Optimumreceiving a new cable box

D Dec 20, 2019

Totally disgusted. I have been a customer for 20 years. We have been treated disrespectfully.
1. On Monday 12/16/2019 went to Bethpage, NY office arranged an appointment to have cable box replace for Thursday 12/19/2019. I gave them my cell phone to confirm time (I am health care provider treating paitents). Told them my husband is not well, I need to be there. They came at 12:00, did not replace the box, out of service and never called me.

2. Called them immediately when my husband called me at 12:15 to tell me the tec man stated "there is nothing wrong" and left. Spoke with "someone" from customer service and set the new appointment for Friday 12/20/2019. They gave me a window of time of when they will arrived 10:00 AM-5:00 PM. I called them immediately at 6:00 PM, since no showed up. There "so called voice activated message stated"10:00AM to 8:00 PM. Just got off the phone 8:30 PM with there so-called "customer service a voice from any country" telling me the only avaiable new appointment is for 12/26/2019 between 11:00-2:00.

I when ballistic, I told this "so-call customer service" I am a healthcare provider, for today I had to cancel my patients to wait around for them andit turned out to be a no show. This "so-called customer service person" told me to stop screaming because she had an ear infection and I was hurting her eye. I told "[censored]" and I do not care about her ear infection when I have patients which I am treating who have cancer.

I told this "so-called customer service support person" waiting 6 days is not acceptable. Again, with ear infection.

Terrible, deplorable, disgusting, disgracefull, and an imbecile company.

I have read many customer complainson this website. You are all right. On my Facebook page I will let the publicknow how insensitive this company is towards its customers.

20 years I was a customer with the full package deal. They are not the only cable network around any more out in Nassau county.

I want to see if they reply to me regarding this email.

Who wants to place a bet
Dr. Donna Covello OTD, OTR/L

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