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On 2/12/2020 I sent a "Money Order Customer Request" form for a refund of $400 because the money order was sent to the Bahamas and they will not cash a money order in the Bahamas. I sent it to the Englewood Address with a letter explaning everything. I also sent a receipt as to where I purchased the money order. I have not heard from anyone about this nor have I received a refund. Can someone please advise me as to what's being done? The money order number is 19-[protected]

Robert W. Stewart
19351 NW 229th St.
High Springs, Fla. 32643

western union

I have been using Western union for many years. I buy gems and send money to people who help me primarily in Brazil. The amounts are small but may happen two or three times a month. Recently i went to make a transfer and i was informed that I was banned and no reason was provided. I was given an email addrees to write to which i have dine twice and i have had no response. I reviewed Western Union transfer policy in an attempt to understand what i have done wring and insee nothing. I have switched to moneygram. Western Union seems to not care about me as a customer so i would advise people to use moneygram.



I transferred money To PortSaid to my Friend and they saying last name Should spill EMIRA not Amira. The...

refused money transfer - false allegation of a scam

A money transfer of $800 to my piano teacher was refused because of a false allegation of a scam. (11/17/19...

money transfer

I made a mistake with a routing number
Now western union is trying to steal the money
I contacted them over 9 times and I get no resolution
They always say it will be refunded in a couple days
It's been over a month now. Beware they have had MANY complaints

See https://www.classactionsreporter.com/consumer/western-union-failure-return-uncollected-funds-class-action

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receiving money

I've sent an urgent money from Sydney and will receive by family member in Asau Savaii Three times family...

sending money and receiving

I been a customer with western union for years as well and only send money using cash. One day I tried to receive money and the person was refunded back with no explanation. I called them and their saying I can't send or receive money anymore and they don't want my business. For me to send an email to [protected]@westernunion.com this has me very concern my friends and family help me sometimes and I help them I don't understand what the problem is. Something needs to be done about this.

western union

I was also banned from using the service. I was shocked because I've been using their service for the past 6 years. First, they said I have had reached the maximum receivable amount in a year then after less than 24hrs. they said I was totally banned. I even talked to a representative asking what is their reason but he didn't answered me instead he shouted at me saying that we can do nothing about it. The hell is wrong with them, blocking someone as if I did something criminal. :(

western union
western union
western union

Western Union Financial Services

western union

I have using Western Union for the last 2 1/2 years now with no problems until September 23/19 my husband has been blocked for no reason. I called Western Union and got no help. What is the problem? I don't understand, if I have been sending money to the person for years why block the account
This is just is turning customers away

The calls are outsourced to foreign countries. Apparently Western Union employees don't have the system to communicate with an Western Union in anther country for resolution in this technology based world we
Live in
Going to use money gram

Unfair treatment

After two years of using this service to send money to my girlfriend i was blocked after inquiring why i wa...

Western Union Financial Services

money transfer

I used to love WU. Bring able to help my family overseas. I was a victim of a scam and they blocked after an investigation and treated me as if I did it!!! I [censored]en hate hate WU now. Making it difficult for money transfer now. I waited damn near a month for the results, gave them all my personal info (Birth certificate, social etc) I mean I coulda video chatted them if they didnt think I was real smdh. And after that I was declined for future services. [censored]es!!!

refund from cancelled transaction.

Difficult trying to get refund for a cancelled transaction. Cancelled western union transaction on August 1, 2019 and trying to get refund. The customer service representative told me to come back 2 days to get refund. Went back to store and again told no, account being reviewed for approval.
Contacted western union customer support at least 5 times trying to get resolved. Each time I called was told yes you can get refund.
A supervisor would call in 24 hrs with instructions to receive refund. I called because hadn't been contacted by western union supervisor. Was told yes you can get refund, will receive another call with instructions. Cancelled transaction for refund

banning me

My name is Debra Langford, [protected]@gmail.com. I have sent thru Western Union in the US and abroad with no issues. I have family members expecting the monies I send to live on. Now for some reason and no explanation you have banned me from using Western Union. I would very much like to know why? If you please send me whatever your reasons are. And how to clear this matter up, A.S.A.P. Thank you, Debra Langford

