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Optimum  -  Unauthorized credit card charges, overcharges and charged for no internet services

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I returned all optimum equipment and canceled services on 1/14/2022. Last bill cycle from 12/8/21-1/7/22 was paid in full on 12/23/21with the promo price $33.49 still in effect until march 2022. New billing cycle starts 1/8/22 should end on canceled date of 1/14/22. I received a bill due in mid-january for $58.49 and a bill on 2/22/22 bill for $25 and a bill on 3/22/22 for $25.

I called optimum twice jan/feb to correct the discrepancy on billing and call rep states they cannot do anything the account is in pending status and cannot be closed until feb 14, 2022 and this was in late - jan that I called. I asked why since its overcharged and I paid (autopay) for a month of services for 7 days of internet used only, the explanation was they don't close accounts midway in the billing cycle. What kind of reasoning is that! So they can just charge for the remainder of the month for no services rendered from 1/15/22-2/14/22. (I cancelled autopay immediately)

I mailed 2 written letters to optimum corporate office on 2/10/22 and another on 2/25/22 with no response. I call can't get a rep to assist

Now I receive another bill due on 3/22/22 for $25. This is absolutely ridiculous getting billed for no internet services.

Here the thing optimum does not close the accounts, by keeping it in pending status, when I signed into my account looked in "order section" it has "router ordered on 1/15/22 and on 2/9/22" which did not occur. So they kept my account open as an excuse to keep billing for no services. You have to check and take a snapshot before they lock / close access from you to view your billing. And always check your autopay amounts.

They also makes unauthorized charges without notice my promo was still in effect until march 2022, but I had autopay so they have been over charging and up the billing fee from $33.49 to 38.49 to 43.49 to 58.49 all within a 10 month period and I disputed it every month with my credit card company.

Optimum has extremely poor customer service and questionable business practice. If calling and writing dont work, I was reffered to call new york state attorney general at [protected] and or the fcc [protected].

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