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Cincinnati Bell Complaints & Reviews

Cincinnati Bell / unwanted phone calls

DeeWhiz on Jan 8, 2019

I am so tired of getting all these unwanted phone calls. I am on a do not call list but the calls keep coming in from the world. What can I do to stop them? They are from credit card companies; duke energy; medical braces and windows computer issues. I have been able to block some of them...

Cincinnati Bell Fioptics / billing practices

Dave2018 on Aug 6, 2018

On 8-31-2015 (invoice 7404544) I returned a Cincinnati Bell Fioptics receiver & remote to their store and received a receipt for the transaction. With the billing statements they provide you need a lawyer to decipher them and I couldn't tell that they continued to charge me for that box...

Cincinnati Bell / porting probs and modem (zoomtown... really!!!) charge

One Way Automotive on Mar 28, 2018

Tried for months to have a number ported. I am still trying and I am being charged $100.00 for a ZOOMTOWN modem that I didn't know existed. It was under previous owners contract and is probably obsolete and 20 years old too. It is probably at his house as a paperweight. My experience with...

Cincinnati Bell / internet service - false charges reported on credit report

Veronica Gerhardt on Jan 29, 2018

This company, after I closed my account, reported that owed them more money, which went on my credit report. I've since disputed the charges and they've been removed from my credit report. The company was basically fishing for more money, trying to STEAL from me and lowered my credit score...

Cincinnati Bell / service and billings

Ikmk on Sep 18, 2017

Their system sucks, technical support sucks, and billing sucks. Thier system never stays on, restart alot in a day. Called tech support, they don't do anything but reset on their end. They decide to do something about THEIR ISSUE when you make a public complaint. Suddenly they can send...

Cincinnati Bell Fioptics / internet

Connie Lickteig on May 14, 2016

I was a victim of bait and switch by Cincinnati Bell. Claim to give you 30MBps internet. After switching from 22mbps, i now only get most 11mbps. After talking with service, they informed me there is a congested hub in the area..What? and you couldn't tell me before switch. They informed me that they would not know until hook up---fake ads

Cincinnati Bell / zoomtown dsl

Reviewer67988 on Feb 20, 2016

Our Zoomtown rarely works! Most of the time the service is intermittent. Can't stream movies, can't listen to music, can't watch videos, can't even surf internet reliably most days. AND if does happen to be working, the speed is so slow we get continuous buffering. Most times Netflix...

Cincinnati Bell / billing and charges

Reviewer31330 on Nov 11, 2015

When calling on my bill about the charges that were given to me The man I was talking with could not understand me. I was trying to save on my bill, so I canceled some channels that I never used. I am paying more now than I did before. He told me to turn in my cable boxes. Why ? First off...

Cincinnati Bell / horrible customer service and billing issues

Reviewer27156 on Sep 2, 2015

I cancelled my phone service on the last day of the billing cycle. I had to talk to three different foreigners and be on hold for long periods of time. The final rep I spoke to said I would receive a final bill in the mail for $0, since I was already paid in full. When I got the final...

Cincinnati Bell Fioptics / install

bcrebel86 on Jul 3, 2015

made the decision to give CB a try. Saving $80 a month and faster internet. So far I think I made a bad choice. Took the day off work. I show up 30 minutes early for my appointment. My wife calls at 1:30 and says there is a message saying that the appointment was missed and needs to be...

Cincinnati Bell Fioptics tv / unknowable support people and no one listens

Blibecap on Apr 19, 2015

I just spent 45 minutes on the phone with the tech support group and they really don't know the product because after 45 minutes I should have received the correct answer. The question was how do I remove a item from the defaults favorites list. After looking at several screens and...

Cincinnati Bell / overpricing

Cinti customer on Jan 22, 2015

PASSCODE REQUIRED - When I talked with Cincinnati Bell customer service on 1-22-2014, I did not need PASSCODE to talk with a customer service. As usual, she said that she would check our billing and call us back, but none in the Cincinnati Bell called. Therefore, I called Cincinnati Bell...

Cincinnati Bell / startek

Helpful Hymee on Nov 7, 2014

I saw a new a John Matarese( segment about how horrible Cincinnati Bell's customer service STILL is and I had to put this out there with the hope that some other victims will see this and know who to contact to better resolve their issues with...

Cincinnati Bell / bad service

JPhalon on Dec 26, 2013

Dear Cincinnati Bell, I just wanted to thank you for all of my time and money you wasted and I sincerely hope your company gets it together and stops stealing from American consumers. It is unfortunate that companies such as yours focus on creating deceptive contracts and eliminating...

Cincinnati Bell Fioptics / poor cable tv performance

pbcruncher on Oct 22, 2013

I have had Cincinnati Bell Fioptics Cable TV service for about 1 month. Cinti Bell has dispatched 2 different technicians to troubleshoot issues such as intermittent freezing screen and now multiple TV boxes are unable to support simultaneous viewing of DVR shows/movies if what is being...

Cincinnati Bell Fioptics / fraudulent pay per view charges

Graves03 on Oct 7, 2013

I went to pay my bill and I look and see that' it's way higher than I could have ever expected!!! I look at the details and it's says I have over $200 in pay per view charges!! We NEVER use PPV!! We have Netflix, Hulu and the internet! We have three small children who...

Cincinnati Bell / over charging

Jim Ma on Sep 20, 2013

I had the displeasure of using Cincinnati Bell's Fioptics for 3 three years. The service would constantly cut out and no one at Bell would have any answers on how to fix it. After spend hours and hours on hold with service department explaining my problem they sent out a Technician...

Cincinnati Bell Fioptics / network and tv freezes

Bill Ungruhe on Jul 10, 2013

We switched from DirectTV to Cincinnati Bell Fioptics a year ago and have had constant problems with the TV picture freezing and the Internet network freezing. I've had two different tech's out and have called in the problem but have never got it resolved. I keep getting a...

Cincinnati Bell / termination fee

jjbb109 on Mar 12, 2013

I called into Cincy Bell to inquire about what my termination fee would be if I terminated my contract with less than one month to go. They advised me it would be $50.00 per line. Due to the deal I was getting with T-Mobile, I decided it was worth it and canceled my plan. I just received...

Cincinnati Bell Fioptics / horrible service

Dean76 on Mar 11, 2013

I had Cincinnati Bell Fioptics installed in early September and have had nothing but problems since. I do not receive all of the channels I am paying for and my internet is also very slow. I have had 8 technicians out to my residence to "fix" the problem and I still have the same issues. I...