2016. After one day i checked the money transfer status in wu track website and unfortunately my money transfer was already been picked up. How come it was been picked up? The receiver didnt even picked it up. The receiver is my...

Western Union / western union holding my money

Min Potter on Dec 8, 2016
I sent money on Nov.29, 2016 to a Chinese manufacturer to purchase products for a on going project. Normally the receiver should be able to pick up payment the next day. But this time the receiver was told the money was held. I also got a phone call and email telling us we needed to submit...

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