Optimumsamsung set top box provides no video service for days!

L Aug 15, 2018

Hi, my name is Walter Lynch. I have been an Optimum customer for about 12 years.
My problem has been happening for about the last 5 years or so. My Samsung set top box loses service every week at some point and will not provide video. The service just leaves at any point of the day or night. I am left with a message on the screen stating that there is a problem and if it persists please call the 800 number for service. Constant reboots usually get no results. Contacting customer service gets me the run around with trouble shooting that I have done countless times with negative results!
Techs come to the house and so far there is no fix to the problem. I might have service for a week and then it goes down. Randomly, the service is restored as though it never was down. I would love a fix to this situation asap. If there was another option for me I would let Optimum go. Please advise. email: [protected]

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