wire transfer receiver suspension

I've used WU for years primarily to assist my son who suffers from various health issues. Over the many years & countless transfers & fees I've never experienced any problems, until now. I've attempted to transfer money to my son via their online site & the transfers were cancelled without explanation. Today I went personally to an agent location & made the transfer using cash payment. Once again my son went to pick up his transferred funds only to learn that he, the receiver, has been suspended & can no longer receive transfers. I called the customer service department & after several minutes of listening to ads attempting to get me to purchase from different groups I was forwarded to an agent only to learn my son access to receive transfers has been suspended. I, like others, was given an email address to contact & give information to & hopefully have the suspension lifted. How a company that I've used for years to assist in supporting my son can suspend his receiving transfers without a reason or alerting either of us is beyond me. Mind you that all transfers are within the US and have been made to the same person, my son, at the same location for years. This infuriates me as I know how desperately my son needs the assistance I send him regularly. After reading other complaints posted with the same issues my hopes for getting his suspension lifted via the email address given are very doubtful. Sad that you use a company for years on a regular basis only to learn that your receiver is suspended without reason or merit.

about e-mail mybe fraud

To day so I received email from western union head account in coutonu Benin
I will add to you copy it
I'm asked is this enformation in this email
really and thay need to send to them 47$
As fee to activity my payment
from Syria that not law I asked to dedicate
this fee from the payment
and I'm not sure if this email from your company can i send to them moany

  • Updated by Khalid alkhalid althlji · Jun 16, 2019

    To day so I received email from western union head account in coutonu Benin
    I will add to you copy it
    I'm asked is this enformation in this email

receiving money

My name is Alexandra Kowalski and I was a very frequent user of Western Union money services. I do not have a bank account so using this company was very ideal for me. The last time I tried to receive money through this company I was very shocked and concerned to find out I was unable to receive my money all of a sudden. For some time I was unsure of why this was happening since I was such a frequent user and was always happy with my experience. It came to my attention from my father who was trying to send to me from out of state that the money immediately bounced back to his account and was told I was flagged for fraudulent activity. I dont understand why this was the case since I never did anything illegal or unlawful, all I did was get money sent to me. I have been unable to fix this situation and would really like to solve this problem. I trust and enjoy this company but cannot use it. Please get back to me with instructions on how to clear my name and be able to use my account once again since I was cut off so abruptly. Thank you.

case number [protected] and being deprived of ability to send money

I was the victim of a fraud on April 16, 2019. I repored the matter on that date and the bank to which money...

money order/ customer service

I had purchased 2 money orders on Jan 31st to pay my rent as i have for the past year. I drop the money orders off at a mailbox service, this time they envelope with the money orders never made it to the mailbox so I filled out the back of the receipts and checked the lost box and requested a refund, the western union website stated they would take fees from the refund. a month later I received two letters stating the money orders have been cashed and please send them a western union money order of $15 for each money order and mail it back for photo copies of the cashed money orders.
now i talked with my landlord and he said he never received the money orders so my guess is they were stolen and fraudulently cashed so I sent two more money orders for $15 each back to western union for the photocopies on 3/20/2019 and have not received anything back as of yet. I called in and their customer service which you can barley understand tells me it takes 10 to 15 days from the day they receive the payment to receive the receipts today is the 15th day since i mailed the payment to california from AZ. I called back to customer service and they tell me they have not received the payments yet, after 15 days they should have received the payments and mailed me my receipts!!! as of right now being on a budget and out the $1330.00 for the two money orders that I used western union for, im behind on my rent and western union does absolutely nothing to help their customers in a timely matter. by the time i get the receipts, whoever stole and cashed my money orders will be long gone. its been over two months and appears its going to be at leat another couple weeks before i get anything from this company.
Western union is one of the largest financial services in the U.S., why dont they take debit or credit card over the phone and email receipts to their customers? that was a question I asked customer service and they had no answer to that. its something that would have helped in finding a thief, getting my money back, and kept me from struggling to come up with the missing money for my rent so I don't get evicted.
Instead im spending more money to wait even longer for something that by now is long gone. THANK YOU WESTERN UNION FOR SCREWING YOUR CUSTOMERS

  • Un
    UnChat Aug 22, 2019

    Money orders for Rent check lost...or Refund request misinformation stalling.
    Serious problems at their Philippines "offshore" telephone center, needs legal attention by the US Govt. I am noting a list of complaints in my complaint to US Attorney Generals and FTC. A class action lawsuit against Western Union found they deliberately stalled in giving accurate information to consumers and in issuing refunds to retain funds for interest.

