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Cincinnati Bell reviews first appeared on Complaints Board on Mar 16, 2009. The latest review Service and false offers, delaying customer transfer to charge customers was posted on Dec 22, 2020. The latest complaint bad service was resolved on Dec 26, 2013. Cincinnati Bell has an average consumer rating of 2 stars from 31 reviews. Cincinnati Bell has resolved 10 complaints.

Cincinnati Bell Customer Service Contacts

1888 246 2355 (Customer Service)
+1 513 566 4101 (Customer Service)
+1 866 541 9042 (Small Business Sales)
209 W 7th St #1
Cincinnati, Ohio
United States - 45202

Cincinnati Bell Complaints & Reviews

Dec 22, 2020

Cincinnati Bell — Service and false offers, delaying customer transfer to charge customers

I rented a home from a patient who was going to Florida for several months, I met this family as the nurse...

Cincinnati Bell no phone service, uncaring service personnel

The fiber optic's Cable broke Saturday morning. I called for service . The service man came but could not fix said that the other repair cable people would be here the next morning. I called and explained my wife is a diabetic and had emergency low sugar and we used the phone to call for help the service person said she could not help I ask to speak to her supervisor. After explaining about my wife, said that it would take as long as it took very uncaring. This is Thursday I called again this morning after talking to two people and twenty minutes I was told it would be fixed in the next 24 hours.

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    Cincinnati Bell internet

    My internet wasn't working and I called cincy bell and was told there was an outage. I explained that in the past I always had to call after I rebooted and customer service did something on their end to get it back online. Rebooting at home didn't seem to fix the issue. But again was told nothing u could do-due to outage. I signed up for notifications,
    Which I then received for 3 days telling me technicians were working on it. I called several times during those days and was told the same thing each time. The 6th maybe 7th time I called the person said there was no outrage and I should reboot again, which I did and she did something and it worked!
    A week passed and the same thing occurs. I call and told to schedule A technician which was t available to come for three days. I told them I work from home and needed the technician to come sooner. They said no. I asked for a credit for the days it didn't work and was told I would have to call back after the technician came and request the credit. I said I didn't understand why I had to call back..it hadn't worked for a total of 7 days. Again the customer service rep said no she couldn't give me a credit. I had to call back after the tech came in 3 days. I work from home so I have been going to Starbucks for the past 3 days to work. As I didn't the first time it wasn't working. That is very inconvenient for me and unnecessary. I pay Cincinnati Bell each month for a service they failed to provide. I have. O. Hi or but to sit here all and wait for the technician to show up. But I will be switching providers at my earliest convenience. And I make sure to tell everyone I know NOT TO DO BUSINESS WITH YOU.

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      Jan 08, 2019

      Cincinnati Bell — unwanted phone calls

      I am so tired of getting all these unwanted phone calls. I am on a do not call list but the calls keep coming...

      Cincinnati Bell Fiopticsbilling practices

      On [protected] (invoice 7404544) I returned a Cincinnati Bell Fioptics receiver & remote to their store and received a receipt for the transaction. With the billing statements they provide you need a lawyer to decipher them and I couldn't tell that they continued to charge me for that box for the next 35 months ($7.99 a month x 35 months=$279.65), when I cancelled the service they told me I need to turn in 3 boxes & 3 remotes when I only had 2, the other being returned on [protected]. Three calls to the office and two visits to the store and all I get is we are sorry but we can't help you and that is unacceptable way for a billion dollar corporation to treat it's customers.

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        Cincinnati Bell — porting probs and modem (zoomtown... really!!!) charge

        Tried for months to have a number ported. I am still trying and I am being charged $100.00 for a ZOOMTOWN...

        Cincinnati Bell internet service - false charges reported on credit report

        This company, after I closed my account, reported that owed them more money, which went on my credit report. I've since disputed the charges and they've been removed from my credit report. The company was basically fishing for more money, trying to STEAL from me and lowered my credit score temporarily in the Process. I will be reporting this complaint to every platform that I know exists. No company should be able to get away with this. It took hours on the phone and was a huge hassle to correct my credit score after I was purchasing a vehicle, I could have received a better interest rate if his company hadn't tried to literally STEAL from me.

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          Cincinnati Bell service and billings

          Their system sucks, technical support sucks, and billing sucks.
          Thier system never stays on, restart alot in a day. Called tech support, they don't do anything but reset on their end. They decide to do something about THEIR ISSUE when you make a public complaint. Suddenly they can send technicians to check the system. Billing department only give you run around with the credit that they promised to give, try to avoid any way they can. Homever, they will keep sending bills, not a bill, multiples bills after you terminate the service.
          Do not even think about to use Cincinnati bell. Bad everything!!!

