Optimumtv, ipad.

I have had it!!! I switched from verizon fios to optimum on july 7th 2019. I have had nothing but trouble with the service. My tv along with my I pad just shuts off whenever it feels like. I have had 3 technicians this time I have to take time off of work to be here for them. Each technician tells me a different story. I was in the middle of taking a cec test for my personal training renewal and my I pad shut down. My test was due that day. I had to contact them and ask them to please give me another day because everything I did on my test was erased. The last technician said it looks like it is fixed. The very next day bam the tv and my I pad shut down again. Now this is the last time I am going to have a technician out. They are scheduled for thursday (again, I have to work 1/2 day to be here). When I called this evening to complain and set up an appointment for yet another technician to come, I could not even concentrate on what I was saying to the rep because there was so much commotion going on in the background, people were laughing and talking so loud that I have to ask the rep if he can even concentrate, his answer was I am used to it. I called the (800) 735-5379 number and it was on october 1, 2019 at 8:00pm. Kindly respond to this e mail, as I am furious. Thanking you in advance, debi reines

Oct 01, 2019

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