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  • Un
    UnChat Aug 22, 2019

    I filed a Money Order Refund Request documenting everything including the Tracking. It was mailed July 18th usps with tracking. The postal service showed this as two events. It was delivered to Western Union and picked up July 22nd. On August 7th I followed up with a phone call. The call center is in the Philippines. I was told to call back in one week as it takes 15 days from receipt to enter the information in their computers. I called back on about August 13-14th and was told they had not received the information. I was told twice over two days I would have to send them all my information digitally. I forwarded the entire complaint plus a photo of the shipping label and a screen shot of the tracking information. That was on August 15th. Today August 22nd they have told me they did not get a copy of the email or it is not in their system. I sent the email twice. I received an automated reply immediately to my money order refund request, twice.

    The people at the telephone center appear to be told to lie or to stall. What is my evidence of that? On July 18th I mailed a $30 fee using a different company to purchase the money order. That company has verified that their
    $30 money made out to Western Union Financial Services was cashed August 5th.

    I was lied to several times by the call center. The "offshore" telephone center is a scam. Filing complaints with every consumer affairs complaint department and any ftc section I can.

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blocked money transfer

let me start out by saying that I was using MoneyGram services from 2009 to November 2018 before being banned for no reason on my part. I registered with Western Union beginning November of 2018 until today February 12th, 2019. I tend to go to the grocery store in by area to send a money transfer. I was told to call an [protected] number and give them a code # R7008. A week prior to this incident I when to the store to send money to my wife in Ghana (she is a U.S. citizen but her mother just died and I was sending money to help with the funeral cost. I try to send $1, 050 and was told to call Western Union office. The money was blocked. I was told to call WU office. the office asked me a lot of questions about me, my wife's niece and my wife and how well did I know them. I couldn't believe some of the questions asked me. I thought I answered all their questions to their satisfaction However, I was told I could not send this amount and to go back to the store for a refund. I got my refund and decide to send a smaller amount and it was processed though. Today When I tried to send the same ($450) I was told to was blocked and to call Western Union [protected] . I called there number, I was to then go on the internet and type in I believe CSR.westernunion and send the an email. I an going on 70 years of age, so I did the best I could. I received a email response stating a case#5313819 and they will try to get back to me in 24 hours.
Let me tell you a little about myself. I retired form TSA Dept of Homeland Security in April 2015. I worked for the Dept of Housing for 27 years than 10years at DHS. I feel deeply hurt and I can not send the money to my wife for her mother's funeral. I did nothing wrong in either case. I forgot to mention my wife and I have a home in Ghana also. my email address : [protected]@gmail.com. my land line phone: [protected].Western Union Case File a Complaint - Consumer ref:_00D15F40r._5001C18IsMA:ref

Western Union Customer Care
11:41 AM (7 hours ago)
to me

Thank you for contacting Western Union.

We'll attempt to contact you within 24 hours using the contact information that you have provided to us.

For your records, your Case # is: [protected]

Please note this is an automated response. We ask that you not respond to this email.
You may also call us directly at [protected], so a customer support representative can help you.

Thank you,
Western Union Customer Care


The information transmitted, including any content in this communication is confidential, is intended only for the use of the intended recipient and is the property of The Western Union Company or its affiliates and subsidiaries. If you are not the intended recipient, you are hereby notified that any use of the information contained in or transmitted with the communication or dissemination, distribution, or copying of this communication is strictly prohibited. If you have received this communication in error, please notify the Western Union sender immediately by replying to this message and delete the original message

  • Bo
    BobanAnaMaribor Oct 31, 2019

    do kda ce WESTERNUNION da maltretira postene gradjane svojim neozbiljnim i be adekvatnim ponasanjem da blokira prenos novca i u slucaju kada covek trazi resenje svojih problema trazeci donacije.Nije u redu jer agenti nemaju pojma o tome kako se radi taj posao vec se izivljavaju na pojedincima.Ako neko da svopj novac i trazi da ga dostve a oni u svemu vide prevere onda oni nisu normalni ljudi i treba da se lece a ne da zajebavaju pojedince.Ko moze da da sifru 7008 i na osnovu ega kada do sada nikada nisam trazio od WESTERUNIUONA da intervenise da je prevara.Zasto se oni prave toliko pametni

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  • Bo
    BobanAnaMaribor Oct 31, 2019

    Odblikirajte me za slanje novca jer ne cinim nista lose i trazim da resimmoje zivotne probleme i pomognem mnogima i zato moram da sdaljem novac svuda po svetu i to nisu prevare kao sto vi mislite .Sifra 7008 nije u redu sve dok ja ne posaljem zahtev da je prevara i goljufanje.

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