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            Cincinnati Bell Fiopticsinternet

            I was a victim of bait and switch by Cincinnati Bell. Claim to give you 30MBps internet. After switching from 22mbps, i now only get most 11mbps. After talking with service, they informed me there is a congested hub in the area..What? and you couldn't tell me before switch. They informed me that they would not know until hook up---fake ads

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              Cincinnati Bell — zoomtown dsl

              Our Zoomtown rarely works! Most of the time the service is intermittent. Can't stream movies, can't listen to...

              Cincinnati Bell billing and charges

              When calling on my bill about the charges that were given to me The man I was talking with could not understand me. I was trying to save on my bill, so I canceled some channels that I never used. I am paying more now than I did before. He told me to turn in my cable boxes. Why ? First off could you hire people that speak fluent english. He had no idea what I was talking about. I asked to speak to a supervisor. After being on hold for 10 minutes he came back and said a supervisor will not be in until Friday. Thats just a bunch of crap. Then he told me not to pay this bill and he would bill me the correct amount. Now we both know that it will not happen. Then I will be charged for an over due bill. Well I will disconnect Cincinnati Bell. I am not paying this bill until this problem is fixed. All the gentleman wanted to do was put me on hold or tell me he fixed the problem. Which he didn't do. I will await your phone call. Connie Schlechtinger

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                • Bw
                  bwerner777 Mar 20, 2016
                  This comment was posted by
                  a verified customer
                  Verified customer

                  Been a CBT customer for years. Michael Morrison thanked me by raising my bill over double to thank-me for my patronage after my promo expired. Was 65.99. Now 121. and some change. Spent a lot of time with the nasty customer service people who absolutely don't care about their price gouging practices. Do not do business with this Organization. What they don't realize is the amount of business they are losing as I am switching business services to Time Warner and Windstream. I am in Telecommunications and serve businesses across Ohio, (Dayton and Cincinnati). We as an Organization are all upset at CBT and all of us, (our President included will not promote CBT in any fashion). Michael Morrison and his price gouging is costing them a lot more than 1 residential customer. I tried my best through escalation procedures to tell him, but the nasty customer service department would not let me speak to him in this regard.
                  I am very confident they will continue to push their customer's to Time Warner and Windstream.
                  BTW - They are charging my 79 year old father even more for lesser service. Bill Werner Lebanon, Ohio

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                Cincinnati Bell horrible customer service and billing issues

                I cancelled my phone service on the last day of the billing cycle. I had to talk to three different foreigners and be on hold for long periods of time. The final rep I spoke to said I would receive a final bill in the mail for $0, since I was already paid in full. When I got the final bill, of course they did not cancel the long distance. There was a charge for the billing cycle starting the day after I cancelled. I called again to have this corrected, only to be met with a very argumentative foreigner. After refusing to correct the issue, and telling me I would receive yet another bill next month, I insisted on speaking with her supervisor. Big surprise, he was also foreign, and also continued to argue with me. I asked if he was reading the same script as the women, because he was giving identical responses to everything. I had to ask him at least 30 times if the would correct the bill and cancel the service. He insisted that there was nothing wrong with the current bill, and I would still receive another bill (2 billing cycles after cancelling). Finally, I got him to say he would wipe out the future bill, but still refused to correct the current one. This is Cincinnati Bell, not India Bell. No wonder so many Americans are out of work. They have zero interest in customer service, and not once did anyone I spoke to try to understand or correct the issue. They simply argue with you and refuse to correct it. I am so glad I cancelled the service (was getting overbilled for three years), and will never consider their services in the future for my home or business. I guarantee that I will get another bill next month, and have to do this all over again. What's more messed up is I don't even have their phone serve anymore, so I can't even use the long distance they are charging me for.

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                  Cincinnati Bell Fioptics — install

                  made the decision to give CB a try. Saving $80 a month and faster internet. So far I think I made a bad...

                  Cincinnati Bell Fioptics tvunknowable support people and no one listens

                  I just spent 45 minutes on the phone with the tech support group and they really don't know the product because after 45 minutes I should have received the correct answer.

                  The question was how do I remove a item from the defaults favorites list. After looking at several screens and working with tech support I was told that my remote was defective. I tried three other remotes with the same outcome. I then demanded to be transferred to a supervisor. Again looking at several screens and a extra long period of hold time I was told that I could not add or delete from the default favorites list. If I wanted to add or delete then I had to create a custom named favorites list. They really couldn't answer how my default favorites list was populated with the channels that I usually watch. Then I was told that there was no higher level of tech support and that the people answering the phone in the Philippines only had basic training and really couldn't deal with such a technical problem. The supervisor was Anthony employee number 43149 or at least that is what I was told. There has to be a answer to this problem but I just don't have the time or patience s to continue to talk to unknowable people.

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                    Cincinnati Bell overpricing

                    PASSCODE REQUIRED -
                    When I talked with Cincinnati Bell customer service on [protected], I did not need PASSCODE to talk with a customer service. As usual, she said that she would check our billing and call us back, but none in the Cincinnati Bell called. Therefore, I called Cincinnati Bell again and they asked for PASSCODE.
                    We never set up PASSCODE, therefore, we don't know what it was.
                    However, Cincinnati Bell insisted that we MUST provide PASSCODE to proceed to our account to talk about.
                    The insisted that we must go to one of the store to change it or update it.
                    If PASSCODE was created and forgotten by us, we are willing to fix its problem.
                    However, I talked with them WITHOUT passcode on Tuesday and could NOT talk on Thursday. Who created it within 48 hours? By us or by Cincinnati Bell? Only response they gave was that WE CREATED IT. I asked for verification or time and date when it was created. They refused.
                    I want to talk about its promotion - Cincinnati Bell promised one year promotion discount, but it canceled the promotion before one year ends.
                    They gave us the increased billing without a notification to us and don't talk with us because we don't have PASSCODE.
                    What a screwed up customer service they provide.

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                      Cincinnati Bell — startek

                      I saw a new a John Matarese(http://www.wcpo.com/dont-waste-your-money) segment about how horrible Cincinnati...

                      The complaint has been investigated and
                      resolved to the customer's satisfaction
                      Cincinnati Bell bad service

                      Dear Cincinnati Bell,
                      I just wanted to thank you for all of my time and money you wasted and I sincerely hope your company gets it together and stops stealing from American consumers. It is unfortunate that companies such as yours focus on creating deceptive contracts and eliminating consumer friendly customer service in order to make a profit.
                      Your company has absolute TERRIBLE CUSTOMER SERVICE. You actually had a customer service manager call me last night to discuss my issues at 6pm …. ON CHRISTMAS DAY!!! If there was a bad company award, you would win and frankly your outsourcing of American jobs and the fact that you think it’s appropriate to call your customers on Christmas day makes me sick.
                      I had your fiber optics installed a while back and I’ve had nothing but problems with it. I finally had some time to call about it back in November. You sent out a service tech from your company that said the initial installers did not install correctly on the outside. He “fixed” it and left, only it was not fixed. Due to hospitalization and traveling I was not able to call back for a couple of weeks. When I do get the time to take off yet another day in order for your tech to come back out, the new tech said the same thing about poor installation, bad wiring, and an old modem box. WHY DOESN’T YOUR COMPANY KNOW HOW TO INSTALL YOUR OWN PRODUCT? It’s pathetic!
                      So last week I call your customer service department because I don’t believe I should have to continue to pay full price for a service that doesn’t even work half the time and after speaking to no less than 6 different people, which I had to completely retell the story 6 different times, your company managed to offer me $13 off which will be reflected in a couple of months from now! Do you honestly think that’s ok for the insane amount of money you ask me to pay every month, the multiple days I had to take off of work, the ungodly amount of time wasted of my cell phone minutes, the multiple months of your service not working, or the frustration of speaking to so many of your inept staff? I DON’T THINK SO! Then I’m told by customer service that I was being transferred once again to the technical department to speak to a manager there, after explaining my concerns for the 7th time, the lady there started asking questions about why I think my internet isn’t working…. ARE YOU SERIOUS?! What kind of employees are you hiring?! I think you all should take a company trip down the yellow brick road and ask Oz for brains! So I was told that yet another “manager” will be calling to discuss my issues needless to say you did… ON CHRISTMAS DAY AT 6PM AS MY ENTIRE FAMILY IS SITTING DOWN TO CELEBRATE JESUS’ BIRTH. What kind of soulless, un-American company is calling people on Christmas Day?
                      Bottom line is we signed a contract stating that you would provide a service and I would pay you for that service; YOU HAVE FAILED TO PROVIDE THE SERVICE YOU PROMISED TO PROVIDE VIA CONTRACT THEREFORE BREACHING THAT CONTRACT. And in said process of breaching you have cost me an incredible amount of stress, time, and money i.e. missing work days and cell phone bills. So Cincinnati Bell you better have a manager call me that 1. Speaks English, 2. Is located somewhere within the United States Border, 3. Has at least half of a brain, and 4. Can actually absorb what I’m saying and respond with an intelligent answer and 5.Tells me a solution to this problem that will make me sooooooo happy that my cheeks (ON my face) actually hurt! Notice the ON MY FACE detail because you have successfully made the ones on the other end hurt plenty in fact they hurt so badly I almost can’t sit.
                      Oh and 1 more thing Cincinnati Bell, you better do this fast because this thing is going viral. I will file complaints with every BBB and Angie’s list that I can find. I will post this message on every single social network. I flood your corporate offices with letters and faxes. I will send this letter to every single newspaper and newsroom in the country. And I’ll make it so every Tom Dick or Harry that googles fiber optics and/or Cincinnati Bell will first see this warning.
                      Welcome to America Cincinnati Bell… home for you can expect a fight when you’re doing something wrong.
                      Thanks for playing,
                      Jessi Phalon… A very fed up and dissatisfied customer.

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                        The complaint has been investigated and
                        resolved to the customer's satisfaction
                        Cincinnati Bell Fiopticspoor cable tv performance

                        I have had Cincinnati Bell Fioptics Cable TV service for about 1 month. Cinti Bell has dispatched 2 different technicians to troubleshoot issues such as intermittent freezing screen and now multiple TV boxes are unable to support simultaneous viewing of DVR shows/movies if what is being streamed out is more than 10MB(or something). There is also an issue when you view multiple DVR shows and then try to go back to live TV, the box sometimes freezes up and No picture will display until you reboot the cable TV box. I have been both an Time Warner and DirectTV user only to change services to reduce cost. Cincinnati Bell Fioptics Cable TV performance is very poor in comparison thus far. Per the nice technicians that have come onsite, Cinti Bell is working with the company that provides support for their Cable TV boxes to resolve some of the above issues.

                        I would strongly suggest - if you are considering switching to this service you wait until some of the bugs are resolved. I would also suggest you check with other people who already have the service to see if they have similar issues.

                        To: Cincinnati Bell, you have very reliable Land, Cellular, and Internet services. The current poor performance issues with your Fioptics cable TV service is just unacceptable. Please resolve these issues ASAP or you will be losing a long standing in the past very satisfied customer.



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                          • Oh
                            ohiotechguy Jul 12, 2015

                            I totally agree with you-their fioptics does not work right and they are having a lot of problems with it. My cable does the same thing-it freezes up and pixelates a lot. The cable and internet both go out quite often here in the Anderson Township area. They swore to me that weather wouldn't affect it, but it does. Whenever there is a storm, the cable will go out and so will the internet. My internet speeds are always slower than what I am paying for. I have the 30 MB download internet, and I never get over 20 MB. It's poor service and they won't fix it or upgrade it. The same is true with their customer service-they are all foreigners who will argue with you and won't help you. I've read numerous complaints about that and yet they won't bring jobs back to the U.S. I will be switching back to Time Warner soon. They have more HD channels and their internet is more reliable.

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                          • Ex
                            Ex employee from China bell Jun 09, 2015

                            They are lying to customers to keep the cash coming in so they can survive. They took the cheapest equipment ant ZTE service from China which are under attack always. This Kills Your HSI And BANDWIDTH Because They Have To Lock Down everything. Thanks for choosing China / philapeno bell.

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                          Cincinnati Bell Fiopticsfraudulent pay per view charges

                          I went to pay my bill and I look and see that' it's way higher than I could have ever expected!!! I look at the details and it's says I have over $200 in pay per view charges!! We NEVER use PPV!! We have Netflix, Hulu and the internet! We have three small children who don't have access to the remotes.. And they are babies!!! Two of the days that these videos were ordered"... We weren't even in town!! I have called and been switched and transferred to everyone for them all to come back and day they can't help. Now I am concerned about the security of the system. I have been online all morning and it IS possible for your box to be hacked!!! I refuse to pay for services we did not use. I was a very satisfied customer praising FioS to anyone who would listen.. Until today. It upsets me when I'm told they cannot help... How can you not? If they charged me they can undo the charge. The CS reps were pleasant but could not offer much help. They kept telling me the orders came from a box. I understand that but we didn't do the ordering and by insisting that they can't help I feel like they are calling me a liar. We did NOT ORDER $200+ worth of PPV movies. No one in my house did unless my kids are geniuses.

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                            The complaint has been investigated and
                            resolved to the customer's satisfaction
                            Cincinnati Bell — over charging

                            I had the displeasure of using Cincinnati Bell's Fioptics for 3 three years. The service would...

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